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About Conference

The National Conference on Advanced Computing (NCAC) (on 12th February, 2020 at Sri Vijay Vidyalaya College of Arts & Science, Dharmapuri) is to confer a forum for the presentation of new advances, research results and to discuss the future trends in the fields of Contemporary Computing, Analytical Computing and Advanced Computing. The conference includes keynote address and plenary sessions by experts and presentation of contributed papers.

Important Dates

Paper Submission DeadLine       : 7th Feb 2020

Final Date of Notification             : 8th Feb 2020

Last Date of Registration              : 11th Feb 2020

Date of Conference                        : 12th Feb 2020

Call for Papers

  • Computer Network
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Soft Computing
  • Data mining
  • Cryptography
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Network
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Technology
  • Deep Learning

Contact Details

PG & Research Department of Computer Science, Sri Vijay Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science, Dharmapuri.

Cell: 90876 31905, 98656 58065.

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Our journal IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends) is a research paper publication will guide you to write down and publish your research paper, review paper and survey paper. For Research Scholars who are pursuing PhD it is obligatory to publish their research papers at any international journals. There are some point which students need to follow to publish their paper successfully-

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The first and the foremost thing you need to do for publishing a technical research paper is to find out your area of interest. Make sure that you are aware about that topic and you had carried out adequate and sufficient studies in that research area so that you are eligible to publish a research paper. Then you don’t need to update yourself with the ongoing technical experiences in your selected field. You can do the above mentioned research by following the below points-

  • Reading and investigate at Google a lot of technical papers in your field. There are various journals and scientific papers floating around on Internet.
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If you have done with the above pointed out steps, then you are qualified for writing a research paper, review paper and survey paper. If you want to submit your paper in any research paper publication and want it to get accepted without facing any issue then follow the below mandatory points-

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Scientific Journals are multidimensional Open Access gateways for the examination of scientific inventions, detections and new research in the engineering and other Scientific field. Scientific Journal articles in our journal signify the collaborative efforts of various scientists and scholars from diverse disciplines. Before publishing an article to any science journal articles platform to publish your article you must take an overview on the journal privacy policies. It is very important to know for any researcher and scholar that if you are submitting your paper to any journal that journal should not disclose yours article data to anyone else. To know about the privacy policy of our journal just read the below points-

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IJSRET Volume 6 Issue 1, Jan-Feb-2020


Comparative Investigation of Aerodynamic Effects on Geometrically Twisted Wing using CFD
Authors:- Moaz Hussain

Abstract:- The main intent of this work is to simulate the aerodynamic effects on different configuration of commercial and delta wing at different angle of twist. This investigation aims to suggest a better aerodynamic configuration for wing to reduce the induced drag formed on wing during flight operation and in-turn improves the efficiency of the UAV. Simulation processes of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) on wing models for medium size high speed UAV, using typical section as NACA 2412 airfoil is been carried out at 1⁰, 2⁰ and 4⁰ twist angle. The twist is provided to adjust pressure distribution henceforth lift distribution along the wing. ANSYS Fluent is used to analyze the pressure distribution on the surface of wing at speed of 0.6 Mach. The lift and drag forces are also determined which were used for calculating the coefficients of lift and drag. The obtained results were used to establish a comparison between aerodynamic performances of all provided models.

Optimization of ART and DC for Scalable MANET
Authors:- M.Tech. Student Nisha Kaithwas, Asst. Prof.Dr.Mehajabeen Fatima, Asst. Prof. Nitesh Kumar

Abstract:- Now days, Ad-hoc network play an important role in our daily lives because of their extensive capability of uses in various fields. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are very popular network with large number of users and due to development of large scale ad-hoc network; scalability has been one of the issue we need to concentrate. MANETs has a various types of routing protocols. One of the popular routing protocols is AODV (Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector) which provide route for communication between nodes. Route maintenance parameters such as ART (Active Route Timeout) and DC (Delete Period Constant) are stores in routing table of nodes. This paper is optimized the value of ART and DC for scalable MANET.

