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Journals to Publish Research Papers


In starting phase of Scholars life writing papers is tough task while selection of journals to publish research papers is an more complex decision. So mentor or guide need to filter some of journals for their young researchers. As content or quality of research was not excellent but promotion of those candidates need some publication, this increase there confidence and moral as well. Hence journals to publish research papers for those beginners should have following quality:

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  1. Journal should have good impact factor.
  2. Journal should be at-least three to four year old.
  3. Publish paper in international journal only.
  4. Journal team can assist scholar at various level for final publication.
  5. Communication or response time should be less.
  6. Reviewer comment can increase the quality of paper and knowledge of student for nourishing there writing skills.
  7. Publication fees should be low.
  8. Journal should provide publication digital certificates.


Hence scholar can confirm above points for selection of international journals for paper publication. Once these criteria get conformed than only submit paper in that journal. It was desired that journal can publish paper in 2 to 3 days, but good journals takes 5-7 days for these as review process take time. So patience of this is highly required.

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Publication Fees for Journals


Research journals are categorize into two class paid and unpaid journals while to get fast response from the journals student look for paid journals. Hence publication fees for journals plays an important role when people look for publication. Here it was required that following criteria should be present in these journals.

1. Journal should mention publication cost clearly.
2. Number of authors for different slab of fees.
3. Number of pages in that fee.
4. Certificates are free or not.
5. Review process time.
6. Publication time after acceptance
7. Formatting of document is done by journal or author need to submit paper in format.

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So student/ Author who are looking for publication fees for journals can look for above points before selecting any journal for final submission. It was observed that mentor also have confusion where to publish research paper for there scholars but when above points are clear by Journal team than selection get easy and fast.

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IJSRET Volume 5 Issue 3, May-Jun-2019


An Overview of Deep Q Learning
Authors:- Bhavesh Dhera, M. Mani Teja, G. Yashwanth Reddy

Abstract: – This paper gives a bird’s eye view of Reinforcement Learning, an area under Artificial Intelligence. It starts with the history of reinforcement learning and its traditional models then goes on to delve deeper into one of the modern algorithm called Deep Q-Learning. It is aimed at discussing the intuition behind Deep Q-Learning and ways to implement it. Also discussed are various aspects to overcome drawbacks of Q Learning.

A K- Nearest Neighbors’ based on Clustering for High Performances and High Volumes of the Data
Authors:- Vijayalakshmi. K, Associate Prof. Priya .M

Abstract: – A new classification method is presented which uses clustering techniques to augment the performance of K-Nearest Neighbour algorithm. This new method is called Nearest Cluster approach, [NC]. In this algorithm the neighbour samples are automatically determined using clustering techniques. After partitioning the train set, the labels of cluster centers are determined. For specifying the class label of a new test sample, the class label of the nearest cluster prototype is used. Computationally, the NC method of KNN is faster than the k-means with 2 times. Also the clustering techniques leads to find the best number of neighbours based on the nature of feature space. The proposed method is evaluated standard sales dataset. Experimental results show the excellent improvement both in accuracy and the time complexity in comparison with the KNN method. Many clustering algorithms have been developed to address the problem of very large data size as well as for high dimensional data. This algorithm have their own disadvantages but they are often impractical when the data is large in both aspects. The proposed system uses the KNN algorithm based clustering so the KNN queries can be evaluated with minimum seconds.

Virus-Detection Processors in Mobile Device Using an Adaptively Dividable Dual Port Bi-TCAM
Authors:- Asst. Prof. S. Mubeena, Asst. Prof. K. Vairaperumal

Abstract: – A Network security for mobile devices is in high demand because of the increasing virus count. Since mobile devices have limited CPU power, dedicated hardware is essential to provide sufficient virus detection performance. A TCAM-based virus-detection unit provides high throughput, but also challenges for low power and low cost. In this paper, an adaptively dividable dual-port BiTCAM (unifying binary and ternary CAMs) is used to achieve a high-throughput, low-power, and low-cost virus-detection processor for mobile devices. The dual-port BiTCAM is realized with the dual-port AND-type match-line scheme which is composed of dual-port dynamic AND gates. The dual-port designs reduce power consumption and increase storage efficiency due to shared storage spaces. In addition, the dividable BiTCAM provides high flexibility for regularly updating the virus-database. The BiTCAM achieves a 48% power reduction and a 40% transistor count reduction compared with the design using a conventional single-port TCAM.

Android Phone Protection System
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Shipra Joshi, Asst. Prof. Rahul Sharma

Abstract: – Today, everyone necessarily requires a smart phone. There are tremendous amount of possibilities and numerous scopes witnessed in different areas of the mobile world. With this rapid growth in mobile services the researchers are alarmed about the security threats and are working upon it by securing the infrastructures which support the online-interface and other distributed services. In this paper, we discuss about secure android application on android phone. The objective is to provide such services which can secure customers’ android devices. This data security methodology of cell phones is quite novel.

TFET Based DPA Resistant Secured Adiabatic Logics for Energy Efficient and Secure hardware
Authors:- Vrushali Gandla, Kasthuri Thilagam, Anil Srikanth

Abstract: – Adiabatic logic is one of the design techniques for designing energy- efficient hardware. Low-power mobile devices such as RFID tags and WSNs that employ cryptographic modules are susceptible to differential power analysis (DPA) attacks. The secret information stored in these hardware devices can be explored by side channel effects. A Secured Quasi-Adiabatic Logic (SQAL) has been proposed in designing Differential Power Analysis (DPA)-resistant and energy-efficient hardware. SQAL shows improvement over all other existing DPA resistant adiabatic logic in terms of energy dissipation and area-overhead. However, the drawback is, SQAL suffers from non-adiabatic energy loss during the evaluation of the outputs. To minimize the non-adiabatic loss, we propose a Symmetric Pass Gate Adiabatic Logic (SPGAL).To validate our proposed logic, we have evaluated the energy dissipation of the individual secure adiabatic logics; proposed CSSAL, secure adiabatic logic, symmetric adiabatic logic, 2N-2N2P. Furthermore, this work delves into the implementation of 2*2 multiplier operation using TFET at 0.3v. The bit parallel multiplier implemented using SPGAL saves up to 80% energy as compared to SQAL.

Reproductive Technology: A Doorway That Changes Women’s Live
Authors:- Research Scholar Mukesh Kanaujiya

Abstract: – Reproductive technology plays an important role in women’s life because, Infertility can be considered a health problem according to the World Health Organization’s broad definition of health – “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Statistics show that almost Three million infants have been delivered using Assisted Reproductive Technology in the last 30 years, all over the world. Infertility in the global can have severe and interrelated social, economic, and health-related consequences for women. Infertility often produces a sense of isolation, resentment and anger which can lead to a vicious circle of cutting oneself off from social support networks: Infertile couples experience a difficult dilemma, particularly around holiday time or important family events. The infertile couple is caught in an emotional bind. They already feel isolated from most of the world. The new reproductive technologies provide a good basis for the study of changing perceptions of nature because the field to a large degree consists of stories of de-naturalisation and re-naturalisation. A very simple illustration is how the very term for these technologies over time has gradually shifted from artificial reproductive technologies (that is to say de-naturalisation) to assisted reproductive technologies (indicating a re-naturalisation). The latter term indicates that the intervention of medical technology is meant to restore the body to its natural state. This Paper aims to find out the importance of new reproductive technology and its impact on woman and society.

Stone Matrix Asphalt Based Flexible Pavement
Authors:-Asst. Prof. Shriram P Marathe, Sakshar S Huddar

Abstract: -stone matrix asphalt (sma) was originally developed in europe as an impervious/highly durable wearing surface for bridge decks. based on its performance history, split matrix asphalt began to be used as a surface layer for roadways carrying heavy truck traffic throughout Germany and other european countries. today, it is the pavement surface of choice where long-term performance and durability is needed. in this study various research works on sma have been reviewed, out of which, sma study using crmb-55 as binder, major influence of fibers on sma, the sma using different filler, properties of sma, use of carbon fiber and glass fiber, study of sma using coir fiber and pineapple fiber are investigated.

Inequality Concerning the Polar Derivative of a Polynomial
Authors:- Jahangeer Habibullah Ganai, Anjna Singh

Abstract: – For the present paper, we will give a correct proof of Lp-inequality concerning the polar derivative of a polynomial with restricted zeros. We will also extend Zygmund’s inequality to the polar derivative of a polynomial.

Experimental Investigation on Water Hyacinth Ash as a Supplementary Cementing Material
Authors:-Ashima Manoj, Aleena, Eldho Saju, Sujitha S

Abstract: – Concrete is an important construction material consists of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and water. Among these ingredients cement is the major constituent and it is one of the major producers of carbon dioxide into atmosphere while manufacturing cement. To reduce carbon dioxide emission cement is replaced as a supplementary cementing material by water hyacinth ash. Experimental investigations are done to evaluate the effect of water hyacinth ash in the replacement of cement. For this M30 grade of concrete is used. In which cement is replaced with water hyacinth ash by 0%, 5%, 10% and 15% by weight of cement and cast cubes and cylinders with varying proportion. And also study how it affects properties of concrete like workability, compressive strength and split tensile strength. The casted specimens are removed from the mould after 24 hours, cured and tested for 7, 14 and 28 days. The tested results are compared with ordinary concrete and water hyacinth ash replaced concrete. Finally evaluate the effect of water hyacinth ash on various strength properties of M30 concrete.

Eco-friendly concrete produced through alkali activation by Utilizing Industrial Wastes
Authors:- Asst. Prof. Shriram P Marathe, Prof. R Mithanthaya, Basaveshwara G V

Abstract: -The development of new, sustainable, low-CO2 construction materials is essential if the global construction industry is to reduce the environmental footprint of its activities, which is incurred particularly through the production of Portland cement. One type of non-Portland cement that is attracting in particular attention is based on alkali-aluminosilicate chemistry, including the class of binders that have become known as geopolymers. This review discusses the synthesis of alkali-activated binders from blast furnace slag, calcined clay (metakaolin), and fly ash, including analysis of the chemical reaction mechanisms and binder phase assemblages that control the early-age and hardened properties of these materials, in particular initial setting and long-term durability. Perspectives for future research developments are also explored and also discuss about the various investigations carried out on alkali activated (Geopolymer) concrete produced using industrial byproducts which otherwise considered as waste disposal products.

Energy Efficiency Reliability and Availability of Real Time Task in Cloud Based Environment
Authors:- B. Artinie, Asst. Prof. Dr. T. Nirmalraj

Abstract:-Green computing is the study of Designing, Manufacturing, Engineering and deposing of computing device in a way that reduces their environmental infects. Green computing also called as Green Technology is the environmentally responsible use of computers and related resources. Search practices include the implementation of Energy-Efficient central processing units (CPU), servers and peripherals as well as reduced resource consumption and proper disposal of electronic waste (E-waste).In existing system they focus on the problem of energy consumption when providing fault tolerance. Xia et al focus to find out the scheduling solution for minimizing the network power consumption of down link C-RAN. Bertossi et al considers both backup over booking and deallocation to reduce system overhead. These works are designed for homogenous systems and not suitable for heterogeneous system. In our proposed system the work as been done on dynamic energy-efficient fault-tolerant scheduling for real time task. Both energy conservation and fault tolerant is considered while meeting the real time requirement. We first analyze the CPU schedulability of real time task and also find out the weather condition to reduce the energy consumption. Our work brings substantial improvement in energy efficiency and task guarantee ratio. Our proposed system shows excellent performance in energy consumption based on the CPU scheduling and weather condition.

EADP: Enhanced Authentication using Novel Dynamic Password
Authors:- Sarthak Gupta, Virat Singh Chauhan

Abstract:- In today’s modern age of Internet, gifted by technology, for verification of user, Password is used. Password is a collection of different characters exists in ASCII code (Text Based) or set of different control signal which is generated based on biological impression of human being (Biometrics). Existing work shows that both Text based password and Graphical password suffer socio-economic problems and internal security issues. By considering this issue, a new security method, Enhanced Authentication scheme using Dynamic Password (EDAP), has been proposed with two-fold; first fold uses Ratings (of Color or Alphabets) for user verification and the second fold uses mathematical matrix for dynamic password generation. In every login of session, user feeds new password, which is completely shielded from various attacks.

Sign Language Translator Using CNN Model
Authors:- Diniya A J, Arathi Remesh, Dona Jose, Jasmi Davis

Abstract:- As the web has developed it has become a place where people interact. They post opinions, modify and enhance each other’s contributions and share information.The problem we are investigating is sign language recognition through supervised feature learning. With the technological trend in man-machine interfaces and the machine intelligence, exploiting these powers has become a challenge in many fields. In particular, it was observed that the body gesture-based interactions of human to human and human to machine are rapidly increasing, especially in the area of sign language interpretation. Statistics strongly suggest that the population of deaf and mute people is on the rise and there is a need to train more people the American Sign Language (ASL) to bridge the gap. Furthermore, the electronic devices such as TVs, PCs, PDAs Robots, cameras, etc. are advanced and built toread users gestures and respond to their commands. Therefore, it is of a great interest to try to conduct research in this area and propose efficient and effective solutions for man-machine gesture-based interaction. Here we propose a system for the automatic recognition of American Sign Language gestures. A series of image and vector processing operations are used in order to transform a visual hand gesture into a spoken letter, display the text and convert the received voice back into text providing a two-way communication.

Reasons to Reduce Our Reliance upon Crude Oil Based Internal Combustion Engines
Authors:-Elavarasan G, Kannan M, Karthikeyan D

Abstract:- Crude Oil based Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) have taken the major role in our country’s transport, energy supply system and various appliances. This paper gives complete detail about not only our dependence upon the crude oil but also why we need to reduce the usage of it. Currently, there are more than 1.2 billion automobiles present in the road which are the basic sources of pollution that result in serious damage to the environment. It is noted that the certain harmful gases were formed as a by-product due to the variation in the engine combustion process and were released to the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe which causes serious effect to the human health; they were Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen Oxides (NO), Carbon monoxide (CO) & Particulate Matter (PM).This paper also gives the complete situation about the crude oil energy scenario in India and the disadvantages of using it.

Seismic irregularity: A validation on the regularity index of tall structure
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Aakash Verma, Asst. Prof. Suhail Qureshi

Abstract:- As there is an economic boom there is an increasing demand for infrastructure in order to accommodate the requirement. As this will lead to high demand for all structures with multiple housing units that is not only spacious but also visually appealing. This leads to the various kinds of irregularity that has been prescribed in IS 1893 and these various irregularities forces the building to deviate from their expected behavior. The aim of this paper is to review the previous works on the irregularity of structure and the various indexes that can be helpful to the standardization of the behavior the structure because of seismic activity.

Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic and Mechanical Crane Lift
Authors:- S. Santhosh Kumar

Abstract:- A Simple hydraulic – mechanical Movable crane is necessary mobile equipment for lifting and moving heavy loads used in small scale manufacturing and production industries. Due to the growing of small scale industry based on the current policy of the Government, the demand of load lifting equipments has increased. To deal with such a challenge, we have come up with the brilliant concept of designing and manufacturing a simple and affordable mobile floor crane which we hope will solve the problem of lifting equipments and minimizing manufacturing costs by reducing manpower. The idea of designing and manufacturing a hydraulic-mechanical movable floor crane was best concept among the three major concepts that were initially generated. The manufacturing of the product will involve fabrication works by using hollow section steel materials. Some other parts like tires, hydraulic Jack and motors fitted in the hollow section structure.

5 Pen Pc Technology
Authors:- Krithika. S

Abstract:- The 5 pen pc technology is under developing stage which includes five functions in a single object. It consists of cpu pen, communication pen, led projector, digital camera, virtual keyboard. It was first designed by TOUR ICHIHASH and was created by Japanese company NEC and the corporation and they displayed a conceptual of 30,000 dollars prototype of p-ISM. It is connected with one and another with wireless technology and as a whole it is connect to the cellular data or internet through mobile phones.

Rheological Study of Performance Enhancement of Ubakala Clay for Use as Drilling Mud
Authors:- Alison F.N., Nwanekezie, M.N., Osoka, E.C

Abstract:- This work studied the performance enhancement of Ubakala clay for use as drilling mud. A sample of Ubakala clay was used for this research. The clay sample was collected, processed and beneficiated with varying concentrations of soda ash (0-6wt %). Experiments were conducted to determine the viscosities of the control and clay-soda ash mixture at different curing time intervals (0-8hours), temperatures (30OC-90OC) and speed of agitation (200rpm-600rpm). Response surface methodology, with the aid of MATLAB statistical toolbox was used to perform a statistical study and optimization of the data obtained from the study. The MATLAB curve-fitting toolbox was also used to determine the rheological model that best fit the beneficiated clay and its control. The result revealed that soda ash concentrations, temperature, curing time and their interactions terms are significant variables in the statistical model with temperature being the most significant term, while time is the least significant term. The rheological study of the process showed that the Bingham plastic model appropriately described the performance of the clay samples as it gave the best fit for most of the samples (71.67%) studied, based on the value of the adjusted R2. The graphical representation of the control showed a decreasing rate in viscosity within the required range of speed of agitation unlike those of the clay soda ash mixture. Further work on Bingham model shows that an optimum predictive value of yield stress occurs for a curing time of 8hours, temperature of 900C and soda ash concentration of 5.183wt% are the operating parameters for enhancing the performance of Ubakala clay sample for use as a drilling mud.

A Review Rumors Detection on Twitter Using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Monu Waskale, Prof. Pritesh Jain

Abstract:- In this period, web based life stage are progressively utilized by individuals to pursue newsworthy occasions since it is quick, simple to get to and modest similarly. In spite of the expanding utilization of web based life for data and news assembling, its tendency prompts the development and spread of gossipy tidbits i.e., data that are unconfirmed at the season of posting, which may makes genuine harm government, markets and society. Along these lines, there is need of compelling framework for distinguishing bits of gossip as ahead of schedule as conceivable before they generally spread. Viable framework should comprise of four parts: Rumor location, gossip following, position grouping, and veracity arrangement. Loads of work has been done in later segment while less work in segment talk identification. In this way, presently we should take a shot at gossip location. In this paper, we will condense endeavors done till now around there. A large portion of existing techniques identifies from the earlier bits of gossip, i.e., predefined gossipy tidbits. So it is required to have robotized gossip discovery strategy which recognizes new developing gossipy tidbits viably and as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected.

A study of GFRA products made with scrap plastic and glass for asphalt pavement road in Mongolia
Authors:- Khulan Altankhuyag, Associate Prof.Yi-Ching Chen, Badmaanyambuu Narantsetseg

Abstract:- The world’s population grows day by day, the technological developments and people’s needs are increasing environmental issues are increasing. Recycling and production of waste products in recent years is highly demanded. In this study commonly used in our country, absorbed in the environment for long periods of time, recycling of scrap glass and plastic was studied and the possibilities for producing roads and construction materials were studied. PEGS (PolyEthylene glass scrap) and PPGF (Polypropylene glass fiber) picked, the tests were carried out to improve the properties of the asphalt mixtures, the main material of the road construction. The hot asphalt mixture added the additives, then will determine the physical and mechanical characteristic of the additive and non-additive asphalt mixtures laboratory test by Marshall method. Then observations will determine the rutting 3m width and 50m length at the test area for 6 months. Further, it is necessary to develop a detailed analysis using modern laboratory tools to improve testing methods.

A Comparative Study on Multistoried Building by Time History Analysis Method for Nepal Earthquake
Authors:- Anu Shekhar , Subhankar Manna, Dona Chatterjee

Abstract:- Nonlinear time history analysis is known for simulating structural behaviour under severe earthquake more proper than other methods. The present paper mainly studies seismic response of four building models of variable heights with constant base dimensions under ground motion records of Nepal earthquake 2015 which are modelled and analysed using STAAD software. The results of the study are discussed and compared in terms of accelerations and displacements versus time plots and seismic response such as base shear, bending moment, storey drift shows a similar trend of variation with increase in height of the building.

A Systematic Review on K-Means Clustering Techniques
Authors:- Swagita Dwivedi, Prof. Lalit Kumar P.Bhaiya

Abstract:- Number of data points are grouped together to form a cluster. Data of same class are grouped together. K-Means clustering is most essential and fundamental clustering technique through which data centers are analyzed. K-means is most broadly used algorithm for clustering with known arrangements of median points. It is likewise called as nearest neighbor clustering. Beforehand, a different endeavor has been done to improve the performance of k-means algorithm. The result of improved k-means has extraordinary performance improvement for little to medium size of data. Be that as it may, for vast and exceptionally expansive amount of data, k-means fall behind. This paper reviews different methods and techniques used in literature and its advantages and limitations, to analyze the further need of improvement of k-means algorithm.

Secure and Efficient Commercial Data Retrieval in Cloud Computing
Authors:- Kummari. Ilayaraja, A. Uday Kishore

Abstract:- In Cloud computing, cloud customers can remotely store their data into the cloud so as to enjoy the on-demand high quality applications and services from a shared pool of configurable computing resources. The fact that data owners and cloud server are no longer in the same trusted domain may put the outsourced unencrypted data at risk. It follows that sensitive data has to be encrypted prior to outsourcing for data privacy. However, data encryption makes effective data utilization a very challenging task given that there could be a large amount of outsourced data files. Also outsourcing data to the cloud causes loss of control over data on a data owner’s part. This loss of control over data is further intensified with the lack of managing users’ access to the data from practical cloud computing perspectives. We address these challenging issues, a privacy-preserving data search Scheme is proposed, and that can support both the identifier -based and feature-based product searches. Specially, two novel index trees are constructed and encrypted, that can be searched without knowing the plaintext data. Data user is enabled to create queries to retrieve data by the Data user query. The index value is attached to every data and it is stored in the cloud. If the user wants to retrieve the data from cloud then the given index value is to be matched with the index value.

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System Using IOT
Authors:- Mukund Vaidya, Satish Matsagar, Mayur Mandavkar, Prof. D. S. Nath

Abstract:- Accurate and timely traffic flow information is important for the successful deployment of intelligent transportation systems. Over the last few years, traffic data have been exploding, and we have truly entered the era of big data for transportation. Existing traffic flow prediction methods mainly use shallow traffic prediction models and are still unsatisfying for many real-world applications In this paper, we are presenting the system by which we are able to get the correct information of real time traffic density without totally relying on the conditions like mobile gps as such. We are able to get an information about the rain as well as pollution level of the desired path. This system will help to increase the precise prediction and understanding of traffic as well as atmospheric conditions of the area.

Rumors Detection on Twitter Using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Monu Waskale, Prof. Pritesh Jain

Abstract:- Location systems of malignant substance, for example, spam and phishing on Online Social Networks (OSN) are regular with little consideration paid to different kinds of low-quality substance which really impacts clients’ substance perusing background most. The point of our work is to identify low-quality substance from the clients’ viewpoint continuously. To characterize low-quality substance conceivably, Expectation Maximization (EM) calculation is first used to coarsely order low-quality tweets into four classifications. In light of this starter think about, an overview is cautiously intended to assemble clients’ feelings on various classifications of low-quality substance. Both immediate and backhanded highlights including recently proposed highlights are recognized to portray a wide range of low-quality substance. We at that point further consolidate word level examination with the distinguished highlights and fabricate a watchword boycott lexicon to improve the recognition execution. We physically mark a broad Twitter dataset of 100,000 tweets and perform low quality content discovery continuously dependent on the described noteworthy highlights and word level investigation. The consequences of our exploration demonstrate that our technique has a high precision of 0.9711 and a decent F1 of 0.8379 dependent on an irregular woodland classifier with continuous execution in the discovery of low-quality substance in tweets. Our work in this manner accomplishes a positive effect in improving client involvement in perusing internet based life content.

