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Single Blind Peer Review

Academicians do research and publications from time to time. They complete their part as researchers by writing and submitting their research work at publishing platforms. After that, ensuring the reach of the research to the relevant audience is the most important part of the research publication journey which is mainly done by journals.  

There are mainly four types of reviewing processes accepted by journals. Which is:

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  • Single blind peer review
  • Double blind peer review
  • Open peer review
  • Peer review after publication

What is single blind peer review

A single blind peer review is a traditional method of reviewing which is accepted by many publishing platforms. It is a process in which the reviewer knows the details of the authors while the author has no clue about who the reviewer is. 

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Double blind peer review

In this type of reviewing process, both author and reviewer don’t know each other. At present most of the journal conduct double blind peer review because of it 

Open peer review process

This type of peer reviewing system, author and reviewer know who the other side is. This information mainly get revealed during the reviewing or at any stage of reviewing. 

Reviewing after publication 

In this method of reviewing, the journal publishes the research paper or article with some checkings. Later on reviewers were invited for the assessment. Even individuals can comment on the published work.

Now move to the next segment of this article. Here one will be aware of the benefits they get by single blind peer reviewing. They are as follows:

  • Sometimes in a single blind peer review process, reviewers accept new research done by young scholars. They avoid little mistakes and suggest improvement in their research work, encourage them to continue in the research field  and do more fruitful research for the betterment of the research field and society. 
  • Less review time – It is observed that journals that follow a single blind peer review process have less reviewing time compared to other reviewing processes. Which indicates one can have fast  paper reviewing and less time it will get published.
  • In a single blind peer review process, the details of the authors would be shared with the reviewers. In a recent study it is found that the single peer review journals accept 50% of research papers which come to publish. Which is 29% more than the double blind peer review journals.
  • Sharing details with reviewers helps them in determining the level of suggestion they can share with the authors. For example a researcher who has completed his first project won’t be able to understand the terms and other research related things but if he has experienced co-authors then reviewers can share their thoughts without hesitation to improve the quality of the research paper or article.


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Open Access Peer Reviewed Journals

Scholars and other academic research individuals seek journals having open access facilities along with peer reviewing processes for various reasons like- finding reliable resources to gain knowledge in a particular area, ideas for upcoming research projects,  finding solutions, learning from others work, publishing research papers or articles in related fields, etc. This blog will let you know what the open access peer reviewed journals are and how authors will benefit from their grounds by publishing their research work.

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What is open access ?

Open access is a term that is used for something available for everyone or accessible by everyone around the world. In a journal’s case open access means that database or other content like research papers or articles published by the journal would be freely available on their platform and it can be accessed and used by anyone. Open access facility of journals helps authors as well as readers to gain knowledge and transmit to others in a short amount of time.

What is a peer review journal ?

A peer review is a process in which scholars and researchers having expertise in the related subject or research area, evaluate the research paper or article to check the quality of the research work and its suitability to get published in the journal. 

Benefits of publishing in open access peer reviewed journals

Broader reach – Open access platforms have a large number of audiences from all over the world. Academicians, researchers and other individuals who publish their research work in open access peer reviewed journals ensure the reach of their work across the nations. 

Validity – A research paper or article goes through many levels to get accepted and published in a journal. Many steps help scholars in resolving the shortcomings of the research paper and present all the authentic and qualified work in front of readers. It validates the content and quality of research work.

Authenticity – The research paper or article published in a peer reviewed journal that also provides open access to its databases increases the authenticity of the published work. As it can be accessed by anyone, and every one can present their thoughts on it without restrictions. 

Reliability – Research content published and provided by open access peer reviewed journals are more reliable than the journals that are non peer review or non open access journals. 

Citations – As discussed, open access journals have a vast audience in a particular domain. People go through journal databases to find work related to their research and easily cite them or use them for reference in their research publications. Having in front of a vast audience helps them in increasing their citations. 
The overall article is to help scholars who are looking for open access peer reviewed journals as per their interests.

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Article Published in Research Journal

Research is a part of academics so individuals who are opting for research oriented careers or want to get their degrees for better placements and opportunities do research on projects and write about their research to get it published in a journal or other publishing sites which authenticate the research publications. 

At present there are numerous platforms available that provide information regarding journals as per one’s research areas. Scholar and research individuals looking for journals to submit papers can find international journals to publish their journal manuscript. Article published in research journal have broader reach compare to other platforms.

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In the present time almost everything is online. Most of the journals that previously worked in print only mode also operate online so that transmission of knowledge remains unrestricted. This blog will let one know how to find journal to submit paper in a particular field of research and steps to submit papers in a journal for publication.