Survey of Force Convection Nanofluid Heat Transfer in The Automotive Cooling System
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Subhash Chandra Sah, Asst. Prof. Suresh Kumar Badholiya, Prof. Rohit Choudhary

Abstract:- Now days, Ad-hoc network play an important role in our daily lives because of their extensive capability of uses in various fields. Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) are very popular network with large number of users and due to development of large scale ad-hoc network; scalability has been one of the issue we need to concentrate.A wide variety of industrial processes involve the transfer of heat energy. Throughout any industrial facility, heat must be added, removed, or moved from one process stream to another and it has become a major task for industrial necessity. Heat transfer performance of liquids is limited by their low thermo-physical properties compared with those of solids. The primary reason behind adding solid particles less type of fluid is called a Nano fluid. Dispersing solid metallic or non-metallic materials in a base fluid (liquid), such as water, ethylene glycol or glycerol, has become an interesting topic.

Study of Force Convection Nanofluid Heat Transfer in The Automotive Cooling System
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Subhash Chandra Sah, Asst. Prof. Suresh Kumar Badholiya, Prof. Rohit Choudhary

Abstract:- The results revealed that the nano fluid (Ag/HEG) with highest concentration of volume 4% has the highest friction factor at all Reynolds numbers. This solution provides promising ways for engineers to develop highly compact heat exchangers and automobile radiators. When adding nano particles to the base fluid, such as water, the potential enhancement of car engine cooling rates could entail more engine heat being removed or a reduction in size of the cooling system. Smaller cooling systems would lead to smaller and lighter radiators, which would benefit almost every aspect of car performance and increase fuel economy.

Secured University Result System using Block Chain Features
Authors:- Patel Zeel Vijaybhai, Golait Shubham Nitin, Birendra Pratap Singh, Prof. S. B. Ahire

Abstract:- Building a system for security of university results that satisfies the transparency of results has been a challenge for a long time. Distributed ledger technologies are an exciting technological advancement in the information technology world. Block chain technologies offer an infinite range of applications benefiting from sharing economies. This paper aims to evaluate the application of block chain as service to implement distributed database systems. The paper felicitates the requirements of building secure system and identifies the technological limitations of using block chain as a service for realizing such systems. The paper starts by evaluating some of the popular block chain frameworks that offer block chain as a service. We then propose a novel database system currently used by universities based on block chain that addresses all limitations we discovered. More generally this paper evaluates the potential of distributed ledger technologies through the description of a case study, namely the process of an election and implementing a block chain-based application which improves the security and decreases the cost of hosting a worldwide application for universities.

A Review on Thermal Performance Analysis of Steam Surface Condenser
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Kamlesh Amrute, Prof. Brijendra Kumar Yadav

Abstract:- The steam condenser is one of the important components in a power plant which significantly affect the power generation and performance of unit in terms of heat rate. Deterioration in thermal performance of condenser not only affects the power generation but also thermal performance of unit as a whole. The parameters that are responsible for condenser thermal performance are cooling water (CW) mass flow rate, temperature, heat transfer area, velocity, tube fouling, partially filled water box and air leakage.CW flow rate and condenser pressure changes according to the variation in unit load. The CW temperature at condenser inlet varies according to change in annual temperature cycle of the intake system. During operating condition, the condenser performance is subject to change with variation in exhaust steam and CW parameters. The operating conditions of steam surface condenser are of the great influence on the power generation and the turbine cycle heat rate. At the same time, the operating conditions of the CW system determine the operating condition of the condenser.

Digital Transactions Through BTC
Authors:- Rhytham Negi, Paramjeet Singh, Prof. Latika Kharb

Abstract:- Bitcoin is a digital currency like other digital currency, virtual currency, or electronic money which use to transact the amount (Digital currency) from one person to another. Bitcoin is a peer to peer payment system developed by “Satoshi Nakamoto” in the year 2009. Bitcoin is the decentralized currency, which means there is no middle organization or company keep the log of the transactions. According to the, the current rate 1 BTC is 7,77,671.14 (INR) at time of (September,3,2019 08:27 PM). In the paper, before starting anything about the bitcoin, we need to know that “What the bitcoins are and how they come in existence?”. Then we will study how digital transactions can be done through bitcoin.