Application of Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Network in Construction Project
Authors:- Anjana T

Abstract:- Project can be defined as a sequence of unique, complex, and attached activities having one goal or purpose and that must be completed by a specific time, within budget, and according to specification. Success of construction projects depends mainly on success of performance of a project. Project performance is predicted mainly based on the four performance metrics i.e., schedule and quality performance. This study is carried out to identify the factors affecting the performance of construction project and their significance on the schedule, and quality performance. The next objective of this research is to develop regression models and neural network models to predict schedule performance and quality performance.

A Machine Learning based Embedded Criminal Face Identification System for Residential Security
Authors:- Pruthvi Ski, Prithviraj Hiremath, Pavan Kumar S, Nimmanapalli Sai Abhijith Reddy

Abstract:- With an extremely arousing and increasing number of criminal activities in and around our surroundings, it has become very difficult to protect ourselves and live in such an environment.This project model helps in evaluation of such entities in real time and provides us rapidly fast and accurate satisfactory conclusions in order to classify the entities (faces) based on the pre-trained dataset, with advancement in technology like Machine Learning, we are able to come up with designing and embedding this highly reliable real time image recognition model with already existing visual devices and also design a dedicated device for the same purpose. YOLO (You Only Look Once), real time Object Detection and Classification model is used for faster results which helps in detecting any face familiar with respect to the trained dataset with criminal record, which can be further reported to the responsible authorities.

Time Cost Risk optimization in construction Using ant colony Algorithm
Authors:- Lakshmi C R

Abstract:- Construction planners often face the challenge of optimum resource utilization to compromise between different and usually conflicting aspects of projects. Time, cost and risk of project delivery are among the crucial aspects of each project with both client and contractor striving to optimize the project duration and cost concurrently. Studies have been conducted to model the time–cost relationships, ranging from heuristic methods and mathematical approaches to genetic algorithms. Emergence of new contracts that place an increasing pressure on maximizing the quality of projects while minimizing its time and cost, require the development of innovative models considering risk in addition to time and cost.. Besides time and cost of activities, every resource utilization option will yield a specific performance quality according to the involved. The optimization of trade-off between these time, cost and risk parameters is done using Multi-Objective Ant Colony Optimization technique. The optimization program was run for a number of giving weight age for the parameters. The total time, cost and risk for the project when executed in various combinations of alternatives were taken the trade-off between the parameters are analyzed.

Production of Biodiesel from spent cooking oil and Oxidative stability Improvement using Onion scale extracts
Authors:- Anusi, M.O., Oyoh, K.B., Osoka E.C., Ojukwu, P.U., Igboko, N.

Abstract:- The need for a clean and cheap source of energy is ever increasing in our world today. Biodiesel has become a topic of interest for some time and researches are still on-going on how to obtain cheaper feedstock for biodiesel production. Moreover, there is need to improve the oxidative stability of biodiesel which is a measure of its shelf life, seeing that biodiesel is biodegradable. This research work considers the production of biodiesel from a cheap and viable feedstock; spent cooking oil. The feedstock was subjected to acid etherification reaction which reduced its free fatty acid level from a value of 2.16% to 0.9% which is suitable for biodiesel production. A transesterification reaction catalyzed by Sodium Hydroxide was carried out on the oil at 60OC, using a methanol to oil ratio of 6:1 for a period of 60 minutes. The biodiesel yield was 89.4% and the product was subjected to physicochemical characterization which showed that its properties closely approximate the standard values. Furthermore, the ethanolic extract obtained from waste onion scales were introduced into some of the biodiesel after which the acid and peroxide values were monitored for a period of seven weeks. The results obtained showed that the onion extract was able to fairly inhibit the rate of increase in the acid and peroxide values of the biodiesel produced which are parameters that were used to measure the oxidative stability of biodiesel and hence its shelf life. It was therefore concluded that onion extract is a viable natural antioxidant for improving the oxidative stability of biodiesel and hence its shelf life.

Prevention of Voter Fraud using Block chain
Authors:- Asst. Prof. Uma Tomer, K.Swapnil, Nishkarsh Bareja

Abstract:- Voter Fraud without a doubt has been catastrophic at so many levels. The wrong leader makes a wrong decision which starts a domino effect of bad decisions thereby affecting the nation. The aim here is to establish trust between the citizens of the nation and their elected leaders from various political parties. ‘Bit coin’ has lately been the buzzword, but the real buzzword should have been ‘Block chain’. Block chain runs on the basic philosophy of Trust and Security which are the core essentials of a voting system in a democratic country. Here, we introduce an effective concept to solve the major issue of voter frauds in our country. This concept is not only bound to our country – India but also applicable to every country across the globe.

Catalytic Peroxide Oxidation for Detoxification Of Organic Waste
Authors:- Neena Saju, Lipin K.V, Reshma Tomy, Princy Paulose

Abstract:- Voter Fraud without a doubt has been catastrophic at so many levels. The wrong leader makes a wrong decision which starts a domino effect of bad decisions thereby affecting the nation. The aim here is to establish trust between the citizens of the nation and their elected leaders from various political parties. ‘Bit coin’ has lately been the buzzword, but the real buzzword should have been ‘Block chain’. Block chain runs on the basic philosophy of Trust and Security which are the core essentials of a voting system in a democratic country. Here, we introduce an effective concept to solve the major issue of voter frauds in our country. This concept is not only bound to our country – India but also applicable to every country across the globe.

Performance Analysis of SISO-OFDM Architecture for Wireless Applications using VLSI Technology
Authors:- Dr. R. Umamaheswari, Ramya Princess M, Dr. P.Nirmal Kumar

Abstract:- Novel technologies have started emerging as an evolution of wireless communication standards, and corresponding low cost devices are key to follow this trend in order to achieve better quality of service (QoS) and support large amount of users that can communicate simultaneously. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is believed to be the key technology to meet all these demands. OFDM is a form of frequency division multiplexing with the special property that each tone is orthogonal to each other with every tone. OFDM has overcomes most of the problems with FDM and TDM. In many broadband communication technologies, OFDM modulation techniques are normally preferred. VLSI technology has now made progress in the region of small area and power. The proposed architecture is developed using Verilog HDL and implemented in altera cyclone IV E. The performance evaluation has been made in relation to latency, area and power.

Delay less Process to Reduce Impulse Noise By Design of Superlative Wavelets
Authors:- Gundluru Ganesh, Assistant Prof. K. Bala Murali, Assistant Prof. Pradeep Kumar K

Abstract:- Expulsion of motivation commotion from discourse in the wavelet area has been observed to be extremely compelling due to the multi-determination property of the wavelet change and the simplicity of evacuating the driving forces in that space. A basic factor that influences the execution of the drive evacuation framework is the viability of the motivation detection calculation. To this end, we propose another strategy for outlining orthogonal wavelets that are advanced for distinguishing motivation commotion in discourse. In the technique, the qualities of the drive commotion and the hidden discourse flag are considered and a raised operation timization issue is figured for inferring the ideal wavelet for a given help measure. Execution examination with other surely understood wavelets demonstrate that the wavelets outlined utilizing proposed technique have much better motivation location properties..

Proactive System for Real-Time Safety Management In Construction Site
Authors:- Neethu P

Abstract:- The purpose of this paper is presenting a new advanced hardware/software system, boasting two main features: first it performs real time tracking of workers‟ routes in construction sites; then it implements an algorithm for preventing workers to be involved in hazardous situations.

Economic Assessment of Ground water Pollution With Special Reference to Tirupur District
Authors:- Associate Prof. P. Geetha, Research Scholar R. Anbuselvi

Abstract:- The disposal of effluents on land has become a regular practice for some industries. Industries located in Tirupur district, Tamilnadu dispose their effluents on land and the farmers of adjacent farmland have complaint that their shallow open-well get polluted and also salt content of the soil started buildings slowly. This study attempts to capture the environmental and socio-economic impacts of an industrial effluent irrigation in different industrial location at Tirupur District, through primary surveys and secondary information. The continuous application of polluted groundwater for irrigation has also resulted in rising salinity in soil. To some extent, farmers are coping with the problem by cultivating salt-tolerant crops and/or by using other sources such as river water for irrigation. The study specifically focused on how groundwater affects irrigation and drinking water in Tirupur District. This study is descriptive and exploratory in nature. With the descriptive design, the researcher plans to gain more information about a phenomenon within a particular field of study by examining the characteristics of a specific single population. Exploratory study would provide an in-depth exploration of a single process. The finding of the study emphasized the need for assessing the water quality and make efforts to improve the water quality. It is recommended that farm households should be given opportunity to participate in mechanization of agriculture, and rural development programmers which would enhance their new livelihood activities and living standard is initiated and encouraged.

A Review Articles of Booth Multiplier
Authors:- Divya Rathore, Asst. Prof. Priyanshu Pandey

Abstract:- The aim of this paper is give the review of different type of implementation of multiplier has been studied. Multiplier has important role in DSP, microprocessor and microcomputer applications. In this paper booth algorithm is used to design the multiplier but it suffers many limitations such that number of partial products increases, so, area, height and latency is also increases. In this review paper we analyzed modified Booth algorithm to design the multiplier so that the partial product is going to be decreases. Different type of algorithm are also explained which are used for addition operation of multiplier. In the latest designs of VLSI, power dissipation is a main advantageous to reduce it.

Test-Based Stress and Short-Term Risk-Taking Behaviour in older Adolescents
Authors:- Srishti Roy

Abstract:- Previous studies have indicated a correlation between stress and risk-taking in adolescence. Exposure to constant stress can lead to an increase in cardiovascular problems in the long run. This study takes a group of late adolescents (first-year university) and subjects them to the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST) and the Balloon Analogue Risk Test (BART) to observe a correlation between test-based stress and risk-taking. 41 participants, were divided into 2 groups (experimental and control). The test results indicate that the experimental group had higher stress levels (indicated by heart rate) and showed higher short-term risk-taking behaviour (indicated by BART).

strong>Implementation Barriers of Green Building Design In Indian Construction Sectors
Authors:- Arthana P

Abstract:- Constructions of sustainable buildings are the mostly occurring in India but for these green buildings they are so many problems will be occurred. For the problems we want to do the questionnaire survey and then to find the drivers for growth of green development and to reduced consumption of materials, energy, water by green building design elements. This research explains how green building is slowly becoming more accepted but it is not occurring fast enough and it needed to be finding out the barriers that slowing down the adoption. The various factors, which becoming the barricades to the successful implementation of the green building in Indian construction industry are identified through the comprehensive study of the literatures. The identified problems are framed as a questionnaire and survey conducted over various construction organizations. The collected data were statistically analyzed through SPSS software and the results were examined.

Improvement Productivity in Balancing Assembly Line by Using Pso Algorithm
Authors:- Deepak Solanki, Ms. Payal Bhargava

Abstract:- Assembly line balancing plays a crucial role in modern manufacturing companies in terms of the growth in productivity and reduction in costs. The problem of assigning tasks to consecutive stations in such a way that one or more objectives are optimized with subject to the required tasks, processing times and some specific constraints, is called Assembly Line Balancing (ALB) The present study also describes KANBAN withdrawal Methodology for production time period of 0.6 minutes only for single stage Assembly line. The study also determines the maximum number of iterations in PSO, which finds the final economical costing over other parameters, variable demands and number of workers. The Simulation Tool MATLAB (2015a) has been used to design Simulink model of balancing parallel Assembly line and for Graphical Analysis of each product.

On Regular Fuzzy Soft Graphs
Authors:- B. Akilandeswari

Abstract:- In this paper, regular fuzzy soft graphs, and totally regular fuzzy soft graphs are examined. Total degree of a fuzzy soft graph is introduced. Theorems for Regular fuzzy soft graphs and totally regular fuzzy soft graphs are introduced. A necessary condition under which they are equivalent is provided. Some properties of regular fuzzy soft graphs and totally regular fuzzy soft graphs are studied.

Financial Fraud Detection with Anomaly Feature Detection on credit card
Authors:- M Anjaneyulu, Asst. Prof. A. Uday Kishore

Abstract:-The most traditional payment approach is a credit card or debit card for online in today’s world; it will supply money less shopping at every shop across the world. It is the more and most suitable way to do online shopping, paying bills, and performing other related tasks. Hence the risk of fraudulent transactions using a credit card has also been increasing. In the existing credit card fraud detection processing system, the fraudulent transaction is detected after the transaction is done. This kind of illegal activities involves complex networks of business, enterprise and financial transactions, which makes it difficult to detect the fraud entities and discover the features of fraud by issuing authorities. Fortunately, trading, business transaction network and features of entities in the network can be constructed from the complex networks of the trade and financial transactions. The trading or business transaction network announces the interaction between entities, and thus anomaly detection on business networks can expose the entities involved in the fraud activity. However, most of the existing methods focus on transaction networks or features information separately, which does not use the information. In this paper we propose a novel credit card fraud detection framework based on Fraud Behaviour which reflects the cardholders’ transaction habits using data mining techniques and we propose a novel fraud CoDetect, which can leverage both network information and feature information for financial fraud detection .

A Trend toward Virtualization and Cloud Services
Authors:- R. Manoj Kumar Banita

Abstract:- Cloud Computing technology has played a significant role and revolutionized the IT industry by delivering IT resources as a Service. Recent studies demonstrate how Cloud Computing can handler sources and overcome the challenges faced by offering high flexibility and cost-effectiveness. One such essential concept is ‘virtualization’. In this work, we present an overview of recent research efforts developing different virtualization models for Cloud Computing based environments and classify these different approaches briefly describing them. In addition, we evaluate the approaches based on limitations, benefits, overall performance criteria such as salability and effective and efficient use of cloud resources and management.

Review Paper on Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficient through Condensation
Authors:- Kajal S. Tayade, Mayuri B. Rohane, Anuja A. Vihulekar, Prof. Dhiraj Kumar K. More

Abstract:- Condensation is the process of conversion of a vapour or gas into liquid, which plays a key role in the system such as air conditioning, power plants, refrigeration, reactor safety, aerospace and desalination. Environmental and economic pressures are driving the need to design increasingly efficient systems. As a result, we need to increase our understanding about condensation. In this paper various research papers have been reviewed, which gives the information about the designing of the condensers and methods to achieve the Condensation Heat Transfer Coefficient and the various factors affecting on it.

Pavement Evaluation Studies Using Asphalt Concrete and Bituminous Mix
Authors:- Vikas Singh, Manish Kesharwani

Abstract:- now day’s highway pavement, bridges,parking, and other commercial structures becoming functionally deteriorating due to repeated of vehicular load and effect of climatic condition. non-destructive testing methods are desirable to evaluate existing flexible pavement. in the study consisted of two tasks: during visual inspection of the existing pavement failures. second, investigated the actual causes of these failures. in the found that most of the damaged pavement sections suffered from severe cracking and rutting failures. in the structure evaluation of flexible pavement in the deflection is measure by benkelman beam. functional evaluation of pavement is like roughness, rutting, crack, patch, potholes, and ravelling. the present study is to carry out the flexible pavement condition index survey studies by irc 81-1997.

Implementation and Design of Xilinx based Booth multiplier
Authors:- Divya Rathore, Asst. Prof. Priyanshu Pandey

Abstract:- Multiplication in hardware can be implemented in two ways either by using more hardware for achieving fast execution or by using less hardware and end up with slow execution. The area and speed of the multiplier is an important issue, increment in speed results in large area consumption and vice versa. Multipliers play vital role in most of the high performance systems. Performances of a system depend to a great extent on the performance of multiplier thus multipliers should be fast and consume less area and hardware. This idea forced us to study and review about the Booth’s Algorithm, modified Booth’s algorithm and its radix-2, radix-4, radix-8 forms.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping on a Quadcopter
Authors:- Preeti Keshava Lakmapur, Rakshith B H, Rakshitha S R, Shiva Prasad K S, Asst. Prof. Pushpalatha S

Abstract:- Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), in robotics, is the computational problem of constructing or updating a map of an unknown environment while simultaneously keeping track of a robot’s location within it. In an outdoor environment, GPS is used to address such issues to track the robot’s location in a map. But in cases like indoor environment or when the GPS is unavailable, SLAM comes into picture. The paper aims to implement Visual-SLAM using Kinect camera on a quadcopter. The Visual-SLAM algorithm has been implemented on x86_64 architecture-based intel core i7 processor on a laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 running as the host OS. The algorithm uses Kinect camera that has both RGB camera and an Infrared Depth camera to obtain the pictures and depth information of the frame. In addition to this OpenCV and several ROS packages like Octomap Server, eigen, cv bridge etc. has been used to support its functionality. The front-end of the algorithm takes care of the observations being made by the robot while the back-end builds a 3D map using these observations and localizes the robot within it. This paper hence provides a 3D map of an unknown environment using kinect camera on a quadcopter (Jatayu).

Detection of Flame and Fire Startle Using Zigbee Protocol
Authors:- Assistant Professor Jayaraman. K

Abstract:-Nearly all our buildings and workspaces are protected against fire breaks, which may occur due to some fault in the electric circuitries and power sources. The immediate alarming and aid to extinguish the fire in such situations of fire breaks are provided using embedded systems installed in The buildings. But as the area being monitored against such fire threats becomes vast, these systems do not provide a centralized solution. For the protection of such a huge area, like a college campus or an industrial park, a centralized wireless fire control System using Wireless sensor network technology is developed The system developed connects the Two dangers prone zones of the campus with a-central control room through a Zigbee communication interface such that in case of fire break in any of the building, a direct communication Channel is developed that one lies out of reach of the central node. And with the help of the signal received in the control room, the exact building where the fire break occurred is identified and fire extinguishing is done.

A Review on Yield Prediction of Various Techniques and Features
Authors:- Neha Sharma

Abstract:- Agriculture is one of the major revenue producing sectors of India and a source of survival. Various seasonal, economic and biological factors influence the crop production but unpredictable changes in these factors lead to a great loss to farmers. This paper presents a survey on the various models used for crop yield prediction. So this paper focuses on this problem of increasing the size of the data. Here various approaches adopt by researchers are detailed with their field of accuracy for prediction. Some of issue related to the papers is also discussed. Techniques of knowledge extraction and storage were discussed in this work. Here details of feature required to analyze the crop yield are present with there calculation and requirements.

An Enhanced Precision-Mitigated Area Parallel Architecture for 3D Multilevel Discrete Wavelet Transform
Authors:- Lone Hameem Ul Islam, Azra Bilal, Prabhat Singh Lakhwal

Abstract:- The paper presents parallelism-based architecture of executing 3D multi-level DWT (discrete wavelet transforms), that is efficient video frames and image algorithm of compression. The proposed architecture is one of the first parallelism along with pipelined architecture of 3-D DWT without group of image restriction. This architecture produced high throughput, reduced referencing of memory completely in temporal section, low latency and low consumption of power due to fetching of single row data flow, compared with those of previous reported works. This paper displays an enhanced precision mitigated area parallelism-based design for the unified implementation. The proposed architecture has been effectively implemented on Xilinx Virtex-VI series field-programmable gate array, offering a speed of 416 MHz, making it reasonable for real-time compression even with large frame dimensions. Besides, the architecture is completely scalable beyond the present coherent Daubechies filter bank. The proposed solution might be designed as lossy or lossless compression, in the field of 3D image compression framework, as indicated by the need of the client.

Motion Following Camera With Face Tracking
Authors:- Ankit Yadav, Shubham Mhabdi, Rishabh Singh

Abstract:- There was a day when we faced a problem of adjusting a large area such as banks, offices and even household CCTVs to cover complete area, this CCTVs are fixed and to ensure there is no blindspot multiple CCTVs are used for surveillance. This gave us our problem definition of the project. The plan is to create a Camera base that will rotate the camera in the direction any random person will move. Thus, any movement within its given radius camera basewill rotate in same direction. Our intention is to use Image Processing to detect motions and instruct Arduino to respond accordingly, the Arduino will instruct motors to rotate accordingly and Camera will capture people randomly . The purpose of this project is to design a camera module which when detecting motion starts following moving object and track the face.

Scrutiny on Fine Semi Totally Continuous Functions in Fine Topological Space
Authors:- M. Vijayalakshmi, T.Shivasankari

Abstract:- The properties of new class of functions, namely fine totally continuous function, fine semi totally continuous function and fine totally semi continuous functions in fine topological space are analyzed in this paper. The relation of these functions with already existing well known functions are studied.

Optimal Power Allocation for OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio with Improved Genetic Algorithm (IGA)
Authors:- Ms. Sandhya Mishra

Abstract:-The power allocation is a very important factor in OFDM based cognitive radio. In current trend of research focus on the maximization of power allocation for the transmission of user data. For the maximum utilization of power used various optimal and sub optimal process are used. In optimal and suboptimal used under layer, over layer and joint under layer and over layer model in cognitive radio. During the transmission, induction of interference is a major issue inside of the primary user. For the minimization of interference value used improved genetic algorithm. The improved genetic algorithms reduce the value of interface and achieve the maximum throughput of the transmission. The proposed algorithm deal in concern of dual threshold values for the selection of fairness in cognitive radio users. The proposed algorithms simulated in MATLAB environments and measure some standard parameters against joint methods of OFDMA. The proposed algorithms give very fair result, instead of previous models of cognitive radio.

Performance of MIMO-OFDM based on integrated encoding transmitted using VLC and SS-SAMP based channel estimation for 5G networks
Authors:- Tabassum Nisar, Lone Hameem Ul Islam, Asst. Prof. Rashmi Raj

Abstract:-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a multiple carrier system. It can decrease the symbol rate thereby reducing the power consumption of the system. It can also able to increase the bandwidth and capacity of the channel which ultimately increases the speed of the system. The key idea is to implement MIMO-OFDM in VLC to get maximum data rate transmission and improve the performance. In the paper, STBC-SM had been proposed for high data rates and high spectral efficiencies has led to the development of spatial multiplexing systems, with SS-SAMP algorithm for channel estimation. BER, NMSE and PAPR parameters has been calculated for the performance evaluation of the proposed technique.

An Environment for Supporting Collaboration of Distributed Team
Authors:- Abhishek Gaikwad, Ankita Chikhale, Shrutika Satav, Vrushali Pol

Abstract:- To implement the project various services and platforms are used by the developer’s team in order to interact with each other and to share the resources required for the project. the team needs to learn a new software tool to carry out each activity and learn each tool; it becomes too difficult to remember when the team uses more number of tools. in this project, we have integrated all the functionalities with some additional features. using this tool will lead to increase in efficiency and productivity of the distributed team. all the data of the teams project is stored at a central database which is located on cloud, hence the data will be available anytime anywhere. all the functionalities in this tool are well organized and we are trying to implement the user friendly interface. the team will be connected consistently and will have real time interaction with each other. the focus of our project is to the support a small developer’s team interaction while developing the software. the primary function is to share information about project-related activities. the information sharing enables members to make quick decisions about project actions and goals. the developer’s team can participate in real time and create software; also they can make constant changes to the code and release new versions of their software.