There are many platforms  which provides information regarding journals to submit papers. One can look for indexing websites like- Scopus, Web of Sci, ABCD Index to find journals as per research area.

How to submit paper in a journal for publication

For online submission of the research paper follow the points discussed below:

  1. Go to the journal’s manuscripts submission page. Or find the submit manuscripts menu then click on it. This action will lead you to the submission page of the journal.
  2. At the submission page, some fields are given that the author has to fill to submit their research paper or article.
  3. Some common fields that an author has to fill are name, contact details like- email address, contact number, address etc., area of research, type of manuscript (research paper, article, survey paper, review, etc.), title of the manuscript, abstract etc.
  4. Scholars must fill in all the details carefully because after submission of the manuscript all further communication would depend on the details submitted by the author. In case of any mistake, one would not be able to get notification about their papers.
  5. Upload manuscript in the format accepted or specified by the journal. It can be any pdf, docx, or others. Most of the journal accepts pdf so it would be wise to have a copy of your research paper in pdf format.
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Publish Article in Journal

Academicians like professors, lecturers and researchers most of the time busy themselves in doing research and write it down on a paper to get it published in a reputed journal. Publishing paper in an academic journal opens a variety of opportunities in front of authors and gives them a new horizon that helps in their personal as well as professional growth. The main purpose behind publish article in journal is to share the information of research findings with the scholars, researchers and other individuals working in the same field of research. This blog will help academic and research scholars to know how to publish article in journal

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Following are the benefits one will get by publishing their article or research paper in an international journal:

Open accessibility – In the present time, most of the international journals gives free open access to the readers looking for scholarly articles. Journals open access system helps scholars research work in reaching to the vast audience working in the same field of research around the world and fulfill the aim of research publication. Freely accessible quality research databases encourage young research scholars to do more research and strengthen the research field.

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Reliability – Scholar’s research work goes through an intense peer review system in which quality of research work gets improved and journal published quality work on their portal. This increased the reliability of the research work among academic individuals.

Increase citations – Individuals publishing in an international journal would increase citations for their research work. Journals publishing sites have a large number of audiences related to the domain or research area the author is working in. Many users visits paper publishing sites on a daily basis to find research databases for different reasons like gaining in depth knowledge on a particular topic, looking for ideas for the next research, seeking methods, or looking for previously published articles on the same topic for reference etc. they will likely to read published work and cite them in their work.

Community membership – Many journals run a community platform at their portal in which scholars and researchers having the same field of research or working in the same research domain can have their own communities as per their regions. Journal offers membership of these communities to the authors so that they can connect to the people working in the same department or research areas across the world.

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Submitting Paper to Journal

Scholars, researchers and other academic individuals who want to publish their research paper or articles but don’t have any idea what process is required in submitting paper to journal for research publication or what steps they should take so that their work gets published in a research journal. 

This blog will cover all the aspects that help young scholars as well as academic individuals who just begin their research journey and looking for portals for submitting article for publication. 

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Firstly cover the things one should know in advance if opting for an international journal for paper publications. Students should check the following before submitting a research article or paper in it.

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Research domain – Check the research domain of the journal. If you are opting for a journal which does not publish in the same domain as yours then eventually submitted paper would get rejected in the first phase of reviewing. So why go with the way that does not lead anywhere instead of checking the archive section of the journal to know the prospective research areas of that journal.

Reviewing process – reviewing plays an important role while publishing research work. An author learns a lot through peer reviewing and works to improve their research work through the suggestions given by reviewers. Journal’s offer different types of peer reviewing single blind, double blind, open peer review etc to ensure the quality of the research papers before publication.

Editorial board – Some research papers  need expertise in related subjects.  One should check the editorial board of that journal whether they have the required expertise in related domains to ensure quality reviewing and relevant paper publication in the journal.  

Citations – citations show an average number or rate of the research papers cited by individuals. It reflects the quality of research work published in the journal.

Process of submitting paper to journal

  • Go to the journal’s website and look for a submit paper portal. It can be named as manuscript submission, submit paper, submit manuscript etc. 
  • Fill the details asked by the journal for paper submission. Like- author name, research domain, department, title of the paper, abstract, corresponding authors (if required), contact details, email, etc.
  • Now upload the research document in the format accepted by the journal then click on the submit button.

You have successfully submitted your research paper to the journal. Now wait for the response from the other side. Generally it would take 10 to 15 days. So wait patiently. 

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