A Review on CFD Analysis of Effects of Convergence and Divergence Angles on the Performance of a Nozzle
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Vishwajeet Yadav, Prof. Pawan Kumar Tiwari

Abstract:- The convergent – divergent nozzle is the most common type used in rocketry and it works by converting pressure energy from the fuel flow and heat energy from the combustion of fuel into kinetic energy in the form of high exhaust velocity. In the converging section of a rocket nozzle, the exhaust is travelling at relatively low speed (sub-sonic) and it becomes sonic at throat. The compressible exhaust increases until it reaches the exit and it is supersonic in the divergent section. Size and shape of a rocket nozzle is also very important. the converging section starts at the combustion chamber is usually shaped in a way to make sure that flow is not disrupted in any way i.e., the convergence is not too steep and has no harsh edges. Therefore in this paper a review will be done based on research work conducted by scholars.

Traditional Properties Analysis in High Strength Cement Concrete with Intermediate Replacements of Brickbats Powder, Clay Mineral and Calcite in Concrete
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar- Koritipati Murali, Asst. Prof.M.Venkata Narasaiah, Asst. Prof. L.Gopi Chand

Abstract:- The processing of plain and reinforced cement concrete and utilizing it is sustainable concrete has become an important requirement in the construction industry. To improve environmental properties, several of supplementary cementing and pozzolonic materials are introduced and they are partial replacement of cement in the concrete. In this work we are using blending of three useful materials in this work namely brick bats grind powder, calcite is nothing but marble powder and important mineral of clay that is meta kaolin as partially replacing with cement. The adopted materials are very cheap in nature easily available in construction market using cementing materials are very prone to environment in these days. This dissertation reports the results of fresh and hardened properties of the concrete with partial replacement of these materials, at contrast percentages at different curing periods, various traditional methods and tests are conducted on concrete in fresh stage and hardened stage. Based on the previous citations we expected to get positive results from these partials replacements.

A Comparative Study of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Glass Fiber /Polyester Composite Materials with Natural Fillers
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Aamir Gaur, Prof. Amit Kr. Tanwar, Prof. Pankaj Singh

Abstract:- Now-a-days, the natural fibers and fillers from renewable natural resources offer the potential to act as a reinforcing material for polymer composites alternative to the use of glass, carbon and other man-made fibers. Among various natural fibers and fillers like banana, wheat straw, rice husk, wood powder, sisal, jute, hemp etc. are the most widely used natural fibers and fillers due to its advantages like easy availability, low density, low production cost and satisfactory mechanical properties. For a composite material, its mechanical, physical, wear and water absorption behaviour depends on many factors such as fiber content, orientation, types, length etc. Attempts have been made in this research work to study the effect of different natural fillers loading on the physical, mechanical, wear and water absorption behaviour of glass fiber/natural fillers reinforced polyester based hybrid composites. A hybrid composite is a combination of two or more different types of fibre in which one type of fibre balance the deficiency of another fibre or filler. Composites of various compositions with four different fillers loading (5 wt%, 10wt% and 15wt%) and glass fiber loading is constant (20 wt%) with constant matrix material (polyester resin) are fabricated using simple hand lay-up technique. Different natural fillers which used in present research work are chopped banana, rice husk, wheat straw, and wood powder fillers. It has been observed that there is a significant effect of filler loading on the performance of glass fiber/natural fillers reinforced polyester based hybrid composites. TOPSIS a multi-criteria decision making approach is also used to select the best alternative from a set of alternatives.

Deep Reinforcement Learning and Image Processing for AdaptiveTraffic Signal Control
Authors:- Prof. Jameer Kotwal, Harshal Thakare, Dhanashri Wani, Dhiraj Sangale, Abhijeet Walunj

Abstract:- In this paper, a traffic control system is build which can easily keep traffic in control using image processing techniques and deep reinforcement learning is presented. In this method, a camera is used in each stage of the traffic light in order to capture the roads where traffic is bound to occur. Number of vehicles in these images is calculated using image processing tools and different timings are allocated according to the count and based on the model trained using deep reinforcement learning along with a green signal for vehicles to pass. In this paper, we implement an intelligent traffic model that controls the amount of time a for which light runs green, based on the density of cars standing.