Wide Band Micro strip patch antennas by using inverted U shape for S- Band and C – Band Applications
Authors:- Amit Kumar Mishra, Prof. Dhruv Singh Thakur

Abstract:- In this paper a Wide Band Micro strip antennas for S- C Band is presented. In this work by using inverted U shape slot is used for impedance matching. FR-4 dielectric constant material is used for enhancement in impedance bandwidth. Simulation of antenna was completed in IE3D Simulator, for validation return losses, axial ratio, and gain of antenna considered. The parameter of a proposed antenna is satisfied by required limits. So it is suitable for S-C- Band applications.

On Irregular Fuzzy Soft Graphs
Authors:- B. Akilandeswari

Abstract:- In this paper, irregular fuzzy soft graph , totally irregular fuzzy soft graphs ,neighbourly irregular fuzzy soft graphs, neighborly total irregular fuzzy soft graphs, highly irregular fuzzy soft graphs and highly total irregular fuzzy graphs are introduced. A condition under which neighborly irregular and highly irregular fuzzy graphs are equivalent is provided. Some results on neighbourly irregular fuzzy graphs are established. Some properties of irregular fuzzy soft graphs studied.

Investigation of Different Designs of Artificial Neural Network for Maximum Power Point Tracking of Grid Connected PV System
Authors:- Mahmoud N. Ali

Abstract:- This paper aims at increasing the PV system efficiency through the design of the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of grid connected PV systems. The main effective factors for efficiency increase is to design an accurate tracker of maximum power point. Some conventional methods, such as the perturb-and-observe (P&O) and the incremental conductance (IC), are widely used for MPPT. The artificial intelligence can substitute these conventional methods to produce a precise MPPT system. The artificial neural network (ANN) is investigated, in this paper, to compare between different designs to maximize the output dc power of PV array. One hidden layer with different number of neurons, two hidden layers and a modified criterion for improving the learning process are the proposed designs of ANN for MPPT. The IC method is used as a base case to be compared for the clarification of the improvement achieved using the ANN as an MPP tracker.

Third Party Auditing In Cloud Storage
Authors:- Akshay Bhonde, Bipin Kumar, Bilal Momin, Prathamesh Shete, Asst. Prof. Sulbha Ghadling

Abstract:-Remote data integrity checking (RDIC) enables an cloud server, to provide a proof to a verifier that it is really storing data owner’s data securely. A lot of RDIC protocols have been proposed in the literature, but most of the constructions are complex key management, which rely on expensive public keys infrastructure (PKI), which might hinder the deployment of RDIC in practice. In this paper, a new construction of identity-based (ID-based) RDIC protocol by making use of cryptographic primitive to reduce the system complexity and the cost for establishing and managing public key authentication framework in PKI-based RDIC schemes. It is an ID-based RDIC security model, which includes security against a malicious cloud server and zero knowledge privacy against a third party verifier. The ID-based RDIC protocol doesn’t leak any information of the stored data to the verifier during the RDIC process. The new construction is proved to be secure enough against the malicious server in the generic group model and achieves zero knowledge privacy against a verifier. Immense security analysis and implemented results demonstrates the proposed protocol is provably secure and practical in the real-world applications.

Mechanical Properties and Biocompatibility Evaluation of Medical Implant using Metal Injection Moulding Process
Authors:- Mohd Afian Omar, Norhaslina Johari

Abstract:-Metal Injection moulding (MIM) is an advanced near net shape forming process for high quality of complex shapes combined with high properties of materials. For economic reasons, it is necessary to have demand for a large quantity of parts. This paper presents the attempt to manufacture metallic implants particularly fracture fixation plates for orthopedic applications for commercial purposes by MIM process. Furthermore, the in vitro and in-vivo evaluation also has been conducted.The stainless steel powder with the median particle size of 16 µm and a binder consisting of major fraction of palm stearin and a minor fraction of polyethylene were mixed at 160°C using a sigma-blade mixer for one hour to prepare the feedstock of the fracture fixation plates. The medical implant component was injection moulded using 80 ton metal injection moulding machine with the nozzle temperature of 200°C. Prior to sintering, the specimens were debound using a combination of solvent extraction and thermal pyrolysis method. The specimens were then sintered under vacuum. The properties of the fracture fixation plates such as physical appearance and densities were presented and discussed. Furthermore, the in vitro biocompatibility and preliminary in-vivo study on the fracture plates produced also been carried out.

Efficient Artificial Neural Network Based Approach for Software Fault Identification
Authors:- Karandeep Kaur

Abstract:-Software Fault prediction is designed to predict error prone software modules by using some of the underlying attributes of a software project. It is usually performed training a prediction model using project attributes added to the failure information of a known item and then using the prediction model to predict the failure of the unknown item. In this work, a adaptive-neuro-fuzzy system based algorithm was created to effectively address this issue and assess the execution of neural utilizing software fault dataset at different parameter settings utilizing different execution estimation methods. The examination used data assembled from the software fault database of programming bug data. The results show that the Adaptive Neural Networks strategies regards to anticipating programming weakness tendency can be used to identify bugs effectively.

GSM Based Security Automation System for Building Entry Management
Authors:- Nishad Joshi, Nikita Virkud

Abstract:-“Security experts agree, security means prevention.” And prevention means detecting the security risk outside before it becomes a security threat to people and assets inside. Residential buildings and big housing complexes often become the scene for a number of unwanted events and small / big crimes, for many reasons. One way to protect your assets and personnel within the building from such threats, is to have effective and easy to use automated entry management system to screen visitors and restrict unauthorized entries. The paper is based on GSM technology which is used for visitor entry management that can be developed to replace traditional manual visitor registration.

User-Service Rating Prediction By Exploring Social Users’ Rating
Authors:- Vijaylaxmi R Patil, Poorvi Kalyani, Sindhu. B, Anusha. D Vaidya

Abstract:-A Recommended system or a Recommendation system is a subclass of information filtering system that seeks to predict the “rating” or “preference” a user would give to an item. Collaborative Filtering Algorithm is one of the techniques in recommendation systems, which we use in our daily life. It is a method of making automatic predictions by collecting users taste, interest and grouping them into one similar category. In this paper, collaborative filtering algorithm based on user interest and rating difference is proposed. Initially rating difference factor is added to the traditional algorithm. In the second step, user interest will be calculated. And in the final, both the rating difference and user similarity are weighted together to get the final item.

Development and Implementation of a Voice Portal Builder Using Next Generation Networks Technology
Authors:- Sonal P G, Prof. Rakshitha Kiran P

Abstract:- Walk application, which is designed in a dynamic fashion, acts as a platform for users to build their own personal voice portal, much that people can have access to information at anytime and anywhere over a telephone. VTalk application has the space of improvements.

Performance Comparison of Feature Selection Algorithm in Opinion Data Mining
Authors:- Akrati Shrivastava

Abstract:- To determine the opinion of any person experiencing any services or buying any product the usage of Sentiment Analysis, is a common practice in the field of text mining. It is a process of using computation to identify and categorize opinions expressed in a piece of text. Individuals post their opinion via reviews, tweets, comments or discussions which is our unstructured information. Sentiment analysis gives a general conclusion of audits which benefit clients, individuals or organizations for decision making. The primary point of this paper is to compare different feature selection algorithm to identify the maximum accuracy in different type of dataset. It is an approach to determine two or more methodologies collation. The fundamental commitment of this paper is to experiment whether combined use of feature Selection and existing classification methodologies can yield better accuracy.

Nano Totally Semi Open Maps in Nano Topological Space
Authors:- P. Karthiksankar

Abstract:- The theory of Nano topology [3] proposed by Lellis Thivagar and Richard is an extension of set theory for the study of intelligent systems characterized by insufficient and incomplete information. Aim of this paper is we introduced in Nano totally open maps in Nano topological space and also studied about Nano semi totally open Maps and Nano totally semi open maps in Nano topological space.

Security Concerns of Cloud
Authors:- PG Scholar Mamatha R, Asst. Prof. Mahendra Kumar B

Abstract:- Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to process, manage and store data rather than a local server or a personal computer. Or cloud computing could be the method for delivering information technology service is where resources are obtained from the internet through web based tools as application. Organizations use cloud in a variety of different service models such as Saas, Paas and Iaas which are deployed using deployment models public, private and hybrid.

Business Model of Buy and Sell Properties Web Application
Authors:-Veeresh B Kambar, Kavya T C, Prof. Mahendra Kumar B

Abstract:- The project entitled “PORTAL TO SELL BUY PROPERTIES ONLINE” is a portal to directly sell buy properties online. The project encapsulates a platform where people can directly sell or buy properties. People can upload their property details along with pricing, configuration, location and other related details. The properties will be listed in the platform which are uploaded by the sellers. The buyers can view the properties along with the related details and they can contact the seller. The platform comes with different tariffs for both buyers and sellers. The system is extremely helpful for the organization or manufacturers that can publish , alter their properties and their own data and administrator screen records of all of them . The project is designed completely on dynamic platform where every property is dynamically uploaded. The admin is provided with the admin dashboard to monitor and control the commercials and as well as to regulate the property posts on the platform.

Social Network for International E CommerceAuthors:- Rakesh H S

Abstract:- Foreign trade for common people was impossible in earlier days but now with the help of e-commerce it is possible for common people to buy foreign goods. Our web application “Social Network for International Ecommerce” is mainly built to achieve this. Which is purely meant for international trade or buying or selling of foreign goods via social network here any seller who has registered with the social network can sell a product and any customer who is registered with the social network can order that product? There are a few items which are interesting and are accessible at specific places in few countries. There are a lot of items which are not accessible in the neighbourhood market and to get them one needs to travel abroad. It isn’t achievable to head out abroad to buy them. As an answer, the platform is prepared where the explorers can post their travel details and individuals who wish to get any item conveyed in that course they will put forth the demand. Like wise, individuals can straightforwardly post the items for which others can offer and through the online auction, the item can be sold. The platform comes with a registration process with a unique profile for each user and product upload feature along with online chat functionality. It eliminates geographical boundaries completely. Our web-application provides an exciting e-commerce platform that allows users to purchase international goods and products directly from travelers.

Preterm Birth Prediction Using EHG SignalsAuthors:- Anju S, Mohamed Bedeeuzzaman

Abstract:- The delivery of the baby is a physiological process. Uterine contraction is one of the most vital indications in the labor development. Electro hysterogram (EHG) is an efficient approach for tracking uterine contraction. We analyse the EHG signals to predict the preterm labor by applying Feature Extraction followed by classification. EHG signals obtained from open dataset (300), which contains 262 records for women who delivered at term and 38 who delivered prematurely. This paper discusses feature extraction methods such as RMS, Mean frequency, Variance, Standard deviation, Mean absolute deviation, Inter quartile range of uterine electromyography are used to detect term and preterm data and followed by LDA, KNN and SVM classifier. The selection of best classifier provides best accuracy. LDA provides 92.5% accuracy, KNN provides 88.6% accuracy and SVM provides 93.8% accuracy. SVM classifier has more accuracy compared to other two classifiers and maximum accuracy is provided from the combination of IQR and MAD.

Counter Attacks as Self-DefenseAuthors:- Vanamala Sairam, Prof. Mahendra Kumar B

Abstract:- The poor state of security on the Internet calls for more effective ways to protect networked systems from attacks. One solution is to be able to counter attack with offensive capabilities. With attacker information available, companies find themselves in a dilemma – counter attack for immediate self-defense, retaliate for furred deterrence, inform the appropriate law enforcement authorities. or do nothing. We examine justi&otion for the hack back SPY-defense and deterrence arguments in the context of current technology and legal frame work. This paper extends discussion of issues surrounding using offensive capabilities for defensive purposes to the civilian/commercial Internet context beyond information warfare.

Sleep Disorders Classification Using Discrete wavelet Transform TechniqueAuthors:- Jayalakshmi K V, Asst. Prof Anjan Kumar B S, Prof. H N Suresh

Abstract:- Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a non-invasive test which is used to measure electrical activity in the brain. EEG is mostly found in cognitive science, neuroscience and physiological research. Numerous research and techniques were developed for analyzing the neural dynamics of EEG signal. This proposed paper discusses various techniques for understanding Neuro physiology in the brain during sleep. To classify the different sleep disorders with respect to neuro-electric data, the Psychological and clinical effects of sleep are concise, incorporated, and discussed. The author proposes an Innovative method in order to calculate and visualize the time-frequency representations for the EEG data being collected during sleep. In this paper we concentrated on classification of sleep disorders like insomnia, bruxism, narcolepsy and nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy and estimation of the parameter like Power, RMS, Standard deviation, Variance, MSE of Sleep disorder.

Published by:

IJSRET Volume 5 Issue 2, Mar-Apr-2019


Sensor Based Automatic Fertigation System
Authors:- S. MuthuKumar, M.Naveenraja, V. NaveenKumar, Dr. S.RajaRanganathan

Abstract: – In sensor based automatic system, the irrigation and the fertilizer supplying system can be automated. Our project comprises of two modules irrigation system and the fertilizer supplier system. In irrigation system, the moisture of the soil can be found using the moisture sensor which can be fixed at the different parts of the farm land. For the crops planted, the required water content can be varied with types. Based on the sensor values obtained from the land, the controller will regulate the required amount of water quantity to the crops. This will terminate the motor when the required level reached. In the fertilizer supply system, the fertilizer content present in the soil can be found using the PH sensor fixed at the farm lands. This will find the nutrient content found in the soil. This will supply the fertilizer to the soil based on the sensor values which can be fixed at the farm lands. This will reduce the over watering and over fertilizer supplying to the crops. As the required quantity of water and fertilizer will be supplied to the crops, this will increase the productivity of the crops and improve the texture of the soil.

Predicting Diabetes in Medical Datasets Using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Arvind Aada, Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract: – Healthcare industry contains expansive and delicate information and should be taken care of all around cautiously. Diabetes Mellitus is one of the developing amazingly lethal maladies everywhere throughout the world. Medicinal experts need a dependable forecast framework to analyze Diabetes. Distinctive AI methods are helpful for analyzing the information from differing points of view and synopsizing it into profitable data. The openness and accessibility of enormous measures of information will almost certainly give us helpful learning if certain information mining systems are connected on it. The principle objective is to decide new examples and after that to decipher these examples to convey huge and valuable data for the clients. Diabetes adds to coronary illness, kidney malady, nerve harm and visual deficiency. So mining the diabetes information in productive way is a urgent concern. The information mining strategies and strategies will be found to locate the suitable methodologies and systems for proficient grouping of Diabetes dataset and in removing important examples. In this investigation a restorative bioinformatics examinations has been cultivated to anticipate the diabetes. The R programming was utilized as digging device for diagnosing diabetes. The Pima Indian diabetes database was obtained from UCI storehouse utilized for investigation. The dataset was considered and broke down to fabricate compelling model that foresee and analyze the diabetes ailment. In this examination we plan to apply the bootstrapping resembling method to upgrade the exactness and after that applying Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees and k Nearest Neighbors’ (kNN) and think about their execution.

Analysis and Research of System Security Based on Android
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Ronak Jain, Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract: – Android is a savvy versatile terminal working stage center on Linux. Be that as it may, because of its open-source programming and programmable structure character, it drives the Android framework helpless against get infection assaults. This paper has profoundly inquired about from the Linux framework security system, Android-explicit security instruments and other assurance components. Also, on this premise, Android gadgets have accomplished firmly watched on ordinary state. With the goal that aggressors cannot utilize the portion module or center library to get most elevated access consent and be assaulted. In the mean time, to additionally reinforce the security of Android gadgets, it empowers them to appropriately deal with the high-hazard danger. This paper likewise fortified interruption identification framework (HIDS) in light of the host so as to identify noxious programming and reinforce the Android framework level access control.

Analysis of the Impact of Clear Air Atmospheric Conditions on Propagation Loss at Microwave Frequencies
Authors:- Ezeh, Ikechukwu H., Onwuzuruike, V. Kelechi

Abstract: – In the paper, the analysis of the impact of clear –air atmospheric conditions on propagation loss at microwave frequencies is presented. Particularly, the study focused on the impact of variation in point refractivity gradient on multipath fade depth based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recommendation P.530-17 quick planning applications method. The point refractivity gradient depends on the vertical profile of the primary radio climatic parameters, namely, atmo spheric temperature, pressure and relative humidity. Accordingly, the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) Radiosonde dataset of the atmospheric temperature, pressure and relative humidity for 2014 in Cross River state were used in the study. The twelve months (2014) Radio sonde dataset of the atmospheric temperature, pressure and relative humidity at the ground level and at height of 65 m above ground were used to compute the refractivity (N) and point refractivity gradient (dN1) for each of the 12 months along with the annual average values of N and dN1. The results show that the ITU annual average value of dN1= –400 is over 200 % of the annual average value of -131.86 obtained from the locally measured data. For each of the 12 months multipath fade depth is computed using the point refractivity gradient obtained in the study along with parameters of a 10 km case study microwave link. The results show that at the frequency of 8 GHz and percentage of time Pw (%) of 0.01 % that a given fade depth is exceeded in the average worst month, the maximum fade depth of 18.95865 dB occurred in October whereas the lowest fade depth of 14.10459 dB occurred in April. Also, the multipath fade depth is inversely proportional to the point refractivity gradient. Furthermore, the result for the multipath fade depth at Pw = 0.01 % and frequencies of 8 GHz , 16 GHz and 28 GHz for the 12 months shows that multipath increase with frequency and the ITU dN1 value continues to maintain the highest multipath fade depth in each of the frequencies considered. Also, the result for the multipath fade depth at the frequency of 16 GHz and Pw of 0.001 %, 0.01 % and 0.1 % for the 12 months shows that multipath decrease with Pw and the ITU dN1 value continues to maintain the highest multipath fade depth in each of the Pw values considered. The ideas presented in this paper is relevant to microwave communication link designers as it enables them to determine the appropriate fade margin that can be specified to accommodate the multipath fade depth that can occur in a given link.

Zigbee Based Routing Security on Home Automation
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Amol Ramdas Kasar, Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract: – Mechanization is a huge field and now daily can be actualized anyplace relying on the application. ZigBee convention IEEE 802.15.4 remote standard can be utilized to set up system for some particular application reason. ZigBee based home robotization remote sensor system can be executed with little starting expense and can be valuable to control fans, lights and other home apparatuses which activity can be controlled with the assistance of a microcontroller. The home computerization can be helpful system for physically incapacitated people just as seniority individual and a similar system can be utilized to control mechanical applications too.

A study on real-time low-quality content detection on Twitter from the users’ perspective
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Garvesh Joshi, Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract: -Location systems of malignant substance, for example, spam and phishing on Online Social Networks (OSN) are regular with little consideration paid to different kinds of low-quality substance which really impacts clients’ substance perusing background most. The point of our work is to identify low-quality substance from the clients’ viewpoint continuously. To characterize low-quality substance conceivably, Expectation Maximization (EM) calculation is first used to coarsely order low-quality tweets into four classifications. In light of this starter think about, an overview is cautiously intended to assemble clients’ feelings on various classifications of low-quality substance. Both immediate and backhanded highlights including recently proposed highlights are recognized to portray a wide range of low-quality substance. We at that point further consolidate word level examination with the distinguished highlights and fabricate a watchword boycott lexicon to improve the recognition execution. We physically mark a broad Twitter dataset of 100,000 tweets and perform low quality content discovery continuously dependent on the described noteworthy highlights and word level investigation. The consequences of our exploration demonstrate that our technique has a high precision of 0.9711 and a decent F1 of 0.8379 dependent on an irregular woodland classifier with continuous execution in the discovery of low-quality substance in tweets. Our work in this manner accomplishes a positive effect in improving client involvement in perusing internet based life content.

Design and Implementation of Internet of Things Based Smart Mirror Using Raspberry Pi
Authors:- Prof.Dhanashree R. Patil, Apurva S. Ghayalkar, Sayali N.Patil, Shweta P. Patil, Pavan P. Patil

Abstract:- In this paper, we describe the design and development of a futuristic mirror that offers simplified and customizable services to the home environment. .It is a small contribution towards smart home. The mirror interface provides users with the versatility needed for better management and integration of daily tasks. On a par with the recent advances in the Internet of Things standards and applications, the mirror is designed to enable residents to control the household smart appliances and access personalized services. The proposed system is set apart from others for its provision of various customized information services for user profile generation.

Fast Image Dehazing Method Based On Homomorphism Filtering and Contrast Enhancement
Authors:- Neeta Joy, Asst. Prof. Jyothi Johnson

Abstract:- Images captured via camera in the bad weather conditions like hazy or foggy ones would result in degradation of images. This is mainly due to the scattering of atmospheric light. This could lead to the deterioration of the image due to the scattering of atmospheric particles and due to the presence of haze. In this paper, a fast algorithm for single image dehazing is proposed using the homomorphism filtering and then using the contrast enhancement technique. Firstly, to accurately measure the atmospheric light an additional channel method is proposed based on quad-tree subdivision. Here the average grays and gradients are used as assessment criteria. Secondly, after finding the atmospheric light portion in the input image filtering is being applied. For this, homomorphism filtering technique is used. This is a generalized technique for both signal and image processing, involving a nonlinear mapping to a different mapping to a different domain in which linear filter techniques are applied, followed by mapping back to the original domain . At last the haze-free image is obtained as the result of atmospheric scattering model. Numbers of both subjective and objective evaluations are being done with the aid of experiments which shows that this algorithm can clearly and naturally recover the image, with at most clarity at the edges where there is sudden changes in the depth of field. Here the algorithmic time complexity is the linear function of the image size. This has advantages in the running time my maintaining balance between the running times and processing.

Commutation Torque Ripple Reduction in BLDC motor Using M-SEPIC Converter
Authors:- K. ThangaPushpam, S. Radhika, I. TamilSelvi, M. VinothKumar, S. Nagaraj

Abstract:- The paper presents new power converter topology to suppress the torque ripple reduction due to the phase current commutation of brushless DC motor. The modified sepic converter is used in a converter circuit it has high static gain for a given duty cycle and step –up-output. Cuk converter has produce the inverted output. The M-SEPIC is a modification of the basic SEPIC. It is superior to the opposite converters each in terms of the input current, purity and potency. It shows very little overshoot or ringing. And also the switching loss is reduced and has low THD value than Cuk converter so it has high static gain and increased efficiency. The theoretical analysis and framework, using MATLAB/ Simulink environment, are given to illustrate the proposed method and the performance is compared with conventional system. And the experimental results are provided for verification of the BLDC drive system.

Design and Implementation of Quad copter
Authors:- Gaurav Gadge, Ankita Ledey, Sourabh Pawer, Gulshan Balpande

Abstract:- The paper presents new power converter topology to suppress the torque ripple reduThis paper presents the design and implementation of an aerial surveillance quad copter for search and rescue application. The aim of this research is to develop a real-time, compact and cost effective drone that will be capable of search and rescue operation and the class is intended to provide the student with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of electronic engineering and design, system integration hardware programming, and control system design and implementation. The frame of the quad copter was made up of very light glass fiber to ensure stability while flying and also to reduce weight of the overall material. The entire design generated a compact and low cost surveillance quad copter with weight of approximately 1.50 kg; which can take photographs from environments with the aid of the onboard mounted camera. Live streaming was done with the help of laptop during fight.

