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Research is a part of academics so individuals who are opting for research oriented careers or want to get their degrees for better placements and opportunities do research on projects and write about their research to get it published in a journal or other publishing sites which authenticate the research publications. 

At present there are numerous platforms available that provide information regarding journals as per one’s research areas. Scholar and research individuals looking for journals to submit papers can find international journals to publish their journal manuscript. Article published in research journal have broader reach compare to other platforms.

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In the present time almost everything is online. Most of the journals that previously worked in print only mode also operate online so that transmission of knowledge remains unrestricted. This blog will let one know how to find journal to submit paper in a particular field of research and steps to submit papers in a journal for publication.

There are many platforms  which provides information regarding journals to submit papers. One can look for indexing websites like- Scopus, Web of Sci, ABCD Index to find journals as per research area.

How to submit paper in a journal for publication

For online submission of the research paper follow the points discussed below:

  1. Go to the journal’s manuscripts submission page. Or find the submit manuscripts menu then click on it. This action will lead you to the submission page of the journal.
  2. At the submission page, some fields are given that the author has to fill to submit their research paper or article.
  3. Some common fields that an author has to fill are name, contact details like- email address, contact number, address etc., area of research, type of manuscript (research paper, article, survey paper, review, etc.), title of the manuscript, abstract etc.
  4. Scholars must fill in all the details carefully because after submission of the manuscript all further communication would depend on the details submitted by the author. In case of any mistake, one would not be able to get notification about their papers.
  5. Upload manuscript in the format accepted or specified by the journal. It can be any pdf, docx, or others. Most of the journal accepts pdf so it would be wise to have a copy of your research paper in pdf format.
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