Power Efficient and Area Efficient Shift Register using Plused Latches
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar M.Bharathi, Asst. Prof. Ms. K. Monica, Asst. Prof. Mr. Degala. Dhana Sekhar

Abstract:-This paper introduces a less power and powerful area shift register utilising pulsed latches. The range and power loss are decreased by interchanging flip-flops by pulsed latches. This technique determines the timing problem among pulsed latches by the advantage of many non-extension limited pulsed clock signals instead of the usual single pulsed clock signal. The shift register (SR) applies a little number of the pulsed clock signals by classifying the latches to many sub-shifter registers and applying additional volatile storage latches. A 128-bit shift register (SR) applying pulsed latches was invented utilising a 65nm CMOS method with VDD = 1.0V. The advanced shift register reserved area and power related to the standard shift register with flip flops.

Credi-Crypt: An Unpremeditated Anti-Counterfeiting Method For Credit Card Transaction System
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Shaik Fouziya, Asst. Prof. Mr. A.M. Shafeeulla, Asst. Prof. Mr. D. Dhana Sekhar

Abstract:-Data encryption is essential for e-commerce. Here we propose a method for covering sensible credit card data in a random backdrop picture externally the sensible data going presented in unrestricted areas. This paper also proposed to merge the Cryptographic and Steganography technique to implement a good protection solution for credit card transactions. The advanced method appropriates a cryptographic cipher and Arithmetic Coding method to protect data inside a covered picture and later transfer it to the target across the web network. This paper also presents an extra cover for improved protection through the use of the Hamming Code. A complete examination is done to differentiate our method among other famous techniques like DCT and DWT.

Delay Less Process To Over Power Transient Noise by Design Optimal Wavelets
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Rajasekhar G, Asst. Prof. Mr. K. Balachandra, Asst. Prof. Mr. Degala. Dhana Sekhar

Abstract:- Expulsion of inspiration upheaval from talk in the wavelet region has been seen to be very convincing due to the multi-assurance property of the wavelet change and the straightforwardness of emptying the main impetuses in that space. An essential factor that impacts the execution of the drive departure structure is the suitability of the inspiration detection computation. To this end, we propose another procedure for sketching out symmetrical wavelets that are progressed for recognizing inspiration uproar in talk. In the procedure, the characteristics of the drive uproar and the concealed talk banner are considered and a raised activity optimization issue is figured for deriving the perfect wavelet for a given assistance measure. Execution assessment with other without a doubt comprehended wavelets exhibit that the wavelets illustrated using proposed method have much better inspiration area properties.

Low Switching Power and Ultra Low Rbl Leakage I0t Sram using Half-Vdd Pre-Charge
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Siddavatam Sailaja, Asst. Prof. Mr. M.P. Chennaiah

Abstract:- We offer, in this paper, a novel 10T static RAM block should be a single-ended decoupled read bit line with a 4Transistors read port for reduced power maintenance and leakage reduction. The Read Bit Line is pre-charged at half the block supply voltage and is allowed to load and discharge according to the cached information bit. An inverter, operated by the corresponding data node, i.e QB and combines the RBL to the practical power rails to a transmission way when the read method. Read Bit Line extends to the VDD stage for a read -1 and discharges to the earth level for a read-0. Practical power rails should the equivalent value of the Read Bit Line pre-charging level when the write and the hold mode and are combined to pure supply levels simply while the read method. Dynamic control of virtual rails extensively decreases the Read Bit Line leakage. The advanced 10T block in a commercial 75 nm technology is 2.47× the extent of 6T with β = 2, provides 2.3 x read inactive noise margin and reduces the read power distribution by 60% than that of 6T. The amount of Read Bit Line leakage is reduced by more than three orders of magnitude and ON / OFF is hugely improved compared with the 6Transistors Bit Line leakage. The overall leakage features of 6Transistors and 10Transistors are similar, and aggressive performance is completed.