Crop Prediction System
Authors:- Ruchira Nerkar, Bhakti parkhe, Sanjana Bhandure Prof. Bhushan Chaudhary

Abstract:- In recent years, different emerging technologies and applications were introduced for information technology, and now the information technology has become huge part of our day to day life. Especially for agriculture, the yield prediction is very popular among farmers these days. This may contribute to the proper selection of crops for their agricultural development activities based on a farmers experience on a particular field and crop. In earlier stage yield prediction system used data mining techniques in order to predict the crop, analyzed, fertilize and what on. And now-a-days agricultural forecast is becoming more complex and more difficult due to global warming and abnormal weather. To carry on this tasks farmer needs a building of an effective agricultural yield forecasting system on real time. So, crop prediction system is the most fundamental system, which gives soil temperature, soil moisture, humidity, air temperature, of the soil. This helps farmer to analyze which crop should be cultivated, with respect to atmosphere. In this project we use Arduino Uno board to control the entire task which is introduced in programming. And firstly the system is mounted on a particular place in the farm after that the supply is connected to switch board (extension board) and then by switching on the supply it will start and by identifying the parameter’s by the sensors it will displayed on the 16 x 2 LCD screen on system or else by using the router the user can also access the system from anywhere to check the parameters. This system is smart in a technology and will help the future digital world to be more advanced by this system the farmer would get a clear vision about which crop should be cultivated and suitable for the weather.

Analysis of Classification Algorithms using Machine Learning
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Soniya Rathore, Asst. Prof. Ankur Taneja, Asst. Prof. Lakhan Singh Sisodiya

Abstract:- In this work our main focus is on regression which is one of the most important methods in machine learning algorithm. Regression is a statistical approach that is used to find the relationship between variables. It is basically used to predict the outcome from the given dataset. In this work we will discuss the regression algorithms which are available in machine learning algorithm and propose one algorithm that will have less train error and test error as compared to other existing algorithm. The accuracy measure will be in the form of train and test error.

Oxcy Business Suite Application Using CRM,ERP and Supply Chaining For Small and Middle Scale Company
Authors:- Asst. Prof. S. Malarvizhi, M. Shivaranjani, M. Vidhya

Abstract:-Business suite application is depends upon two main things called Enterprise resource planning and Customer relationship management. By using this two methods we can improve both customer and enterprise growth. This application is specifically developed for small and middle scale Companies. Here we also used sorting algorithm, supply chaining method.

A Survey on Robust Intrusion Detection System Methodology and Features
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Jyotsna Purohit, Asst. Prof. Jayshree Boaddh, Asst.Prof. Akrati Shrivastava

Abstract:- To improve network security different steps has been taken as size and importance of the network has increases day by day. In order to find intrusion in the network IDS (Intrusion detection system) systems were developed which were broadly classified into two category first was anomaly based and other was misuse based. In this paper survey was done on the various techniques of intrusion detection system where some of supervised and unsupervised intrusion detection techniques are discussed. Here methodology of various researchers are explained with their steps of working. Different types of attacks done by the intruders were also discussed.

A Hybrid Digital Water Marking Technique Based on Feature Selection Using Integer Wavelet Transform Function and Decision Tree
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Namrata Joshi, Associate Professor Kapil Shah

Abstract:- The quick development of the Internet in the previous years has quickly expanded the accessibility of advanced information, for example, sound, pictures and recordings to general society. As we have seen in the previous couple of months, the issue of ensuring sight and sound data turns out to be increasingly essential and a great deal of copyright proprietors are worried about securing any unlawful duplication of their information or work. Some genuine work should be done so as to keep up the accessibility of mixed media data. Highlight extraction and order based computerized water checking is new territory of research in flow security assurance and copyright strategy. Around there of research different creators utilized element extraction method, for example, wavelet change work and for arrangement reason utilized help vector machine. During the time spent element based water checking strategy include extraction is most critical part and the characterization relies upon chosen highlight. In this paper proposed novel computerized water checking strategy dependent on whole number wavelet change with quality based order procedure. For the choice of highlight quality utilized RBF work. The determination of quality relies upon separated element by whole number wavelet change. The proposed technique recreates in MATLAB programming and tried some rumored assault, for example, commotion assault, share assault and interpretation assault. Our observational assessment result indicates better execution in pressure of DWT water stamping system.

Solar and Wind Hybrid Agricultural Automation Using Iot
Authors:- Asst. Prof.V. M. Dhumal, Payal Sathawane, Mayuri Mahadule, Priyanka Dharmik, Lokesh Moundekar

Abstract:- Agriculture was the augmentation in the rise of sedentary human civilization. Farmers are unaware of technology and lots of efforts are being made by farmers to enhance the productivity. So to overcome this problem we propose a system based on Internet of things to make smart agriculture by modernizing the current traditional methods of agriculture. The main aspect of this project is that system could automatically work according to obtained measurement values and send regular updates and alerts about the farm conditions to owner’s mobile phone and also alternatively controlled via designed website for better understanding of field. In addition to this , demand for electricity is increasing day by day ,which cannot be fulfilled by non- renewable energy sources. So hybrid renewable sources are use to fulfill this energy demand. These sources combines wind turbines and solar system to generate electricity.

Location of Power Burglary in Customers Consumption Utilizing Exception Discovery Calculation
Authors:- Dr. RamaPraba, S.Sangeetha, V. Aishwarya, M. Keerthana

Abstract:- Progressed Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is a centre piece of Smart-lattice, which is in charge of gathering, estimating and breaking down vitality utilization information of clients. The improvement of this system has been conceivable gratitude to the development of new data and correspondence innovations. In any case, with the entry of these advancements, new issues have emerged in the AMI. One of these difficulties is the vitality robbery, which has been a noteworthy worry in conventional power frameworks around the world. To confront these difficulties, datasets of power utilizations are broke down to distinguish interlopers. Conventional systems to identify interlopers incorporate the utilization of AI and information mining approaches. here, we break down the possibility of applying anomalies discovery calculations for upgrading the security of AMI through of the identification of power burglary. We investigate the exhibitions of different existing exception discovery calculations on a genuine dataset (purchaser vitality use). The outcomes demonstrate the achievability of utilization exceptions calculations in the security of AMI and furthermore the adequacy of the utilization of these techniques in the power utilization datasets for robbery identification.

Enhanced Architecture Design for Tri Layer Communication Using Communal Micro blog Information
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Anu Joy

Abstract:- Initially and as usual the user can sign up in the social network. While signing up in the social network, the user need provide all the personal and educational information for the user profile. After creating the social network account, the users may search for new friends and they may chat with the friends, the advanced micro blogging information considers only the public data and public chats. A micro data array will be created for the user. The micro array consists of the entire user’s most important information only. Automatically the micro array details will send and search through the E-Commerce application. Here the artificial neural network will works as a third party agent and the agent will retrieves all the recommended products, as micro blogging information. A panel will be design in the social network for displaying the recommended product details. All the displayed products will be more relevant to the user’s profile. The generated micro blogging information contains an alphanumerical characters like (A34#ULKNELRL*!). The micro blogging information has been generated using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Advanced text categorization. This micro blogging information will reduce the time of data retrieval from social network to ecommerce application. The same architecture has been enhanced for new channels, here three news channels taken for the consideration. And this is the third tier among the two tiers. As mentioned above the same micro blogging information generated for news channels also. Here the only the relevant news for the user will be displayed, so that they can quickly go through the news updates. In added with search options also provided for other news information like, user can search the news area wise, city wise and state wise. All the information will be shown in a single window.

Pond Maintaining Bot
Authors:- Nagarjun J, Ragavi N, Shunmitha K, P.Vidhyalakshmi

Abstract:- Water is a basic need for all living being. Hence, it is important to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of water. The work has been carried out by considering the current situation of our national rivers which are dump with crore litres of sewage and loaded with pollutants, toxic materials, debris etc. The Government of India has taken charge to clean rivers and invest huge capital in many river cleaning projects. There is a need to incorporate technology such that cleaning work is done efficiently and effectively. Mechanisms used for design is such a way that it collects the waste which floats on water bodies and the collected waste can be easily disposed. This design cleans wastes found such as plastic wastes, garlands, bottles and other wastes found floating on water. In this project, a bot is used which will float on the water bodies. RF Transmitter and Receiver are used to move the bot and to collect the waste. The collected waste is stored in the storage unit. Design calculations are made to float the bot in water. The bot is made up of Poly Vinyl Chloride in order to have light weight and consists of Direct Current motor, Fish pump and Arduino.

Semantic Analysis for Predicting Movie Reviews
Authors:- Abitha K S

Abstract:- Film audits are evaluations of the tasteful, stimulition, social and social benefits and noteworthiness of a current film or video. Audits have a tendency to be short to medium length articles, frequently composed by a solitary staff essayist for a specific distribution. For film industry, online survey of basic gatherings of people assumes an essential job. On one hand, the great remarks of a motion picture can pull in more groups of onlookers by and large. Then again, the great remarks don’t fundamental mean high box income and bad habit section. Despite the fact that audits are normally genuinely ”speedy takes” on a motion picture, they can, in a few cases, be extensive, substantive, and exceptionally canny. Here we built up a model to perform nostalgic examination onthe motion picture surveys and foresee whether it is a positive or negative audit.

Vehicle Ignition Locking System Using Fingerprint with Gsm Module
Authors:- Asst . Prof. Venkatesh Munagala, Jagadeesh Gade, Vinay Reddy Mekka, Anudeep Kurganti, Sravan Kumar Kunchala

Abstract:- Biometric systems have overtime served as robust security mechanisms in various domains. Fingerprints are the oldest and most widely used form of biometric identification. A critical step in exploring its advantages is to adopt it for use as a form of security in already existing systems, such as vehicles. This research work focuses on the use of fingerprints for vehicle ignition, as opposed to the conventional method of using keys. The prototype system could be divided into the following modules: fingerprint analysis software module that accepts fingerprints images; hardware interface module and the ignition system module. The fingerprint recognition software enables fingerprints of valid users of the vehicle to be enrolled in a database. Before any user can ignite the vehicle, his/her fingerprint image is matched against the fingerprints in the database while users with no match in the database are prevented from igniting the vehicle. Control for the ignition system of the vehicle is achieved by sending appropriate signals to the parallel port of the computer and subsequently to the interface control circuit. The developed prototype serves as an impetus to drive future research, geared towards developing a more robust and embedded real-time fingerprint based ignition systems in vehicles.

An Implementation of Fpga Based Smart Meter For Home Energy Management
Authors:- K. Banumathi M.Tech. Asst. Prof., A. Thameem Ansari, R. Thinesh Kumar, L. Vignesh

Abstract:-Home Energy Management (HEM) for Smart Grid focuses on the power management on consumer side, where home appliances can be monitored and controlled to balance and optimize the power supply and consumption. Among various applications of Smart Grid technologies, Home Energy Management is probably the most important one to be addressed. HEM basically consists of smart meters, smart appliances and advanced control systems. The fundamental task of the HEM system is improving energy efficiency, data measurement, and transmission. The real-time consumption data gathered from each appliance of home are measured and transferred to a data concentrator and back to the utility and view of power consumption data and electricity pricing can be enabled in smart meter. Smart meter initiatives seek to enable energy providers and consumers to intelligently manage their energy needs through real time monitoring, analysis, andcontrol. In this paper the new architecture of FPGA implementation of Home Energy Management for Smart Grid is developed. It estimates the energy consumption of appliances by measuring the voltage, current drawn by the appliances. The other function such as price predictor, communication to the consumer can also be performed in this architecture.

Assessment of Thermal Performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe: Review
Authors:- Nilesh D. Gedam, Harshu A. Bhimgade, Surendra S. Nagpure

Abstract:- In this paper, the effect of different orientation and an internal diameter of pipe on the thermal performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipes (CLPHPs) has been studied experimentally. Simultaneously other major parameters that affect the system dynamics include the volumetric filling ratio of the working fluid, input heat flux and the total number of turns has been observed. An experimental set-up of CLPHPs made of copper tubes of different internal diameters heated by constant temperature water bath and cooled by constant temperature water-ethylene glycol mixture (50% each by volume) is used to study the thermal performance with the fixed number of turns in the evaporator. The working fluids employed are water, ethanol, and R-123. The results indicate a strong influence of gravity and the number of turns on the performance. The thermo-physical properties of working fluids affect the performance which also strongly depends on the boundary conditions of pulsating heat pipe operation.

Home automation using Google assistant
Authors:- Dhiraj Rathore, Akash Vasule, Pankaj jharbade, Vivek Bhise, Nilesh Mishra

Abstract:- Home automation is a important aspect we will have in future so here we are designing a simple home automation
System in low cost so that we can help in changing the old technology of manual switches. This technology costs so badly in today’s world around 2000rs to 5000rs so we have made some small adjustments and used it with google assistant which gets a significant reduction in cost of the home automation. we can interact with Google assistant and it can search on internet, schedule events, set alarms, control appliances, etc. This service is available on smart phones with Google Assistant and it is free to use. our project hardly costs 1000rs for 4 manual switches I hope everyone will like it.

Study on Brain Abnormalities Using IoT
Authors:- M .Tech. Scholar Arpitha M S, Manogna D Raj, Asst. Prof. Deepika

Abstract:- It is important to understand the mechanisms of learning disabilities in order to evaluate electroencephalography (EEG) parameters. Diagnosis of abnormalities is one of the major continuously ongoing researches in medical science field. Brain Computer Interface for controlling elements commonly used at home. It includes EEG device needed to acquire signals associated to the brain activity. To understand the complex behavior of brain EEG is very effective tool. IoT revolution has made health care more advanced by narrowing gap between medical condition and the response from specialist. This paper mainly presents an idea related to brain by reforming the existing access control system detecting medical conditions and getting timely response from doctors in case of emergency.

A Review Paper on Automatic Power Factor Detcetion and Correction
Authors:- Shailendra Singh, Sahil Chauhan, Mukesh Chaurasiya, Sarvesh Kumar, Rupesh Kumar

Abstract:- The conception of conserving electrical energy is not new to us,it is widely recognized that electrical energy is being wasted in many forms , such as copper loss, iron loss but these are hard to compensate. Because of the fact that most loads are inductive in nature reactive energy is wasted. So, the required energy is can be utilized in which the energy can have the major correction to form a power factor In simple words power factor can be defined as how far the energy provided has been utilized. And in technical terms it is defined as the ratio of active power to the apparent power .In this paper we do a study of a proto type for automatic power factor correction using some capacitor bank which helps in increasing the power factor which is done by reducing reactive power. In this project load power factor can be increased by Arduino microcontroller. Current and voltage transformer are also used for sampling of the circuit current and voltage for measuring the power factor.

Impact of Co-curricular activities on leadership Qualities of UG students
Authors:- Rubeena

Abstract:- This study to investigated the impact of co-curricular activities on leadership qualities. college graduates recognized as a community leader we’re selected from Government degree college of Nizamabad district. The study was delimited to sports, Elocution, debates, essays and athletic. The sample of 450 students was selected. Data were collected by questionnaire of leadership qualities which was developed by researcher. The data was analyzed by using statistical techniques mean, standard deviation, Pearson coefficient of correlation, and t-test. On the basis of data analysis was found that co-curricular activities how significant impact on leadership qualities of undergraduate students.

Digital Donation Box
Authors:- Prof. D.G.Wadnare, Sarika Pathare, Pratibha Pandit Pratiptsangam Sinha, Neha Waghmar

Abstract:- The now a day’s people go to temples and donates lots of money to temple. The devotees don’t know the exact money, the temple have. Even the government don’t have the data of amount the temple have. This leads to generate in black money. In the current donation box the man power is used to count the money and the money is not counted accurately. And the money is also at risk of being stolen. People also donate fake money which is accidently counted by the workers of temple this will lead to improper counting of money. The current donation box has no security provided. The temple people don’t know that how much amount is there in the donation box, so they have to open the donation box frequently for counting the money. So to solve all these problem we have come with a solution of digital donation box. In our project the money is immediately shown on the website of the temple and on LCD screen of the donation box. This will lead to reduction in black money. In our project no use of man power is required because money is automatically counted by our our project fake coin detection is also there, this will help to reduce in fake coin cases.

Object Detection & Tracking Based Holistic Approach Using SIFT
Authors:- K.V. Kavin

Abstract:- Crowd behavior detection is very promising area of research these days in field of computer vision and artificial intelligence. A novel framework based algorithm has been proposed in this research paper which focuses three key elements of moving crowd [i] Dynamics based appearance of the crowd [ii] Temporal Spatial deviation based anomaly [iii] Intrinsic interaction based deviation flow change . This framework deals with micro as well as macro level anomaly detection using SIFT techniques in structured & Semi-Structured crowd. This proposed framework out performs several existing state of art techniques being used for anomaly detection.

Question Generation using NLP
Authors:- Kaksha Mhatre, Akshada Thube, Hemraj Mahadeshwar, Prof. Avinash Shrivas

Abstract:- In this paper, we have proposed a method to question generation using coreNLP and tree regular expressions for parse tree manipulation. In addition to this we have used spaCy for named entity recognition to recognize entities for question word identification.

Fake Review Management
Authors:- Asst. Prof. B. Ravi Kumar, K. Prabhu, S. Swarup Teja

Abstract:- Today’s, everyone is buy a products in online shopping carts without see a product in physically they buy a product based on the reviews of a buyers, but in online shopping carts any one can provide a review about products, it will be the chance for the spammers to provide a spam reviews about the product in online shopping carts the spam reviews are not identified by the buyer’s so they think the review is genuine and they buy a product, admin only known that review is not a genuine review, in an existing system admin can find the spam reviews but they can’t able to remove the review from the review list, proposed system we can provide a option to remove the spam reviews from the list of review, who will buy the product then they provide review that review is an genuine, one who not buy a product but they provide a review the review will automatically stored in spam review database then admin can remove the review from the list.

Fire and Gas Accident Avoider System
Authors:- Kanchan Marskole, Reena Bodkhe, Shraddha Yadav, Twinkle Thakre, Prof. Meena Sune

Abstract:- The main aim of this project is to monitor for liquid petroleum gas(LPG) leakage to avoid fire accidents, providing house/industry safety feature where the security has been an important issue. The “fire and gas accident avoider system” detects the LPG leakage using a gas sensor, and this system detects the flames by a flame sensor that alert the consumer about that event with GSM module.If due to gas leakage, any fire accident occurred, then the flame sensor will send an alert to the microcontroller and that information also send to the user through GSM module. Any number of consumer mobile number are included while programming the microcontroller in Embedded C language, to which SMS must be send about the gas leakage and fire accident details.The software program for the proposed system is written in the Embedded C language.The fire and gas accident avoider system using GSM system is used to detect any fire, smoke or gas leakage in any premises, building or industry This project is used as a security system in applications like homes, hospitals, hostels, industries. Because of its low power consumption, reliability, portability this system used in other applications like smoke detection. It is very useful in house for detecting LPG gas, which can cause huge loss of property & life.

Effect of Polymer and Micro silica in Preplaced Ballast Concrete
Authors:- Suriya.V, Yogaraj.S, Syed Murtaza Ahmed, Lavan. M

Abstract:- This paper presents the study of Preplaced Ballast (Aggregate) Concrete method in railway track for providing ballast less track. Preplaced Ballast Concrete method employing the injection of cement mortar into voids between preplaced ballast aggregates has recently emerged as a promising approach for the makeover of existing ballasted railway tracks to concrete tracks. This method typically involves the use of a polymer liquid to enhance the durability of the resulting recycled aggregate concrete. However, the effects of the amount of polymer on the mechanical properties of recycled ballast aggregate concrete were not clearly understood. In addition, the effects of the cleanness condition of ballast aggregates were never examined. This study targeted at investigating these two aspects through Ballast samples taken from the track and conducting compression, tensile strength of concrete. The amount of polymer (3%, 6%, 9%) added to the concrete and the test were conducted. The use of a higher polymer ratio improved the microstructure of the interfacial transition zones between recycled ballast aggregates and injected mortar. In order to enhance the compressive strength of concrete, Micro silica (5%, 10%, 15%) were used and the test results revealed the increase in mechanical properties of concrete in Polymer and Micro silica mix. In addition, a higher cleanness level of ballast aggregates generally enriched the mechanical and durability qualities of concrete.

Treatment of Dairy Waste Water Using Stabilization Vessels
Authors:- Jigar Parmar, Joanna John, Prasad Mishra, Sacchit Shah, Asst. Prof. Seema Myakal

Abstract:- Dairy industry is one of the major industries causing water pollution. Considering the increased milk demand, the milk food industries in India is expected to grow rapidly and have waste generation and related environmental problems. Poorly treated wastewater with high levels of pollutants caused by poor design, operation or treatment system creates major environmental problems when discharged to surface water or land. Various pre-treatments methods are available to neutralize the effect. Waste sample from dairy has been experimented on daily basis to calculate “pH, Suspended Solids, Chemical Oxygen Demand, and Biochemical Oxygen Demand”. Various types of locally available chemicals are used to study and analyze the treatment of dairy waste water.

Segmenting and Replication of Data in Cloud for Protection and Maximum Throughput
Authors:- Reshma R, Asst. Prof. Vijay G R

Abstract:- The information is being redistributing to outsider into the distributed computing requires the security to be done while getting to. Be that as it may, while giving the security there comes the execution issues which should be taken to be thought, to expand the execution of the cloud alongside secure information getting to the new SRDCPM technique has presented. SRDCPM procedure manages the separating the information among the hubs of the cloud as, the principle information is being appropriated more than a few hubs while getting to the client must give the label an incentive from that label esteem the sub information partitioned among hubs is being followed by making T-way and is being recovered from fundamental hub. In any case, in this idea the information put away early might be put away again this can be progressed by evading the information which is now present in the cloud consequently execution is expanded while recovering or downloading the required information by the client.

New Generation Cursor and Video Control System
Authors:- Aakash Jadhav, Malik Tamboli, Prashant Gore, Sagar Pachkhande, Shivraj Pattanshetti, Prof B.D. Jitkar

Abstract:- This paper proposes an innovative method to interact with computer system. The proposed system is based on image processing technology. The objective is to create a virtual mouse system and a mechanism for controlling video play-pause option automatically with the help of face detection. The system uses web camera to interact with the computer in a more user friendly manner. Various mouse actions such as cursor movement left click and right click operations are performed based on the colour which is detected by the system.

Study of Scheduling In Microsoft Project Software
Authors:- Shubhashree P. Deshmukh, Akshay V. Sagale, Dr. Manish M. Bais

Abstract:- Planning and scheduling are important task in construction projects. In this project, scheduling in Microsoft (MS) Project software, was undertaken. For planning and scheduling work huge amount of paperwork is required, which makes the management very burdensome. These problems can be solved using project management software which helps to give a planned approach to planning. This analysis was done because of their comparable technical features and to evaluate on the basis of the function to manage the project. Each software had many benefits; MS Project also scored best in terms of easy to use. In this study, a case of an apartment building has been taken to display how proper planning and scheduling is done using MS project.

Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:- Asst. Professor Deepika, Bhanushree V K, Spoorthi P

Abstract:- As an important agricultural infrastructure, greenhouse plays an important role in the development of modern agriculture to supply proper environment for plants. The wireless sensor network has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, low cost, safety and reliability compared with the existing wired monitoring technology. This paper describes a design of greenhouse environment monitoring system based on wireless sensor network, the system integrates detection, wireless communication, alarm, display, control and other functions into one, using temperature and humidity sensor SHTll and light intensity sensor BH1750 for data monitoring, using CC2530 as microprocessor, man-machine interface is realized by using Lab VIEW software. The system is mobile and flexible, strong expansibility, low cost, low power consumption, flexible operation, the experiment proved that the system measurement accuracy, control stable operation. It can satisfy the demand of the greenhouse monitoring.

A Study on Patient Health Monitoring Using Iot
Authors:- Shafiya S, Ashwini M C, Asst. Prof. Deepika

Abstract:- IoT is Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems. These devices are used in various application fields to make our day to day life comfortable. These days frequent monitoring of health is very important for every individual in order to stay healthy. The various advances in Health monitoring using Iot, sensors, Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc are discussed in the paper.

Digitally Automated Incubation System For Complete Seed Germination
Authors:- K.A. Bhosale, S.A. Sawant, P.R. Hasolkar, S.S. Jadhav, B.B. Gayali, V.T. D’souza

Abstract:- Ongoing period has brought upon a noteworthy worldwide sustenance lack because of the climatic changes on the planet. So as to manage this issue of worldwide sustenance lack individuals must need to grow a sensible arrangement of vegetables and different harvests utilizing distinctive methodology and artificially controlled framework yields more products contrast with open field development since the microclimatic parameters that determine crop yield are persistently inspected and controlled to guarantee that an ideal environment is made. This research paper addresses and endeavors to determine a few issues that are looked by plants guardian utilizing the engineering methodology so he/she could stay fulfilled even when he/she physically away for a long time because the automated the system will take care of everything in the absence. This automated framework works utilizing sensors and actuators, which are controlled by microcontroller, monitor and deals with each ecological parameter required for the sound development of plants.

Extending Capability of Air Drones in Military
Authors:- Vibhor Rajawat

Abstract:- Giant AI and robotics leaps, drones and intensive defence hacking systems are no longer limited to science fiction films. Although the current systems are not advanced like the hand of Tony Stark, with each passing day, AI’s defence applications are seeing rapid progress. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) contribute significantly to the warfare capability. UAV’s assumption is that piloted, remotely piloted, and autonomous vehicles have advantages and disadvantages in military activities and vary in different levels of conflicting situations. This article shows the drones and their use possibilities. A drone is powered by batteries, which is the big drawback because after a few minutes of flight it is exhausted, causing the drone to fall on the ground. Military drones differ in size and driving mode from civil / civilian drones. This then includes fundamental legal perspectives to be taken into account when designing UAVs. Two extreme cases of drones and their companion robots have been shown.

Different kinds of Web Crawler
Authors:- Vishakha

Abstract:- A Web crawler is an Internet bot which helps in indexing the web. It crawls one page at a time through a website until all pages has been indexed. Web crawler helps in collecting information about a website and the links related to them. A web crawler is defined as mechanized program that accurately scans through Internet pages and downloads any page that can be reached by links A Web crawler is also known as a Web spider, automatic indexer or simply crawler. Nowadays finding the relevant information over millions bytes of data is very difficult. For this task we need to use efficient crawler so that it can give us best result within minimum time. This paper basically focused on the discussing different crawlers with their efficiency.

Motor control using DTMF
Authors:- Tanushree Patel, Jyoti Hazare, Tinkeshwari Bamne, Sangeeta Barde, Prof. Mukesh Sana

Abstract:- This venture chips away at the rule of DTMF tone order so got from any telephone to remotely switch and control electrical burden, for example, farming siphon, household and modern burdens and so forth. In businesses, the heaps are spread over an extensive region and in this manner, working these heaps is an extremely troublesome undertaking. In horticultural fields additionally, siphons and different burdens are associated over a substantial zone and henceforth it is troublesome for the rancher to work every one of the heaps and also for house hold loads. Thus to overcome these problems, the proposed system has been designed which uses DTMF technology to control the loads remotely.

Ψgs-Irresolute Functions in Topological Spaces
Authors:- J. Sona, N. Balamani

Abstract:- The aim of this paper is to introduce a new class of irresolute functions called ψgs-irresolute functionsin topological spaces. Also we study some characterizations of ψgs- irresolute functions.

Cathodic Protection to Reinforcements
Authors:- Chirag Patidar, Sajjan Singh Gujjar, Shubham Mishra Vivek Dubey, Asst. Prof. Pankaj Jadhav

Abstract:- Corrosion in the reinforcement is one of the major cause for cracks in structure. Usually beams are provided with slab at the top, so top of the beam is not exposed to environment. Bottom of the beam are exposed to atmospheric conditions and if the cover to reinforcement is insufficient, then corrosion of reinforcement takes place. These cracks generally appear near the side face of the beam near the bottom reinforcement along its length. Corrosion in reinforcement can cause expansion of reinforcement bars due to which cracks are formed. In severe cases it can be prevented by good quality control during its construction by providing Cathodic Protection. Cathodic Protection has been widely used in ship building and underground pipeline.

Research Paper Casa Automatics an Automated Home System
Authors:- B. Tech. Scholar Arjun Sehgal, Dr. Neha Agrawal

Abstract:- Home automation system achieved great popularity in the last decades and it increases the comfort and quality of life. In this paper an overview of current and emerging home automation systems is discussed. Nowadays most home automation systems consist of a Smartphone and microcontroller. A smart phone application is used to control and monitor the home appliances using different type of communication techniques. While the potential benefits of smart home technology are widely recognized, a lightweight design is needed for the benefits to be realized at a large scale. We introduce the CASAS “Smart Home automation system”, a lightweight smart home design that is easy to install and provides smart home capabilities out of the box with no customization or training. We discuss types of data analysis that have been performed by the CASAS group and can be pursued in the future by using this approach to designing and implementing smart home technologies. Technology is a never ending process. To be able to design a product using the current technology that will be beneficial to the lives of others is a huge contribution to the community. It presents the design and implementation of a low cost but yet flexible and secure cell phone based home automation system. The design is based on a standalone Arduino BT board and the home appliances are connected to the input/ output ports of this board via relays. The communication between the cell phone and the Arduino BT board is wireless. This system is designed to be low cost and scalable allowing variety of devices to be controlled with minimum changes to its core. To develop a Bluetooth based home automation system with Arduino UNO Board and an Android application. Remote controlled home automation system provides a simpler solution with Android application technology. Remote operation is achieved by any smart phone/Tablet etc., with Android OS, upon a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based touch screen operation.

The role of mobile technology in improving Food productivity in sub-Saharan Africa
Authors:- O. Akinpelumi

Abstract:- With the increasing need to improve food productivity in meeting the growing population’s food demandin sub-Saharan Africa. This essay takes a look at how rising acceptance of mobile technology in this region is been leveraged using SMS and USSD service features, in addressing critical issues facing small-holder farmers. These mobile service features are fully explained and the resulting technical solutions proffered by indigenous agri-tech start-ups to such farming challenges like inadequate access to information, financial transaction and supply chain issues are also discussed.

A Review Article Development of Embedded System For Functional Electrical Simulator
Authors:- Anila Sheikh, Mr. Kshitij Singhal

Abstract:- A virtual prototyping system is constructed by replacing real processing components with component simulators running concurrently. The performance of such a distributed simulation decreases drastically as the number of component simulators increases. Thus, we propose a novel parallel simulation technique to boost up the simulation speed. In the proposed technique, a simulator wrapper performs time synchronization with the simulation backplane on behalf of the associated component simulator itself. Component simulators send null messages periodically to the backplane to enable parallel simulation without any causality problems. Since excessive communication may degrade the simulation performance, we also propose a novel performance analysis technique to determine an optimal period of null message transfer, considering both the characteristics of a target application and the configurations of the simulation host. Through intensive experiments, we show that the proposed parallel simulation achieves almost linear speedup to the number of processor cores if the frequency of null message transfer is optimally decided. The proposed analysis technique could predict the simulation performance with more than 90% accuracy in the worst case for various target applications and simulation environments we have used for experiments.

A Review of Human Facial Expressions Recognition Methodologies
Authors:- Naila Sheikh, Mr. Kshitij Singhal

Abstract:- At present, researches on gestures at home and abroad mostly focus on the study of the hand, and there is less research on facial gestures. Based on the premise of multi-channel human-computer interaction and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, facial gestures based on facial features are proposed. Firstly, the definition of facial gestures and the recognition of facial gestures, as well as the introduction of facial gesture processing, are analyzed. Then facial detection technology based on Face and a set of interactive gestures based on facial features are designed according to the detected facial features, to achieve the interaction with the computer. Finally, a facial gesture application is implemented in Java language and the facial gesture technology is tested and analyzed. The results show that facial gestures are more conducive to hands-on disability for people with disabilities to more easily interact with computers and reduce the burden on their hands.

Images Retrieval using Hybrid Features Mechanism
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Alok Kumar Prajapati, Asst. Prof. Deepak Pancholi

Abstract- To recover vital pictures from a divergent gathering by utilizing visual questions as inquiry contentions are the exhausting and significant open issues. In this paper the scholars have referenced the structures and executions of a straightforward yet successful Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) framework. The hues, surfaces and the shapes highlights are the imperative pieces of this framework. With the three principle ensuing looking advances the seeking winds up staggered. Such propounded frameworks are exceptionally one of a kind as they think of one as highlight at each progression and utilize the aftereffects of the past advance as the contribution for the following coming advance in staggered design while in the prior techniques every one of the highlights are joined on the double for the single-level hunt of a normal CBIR framework. The propounded strategy is extremely basic and agreeable to receive. The recovery evaluation of the propounded technique is valuated utilizing bi-benchmark datasets for a picture characterization. The above arrangement of strategies indicates extremely great outcomes as far as improvement in recovery characteristics, when contrasted and the writing. In proposed work we get exactness like between 68.15 % to 94.86% in utilized diverse highlights.

IoT Based Smart E-Learning System Using Machine Learning
Authors:- Shinde Swapnil S., Bansode Mithilesh M., Jadhav Pandurang B., Pawar Rohit P.

Abstract- The smart e-learning system is a web application which establishes an environment between web application server and end users. This project is developed using machine learning and IoT .using this web-application user can stream the videos live and access the files stored on the server. The medium to access the recourses is internet. This E-learning System is Beneficial to the Distance Education.

Design and Implementation of a Robot for Maze-Solving using Wall Following Algorithm
Authors:-K.Surya Teja, Koyi Rajesh, M. Gopi Krishna, CH.Pavan Naga Sai

Abstract- Maze solving robots in the past had great impact in robotics which is based on decision making algorithm, the main result of this project is to detect the objects and it should avoid them for colliding. if the object in on right and front then it should turn left, if the object is on left and front then it should turn right, if the object is on front and left and right then it should go back or stop there. Not only turning here we have decided to display the output in LCD if it turns right ,right is displayed in Lcd and also same for left, back, front, stop. By doing this project we can solve the daily problems very quickly.

Survey on Big Data Concepts, Technology, Applications and Challenges
Authors:-Asst. Prof. Sapna S. Kaushik

Abstract- Big data is a new driver of the world economic and societal changes. Incredible amounts of data is being generated by various organizations like hospitals, banks, e-commerce, retail and supply chain, social media and smart phones, Internet of Things and cloud computing etc. by virtue of digital technology . While the data complexities are increasing including data’s volume, variety, velocity and veracity, the real impact hinges on our ability to uncover the `value’ in the data through Big Data Analytics technologies. The voluminous data generated from the various sources can be processed and analyzed to support decision making. Analysis of these massive data requires a lot of efforts at multiple levels to extract knowledge for decision making. Big Data Analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data (big data) to discover hidden patterns or unknown correlations. A key part of big data analytics is the need to collect, maintain and analyse enormous amounts of data efficiently and effectively. Analyzing Big Data is a challenging task as it contains huge dispersed, diverse and complex file systems which should be fault tolerant, flexible and scalable. There is an immense need of constructions, platforms, tools, techniques and algorithms to handle Big Data. The technologies used by big data application to handle the massive data are Hadoop, Map Reduce, Apache Hive, HBase,HDFS – Distributed File System.

IoT Based Delivery Boys Safety Control and Bike Analyzer
Authors:-Harshith H., Lokesha G.N, Kishor Kumar R., Mrs. Deepika

Abstract- Two wheelers are widely used than other form of vehicles due to its low cost and simplicity. Most of the time rider doesn’t like to wear helmet which could be result in fatal accidents. Drunken driving and Drowsy driving are the major factors for such road accidents. Some statics shows that 35% of the accidents are caused by two wheelers and in that 60% of the two wheeler accidents are caused due to lack of consciousness, drunken driving and not wearing helmet. The primary concern of all riders is safety. From above, taking in to consideration the safety of delivery boys who works for online business travels across areas using two wheelers, where safety of bike rider counts. Hence to track the activities of such rider and to provide safe riding this paper has been proposed. This paper aims for avoidance of accidents and develop helmet detection system. The proposed system is an intelligent/safety helmet. A module affixed in the helmet, such that, the module will sync with the module affixed on bike and will also ensure that biker has worn Helmet. Additional feature of accident avoidance detection module will be installed on the bike.

Road Detection and Segmentation from Aerial Images using a CNN based System
Authors:-V. Chinnapu Devi, V.Tarun Sai, M. Narendra Kumar, Y. Pavan Kumar Reddy, S.L.Viswanath Naidu

Abstract- This paper proposes a system architecture based on deep convolutional neural network (CNN) for road detection and segmentation from aerial images. These images are acquired by an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) . The algorithm for image segmentation has two phases: the learning phase and the operating phase. The input aerial images are decomposed in their color components, preprocessed in Matlab and next partitioned in small boxes of dimension 33 × 33 pixels using a sliding box algorithm. These boxes are considered as inputs into a deep CNN. The CNN was designed using MatConvNet and has the following structure: four convolutional layers, four pooling layers, one ReLu layer, one full connected layer, and a Softmax layer. The whole network was trained using a number of 2,000 boxes. The CNN was implemented using programming in MATLAB on GPU and the results are promising.The CNN output gives pixel by pixel information on what category each falls into (ROAD/NON-ROAD).Road pixels are labeled with “1’s”(white) and non-road pixels are labeled with “0’s”(black). The proposed system has the advantage of processing speed and simplicity from the previous sytem which has a less speed and complexity.

Comparative Study on Microarray Data Analysis Techniques of Machine Learning
Authors:-M.Tech. Scholar Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Asst. Prof. S.R. Yadav

Abstract- Machine learning models has been applied for prediction and prognosis of disease development and it become an irrevocable part of microarray data analysis aimed at betterment of the subsequent therapy and management of patients. The application of machine learning models for accurate prediction of survival time in cancer disease on the basis of clinical data is research work of the presented study. The paper discusses an approach to the problem in which the main factor used to predict survival time is the originally developed tumor-integrated clinical feature, which combines tumor stage, tumor size, and age at diagnosis. Two datasets from corresponding liver cancer studies are united by applying a data integration approach based on horizontal and vertical integration by using proper document-oriented and graph databases which show good performance and no data losses. Aside from data normalization and classification, the applied machine learning methods provide promising results in terms of accuracy of survival time prediction. Clustering has been used extensively as a vital tool of data mining. A neuro-fuzzy method is proposed in this research for analyzing the gene expression data from microarray experiments. Analysis of gene expression data leads to cancer identification and classification, which will facilitate proper treatment selection and drug development. The proposed approach was tested on three benchmark cancer gene expression data sets. Experimental results show that neuro-fuzzy method can be used as an efficient computational tool for microarray data analysis. The neuro-fuzzy classification system, which is based on a built clustering algorithm reached recognition rates than other classifiers. Gene expression data sets for liver cancer were analyzed in this research. A training and test data set for each cancer was used to analyze the quality of the genes. Use of computational methods to predict Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs) from gene expression data is a challenging task. Many studies have been conducted using unsupervised methods to fulfill the task; however, such methods usually yield low prediction accuracies due to the lack of training data. In this research work, semi-supervised methods have been proposed for GRN prediction by utilizing two machine learning algorithms, namely support vector machines (SVM) and random forests (RF). The semi-supervised methods make use of unlabeled data for training. Inductive and transductive learning approaches has been investigated, both of which adopt an iterative procedure to obtain reliable negative training data from the unlabeled data. Then semi-supervised methods are applied to gene expression data of Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and evaluated the performance of the methods using the gene expression data. This analysis indicated that the transductive learning approach outperformed the inductive learning approach for both organisms. However, there was no conclusive difference identified in the performance of SVM and RF. Experimental results also showed that the proposed semi-supervised methods performed better than existing supervised methods for both organisms.

Partial Replacement of Cow Dung With Cement
Authors:-Hardik H. Chauhan, Swarupanand V. Munj, Harsh M. Rawal, Jay P. Patil, Prof. Mrunalini Deshmukh

Abstract- This research project presents the result on the study for the use of Cow Dung Ash (CDA) as partial replacement in production of concrete. The experiments were designed to study the effects of adding Cow Dung Ash (CDA) in various percentages by weight (10%, 13%, 16% and 20%) of cement and cure for the periods of 7, 14, and 28 days respectively before testing for the Compressive strengths. It also involves determination of setting time, Bulk Density, and Workability of Cow Dung Ash in various percentages by mixing with Portland cement. The Compressive test results are 22.00 N/mm2, 20.22 N/ mm2, 19.55 N/mm2, 13.78 N/mm2 and 12.13 N/mm2 for 0%, 10%,13%, 16% and 20% replacement of cement with CDA respectively at 28 days. The Workability results gives 112mm, 127mm, 130mm, 72mm and 80mm respectively for 0%, 10%, 13%, 16% and 20% replacement of cement with CDA. Test results indicated that the consistency limits increased up to an optimum content and decreased further with the increase in the % of CDA in cement. CDA has an advantage that offers lightness of weight and low thermal conductivity, Cow Dung Ash concrete is recommended for use only when a thirteen percentage (13%) of Cow Dung Ash is added.

Automated Human Action Recognition System Using Machine Learning
Authors:- Sagar Goyal, Susmitha Shereef

Abstract- Human action recognition is an important research topic, nowadays because of security and safety constraints. An action recognition is helpful in gesture recognition, posture detection, video surveillance and many more important activities that are desirable in today’s world. Action recognition can help in reducing the criminal acts or in detecting any kind of that activity at correct time so that appropriate action against that activity can be taken. There are various conventional action recognition methods that recognize actions in a video directly which can often give incorrect results because analyzing videos directly requires great speed in detection of actions. However, detecting images is much simpler and easier job to do. So, we convert an input videos into static image frames for easy analysis and interpretation of actions. There are many problems in current action recognition methods which face deficiency in labelled videos or some methods use lot of labelled videos in training dataset that further face the problem of over-fitting the training data and inaccuracy in detecting actions in online testing dataset. Hence, in this project, we use a semisupervised learning approach to make a balance between labelled and unlabeled videos and utilizing both simultaneously that overcomes the problem of overfitting the data and also provide the best results in least amount of time. The experimental results show that our action recognition method works for online testing dataset and gives accurate results with very good performance and is better than any other action recognition method.

Extraction of Metadata and it’s Parsing for PubMed articles
Authors:- Aarti Mete, Priyanka Kanthale, Pritam Bhaye, Rahul Subhedar, Mrs. Shafali Gupta

Abstract- Most of the data is in the form of articles and papers. Identifying the important articles form the millions of available papers is a need for today. Metadata extraction returns hidden information from the documents that are not in structured form to the one with semi – structured or standard form. This useful information contains authors, title, ID’s, etc. about the article. Metadata is data (information) that is supposed to provide information from other data. This information is the basic information that can be further useful for the analysis of article.The extraction of metadata and the technique of parsing it have been discussed further.

A Review on Analysis of Data Search Scheme for Secure Information Retrieval in Cloud Computing
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Nitin Kumar Sahu, Asst. Prof. Anuj Kumar Pal

Abstract- Today’s businesses want it all: secure data and applications accessible anywhere from any device. It’s possible with cloud technology, but there are inherent challenges to making it a reality. What can enterprise businesses do to reap the benefits of cloud technology while ensuring a secure environment for sensitive information? Recognizing those challenges is the first step to finding solutions that work. . Increasingly numerous companies plan to move their local data management systems to the cloud and store and manage their product information on cloud servers. An accompanying challenge is how to protect the security of the commercially confidential data, while maintaining the ability to search the data. In this paper we are analysis of different securities scheme for encryption of item information and also for data search scheme in cloud computing.

Study of Rubber Dam
Authors:- Siddharth Soni, Manjunath Pai, Nandini Singh, Pankaj kumar Yadav, Asst. Prof. Mrunalini Deshmukh

Abstract- Rubber dams are inflatable and deflatable hydraulic structure. Thousands of rubber dam have been installed worldwide for various purpose: irrigation, power generation, tidal barrier, environmental improvement, flood control and recreation. The newest material in the construction of water structures in recent years, is the rubber material that is widely used in the construction of short dams or dams. The simplicity and flexibility of the rubber dam structure has proven reliability and are the key consideration in its wide scope of application. The estimation of rubber dam is based on personal communications with the expert of manufacturers and the practitioners of the subject areas as well as case studies of already constructed rubber dam in India install for the purpose other than hydropower. It is recommended to use inflated weir in small hydropower projects which is being cost effective and also energy efficient. Rubber dam is a new technology which control water in flexible way. Average life cycle cost of Imported rubber dam and life cycle cost of Indian rubber dam is about 3 times more than the cost of Indian rubber dam. In this paper we are going to study the working of Rubber Dam and conventional dam and compare the cost of both the dam. And based on the study, will conclude whether Innovation of Rubber dam is cost effective and useful or not.

Sentiment Analysis for Understanding Students Learning Experiences: A Survey

Authors:- ME Aaquib Multani, Assistant Professor Atul Agrawal

Abstract- Social media allows the creation and interactions of user created content. Social medium places include Facebook, Twitter etc. Student’s casual discussion on social media focused into their educational experience, mind-set, and worry about the learning procedure. Now days, Social media craze is mounting to heights of success for every individuals. The amount of social media data provides chances to understand students’ experiences, but their methodological difficulties to use social media data for educational purpose. Therefore, there is need to identify students’ emotions by analysis of their sentiments. In this survey paper, we discuss about the sentiments analysis and their patterns. Additionally, we proposed an approach for predicting sentiments of user specifics and classifying them in to ‘negative’ or ‘positive’. We are implementing this method on JAVA environments using “Twitter” dataset..

Disease and Cure Prediction in Crops Using Neural Networks Authors:- Prathyusha Mukkarla, Prof. Asha, Phani Deepthi Yarlagadda

Abstract- Social media allows the creation and interactions of user created content. Social medium places include Facebook, Twitter etc. Student’s casual discussion on social media focused into their educational experience, mind-set, and worry about the learning procedure. Now days, Social media craze is mounting to heights of success for every individuals. The amount of social media data provides chances to understand students’ experiences, but their methodological difficulties to use social media data for educational purpose. Therefore, there is need to identify students’ emotions by analysis of their sentiments. In this survey paper, we discuss about the sentiments analysis and their patterns. Additionally, we proposed an approach for predicting sentiments of user specifics and classifying them in to ‘negative’ or ‘positive’. We are implementing this method on JAVA environments using “Twitter” dataset..

