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Scholars and other academic research individuals seek journals having open access facilities along with peer reviewing processes for various reasons like- finding reliable resources to gain knowledge in a particular area, ideas for upcoming research projects,  finding solutions, learning from others work, publishing research papers or articles in related fields, etc. This blog will let you know what the open access peer reviewed journals are and how authors will benefit from their grounds by publishing their research work.

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What is open access ?

Open access is a term that is used for something available for everyone or accessible by everyone around the world. In a journal’s case open access means that database or other content like research papers or articles published by the journal would be freely available on their platform and it can be accessed and used by anyone. Open access facility of journals helps authors as well as readers to gain knowledge and transmit to others in a short amount of time.

What is a peer review journal ?

A peer review is a process in which scholars and researchers having expertise in the related subject or research area, evaluate the research paper or article to check the quality of the research work and its suitability to get published in the journal. 

Benefits of publishing in open access peer reviewed journals

Broader reach – Open access platforms have a large number of audiences from all over the world. Academicians, researchers and other individuals who publish their research work in open access peer reviewed journals ensure the reach of their work across the nations. 

Validity – A research paper or article goes through many levels to get accepted and published in a journal. Many steps help scholars in resolving the shortcomings of the research paper and present all the authentic and qualified work in front of readers. It validates the content and quality of research work.

Authenticity – The research paper or article published in a peer reviewed journal that also provides open access to its databases increases the authenticity of the published work. As it can be accessed by anyone, and every one can present their thoughts on it without restrictions. 

Reliability – Research content published and provided by open access peer reviewed journals are more reliable than the journals that are non peer review or non open access journals. 

Citations – As discussed, open access journals have a vast audience in a particular domain. People go through journal databases to find work related to their research and easily cite them or use them for reference in their research publications. Having in front of a vast audience helps them in increasing their citations. 
The overall article is to help scholars who are looking for open access peer reviewed journals as per their interests.

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