A Vigorous Image Watermarking using 2 level Dct and Wavelet Packets Denoising
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Shaik Shahinthaj, Asst. Prof. Mr. K. Narendra, Asst. Prof. Mr. Degala. Dhana Sekhar

Abstract:- In this paper we present a blind low recurrence watermarking plan on dark level pictures, which depends on DCT change and spread spectrum interchanges strategy. We process the DCT of non covering 8×8 squares of the host picture; at that point utilizing the DC coefficients of each square we develop a low-goals estimate picture. We apply square put together DCT with respect to this estimation picture, at that point a pseudo irregular clamor arrangement is included into its high frequencies. For recognition, we extricate the estimation picture from the watermarked picture, at that point a similar pseudo arbitrary commotion grouping is created, and its connection is processed with high frequencies of the watermarked guess picture. In our technique, higher strength is gotten due to implanting the watermark in low recurrence. What’s more, higher intangibility is picked up by dispersing the watermark’s bit in various squares. We assessed the power of the proposed system against numerous basic assaults, for example, JPEG compression, added substance Gaussian commotion and middle channel. Contrasted and related works, our strategy end up being profoundly safe in instances of compression and added substance commotion, while protecting high PSNR for the watermarked pictures.

Contrivance Management using Arduino and Motion Detector
Authors:- G.Vikram Assistant Professor, Assistant Prof. M.Narendra Prasad

Abstract:- Gadget Control Framework utilizing Arduino and PIR (Inactive Infrared) Sensor can be utilized to turn ON and OFF the lighting framework of domestic naturally or any other framework by identifying the nearness of human. This framework can be utilized in carports, classrooms, staircases, lavatories, etc. where there’s no require of nonstop light but only when there’s a human. Moreover, there’s no have to be stress approximately power bills as the lights get OFF when there’s no human and thus one got to pay the bills as per utilize. This paper proposed as almost programmed contraption control framework which consequently controls the room lights utilizing Arduino and PIR sensor. The most components utilized in this framework are Arduino Uno, PIR sensor and Hand-off Module. Out of these components, the operation of framework primarily depends on PIR sensor which makes a difference in recognizing human nearness.

Optimisation of Machining Parameters in Electrochemical Machining (Ecm) of Aluminium 6082 T87
Authors:- Kailashbalan P, Prof. Sivasubramanian R, Ajith Kumar K, Guru Prasath M, Ranjith S

Abstract:- The main objective is to find the optimal machining condition at which the electrochemical machining of Aluminium 6082 T87 will be done in an highly economical, efficient and in an effective way. The effect of process parameters such as electrolytic concentration and voltage on performance characteristics such as material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness (SR) during Electro Chemical Machining of Al 6082 T87 was investigated. The microstructure of machined surfaces which reflects the performance of electrochemical machining at various machining parameters was also studied. ANOVA was used to investigate the influence of process parameters on performance characteristics during machining. It was observed that MRR increased with increase in voltage whereas SR decreased.

A Robust Model for Unreliable Cloud by Evaluating Trust Values
Authors:- Sonanchal Singh, Sumit Mishra

Abstract:-Trust plays a crucial role in cloud environment to offer reliable services to the cloud customers. It is the main reason for the popularity of services among the cloud consumers. To achieve this, trust should be established between cloud service provider and cloud consumer. Trust management is widely used in online services, E-commerce and social networks. This paper focus on a model that can identify real nodes by its behavior in cloud. Here fuzzy max interval values were evaluate from the transactional behavior of the node in fix interval. By increase in transaction count real node trust value get increase and macilous nodes trust value get decreases. Experiment was done on ideal and attacked environment. Evaluation parameters values shows that proposed model of fuzzy interval trust is better as compared to other existing model of unreliable clouds, for identification of malicious nodes.