Pothole Repair by using PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and Zyco Therm Authors:- Amol Bhosale, Siddhesh Katkar, Shubham Shinde, Suraj Shrivastav, Deepika Bhulla, Mrunalini Deshmukh, Neha Badiger

Abstract- In India, Most of the pavements are of flexible pavement as they are economical compared to rigid pavements but its maintenance causes more trouble and also increase cost of flexible pavement construction. Bitumen and aggregates being an important aspect of the flexible pavement from cracking and deterioration of the pavement. . Bitumen acting as a binding material in the pavement when mixed with the Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and ZycoTherm (upgraded version of ZycoSoil) brings more stability to the roads and helps ion resisting the forces from the vehicles. Hence in this study different test is to be done regarding more stable and effective proportions to be used between bitumen and plastic waste comprising of Marshal Stability test, Ductility test, Penetration test and Softening point test for Bituminous mix and Bitumen.

An Advanced ETL Technique for Error Free Data in Data Warehousing Environment
Authors:- Marzana Ifat Moly, Ovijit Roy, Md. Alomgir Hossain

Abstract- A large store of data accumulated from a wide range of sources within a company and used to guide management decisions. Data Warehousing is one of the common words for last 10-20 years, whereas Big Data is a hot trend for last 5-10 years. Now we are trying to find out that how the ETL process work with the Data Warehouse and how to manage after transform the data into data warehouse. ETL is the stand for extract, transform and load. This is a very new concept for Data warehouse. Many of know about the ETL but it’s just a theoretical concept. So we try to find out how ETL works with Data warehouse. And we try to build a prototype of ETL and that’s ETL design include in this paper.

Concrete Containing Crumb Rubber and Slag Cement
Authors:- Dinesh Choudhary, Jayashri Poojary, Khushboo Shukla, Abhishek Singh, Prajakta Mukadam

Abstract- The treatment, utilization and disposal of scrap tyre rubber is major environmental issue. Up till now only small quantity of scrap tyreis recycled and remaining is dump, ignited and landfill. The manufacturing growth rate of tyre is increasing at a very fast rate. One of the possible solutions for the reuse of scrap type rubber is to incorporate it into concrete in the form of crumb rubber by replacing some of proportion of the coarse aggregate. This project study has been conducted by replacement of aggregate with crumb rubber and replacement of whole quantity of cement with slag cement. Addition of crumb rubber is done by 3%, 5%, 7% of total weight of coarse aggregate. After casting and curing, compressive strength and flexural strength test had been performed to find strength of the concrete and behavior of the concrete under the test has been studied.

A Review of Green Supply Chain Management
Authors:- Dhananjay Kumar Yadav, Payal Bhargava

Abstract- Green supply chain management (GSCM) has become a topic of interest for both business leaders and academic researchers alike. Over the last decade or so, the GSCM literature has grown considerably. Although sufficient literature exists about various aspects and facets of GSCM, earlier works and reviews have a limited focus and narrow perspective. This paper presents a comprehensive integrated view of the published literature of GSCM so as to facilitate further study, practice and research. First, we introduce the different definitions of GSCM and its’ development. Second, we focus on reviewing the research on GSCM’s decisions and models. Finally, we discuss the limitations of existing research on GSCM and indicate future research opportunities.

Object Detection and Classification Using Yolo
Authors:- Naman Mittal, Akarsh Vaidya, Asst. Prof. Shreya Kapoor

Abstract- The cutting edge world is encased with monstrous masses of computerized visual data. Increment in the pictures has asked for the improvement of hearty and effective article acknowledgment procedures. Most work announced in the writing centers around skilled systems for item acknowledgment and its applications. A solitary article can be effectively recognized in a picture. Various items in a picture can be recognized by utilizing distinctive article locators all the while. The paper examines about article acknowledgment and a technique for different item identification in a picture.In spite of the fact that various systems have been proposed with the end goal of picture acknowledgment, Convolutional Neural Network or CNN, is a method which has had the capacity to effectively take care of the picture acknowledgment issue productively.We demonstrate YOLO, a way to deal with item recognition. Earlier work on item discovery re purposes classifiers to perform location. Rather, we outline object location as a relapse issue to spatially isolated bouncing boxes and related class probabilities. A solitary neural system predicts bouncing boxes and class probabilities legitimately from full pictures in a single assessment. Since the entire discovery pipeline is a solitary system, it very well may be upgraded start to finish straightforwardly on identification execution.

Study and Analysis of Disputes
Authors:- Rohit V. Shewale, Ranjit Kumar Elumalai, Dilip S. Shirivastav, Abhijeet Jaiswar, Prof. Basweshwar Bansode

Abstract- Unforeseen circumstances, prompting debate, are an ordinary element of every construction industry since conditions experienced are typically unique in relation to those arranged or anticipated. Construction disputes emerge because of a series of components that consolidate in different approaches to deliver differences, disagreements and lastly dispute. These dispute might be of different nature like technical, money related or quality related, time related, or staff related, etc. Since, conflict and disputes are the reason of stress on the grounds that an well planned construction project cannot run smoothly, efficiently because of these problems. Therefore it is essential to oversee them for better and proficient finish of projects. The research methodology is based on questionnaire survey primarily focusing on Indian construction projects. This paper will help to find out major causes of disputes and is relied upon to be assistance for the management of the same.

Cloud Based Secured Locker
Authors:- Shilpashree P.S, Abhishek Kumar Tiwari, Ashutosh Prakash, Saurabh Kumar Singh

Abstract- In the modern era, security plays a significant role. Every individual has valuable accessories like gold, jewellery or cash. It is not enough to have these accessories, but security of this is very important, for this purpose some people prefers to keep them in bank lockers. Still it is common to hear or read in news that some fake person accessed the locker of another person and have stolen their accessories. In order to deal with this type of frauds, verification of the person who wants to use the locker is very important. In this project, advance secured system is designed which will make sure the authentic access of the locker overcoming all the misuses. For this purpose, it is better to have unique password technique through the OTP verification and use of biometric verification which is more effective, secured and fast. If an unauthorized user tries to breach the locker, the alarm signal would be raised to notify the security guards. The owner is also notified by sending the snapshot of unauthorized user to authenticated email id. In this system locker will have a wireless module which connects to the Internet and communicates with the user and admin through internet from anywhere in the world. The main objective of this project is to embed a locking system in the door consisting of two step with locking positions, controlled by the user and admin using android app and burglar alert system when someone tries to open the locker manually.

Lung Cancer Detection Using Digital Image Processing and Artificial Neural Networks
Authors:- M. Tech Scholar Shubham Bhardwaj, Asst. Prof. Shalini Bhadola, Asst. Prof. Kirti Bhatia

Abstract- Cancer detection is generally carried out manually by trained professionals and these techniques are majorly helpful in the advanced stage detection, also it involves a very tedious procedure and highly dependent on the given individual. This introduces the high possibility of human error in the detection process which necessitate an automated process. Hence, this paper aims at early detection of cancer through an automated process to minimize human error and making the process more accurate and hassle-free. In the proposed work, image processing algorithms and artificial neural network have been employed to design an automated process for early stage detection of lung cancer. In today’s world ,image processing methodology is very rampantly used in several medical fields for image improvement which helps in early detection and analysis of the treatment stages ,time factor also plays a very pivotal role in discovering the abnormality in the target images like-lung cancer ,breast cancer etc. this research focuses upon image quality and accuracy. image quality assessment as well as improvement are dependent upon enhancement stage where low pre-processing techniques are used based upon gabor filter within Gaussian rules; thereafter the segmentation principles are applied over the enhanced region of the image and the input for feature extraction is obtained, further depending upon the general features, a normality comparison is made .in the following research the crucial detected features for accurate image comparison are pixel percentage and masking labeling. In this research we have done classification based upon artificial neural networks which is more satisfactory than other current classification methods.

Optical Oscillator Using HEMT
Authors:- Aditya Tiwari, Praveen Singh, Akshay Singh

Abstract- The existing processors have lower frequencies due to which multitasking operations and all the high end software which require more processing power cannot be performed efficiently. so the main task is to build a processor which has higher frequency of operation for which we need a device which can work on higher frequency and high electron mobility transistor is one such device which works on higher frequency relative to other devices, so with the help of hemt we will be designing an optical oscillator which can work on high frequency end the simulation of this oscillator will be performed on visual tcad software. here we will check the response of the oscillator by simulating it on the software so that a desired frequency can be obtained and the device can be fabricated so that multitasking operations can be achieved easily

Controlling Set Top Box using Hand Gestures
Authors:- Deepti Gupta, Yash Goel, Neeraj Sharma

Abstract- Controlling the T.V set top box has been done through an infrared remote control since its inception but with the growth in smart technology all around us our control can be more interactive and easy by the use of hand gestures. Main motive behind this gesture based remote control is to remove the constraint of a handheld device. This hand gesture based remote control will also be useful for people with disabilities as compared to traditional handheld remote in which a key has to be pressed to control the STB which can cause muscle strain to people with physical disability whereas a simple gesture will not cause such strain and will also make it easier for them to control their T.V effortlessly. This system will be built on Arduino microcontroller board and use Ultrasonic sensor to detect hand gesture and an infrared LED to transmit the decoded signal to the Set Top Box.

Providing Security and Privacy for communication in Vehicular Cloud Computing
Authors:-Patil Nilochana, P. Kavitha

Abstract- Vehicular cloud computing (VCC) uses unused vehicle storage and computing resources to collaboratively provide end users such as drivers and passengers with traffic management, road safety and infotainment services. It is a hybrid technology that enhances the use of vehicle resources and is capable of performing complex computing tasks that a single vehicle cannot handle. Despite the appealing benefits of sharing resources among unfamiliar vehicles, there are severe threats to security and privacy in VCC. In this paper, we identify security goals for VCC interoperability and provide an authentication key agreement (AKA) framework for VCC. Specifically, to design a reliable AKA with strong safety guarantees for VCC, we present the research challenges and open issues first. Then we propose a secure and efficient message access control and authentication scheme in VCC. For message sharing, a hierarchical, Cipher Policy Attribute Based Encryption (CP-ABE) technique is used to ensure that vehicle whose persistent or dynamic attributes satisfy access policies can access the broadcast message with equipped cloud. Finally, to illuminate the further directions of research on AKA for VCC, several interesting issues are discussed.

Smart Grid Load Balancing Using Renewable Resources and Genetic Algorithm
Authors:- Research Scholar Manish Verma, Asst. Prof. Ashish Sethiya, Asst. Prof. RP Kumawat HOD

Abstract- With increase in load Smart Electrical Grids are required for proper distribution of electrical load. Here this balancing is not straight switching because of random electric requirements. Considering these facts work has focus on developing a smart grid for balancing the renewal load distribution, by using genetic algorithm. Here propose work will utilize Teacher Learning Based optimization algorithm, where two phase learning is done. Here proper set of solar or wind mill generators are assigned for fulfilling particular load requirement is estimate by this genetic algorithm. In this work proper fitness function was used where distance of source plant is also consider for loss of power dissipation and reduce it. This work increases the resource utilization with minimum loss. Experiment was done on real dataset from authentic datasets and result shows that proposed work is better as compared to previous other approaches n various evaluation parameters.

Computer Interfaced Smart A.I Battle Field Tank
Authors:- ME Scholar S. Alaguganesan, Asst. Prof. D. Siva Kumar

Abstract- As the potential for disastrous consequences from threats increases in prevalence, the speed which such cyber threats can occur presents new challenges to understandings of self-defence. This paper first examines the prevention of threats nations could face. It next looks at existing concepts of self-defence with particular focus on anticipatory and pre-emptive self-defence, and then moves to a review of the underlying criteria which govern the right to resort to such actions. Highly sophisticated electronic sensors attached to the tank’s hull will project images of the surrounding environment back onto the outside of the vehicle enabling it to merge into the landscape and evade attack. The electronic camouflage will enable the vehicle to blend into the surrounding countryside in much the same way that a squid uses ink to help as a disguise. Unlike conventional forms of camouflage, the images on the hull would change in concert with the changing environment always insuring that the vehicle remains disguised.

A Review on Different Face Spoof Detection Techniques in Biometric Systems
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Kanika kalihal, Asst. Prof. Jaspreet Kaur

Abstract- Biometric systems are increasingly used in different security systems for the last few years. Fingerprints, Iris recognition, face recognition systems have grabbed attention from academicians and researchers all over the world. But there are certain issues associated with these systems that make them vulnerable. One such issue is the spoof attack in which an impostor attacks the system by presenting a printed photograph of the genuine user to the system. These attacks compromise the security of the system and therefore need to be addressed. This paper presents an overview of different techniques that are used in face spoof detection and discussed parameters that are used to evaluate the performance of different face spoof detection techniques.

Design and Implementation of Smart Sensor Integrated Chair For Medical Diagnosis
Authors:- ME Scholar M. Kiruthika, Asst. Prof. K. Abhirami

Abstract- With the design of an Internet of Things (IoT) and telemedicine based health monitoring system- The Smart Chair. Sensors and associated hardware needed to monitor the vital physiological parameters of the human body are available on the chair, thereby leading to the idea of a Smart Chair. It enables the subject to be seated in a relaxed posture during the acquisition of physiological signals from various sensors attached to his/her body. The raw signals from the sensors are processed digitally by an onboard microcontroller and analyzed for any common abnormalities in the health parameters of the subject. The results are then transmitted to a personal computer. The data can be viewed at any later time by a doctor’s computer that is connected to Internet. The Smart Chair also sends an SMS with all the health details to a remote doctor’s phone in case of an emergency, thus facilitating telemedicine in rural areas. The key focus of the presented work is to propose the design of a chair that will be useful and easily affordable by the people of developing nations who have limited access to proper healthcare facilities. The results Presented show that the proposed system is definitely a low cost affordable solution for IoT based telemedicine system, as compared to existing systems.

A Review of Android Security System
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Shipra Joshi, Asst. Prof. Rahul Sharma

Abstract- Android operating system uses the permission-based model which allows Android applications to access user information, system information, device information and external resources of Smartphone. The developer needs to declare the permissions for the Android application. The user needs to accept these permissions for successful installation of an Android application. These permissions are declarations. At the time of installation, if the permissions are allowed by the user, the app can access resources and information anytime. It need not request for permissions again. Android OS is susceptible to various security attacks due to its weakness in security. This paper tells about the misuse of app permissions using Shared User ID, how two factor authentications fail due to inappropriate and improper usage of app permissions using spyware, data theft in Android applications, security breaches or attacks in Android and analysis of Android, IOS and Windows operating system regarding its security.

Data Sharing With CP-ABE to Data Owner-Side And Cloud-Side Access Control For Encrypted Cloud Storage
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Diguvasadum Deepika, Asst. Prof. G.Varaprasad, Asst. Prof. Karamala Suresh

Abstract- People support the great power of cloud computing, but cannot completely trust the cloud providers to host privacy-sensitive information, due to absence of user-to-cloud controllability. To ensure confidentiality, data owners outsource encrypted data instead of plaintexts. To distribute the encrypted files with other users, Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-based Encryption (CP-ABE) can be utilized to carry out fine-grained and owner-centric access control. But this does not adequately become make safe against other attacks. Many earlier schemes did not grant the cloud providers potential to verify whether a downloader can decrypt. Therefore, these files have to be available to everyone accessible to the cloud storage. A malicious attacker can download thousands of files to launch Economic Denial of Sustainability (EDoS) attacks, which will mostly consume the cloud resource. The customer of the cloud service bears the expense. Besides, the cloud provider serves both as the accountant and the payee of resource consumption fee, lacking the transparency to data owners. These concerns should be resolved in real-world public cloud storage. In this paper, we propose a solution to secure encrypted cloud storages from EDoS attacks and provide resource consumption accountability. It uses CP-ABE schemes in a black-box manner and complies with arbitrary access policy of CP-ABE. We present two protocols for different settings, followed by performance and security analysis.

Analysis of Classification Algorithms using Machine Learning
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Soniya Rathore, Asst. Prof. Ankur Taneja, Asst. Prof. Mahesh Patidar

Abstract- In this work our main focus is on regression which is one of the most important methods in machine learning algorithm. Regression is a statistical approach that is used to find the relationship between variables. It is basically used to predict the outcome from the given dataset. In this work we will discuss the regression algorithms which are available in machine learning algorithm and propose one algorithm that will have less train error and test error as compared to other existing algorithm. The accuracy measure will be in the form of train and test error.

Effect Reinforcement of Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide on AA 2024 Hardeness
Authors:- Arnav Singh, S M Uruf Nezami, Sadaf Kamaran Ali, Ankit Kr. Yadav, Asst. Prof. Rahul Malik, Asst. prof. Vishal Sharma

Abstract- Aluminum matrix composites are emerging as advance engineering materials due to their strength, ductility and toughness. The aluminum matrix can be strengthened by reinforcing with hard ceramics particles like silicon carbide and boron carbide etc. In the present study, an effort is made to enhance the mechanical properties like tensile and hardness of AMCs by reinforcing 2024 Al matrix with boron carbide and silicon carbide particles by stir casting route. It is observed that by adding 5% reinforcement our hardness Brinell hardness as well as Rockwell hardness becomes 119 BHN and 49 HRB & further adding 10% reinforcement our hardness Brinell as well as Rockwell hardness is 185 BHN and 97 HRB respectively.

Application of Influence Function for calculation of Mining Subsidence and Displacement Prediction
Authors:- Nabyendu Neogi

Abstract- In the present world underground mining is carried out hundreds of meter deep from the surface and creating voids after mining out minerals and coal, these minerals were previously bearing the load of the surrounding strata, but due to the voids created after extractions, cracks are formed in the immediate roof, and these cracks travel to the surface causing the surface strata to come down and cause subsidence. This is a brief study on the estimated calculation of mine subsidence of a mine using mathematical influence function by which we divide the underground mining area into several annular rings and find out the effect of these area on the surface and plot a subsidence profile and hence the displacement calculation due to the void created in the mined-out spaces. From the subsidence profile of the mine area we can not only predict the extent of area which is going to subside but also with how much vertical displacement and thus saving life and livelihood.

Snake Game for Android
Authors:- Tushar Tokas, Karan Arneja, Sparsh Goel

Abstract- This project is aimed at creating a version of the snake game for android devices which can not only serve as a means of entertainment but also as a means to understand the development of technology in the past two decades from when the snake game was first popularized on Nokia devices. Even in the original snake game, there was multiplayer facility available provided that two devices were present and connected via an infrared connection. It presents a simple means to compare the technology used then and now, such as the difference in programming languages, algorithms and electronic devices. Traditional methods of creating Snake game usually include the use of coding languages to create an Engine and the main game, but this project implements use of script-free software to create the software. This is made possible by software called Clickteam Fusion. Clickteam Fusion is a game engine that uses an event based system instead of coding. The game helps get a good grasp of Clickteam Fusion as well, so new games can be made with this new understanding of modern technology.

Published by:

IJSRET Volume 5 Issue 1, Jan-Feb-2019


Job of Technology in Indian Education
Authors:- Asst.Prof. Anuj Kumar Shah

Abstract:- There is a developing expansive accord the world over about the advantages that can be conveyed to training framework through the fitting utilization of advancing data and correspondence advancements. The scope of conceivable advantages infested essentially all territories of movement in which learning and correspondence assume a crucial job. It is included from enhanced instructing and learning procedures to better understudy result, expanded understudy commitment and consistent correspondence with educators and guardians. Today there is a noteworthy hole among information and aptitudes understudies learn in school and the learning and abilities that laborers require in work environments and networks. Businesses report that they require understudies who are proficient, having great good and hard working attitudes, can cooperatively work in group, have basic reasoning and critical thinking capacity, can lead a gathering of individuals and are talented in verbal and composed correspondence. This paper is to think about job of Education Technology in India.

Survey of Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Arun Pratap Singh, Prof. Pritesh Jain

Abstract:- Load acclimation in the surge growth mood has a vital appulse on the accomplishment of surge. Great sum acclimation makes surge growth included capable and enhances client fulfillment. Capable task booking and capacity organization is a burdensome botheration of communicated gradual addition yet it is still in its infant date in ill will of widely inclusive examination in disdain years. Hereditary calculations can be use to upgrade the accomplishment of sum acclimation approaches. Traditional booking calculations, for example, Round Robin, First Come First Serve, Ant Colony Optimization and so on acknowledge been extensively adjusted in proliferating surge gradual addition frameworks. Surge gets gathering of people errands in a quickened sum and portion of advantages for these undertakings ought to be dealt with in a capable way. Aside the capturing surge issues in the zones of planning, resources designation and security, surge gradual addition currently features included intense issues greedy for assimilation in the broadness of responsibility selflessness in dynamic assignments and too essential machines (VM) disappointment. These sorts of issues in a sufficient layout are asserted NP-hard (non-deterministic polynomial time), which organization that there is no correct bandage and no brisk bandage to it.

Micro structural and Mechanical Characterization of AA2024/(SiC+B4C) Hybrid Composites
Authors:- Vishal Sharma, Mr. Dharmendra Kumar

Abstract:- Aluminium-based metal matrix composites (AMMCs) are generally preferred for their low density, wide alloying range, high strength to weight ratio, intrinsic flexibility and response to heat treatment hence they are widely used in aerospace, automobile, marine industries. The various methods for manufacturing MMCs are Spray decomposition, powder metallurgy, liquid metal infiltration, mechanical alloying, squeeze casting and compo casting. By adding reinforcements to aluminium alloy matrix, the properties have improved. Hence, this paper presents a review on the effects of Al2O3, B4c, Gr, Y2O3 and SIC reinforcements on the tribological and mechanical behaviour of a AMMCs fabricated by various methods such as powder metallurgy, stir casting etc.

Influence Of (Sic+Al2O3) Hybrid Reinforcement on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AA6101
Authors:- Jagmohan, Mr. Dharmendra Kumar

Abstract:- The demand for aluminum hybrid metal matrix composites has increased in recent times due to their enhanced mechanical properties for satisfying the requirements of advance engineering applications. The performance of these materials is greatly influenced by the selection ofan appropriate combination of reinforcement materials. The reinforcement materials include carbides, nitrides, and oxides. The ceramic particles, such as silicon carbide and aluminum oxide, are themost widely used reinforcement materials for preparing these composites. In this paper, an attempt has been made to prepare an AA6101 hybrid metal matrix composite (HAMMC) reinforced with Particulates with different weight fractions of SiC and Al2O3 and by a stir-casting process. The experimental study has been carried out on the prepared composite to investigate the mechanical properties due to the addition of multiple reinfor cement materials. The density and mechanical properties, such as ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, impact strength, and the hardness and wear characteristics of the proposed composite, are compared with those of unreinforced AA6101. The experimental investigation is also aimed at observing the variation of properties with a varying weight percentage of the reinforcement materials SiC andAl2O3 simultaneously with the fly ash content maintained constant. The outcome of the experimentalinvestigation revealed that the proposed hybrid composite with 20% of total reinforcement material exhibits high hardness, high yield strength, and low wear rate but no considerable improvement in impact strength.

