IJSRET invites new paper for Volume 3 Issue 6 for different reserch areas of Engineering & Science


International Journal Scientific Research, paper publication, paper publication sites, paper publication in international journal, paper publication journal

International Journal Scientific Research, paper publication, paper publication sites, paper publication in international journal, paper publication journal

International Journal of Scientific Research and Engineering Trends (IJSRET) is a electronic journal for the new era of scholars. They can publish their research, hypothesis, and survey in the field Basic Science, Core Engineering, Technology as well. Here paper submit by the author’s are reviewed by our experts reviewers of respected research area. Each submitted article accept under following conditions: should be plagiarism free, content can clearly explain its concept, increase the light of research in that field,  follow reviewer comments and journal template format.

As per the research objective of the journal, review process of the submitted papers are depend on the expert. IJSRET accept papers from all field of science and Engineering so author have multiple can make hybrid paper of various field for getting effective results.

IJSRET is an open access, peer reviewed international journal which provides an academic medium for the advancement of research results that support high level learning and research in the field of Engineering Research, Science and Technology.

Frequency: Six Issues per Year

 Status: Published Online

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Subject Category :

In this branch there are various scope of work such as Web Mining include online product prediction, next link prediction, web page prediction, web page ranking, user behaviors study, Data Mining include dimension reduction for large dataset, privacu preserving mining for individual as well as organization, classification of data by various clustering approaches, etc., Mobile Adhoc Network include moving of data in network having virtual connection, attacks on various packets of the network, energy loss minimization, congnitive network management, etc., Text Mining include document retrieval from large dataset, clustering or classification of unstructured text data, automatic summary generation, keywords or pattern selection, geographical tagging, etc., Cryptography includes hiding of data in different set of media, encryption or decryption of data, lossy or lossless compression, increase user server security by providing multiple cue point password, public key or private key authentication, etc.


Digital Image Processing includes image watermarking, video watermarking, audio watermarking, frequency or spatial based data hiding, video object detection, compression of image and video, image enhancement, MRI image classification as well as analysis, timestamp SAR image segmentation, forest height estimation, etc., VLSI includes DRam, SRAM, 3D power scalling, Low power consumption, design of 16/32 bit QPSK, design of 64bit QAM, etc.,Digital Communication Antenna design, subcarrier, primary carrier, channel bandwidth management, Wireless Power Transfer, MicrowaveAntennas, phase shifters and resonators, Wideband antenna design for impulse radar, WCDMA technology with QPSK modulation.

Wireless ECG, Architecture for Smart System, for Tele-health, Analog System-on-a-Chip with Application to Biosensors, Space Vector Modulation for VSI fed 3 Phase I.M Drive, BLDC Motor Driven Solar PV Array, Model Predictive Control of Quasi-Z-SourceFour-Leg Inverter, Microgrid Voltage and Current Harmonics, Active power compensation, Multi-Level Converter with a Floating, Single-phase PV Quasi-Z-source Inverter, Load balancing, Grid power balancing for multiple resources like wind, soloar, etc.

Thermal, heat engine analysis by using various filters, Structure analysis of Cyclinder, Electric and Diesel Engine combinations, etc.

Brick composition by using various material, concrete development, electric tower load analysis, soil analysis, disaster management study and suggestion, building design, architecture and planning, drainage system analysis with life cycle of waste,

Multi-objective problem solving, NP Hard problems, Boolean based prediction accuracy, Distributed function based item segmentation, etc.

Thin film fabrication by using hybrid material combination, Comparison of mechanical, chemical, electrical property of the various material, Nano Science, Nano Fibers, Carbon Nano Tubes, Solar cell Fabrication with energy efficient storage, etc.