A Survey on Various Techniques and Features of Digital Image Data Watermarking
Authors:- Phd Scholar Shweta Singh, Dr. Laxmi Singh

Abstract:-As the computerized world is developing with different sort of information like content record, picture, video. Out of those picture assumes a significant job in various field, for example, remote detecting, internet based life, and so on. So keep up the picture quality is finished by Digital image processing on different issues. This paper gives a concise study of image proprietorship maintenance by information concealing procedures for different type of images. Picture investigation features are portray in this paper with their fundamentals. As watermark information is invisible yet it has to maintain some properties of watermarking which are likewise explain in this paper as they are the best measure for comparing various procedures of watermarking work. Detail discussion of various researcher works was also brief in this paper.

Mental Health
Authors:- Arpan Godiyal, Ashish Choudhary, Puneet Garg, Rishabh Rawat, Mr. Dhyanendra Jain

Abstract:-Background: Mental disorder is one of the most important diseases of which is predicted to increase from 10.5% to 15% until 2020. This study aims to determine various factors influencing the mental health of employees of an organisation.
Methods: We have studied a dataset from 2014 survey which measures attitudes towards mental health and frequency of mental health disorders in the tech workplace.We have applied regression models to analyse that data and draw conclusions.
Results: How mental health of an employee depends on factors like age, gender, family history, leaves etc. Conclusion: In order to improve people’s mental health, it is recommended that healthcare officials may more attention to this matter through implementation of programs such as life skills’ training, stress resistance skills training, and helping individuals to be able to adapt themselves to their life environment.

Bioelectricity generation from agro-industrial waste water using dual-chambered microbial fuel cell
Authors:- Mostafa Abdelshafy Ramadan, Mohamed Hemida Abd-Alla, Usama M. Abdul-Raouf

Abstract:- Bioelectricity production from wastewater beside treatment is the main goal offered by microbial fuel cells (MFCs) technology. This study was demonstrated to evaluating the electricity generated by the double-chamber air-cathodic MFC while reducing pollutants from sugar industry wastewater (SIW). A simple double-chamber MFC was configured with Nafion 117 membrane, and operated without adding any chemical mediators. SIW used as an electron donor and was fed in batch-mode into the MFC for three consecutive operational cycles. While the maximum MFC output voltage in open circuit (OCV) mode was 890 mV after 24 operational days, the closed circuit voltage (CCV) was 340 mV when 550 ohm as external load was applied. From the polarization curve, the maximum power density of 160.16 mW/m2 as power output was observed at a current density of 320.9 mA/m2. The efficiency of the MFC was measured based on columbic efficiency (CE) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal rate. While the CE was 46%, the COD removal efficiency reached 85.4%. The anodic biofilm was observed through scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The current study results indicated that SIW microbial communities in the anodic biofilm have the ability to produce bioelectricity using MFC in parallel with the SIW substrate treatment.

Cancer Risk Prediction Models using Svm and Decision Tree
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Priya Bharti, Prof. & H.O.D. Ashish Tiwari

Abstract:-Cervical blight and the anticipation of analytic aftereffect are a part of the lot of important arising applications of gene announcement microarray technology with affection sequencing of microRNA. By application reliable and dependable allocation of apparatus acquirements algorithms accessible for microarray gene announcement profiling Data is the key in adjustment to advance the lot of acceptable and accessible predictive archetypal to be acclimated by patient. In this paper, two-machine acquirements algorithms accept been acclimated which are Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Decision Tree for the predictive models of cervical cancer. We analyze and appraise the achievement of these two algorithms in adjustment to apperceive which algorithm has bigger performance. In this study, 714 appearance and 58 samples are acclimated to advance predictive archetypal for cervical blight and our computational after-effects appearance that Decision Tree algorithm beat SVM algorithm with the accurateness of 99.42%. Our Data aswell accentuate the accent of variables, which accord the cogent role in admiration the accident of cervical cancer.