Improving Bank Call Center Operations Using Six Sigma
Authors:- Rahul Gautam

Abstract:- -First riches bank had redistributed its client intelligent administrations tasks to include client calling administrations around five years back. In this exploration paper we show the utilization of lean six sigma in a call focus of bank industry and this investigation dependent on essential information from genuine undertaking. This examination paper depicts enhancement in the activities of the call focus owing to lean six sigma increment in first call goals proportion, decrease in administrator turnover and streamlining of procedures. The reasonable ramifications of lean six sigma into the call focus day by day activities the board. Albeit Lean Six Sigma has been to an incredible degree compelling over the latest two decades in the collecting part, its relevance to the organization division has been a questionable topic. This examination speaks to its application to a rapidly creating region of the organization part, helping associations in recognizing districts of progression for their Call Centres.

Fire Detection & Alarm System in Oil & Gas Refinery
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Nitish Shrivastava, Asst. Prof. Mr. Vivek Shukla

Abstract:- -Cultural property management is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting and preserving an industry’s building, collections, operations and occupants. Constant attention is required to minimize adverse impact due to climate, pollution, theft, vandalism, insects, mold and fire. Because of the speed and totality of the destructive forces of fire, it constitutes one of the more serious threats. Vandalized or environmentally damaged structures can be repaired and stolen objects could be recovered but items destroyed by fire, however, are gone forever. An uncontrolled fire can obliterate an industry within a few span of time and may completely burn out with-in a couple hours.
The first step toward halting a fire is to properly identify the incident is to detect & raise the alarm, and then notify emergency response professionals. This is often the function of the fire detection and alarm system. Several system types and options are available, depending on the specific characteristics of the protected space.
To minimize fire risk and its impact, heritage organizations should develop and implement comprehensive and objective fire protection programs. Program elements should include fire prevention efforts, building construction improvements, methods to detect a developing fire and alert emergency personnel, and means to effectively extinguish a fire.

Loss Minimization of Distribution System Using Three Phase Three Leg Topology
Authors:- PG Student Yogesh Yadav, Professor Arvind Jain

Abstract:- This thesis proposes novel methods and comprehensive analysis for power loss calculation, DC-link current and voltage ripple estimation, and bus bar design in two-level three-phase voltage source inverters (VSIs). A novel method of MOSFET voltage rise- and fall-time estimations for the switching power loss calculation is developed. The estimation accuracy is significantly improved by the proposed method. In order to provide a reference for thermal management design, inverter power loss analysis is presented. Using the parameters obtained from the semiconductor device datasheets and inverter operating conditions, power loss calculations of three types of devices, namely IGBT, MOSFET, and diode, are discussed. The conduction power loss calculations for these three devices are straight- forward; and, the switching power loss of IGBTs and diodes can be obtained from the energy losses given by datasheets.

The Effect of Socialization on Students Learning: A Case Study of Northern East School of Kathmandu Valley
Authors:- Anil Parajuli

Abstract:- Socialization is a functional prerequisite for the society essential to any social life , as well as to the cultural and social reproduction of both general and particular social forms[7]. Socialization help learning students to cooperate with the social norms and values which later changes into culture of them. The culture of learning of students through the home environment and external school culture also affects. The Case study involves the simple random method of sampling of 10 private school , 2 government schools of Northern East of Kathmandu Valley and 5-6 students of each school randomly. The teachers of 9 schools who teachers maths and science are interviewed for conformation of their children’s academic achievements.The data collected is analyzed through SPSS. The tabulated data is presented in chronology , histogram and pie charts are presented . Both qualitative and quantitative data’s goes through descriptive analysis. The agents of primary socialization’s in home and outer environment except school culture agents are considered. Like home environment , peers , best friends , leisure time , assignments completion in home , mobile , T.V , Internets, Games and sports are considered as affecting variables which is compared with the academic achievement through the results of 1st terminal examination and 2nd terminal examination-2075 (2018 A.D) , with reference of subject teachers observation. The study showed that students performing their homework them self has no support and guidance from their parents. Mostly migrant parents are abroad. The home environment don’t let them study in separate room for their privacy and academic achievement. Students engaged in sports and games are active physically and moderately learning. Their respect to their parents is maximum,where as combined study and eagerness to engage time with friend shows their kinship can assist on their study. Students are found maximum engaged in mobile and T.V at their home at least an hour per day. Mostly sports channels and the wildlife discovery channels are on their preferable shows in television ,where as the Fb, Youtube , music players and social sites of chatting are only preference of students . It proves that they are not engaged on the internet and search engines that help them completing their academic searches and enhancement of knowledge. But their terminal examination result shows aggregation enhanced from first term to second term. They are likely tobe in home more than previous. The have started showing their interest on searching their assignments given by their teachers. Finally not only school but even the external school cultures as primary agents of socialization also affect the students learning and achievement.

The cram of Network Security with Its stabbing Attacks and likely Security Mechanisms
Authors:- Asst. Prof. J Kishore Kumar

Abstract:- Security is a fundamental component in the computing and networking technology. The first and foremost thing of every network designing, planning, building, and operating a network is the importance of a strong security policy. Network security has become more important to personal computer users, organizations, and the military. With the advent of the internet, security became a major concern. The internet structure itself allowed for many security threats to occur. Network security is becoming of great importance because of intellectual property that can be easily acquired through the internet. There are different kinds of attack that can be when sent across the network. By knowing the attack methods, allows for the appropriate security to emerge. Many businesses secure themselves from the internet by means of firewalls and encryption mechanisms. There is a large amount of personal, commercial, military, and government information on networking infrastructures worldwide and all of these required different security mechanisms. In this paper, we are trying to study most different kinds of attacks along with various different kinds of security mechanism that can be applied according to the need and architecture of the network.

A Cram on the Compass of Cloud Computing In Management Culture
Authors:- Asst. Prof. Pallavi T. L

Abstract:- the cloud computing is a swiftly mounting technology, which has brought significant changes and opportunities to various sector in India. It is a pervasive computing paradigm that has revolutionized how Information Technology infrastructure and services can be delivered. There is a growing interest around the exploitation of cloud computing in the education sector. Present study is an attempt to provide an overview of the cloud computing model and its applications for partnership between academia and student. In this paper we proposed cloud computing to e-learning from the following aspects: its work mode, services, benefits and issues .This paper is an analytical study on the role of cloud computing in education with reference to management institutions. Primary study was carried out with major stakeholder’s of technical education infrastructures which are implemented for academic use. The state of the art on the use and research of cloud computing in education was conducted via qualitative methodology. After a comprehensive analysis of the available literature, approx. 8 research works have been identified and discussed to highlight the importance and probable usage of cloud in the education domain. The survey identifies and analyses the advantages and risks that the use of cloud computing may have for the main stakeholders in education. The extensive analysis suggests that the introduction of cloud computing to management education is feasible to bring greater clarity landscape about its benefits.

A Collaborative approach for segmentation of probe image for efficient texture recognition
Authors:- Divya Mathur, Sandeep Upadhyay

Abstract:- Image processing methodologies and domain is quite wide and really efficient now days for real time applications. Our work primarily deals with the domain of image segmentation and using segmentation concept, texture recognition has been performed with comparative results and simulations performed over a particular image dataset. The initial work in our proposed work is to perform segmentation on each part image then performing extraction .We have focused on segmentation followed by extraction so that the classification result may not contain much error. The conventional approach has been implemented in this regard first and then the main problem that has been formulated is patch up data pixels together which provide error in getting right and appropriate texture .In order to deal with the problem formulated in the existing work we have proposed a new commuted method in which the extraction and segmentation of image depends on the dynamic threshold set by user.

The K-Svd Algorithm: Application to Parsimonious Dictionary Learning System in Digital Image Processing
Authors:- Ramafiarisona Hajasoa Malalatiana

Abstract:- There is a quest for learning that would allow signal analysis systems a parsimonious representation such as K-SVD analysis. This involves breaking down the image into a parsimonious representation via the orthogonal adaptive tracking method, then initializing the learning dictionary and updating the atoms of that own dictionary.

Survey on Arm Controller and DTMF Tech. Based Solar Grass Cutter
Authors:- Ankit S.Janbandhu, Ankush S. Khangar, Nayan S. Meshram, Mayur S.Dhawade, Dr. P.B. Pokle

Abstract:- A Solar Powered Automatic Grass Cutting and Pesticide Spreading robot project is mainly proposal for reducing the manpower and usage of electricity. Solar plate is employed to produce the supply to the battery charging, Which is less complicated to use, additional advantageous compared to alternative energy supply particularly for gas based mostly supply of power But our solar grass cutter is based on solar power because this energy is a renewable source of energy and it is easy to work. So we made a solar powered grass cutter. Our main aim in pollution management is earned through this. An unskilled operation will operate simply and maintain the field terribly fine and uniform surface look. In our project, “Solar grass cutter” is employed to chop the various grasses for the various applications.

Security Transfect of Image Numeric by Cryptotattoing With Vernam Multiresolution Analysis Combinate
Authors:- Ramafiarisona Hajasoa Malalatiana, Randriamitantsoa Paul Auguste

Abstract:- Crypto-tattooing consists in associating once the encryption and tattooing to protect and perform a better secure transfer of image data. We used a mask generated randomly using a private key and the tattoo method by DWT. In this paper, we compared the encrypted tattoo and the crypto-tattoo by breaking down the image at the first and second levels and then subjecting it to different types of attacks. From the results obtained, we were able to determine that the crypto-tattooing that is to say encrypt the original bathroom image make a decomposition of the image at the second level and insert the mark in the LL1 underlayment better robustness against different attacks.

A Theoretical Concept on Opinion Mining Process and Sentiment Analysis in Data Mining
Authors:- Akrati Shrivastava, Satish Pawar

Abstract:- The review of any product is beneficiary for both the Customer and the Companies. Review always help to know about the market value of any product and companies can actually determine their space of improvement .An essential part of our information-gathering behavior has constantly been to discover ―what other people think‖. With the explosion of Web 2.0 platforms such as blogs, discussion forums, peer-to-peer networks, and various other types of social media and actively use information technologies to find and appreciate the opinions of others This paper covers techniques that ability to directly facilitate opinion-oriented information-seeking systems and complete workflow of Opinion mining and sentiment analysis in which those techniques can be implement and also discusses about the application of opinion mining and sentiment analysis and discuss about tools through which are used to track the opinion or polarity from the user generated contents.

Role of Packaging in the Purchase Behavior of Youth in FMCG Sector
Authors:- PG. Scholar Shubham Kumar, Asst.Prof. Savdeep Vasudeva

Abstract:- This research study deals with understanding the role of packaging in the buying behavior of consumers in FMCG sector. Packaging is generally considered as Fifth ‘P’ in marketing and this study helps to find out the importance of effective and innovative packaging in purchase of goods in FMCG sector. The study is based on primary data collection and uses convenience sampling technique for gathering the related data. This research study is conducted in the city of Jalandhar with a sample size of 100 respondents. In this study, the awareness of innovative packaging of different types of product among the youth in FMCG sector is checked. In addition to it, the role of packaging in the purchase of a product is also tested. The findings of the .study have important inferences for the academicians and marketing professionals.

A Comparative Study on Strengthened Beam Using Various Types of Fibers
Authors:-Mr.S.Karunanidhi, Dr.KL.Muthuramu

Abstract:- One of the major problems currently faced by the building and construction industry is the deterioration of performance of various forms of concrete structures. It is estimated that in most of the developed and developing countries, the infrastructure / built environment represents around 50% of the national wealth. It is economical to rehabilitate the structures in distress instead of construction of new one. In recent years, the construction industry has seen an increasing demand to rehabilitate/strengthen and upgrade existing concrete structures. This may be attributed to various causes such as environment degradation, design inadequacies, reinforcement corrosion, lack of maintenance, poor construction practices, increase in loads etc. Common conventional techniques for strengthening include jacketing, shot creting, plate bonding etc. These techniques are time consuming, labour intensive, and require skilled labour. To overcome the listed disadvantages, a composite fiber system is studied here. Glass FIBRE sheets and Basalt fiber have been used exclusively in recent years for strengthening/rehabilitation due to their cost-effectiveness and versatility. This research work primarily deals with effectiveness of Glass fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and Basalt fiber to rehabilitate the reinforced concrete elements. The behaviour and performance of reinforced concrete members, rehabilitated with externally bonded GFRP sheets Basalt fibre are studied. The variables considered in this experimental study include the fiber type, a number of layers of GFRP sheets and Basalt fibre are also considered. For strengthening works, rectangular beams of size 150mm x 200mm x 2200mm are selected. Five beams are cast and tested for each group. The second group is rehabilitated with GFRP sheets and Basalt fibre. From this experimental investigation the behaviour of control beam and rehabilitated beam are studied. Also, optimum use of number of layers is analysed and checked with analytical calculations. From this investigation the following parameters are studied like Ultimate load, Deflection, Moment, Curvature, Stress, Strain, Stiffness, Ductility, Crack width. By increasing more than two layers of fibre, the load carrying capacity of the elements increases up to 50 percentages, but after attaining the maximum load carrying capacity, the layers peel off (de-bond) or delamination occurs.

Facial Expression Recognition Using Three Step Recognition Approach
Authors:- M. Tech Scholar Bhawana Choubey, Asst. Prof. Shiva Bhatnagar

Abstract:- – People are attack of producing numerous facial exercises all through correspondence that change done multifaceted nature, power, and Furthermore significance. This paper reason might be will recall humankind’s sentiments As far as glad, dismal, disturb, and shock, unprejudiced. In this paper, A framework for limitation And extraction about faces Also trademark facial highlights for instance, to such an extent that eyes, mouth Furthermore confront limits beginning with shade picture data will be proposed. This methodology abuses shade properties from guaranteeing human skin with keep picture areas confront hopefuls. Those facial Characteristics extraction might be performed best for preselected confront competitor regions. Moreover, for eyes and mouth confinement shade information and close-by contrast keeping around eyes would use. In Existing work Represent the ability of distinguishing the false acknowledgment rate is 18% while the false dismissal rate is simply 5% and my methodology has the capacity of recognizing the false acknowledgment rate is 14.5% while the false dismissal rate is simply 7.66%. In above outcome creator figure result physically.

Scheduling Of Integrated Thermal Energy Storage with Cogeneration System by Using Firefly Technique
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Jaspal Singh , Asst. Prof. Maninder

Abstract:- The use of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) with an overall effectiveness from 70 to 90% is one of the most effective solutions to minimize the energy utilization. Mainly caused by interdependence of the power as well as heat in these systems, the optimal operation of CHP systems is a composite optimization issue that requires powerful solutions. This paper discourse the optimal day-ahead scheduling of CHP units with Thermal Storage Systems (TSSs). Fundamentally, the optimal scheduling of CHP units problem is a complex optimization problem with innumerable stochastic besides deterministic variables. The initial stage models behavior of operating parameters and to minimizes the operation costs or price meantime the second stage examine the system’s Thermal Storage Systems scenarios. The fruitfulness of the proposed algorithm has been examined. This paper illustrates Firefly algorithm (FA) to probe CHPED with Thermal Storage Systems with bounded feasible operating region. The main prospective of this technique is that it proper the fairness between local and global search. A comparative investigation of the FA with (RCGA), (NSGAII), (SPEA2) is introduced.

Comparative Study on the Effect of River Sand and M-Sand on the Properties of Clayey Soil
Authors:- Anjana L.R., Riya Roy

Abstract:- Stabilization of soil is important in the construction of foundations and highways as it improves the Engineering properties of soil like compressibility, permeability and shear strength. Sub grade strength of clayey soil can be improved by use of inert materials like sand. Sand have many other applications such as contaminant remediation, liner, Filtration etc. The natural river sand is a source of inert sand but nowadays the availability of river sand is low, so suitable alternatives to river sand are essential. Manufactured Sand (M-Sand) is found to be a suitable alternative to river sand for construction purpose. This study aims to find out the suitability of M-Sand in soil stabilization.

Artificial Intelligence Using DBS-QOS In Banking Organizations
Authors:- Sravanthi Palle

Abstract:- Quality of service, that is, the waiting time that customers must endure in order to receive a service, is a critical performance aspect in private and public service organizations. Providing good service quality is particularly important in highly competitive sectors where similar services exist. In this paper, focusing on banking sector, we propose an artificial intelligence system for building a model for the prediction of service quality. While the traditional approach used for building analytical models relies on theories and assumptions about the problem at hand, we propose a novel approach for learning models from actual data. Thus, the proposed approach is not biased by the knowledge that experts may have about the problem, but it is completely based on the available data. The system is based on a recently defined variant of genetic programming that allows practitioners to include the concept of semantics in the search process. This will have beneficial effects on the search process and will produce analytical models that are based only on the data and not on domain-dependent knowledge.

Audit of Electricity Generation in Samuel Adegboyega University,Nigeria
Authors:- Omojoyegbe Michael Oluwatosin

Abstract:- Electricity is indispensable to a nation’s economic development. In this paper, analysis of energy sources was carried out to ascertain their costs. The selected energy alternatives are PHCN 33kV Substation and Captive Cummings Diesel generator. The case study-site was Samuel Adegboyega located within Ogwa in Edo State. Practical surveys and data collection were carried out from the power house coupled with their load estimation to obtain the total cost of electricity consumed. The results indicate that, on a monthly basis, the university spends about $5,104 on diesel generator and $3,099 on PHCN. The results also show that other alternative energy sources should be included in the overall energy mix in order to minimize the total power cost of the university.

GREENDROID: Energy Efficient Mobile Application Processor Using Android System

Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Kavitha S, Prof. Girish B.G

Abstract:- Mobile application processors will soon replace desktop processors as the focus of innovations in microprocessor technology. Already, these processors have largely reached their most power-hungry cousins, supporting out-of-order execution and multi-core processing. In the near future, the problem of the exponential worsening of dark silicon will be the main force dictating the evolution of these designs. In a recent paper, we have argued that the natural evolution of mobile application processors is to use this dark silicon to create hundreds of automatically generated energy saving cores, called conservation cores(c-cores), that can reduce energy consumption in an order of magnitude. This article describes Greendroid, a research prototype that demonstrates the use of such cores to save energy through the access points in the Android mobile phone software stack.

Zigbee on Wireless Sensor Network for patient monitoring and Home Automation Application
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Ashish Nagar, Asst. Prof. Shiva Bhatnagar

Abstract:- Mobile application processors will soon replace desktop processors as the focus of innovations in microprocessor technology. Already, these processors have largely reached their most power-hungry cousins, supporting out-of-order execution and multi-core processing. In the near future, the problem of the exponential worsening of dark silicon will be the main force Remote patient observing is an eHealth administration, which is utilized to gather and exchange bio flag information from the patients to the eHealth specialist organization (e.g., human services focus). Having timestamps that are vigorous and dependable is fundamental for remote patient checking all together for patient information to have setting and to be connected with other information. The utilization of WSNs will defeat the need of patients to be stationery for their essential parameters to be estimated. In this paper the system execution is examined and dissected dependent on different execution parameters like sensor hub thickness, correspondence length, Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), throughput, normal system postponement and vitality expended and so on. By contrasting acquired execution and required execution, pick proper hub thickness, information transmission rate and correspondence term for foundation of Zigbee based WSN for patient checking.

L – Lane Message Authentication Code Using Three Hop Routing Protocol in Ad hoc Network
Authors:- M Jagatheeswari, J Srinivasan

Abstract:- Generally Ad Hoc Networks consist of the Public Key Infrastructure and Certificate Revocation Lists for their security. The authentication of a received message under checking process if the certificate of the sender is included with the CRL, and verifying the authentication of the certificate and signature of the sender. In this paper we replace the time consuming Certificate Verification List (CRL) checking process by an efficient Revocation Checking Process using a secure and efficient L – Lane Hash Message Protocol using Three Hop Routing Protocol. The Three Hop Routing Protocol is used to increase the wireless capacity and highly performing wireless network. It quickly distributes the information around the sender and no single point of failure. In our proposed system, we describe Message authentication in ad hoc network using Three Hop Routing Protocol. That can significantly decrease the message loss ratio with the conventional authentication methods. This will help to improve the security and performance evaluation.

Effect of fine-grained Additives on Geotechnical Properties of Clay
Authors:- Arya S.P. , Aswathy SasiKumar

Abstract:-The uses of by product such as copper slag has long been established in a number of applications in the civil engineering industry. However, the use of copper slag fines in the area of soil stabilization has not been fully investigated and developed despite having similar chemical composition and mineralogy to that of Portland cement. This paper investigates the improvement in the properties of copper slag stabilized clayey soil with fly ash. In order to improve the properties of copper slag stabilized soil certain industrial wastes such as fly ash, cement, lime etc are added. Fly ash has been used for several decades as stabilizing agent in deep stabilization of soft soil and it is used to improve the strength parameters. The results shown that, the strength properties of copper slag stabilized clayey soil improved with increase in percentage of fly ash.

A Review on Smart Garbage Dustbin
Authors:- Shreya Ghavghave, Shephali Rakhunde , Shraddha Jagtap, Priyanka Chimegaokar, Asst. Prof. J.Y. Hande

Abstract:- This project smart garbage dustbin system is a very smart system which will help to keep our cities clean. This project can reduce their time and effort in an efficient manner. Automation is that the most demand able feature currently daily. For this purpose, smart dustbins are a much suitable approach. It will be helpful to develop a green and smart city. For this, we have to develop an automatic smart dustbin which will first be able to detect the current status of the garbage bin send the information to the garbage collection vehicle employee. They can immediately take action to empty. It ultimate helps to keeping cleanness in the society and hence the expansion of diseases caused by waste material is reduced. This paper gives an inclusive and detailed survey of waste management models. Entirely, this paper suggests the topology of the waste management system which is the smart procedure as key enabling expertise in existing waste management system.

Analysis of Secant Algorithm for Optimal Path Length of Point-To-Point Microwave Link
Authors:- Ezenugu, A. Isaac, Onwuzuruike, V. Kelechi

Abstract:- In this study, Secant algorithm was developed for computing the optimal path length of a point-to-point microwave. Also, the impact of various parameters on the convergence of the algorithm is also presented. Mathlab program was developed and used to carry out sample numerical computations of optimal path length and other performance parameters for a given microwave link. The results showed that convergence cycle of 5 is achieved for a microwave link operating at the frequency of 12 GHz and in rain zone N, with percentage availability of 99.99% . Also, the results showed that the secant algorithm , as presented in this study is suitable for the occasion when rain fading dominates. In that case, the convergence cycle of the secant algorithm is quite stable, maintaining values between 5 and 6 even in the face of variations in frequency, percentage availability and rain rate. In any case, the secant method can still be improved to yield low convergence cycle in the face of multipath fading. Furthermore, the iterative secant method may not be needed when the multipath fading dominate since it is possible to develop close form mathematical solution to determine the optimal path length when the multipath fading dominates.

