TERMS and Conditions

Welcome to IJSRET

IJSRET is a online journal which provide its published paper to other researcher in open access way. Here a long term digital library is provide for the scholars of various field of Science and Engineering. So use of content of the journal are depend on following set of Terms & Conditions.

Authorized Users

Access to content on IJSRET is available for “Authorized Users”, meaning:

Individual or group of scholars from an affiliated Institute like university, Libraries, college, school, research institute, corporate offices, R&D cell of profit and nonprofit agencies, who maintain a valid agreement with  IJSRET. Here reader may be student, full time or part time staff, research associate, junior research fellow, senior research fellow, scientist, professor and lecturer.

The Content

“Content” means the collection of:

  • “Books”, defined as whole electronic book and/or partial portion of book in form of chapters.
  • “Papers”, defined as research/Review/Survey/newsletter paper present in various volume and issue of the archive content.
  • “Open Access Content”, defined as free available content for reading purpose and use as reference in that field of research.

Permitted Uses of the Content

Organizations having valid agreement as authorized user can view, search, display, download, print, distribute and perform research for classroom, scientific and learning activity.

IJSRET asks that you acknowledge  IJSRET as the source of the Early Journal Content. if you use material from  IJSRET online, we request that you link directly to the stable URL provided. If you use Early Journal Content offline, we ask that you credit the source as follows: “Courtesy of  IJSRET.”

Please be considerate of other users and do not use robots or other devices or coordinate activity to systematically download these works as this may be disruptive to our systems.

 Prohibited Uses of the Content

Organizations and scholars may not:

(a) Non of the affiliated or unaffiliated organization or individual can take any charge, processing fees, for the use of IJSRET content. They are not allowed to reproduce the material of the IJSRET and publish for there personal use.

(b) Author are not allowed to use the content without making proper reference of the content, author, institute/college/university and date of publish.

(c) Try to change the online content or encrypt or change font of the content, etc.

(d) Attack on the server in form of web spiders, wanderers, crawler, robots, etc. who can export all data or delete. As this can increase the load on the website by which one goes under long waiting queue, etc.

(e) Once content get published than it cannot be change/modify/remove as this may be used by other user, whose referencing paper got disturb.


IJSRET allow to link the mater used by this site for the referring paper as each paper has its separate link set. This help in identifying the complete set of document.

Responsibilities of Users

Access.  Institutional Licensees shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that access to the Licensed Content is limited to Authorized Users and to protect the Licensed Content from unpermitted use, including but not limited to by issuing and terminating passwords within its control, verifying the status of Authorized User, providing lists of valid passwords or set of IP addresses to  IJSRET if applicable, updating such lists on a regular basis and providing any information or assistance necessary for  IJSRET to implement whatever user authentication processes  IJSRET may establish in its sole discretion. Authorized Users shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his or her username and/or password (if such are provided), and for all usage or activity by them of  IJSRET and may not provide access to  IJSRET to anyone else.
Unpermitted Use.  Institutional Licensees and Authorized Users shall notify  IJSRET of any such unpermitted use of which they learn or are notified, including but not limited to any known or suspected unauthorized use(s) of an individual or institutional account or unauthorized use of  IJSRET, or any known or suspected breach of security, including loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of a username, password, and/or IP address, and shall work cooperatively with  IJSRET to resolve problems of unpermitted use. In the event of violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use by an Authorized User, (a)  IJSRET may suspend or terminate, or, where practicable, request that Institutional Licensee suspend or terminate, such Authorized User’s access to the Licensed Content. (b)  IJSRET may suspend or terminate the access of the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address(es) or other authorization and authentication mechanisms from which such unauthorized use occurred. and/or (c)  IJSRET may request Institutional Licensee to consider the imposition of further reasonable restrictions on access to, and downloading and printing from, the  IJSRET Platform.  IJSRET shall make reasonable efforts to contact the Institutional Licensee prior to any suspension or termination of access and to restore access promptly following successful resolution of the matter.

Responsibilities of IJSRET

IJSRET is solely responsible for the online content providing  where to the registered users/ institutes/ organization. In case server get down or contents are missing than IJSRET provide journal content to the user within 72 hour from the time of dispute. As maintainence of the paper is done by technical team so some time it can take time for repairing and all.

IJSRET is responsible to provide all kind of support for registered user in form of replying an email, resolving an issue related to web content  download.

Here content checking for the plagiarism of the submitted paper and inform for any updates.  As use of plag data reduced the repo of the author and journal as well.

Withdrawing Content from IJSRET

IJSRET may withdraw Content from  IJSRET for good cause shown.  IJSRET would endeavor, to the extent practicable, to minimize any inconvenience to Authorized Users caused by such withdrawal. However, should  IJSRET be unable to avoid such inconvenience,  IJSRET in no way will be held liable for the withdrawal of such Content from the  IJSRET Platform. If  IJSRET withdraws a material amount of Content, Institutional Licensee may, upon written request, (a) be granted its choice of a refund or a credit of a prorated portion of its annual access fee for the Agreement then in effect or (b) terminate its agreement without penalty by providing written notice to  IJSRET.

Privacy Policy

Use of  IJSRET indicates acceptance of  IJSRET’s Privacy Policy, available online, which may be amended from time to time.