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The following are the points to identify a good journal to publish your research paper. They are as under-

  • Check impact factor– Impact factor of any journal is very important in deciding its value. To know the ranking of any journal in the current year check its impact factor. The journal will be highly ranked if its impact factor is high. You can check the impact factor of any of the journal from its website; one must check the impact factor of the journal before publishing their paper.
  • Digital certificate– If a journal is providing you digital certificate for the publishing of your paper then it would be great for you. Always go through the ethics and rights of the author shown in the journal. It is very important to know about the rights of the authors before publishing the paper.
  • Responsive team– Proper support and response for publishing the paper is very important. There are many questions and thoughts which arise before publishing the paper in any of the journal. Researchers and scholars must check that the journal has responsive team or not. Every journal should hire a great expert team to solve client’s queries and issues.
  • Index– There is a separate section is given in every journal to show there indexing format. Authors must check which indexing format the journal is following. Proper indexing plays a very important role in the publishing of the paper.

Above we have mentioned some important point which author must check before publishing their paper in any fast publishing journals. If a journal has high impact factor, responsive team, providing you digital certificate and follow a proper indexing format then it will be a great platform to publish your paper to that journal.

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International journal publication


International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends (IJSRET) is an ISSN approved journal with impact factor more then 3. IJSRET will provide you international journal publication in a very low publication charges. Research in the field of science and engineering will be accepted here. Our journal has a very strict terms and conditions towards the publishing of the research paper internationally. Though we provide a fast publication service to our researchers and scholars but our reviewing process is very firm.


Before submitting the paper there are many questions that arises in the researchers and scholars mind. Especially fresher who are publishing their paper for the first time there are many questions which will arise in his mind. So, for them we have made a publishing process very easy and safe for them. We have a very easy submission process with a secure payment method. In the case of payment it is hard to trust anyone especially online. Our journal has a valid payment gateway that is very safe and secure. To submit your paper with us just follow the below steps-

Submit Your Paper 

Check Publication Charges

  1. Submit manuscript: Submitting manuscript to us is very easy and simple process. We have designed each and every step here simple and smooth for you. To submit your research paper to us just click on the paper submission from the top most section on our website. Two options will be given there to submit your paper first submit directly by filling the form or else email your paper to any of the email address.
  2. Received by us: Once you submission process is completed your paper will be received by us. We will send you an acknowledgement mail that your paper is successfully received by us and we will ask you to wait 2-3 days for the reviewing process.
  3. Reviewing process: When your paper is under reviewing process it will be deeply analyzed and studied by our professional team. This is a very crucial part where the decision is taken that your paper will be accepted or rejected. Whatever will be the final decision that will only be taken by our reviewers. They will check that your research paper is up to mark or not. After that we will email you with the final information.
  4. Payment process: Payment process in IJSRET is safe and secure. If your paper is accepted by our reviewers then our team will send you an acceptance mail and will ask you pay some particular amount. Here how much you have to pay that will also be decided by our team, we reduce the amount as per our reviewers comment up to Rs. 500 for Indian authors.
  5. Publishing process: Once your payment is received by us then your paper will be published within 2-3 days. After that our team will mail you that your paper is published successfully. IJSRET is providing you fast and easy international journal publication service in a very low publication charges.
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 International journal of electrical engineering


IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends) is an International journal of electrical engineering or any of the engineering related fields. There are mainly six major branches of engineering:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Chemical engineering
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Management engineering
  6. Geotechnical engineering

The above mention fields are the main branches of engineering but many subcategories of these branches are there. Research paper on any of the subcategory of electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering and so on will be accepted here.

How to get your paper published fast with IJSRET:

Submit Your Paper 

Check Publication Charges


  1. Carefully fill the form: When authors and researchers fill the form to submit their manuscript it is very important to read all field carefully and fill the correct details. Sometimes when researchers fill the details incorrectly their paper will be rejected.
  2. Spelling check: Researchers must avoid the silly mistakes while filling the form. Small mistakes like incorrect spelling, incorrect details, incomplete information, and invalid topic will not let their paper accepted. If you want us to accept your paper fast then researcher should avoid small mistakes like I have mentioned above.
  3. Wrong sequence: Wrong sequence used in the article can also become a cause for research paper rejection or revision. If you have used a wrong sequence in the figure, table and paragraph then it might become a cause for paper rejection and revision.

IJSRET is a fast International journal of electrical engineering and for other branches in engineering. If you want your paper to get published fast in IJSRET then kindly follow the above instruction.

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