Survey on Design of “Bus Boarding Assist System
For Blind Using IOT Technology

Authors:- Associate Prof. Sharavana .K, Associate Prof. Reshma Shebbar, Pavithra V, Rismen Mina A, Saneyyah Seemeen, Farsana Banu M

Abstract: – This paper outlines the design of bus detection mechanism to help blind in travelling from one place to another. Navigation in outdoor environments is highly difficult for those who have congenital blindness or blindness from a very young age. Eye vision is the most important part of human physiology as 83% of information human being gets from the environment is via sight. For visually impaired people, outdoor pedestrian the ability to move is very difficult and often dangerous. WHO (World Health Organization) has a goal of reducing the blindness prevalence of India to 0.3% of the total population by 2020 Buses play a vital role for the transportation. Public transport is the only viable mobility option to seek social connectivity for a majority of blind and visually impaired persons. This project aims in implementing a bus boarding assist system for blind people with the help of Internet of Things, wireless communications and android technology. This design and implementation of bus detection and navigation mechanism is to help blind in travelling from one place to another using GPS, google API’s and IOT technology. Navigation in outdoor environments is highly difficult for those who have congenital blindness or blindness from a very young age. The Blind people on the Bus Station are provided with a Blind Unit. The blind speaks his destination on the microphone provided on the Android supported mobile device. When the desired bus stops at the station, camera captures bus number and these bus details are already stored in raspberry pi’s database. Users input destination is checked in the database and matched with the details of the bus arrived. Blind will be notified via speaker through the recorded voice. Now when bus reaches at any station, it will check at every station for blind person’s destination and the person will be notified when the destination spot is arrived. Android app helps the blind person for navigating by giving directions as audio output.

A Survey on Visual Properties and Techniques Of Digital Image Data Hiding
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Syed Ibtihaj Hasan, Asst. Prof. Jayshree Boaddh, Asst. Prof. Akrati Shrivastava

Abstract: – The transmission of confidential data over the network requires more security. So, for improving security in data transmission, researcher can hide the data inside an encrypted image. Hence the confidentiality of the image and the data embedded in the image is maintained. Image Visual Cryptography is used to keep the data private from unauthorized users. Here detail surveys of different image data mining techniques used by various researchers are detailed. Various properties of the image data hiding was explained.

Fingerprint Payment
Authors:- Akash Pate, Harsharaj Shisodiya, Rushikesh More, Vishal Ohal

Abstract: – In this digital world, payments are also evolving with the technology. At first there was only single payment method ‘cash’. After that electronic card like debit card and credit card were introduced. Nowadays mobile wallets are getting popular. But all these conventional payment methods have problems. Cash payment have problem of change. Debit and credit cards are not for everyone. Only literate people can use these cards properly. In case of cards one has to remember about the pin of the card. If one forgets the pin of card the none has to follow along procedure to reset the pin. Also, cash credit/debit cards and mobile phones can get stolen. So, to solve all these problems we came with a solution for payment using fingerprint. In this method to perform a payment one has to just tap the finger on fingerprint scanner and within seconds’ payment will be done. The scanned fingerprint will be sent to server for matching and if it is matched payment will be done or else payment will fail. This solution will allow even illiterate people to use digital payments as they will have to set up account only once. And later on, they can perform payments with just touch of finger. This will also reduce the time consumed for payment.

Privacy Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Over Cloud Computing
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Ashwini S, Prof. Dr. T N Anitha

Abstract: – Cloud computing is one of the emerging technologies in today’s world (trend).Cloud computing has envisioned as the next generation architecture of IT enterprise. The flip side to this coin is that cloud storage emerges the security issues of confidentiality, data integrity and data availability. The concept of Third Party Auditor(TPA) is to eliminate the involvement of client through the auditing of whether his data stored in the cloud are indeed intact, which can be important in achieving economies of scale for cloud computing. The task of TPA, on behalf of cloud client is to verify the integrity of the dynamic data stored in cloud. The motive of this paper is to provide data security of cloud in cloud computing using digital signature and elliptic curve cryptography. The Provable data possession scheme is implemented to support the dynamic operation on data. An improvement over the conventional technique is done by allowing the user to search their files in the encrypted database with the help of Ranked keyword search.

A Novel Hybrid Attribute Based Encryption Along With Location Based Encryption

Authors:- A. Saranya, Assistant Professor K. Mythili

Abstract: – The cloud is a term referring to accessing Computer, Servers, Storage, Databases, Networking, Software’s and more through a network connection using Wide Area Networking (WAN) or Internet Connectivity (Cloud). Remote users can access the cloud resource from wherever they have connection rather than physical location. The top most benefits of cloud computing are Cost Effective, High Productivity, High Speed, Performance and Security. In the existing system CP-ABE schemes, the size of the cipher text increases line nearly with an increase in a number of attributes. The size of the cipher text is larger and it as contain Boolean access policy. To avoid these issues, we propose a novel Hybrid – Attribute Based Encryption (H-ABE) along with location information. It is hybrid method, which combines Cipher text Policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE) with location-based encryption (LBE) on the level of symmetric keys. It supports encryption using expressive policies; this can efficiently handle dynamic attributes with continuous values (i.e. location). It allows encrypting and logical combination of attributes. It contains CP-ABE with location information’s that are encrypted in the data packet. This may helpful to identify the exact location and also retrieve the data securely. In feature it can effectively handle dynamic attributes.

A Study On The Different Dimensions Of Asur Community In Jobhipat Village, Bisnupur Block Of Gumla District In Jharkhand, India
Authors:- Arpan Mondal , Saswatik Tripathy

Abstract: – India is the country of diversity. The villages are its soul. There are around 833.1 million people live in 640,867 different villages in India. Among them 104 million people which is 8.6% of the total Indian population is belonging from the tribal community. Asur is one of among them. The study was conducted in the Jobhipat village, Bisnupur block of Gumla district in Jharkhand. The place is located 55 Km towards North from District headquarters Gumla. 9 Km from Bishunpur. 122 KM from State capital Ranchi. It is from the age of mythology they are deprived and absconded from the so called mainstream society. They make their own system which is substantial and was sustainable once. But now for the modernization of so called civilized civilians the environment and climate is changing. Which effecting their life also. They have the knowledge to fight with the problems what they know but not those what are recently crated. May be they are not responsible for those problems but they are also in a very vulnerable situation. Their fear of losing their assets and prestige in the hills and forests hold them back to come in the main stream. Still they are thinking that Aryans will employed them again if they got chance. This fear and misunderstandings can erase the whole community from the history of the world due to lack of knowledge and fighting skill against new enemies like epidemic diseases or changing climate. We should make a better relation with them so that they come to the main stream with no fear or hesitation.

Smart Home Using Google Assistant
Authors:- S. Nivedhan, R. Eranyan, S. Nitish Khanna

Abstract: – The smart home movement is gaining steam and is going to be the next big thing in the field of technological brilliance. our innovative project is themed on voice activated home automation using google assistant .in this particular paper we have voice signal as the input which is the basic crux of our project .the project works on three steps. the voice signal is being cursed on as the input the first step which is then processed by a revolution software called google assistant , an one stop app for all needs . we have changed this ever earthly blessing according to our needs. Skilled programming is required to feed the input to the module.

Secure Based Data Sharing and Report Matching For Healthcare in Cloud Computing
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar K. Priyanka, Asst.Prof.T.Sujilatha

Abstract: – Online social networks have become popular around the world due to its openness. While cryptographic technique can provide privacy in Online Social Networks for customers. Cloud computing and social networks are modifying the way of healthcare by providing real-time data sharing in a cost-effective manner. Still, data security issue is one of the major goal to the wide application of mobile healthcare social networks (MHSN), since health information is considered to be particularly sensitive. In this paper, we introduce a secure based data sharing and report matching scheme for MHSN in cloud computing. The patients can outsource their encrypted health records to cloud storage with identity-based broadcast encryption (IBBE) technique, and allocate them with a group of doctors in a safe and professional manner. We then present an attribute-based conditional information re-encryption construction, which permits the doctors to convert a cipher-text into a new cipher-text of an identity-based encryption scheme for specialist without leaking any sensitive information. Additional, we provide a report matching mechanism in MHSN based on identity-based encryption with equality test, which helps patients to find friends or other users in a privacy-preserving way, and achieve flexible authorization on the encrypted health. Likewise, this mechanism reduces the computation cost on patient face.

Smart Car Parking Using QR Code
Authors:- Pranav Jadhav, Ujjwal Mishra, Bhagesh Khatri, Suraj Pawar, Ganesh Gaikwad

Abstract: – We approach a special system for smart parking reservation and security maintenance in a commercial car parking area in an urban environment. This system mainly designed to avoid unnecessary time conception to find an empty lot in a car parking area. By the same case we can also save more than 80% of fuel wastage in a car parking area to finds the empty parking slot. The reservation process is happening only by user. Hence the user finds the empty parking slot and makes the action of reservation through an internet access by an embedded process control unit (EPCU) with driver’s own knowledge. Here we give the major response to user’s reservation action and hence the driver can reserve his own likely parking slot based on the cost function. We have proposed a system with multi-processing queuing mechanism (MPQM) to avoid multi-user approach problem (MUAP) during reservation process in our smart car parking system.

We Safe(Anti-Crime Application)
Authors:- Prof. Bushan Chaudhary, Tejas Rajput, Sneha Yadav, Kalyani Thete, Poonam Rajput

Abstract: – Inevitably, incidents happen everywhere at any time. Incidents vary based on the level of complication and severity. Most incidents are not reported to authorities to protect their identity, the high rate of unreported crimes could affect the society in decision making and due to this situation, half of the crimes are not reported. In the proposed system, users can register to this application and can give the detailed report of crimes that happened. In the modification part, there will be three logins 1.User 2.Police 3.Admin. User can give the crime report along with the initiation of current GPS or can give location details manually with crime details with Photos, Audio, Video, Description of crime & category etc. date are sent to the server. Actions taken by police can be viewed by the admin and user. User can also transfer their files from the android to the remote server, which is split into several blocks and can be retrieved whenever it is required.

College Informative Application Using Android Device
Authors:-Prof. Bushan Chaudhary, Omkar Khute, Praful Wagh, Saurabh Lahamae, Imran Shaikh

Abstract: – The Era of Mobile Technology is increasing day by day and the opens the windows to Android App. Mobile applications can be one of the best ways to keep consumers engaged with a brand as they are on the move. With the increase in demand of mobile phone and efficiency of wireless network. The main aim of this project is that the user can know about college and campus. Recently the notice, hand written manual, verbal message was spread among student by clerk that’s why we are making the college informative app. In this app the student can see the college notice,events,placement requirements and physics, chemistry math notes,MCQ’s and all notes of diploma student. The application will be used by stduents,teachers and parents. The core idea of project is to make for institution and educational system. The users can write a review, see the reviews and invite a friend/colleague to share this application. Google Calendar where the user can mark an event.

A Survey on Various Techniques of Image Data Cryptography Techniques and Features
Authors:-M. Tech. Scholar Arzoo Singh, Prof. Abhishek Sharma

Abstract: – With the increase in the digital media transfer and modification of data is very easy. So these works focus on transferring data by hiding in image. So maintain the image quality is done by Digital image processing on various issues. This paper gives a brief survey of image data cryptography techniques for various environmental scenes. Image analysis features are described in this paper with these requirements. As hiding data is small but it goes under some kind of attacks which are also cover in this paper as they are the best measure for comparing different techniques of data hiding.

Design of Data Acquisition System Using Fpga
Authors:-M. Tech. Scholar Ajazuddin Shaikh, Asst. Prof. K. K. Sharma

Abstract: – An exact and quick Data Acquisitions framework is the need of the cutting edge Autonomous Navigation System. An information procurement framework on a minimal effort Field-programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) was structured, which will do the separating in the equipment while the more unpredictable task like route and control can be performed on the delicate center of the processor sitting on the FPGA. This will give adaptability in the plan to execute new sifting strategies, which is basic amid the testing and the reproduction stage. An adaptable committed readout framework is one of the vital pieces of any sort of devoted discovery framework, particularly for its testing stage just as when the last framework is prepared for usage. An undeniable decision is to utilize a FPGA (aside from devoted front-end gadgets) as the main phase of information stockpiling and a preparing component. Moreover, the FPGA needs to get ready and exchange the approaching or prepared information to the host PC. The execution of the information switchover can be an issue, particularly for little gatherings of designers, who have an alternative to purchase a general arrangement with its limits and esteem or to do tedious advancement of their own framework for all intents and purposes without any preparation. This venture shows a FPGA based universally useful readout arrangement. Thinking about a case of biomedical imaging, where countless focuses are taken and are handled in a framework having FPGA so as to make a picture with the best quality. Here, if the yield of the FPGA is appeared and put away in the PC, at that point that information can be utilized for the improvement of the procedure. Thus correspondence among PC and FPGA is vital. Required program is scorched in FPGA utilizing PC however obtaining information from FPGA and putting away in PC is troublesome. In the event that information from FPGA can be put away in PC, at that point the information can be broke down for different applications. Thus it is trying to take a shot at this issue.

A Review of Home Automation Systems
Authors:- Divyang Modi

Abstract: – A considerable amount of advances utilized in smart homes can be adjusted to meet various necessities. By realising and implementing these innovations in homes can dispense the need of care and allow freedom to the individuals who may struggle coping up with everyday exercises or in conditions of visual deficiency, dumbness or motionlessness. This paper means to talk about home automation frameworks for the physically impaired by the means of speech recognition and device control with inserted frameworks. An idea of machine learning is examined which is a technique for information investigation that computerizes scientific model structures. Machine learning trains PCs to perform undertakings and gives yield without being expressly programmed. The framework utilizes machine learning procedures by watching conduct of an individual at a specific time, condition, climate and daily routine tasks and provides output. Ant colony optimization and decision tree algorithm are assessed for surmised solutions in troublesome advanced issues which make the framework more brilliant with the terms of accurate decisions and feature selection.

Protected Geographical Rules to Set Different Path Routing In Manets
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Divya Shree M, Asst.Prof. Srinivasa Murthy H

Abstract: – Portability and convenient nature of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) has expanded its prominence by two overlap. MANETs have turned into a usually utilized system for different applications. However, this favorable position endures with genuine security concerns, fundamentally a remote transmission medium viewpoint where such systems might be liable to parcel dropping. Portability and versatile nature of Mobile Ad hoc Network may likewise prompt connection disappointment. Impromptu on interest separate vector (AODV) is a mainstream directing convention however is presented to understood parcel dropping assault. Proposed framework presents another convention named Secured Geographic Routing (SGR), which can honestly identify parcel dropping assault in MANET. SGR can distinguish noxious hubs by recognizing dropping of directing and information bundle. Bundle dropping because of both connection mistake and nearness of malignant hubs can recognize. It additionally gives significance to protect security of information.

Survey on Energy Efficient Clustering and Routing Protocols of Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:- Priyanka Dubey, Dr. S. Veenadhar, Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

Abstract: – The past few years have witnessed increased interest in the potential use of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in a wide range of applications and it has become a hot research area. However, the resource constrained nature of sensors raises the problem of energy. This paper focus on the detailed survey on major clustering techniques LEACH, PEGASIS, and TEEN. This article strongly examines about the advantages and limitations of different routing protocol with its recent research issues. Here research work carried out by different researcher in this field of WSN is also detailed. This paper summarizes all set of routing algorithms with comparison of on the basis advantage and disadvantages of each algorithm.

An Iot Based Bridge Monitoring System
Authors:- Jadhav Deepti, Karad Prajakta, Gangatire Poonam, Prof. V.B. Ohol

Abstract: – Many of the bridges in cities built on the river are subject to deterioration as their lifetime is expired but they are still in use. They are dangerous to bridge users. Due to heavy load of vehicles, high water level or pressure, heavy rains these bridges may get collapse which in turn leads to disaster. So, these bridges require continuous monitoring. So we are proposing a system which consists of a weight sensor, water level point contact sensor, Wi-Fi module, and Arduino microcontroller. This system detects the load of vehicles, water level, and pressure. If the water level, water pressure and vehicle load on the bridge cross its threshold value then it generates the alert through buzzer and auto barrier. If it is necessary, then the admin assign the task to the employees for maintenance.

Smart Solar Bench
Authors:- Kirti Parde, Mahesh Kamble, Vishal Ohal

Abstract: – This is not just a bench, but a Smart Bench. A Smart Bench that is smart in technology and will help the future digital world to be more advanced. Idea of Smart Bench is to provide the user with facilities that are need of time and the user’s want. Many smart bench implementations are made recently these days, they have their different- structure, design, make, facilities, pricing and so on. Since, then we students also have our own idea of making a smart bench in our different way (aspects as listed above).It also supports barcode reading that sends live location of any person if he wants to seek help, or is in trouble. This idea of Smart Solar Bench revolves around some seating benches that we generally see at parks, gardens, bus stops, airports, entertainment places like outside and inside cinemas, theatres, college campuses, beach boulevards, etc. including metro cities. This project idea is an IoT based and we are curious and willing to make it. Not only this project will support our PM’s vision of Digital India, but will also contribute to the Smart City Project of our Maharashtra state.

Pid Based Monitoring System With Home Automatic
Authors:- Surbhi Joshi

Abstract: – There are a unit totally different ways in wireless technology like Bluetooth, WIFI, and GSM. during this paper, new style and totally different home appliances area unit given. Bluetooth based mostly Home Automation System mistreatment Arduino UNO Microcontroller is style and enforced. PWM technique on Arduino is employed to manage the DC motor speed reckoning on the dimension of the Pulses and H-Bridge driver circuit is employed to manage the direction of the motor. the house automation applications that has given during this paper is that the ability to manage the DC motor speed and its direction, bulb, fan and heater employing a good phone application with Bluetooth wireless technology. The relays is employed to attach these appliances to the input/ output ports of the board The design could be a low price, versatile and employing a trendy technology and devices for this application. Application of wireless Bluetooth association on top of things board permits a simplified thanks to system installation. The system has been designed and operated with success.

Design and Implementation of Upper-Limb Rehab equipment Based on Embedded System
Authors:- Mr.J. Navarajan, K. Naveen, K.S. Venkat Manoj, S. Sheik Dawood

Abstract: – For the past decades, portable equipment has been invented for human limbs due to the progress of robotics. By using modern robotic technology, these devices are used in military, industrial and medical disciplines to increase the weight-bearing capacity and assist long-term activities and medical rehabilitation. Aging society is a normal and irreversible process of human life. Increasing the aging population will necessitate more healthcare workers. Not only the problem of aging, but also the high proportion of people suffering from neurological and musculoskeletal injuries like BEH with accidents through the medical care staff and equipment to assist treatment by using IoT and Wi-Fi, Nowadays, many scholars have already set their sights on the development of medical rehabilitation devices. In particular, wearable devices are an important development for rehabilitation device. However, patients need a long time to recover their body. There is basically two main steps: The first is the scientific interest trying to understand the human behavior in computational scientific ways and the second is the “simply” to develop a humanoid in order to use it practically.

Nano Totally Continuous Functions in Nano Topological Space
Authors:- P. Karthik Sankar

Abstract: – The properties of new class of functions, namely nano totally continuous function in nano topological space are analyzed in this paper. The relation of these functions with already existing well known functions are studied.

Wireless Communication Based Detecting of Mobile Phones and Information Report Systems Via Sms
Authors:- Kranthi Kumar, Asst. Prof. Ravi Kumar

Abstract: – The work presents a new approach to establish a wireless technology for the locality of people location, and continuously track locations of these moving (people). Track the people continuously it transmits people and along with location information will passed to transceiver and then transceiver passed to control monitoring place receiver. And in the second application if the person was required to admin room means can give the corresponding voice ID ask him to come to admin room with the help of voice alert. In this system we maintain information of the people activities. And the People can be monitored from the remote Places also through GPRS technology and the announcement also given through voice kit The project describes a radio frequency-based and zigbee based system for location identification and tracking. The basic design of the system consists of transmitters in the environment, transceivers on the person or object for which location information is desired, and a receiver in the environment. Each of these three pieces of hardware and their associated software are designed.

Evaluation of Centrifugal Blower Impeller for Enhanced Performance: A Conceptual Review
Authors:- PG Scholar Pratik Dhatrak, Associate Prof. Jagdish Saini

Abstract: – Centrifugal blowers are used extensively in industries and heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications due to their simplicity and low costs. The blowers are mainly used for air or gas handling, cooling and exhaust purpose. This type of turbo machine has small chord line length, high width and blades that are joined together with shroud and hub. Due to versatility of use of blower, a detailed research work is still needed in this direction. Considering this fact present research work is devoted to academic contributions in the field of blowers and investigates gaps in the research and objectives of new research.

Medication Reminder and Healthcare An Android Application Medibox
Authors:- D. Badrinarayan, A. Akash, P. Harihara Sudhan, K.Keerthivasan

Abstract: – Medicine non-adherence is a squeezing worry among seniors, prompting a lower personal satisfaction and higher human services costs. While portable applications give a suitable medium to drug the board, their utility can be constrained without handling the specific needs of seniors and encouraging the dynamic association of consideration suppliers. To address these restrictions, we are building up a tablet-based application planned specifically for seniors to follow their prescriptions and an online interface for their consideration suppliers to follow drug adherence. In a joint effort with a neighborhood Maturing Set up program, we directed a three-month think about with sixteen members from an autonomous living office. Our examination found that the application helped members to successfully follow their meds and improved their feeling of prosperity. Our findings feature the significance of taking into account the requirements of seniors and of including care suppliers in this procedure, with specific suggestions for the advancement of future prescription administration applications.

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IJSRET Volume 4 Issue 6, Nov-Dec-2018


Research on optimization of sand Moulding process
Authors: Manoj Bhandari, Mayank Sharma

Abstract:-Casting is a manufacturing process in which molten metal or liquid is converted into desired shape for its application in different fields like automobile parts, firefighting parts, valve parts, electrical equipment. The solid parts received after the whole process is known to be casting .This process have been known for thousands of years and is one of the most popular and simplest method of casting that allows products to be generate at reasonable cost at manufacturing industry. In order to meet the overgrowing demand of the consumer industry need to produce large amount accurate products at suitable time so the companies are trying every possible means In order to done casting most of them are using hit and trial method to casting. That results involvement of error, time consumption and loss of cost in the process of casting .Origination of casting defects is one of limitation that is need to be consider as to diminish the effect of defects in the final casting product. Defects like gas porosity, shrinkage, mold material defects. As to determine the optimum condition for sand casting is challenging task. In order to find out optimum condition as to acquire minimum defects for best possible results. Selection of material and process is very important task which we have to keep in mind. Selection various parameters like grain size of 300 and 600 mics ,moisture content of 26 % and 28 % as to produce the sand moldings and test the sample for tensile and compressive strength is key method of our working .In this project we have taken 4 samples with different condition of operation in the end made an comparison between them to find the optimized result . The results indicated that the selected process parameters significantly affect in improving casting defects like gas porosity, shrinkage in foundry lab. This paper illustrates the optimizing the process parameters of sand casting process including optimum levels and the case study are done in foundry lab. The result obtained in the experiment demonstrate that smaller grain size particles with medium level of moisture(300 mics sand & 28% water content) delivers optimum results for casting.

Magnonic Holographic Memory
Authors: Gunjan, Tushar Karmakar

Abstract:-Data storage has been fundamental part of the computing from the beginning. The technology for data storage has been evolving along other side over areas of computing technology. As these other areas of technology have developed the need for bigger and fastest storage has been evident. To meet the need for better storage new technologies are constantly being developed as the old technologies reaches its physical limits and become outdated. Holographic memory has received attention in recent years as a technology that can provide very large storage density and high speed. Information is recorded in holographic medium through interface of two coherent beams of light .We refer to information carrying beams as signal beam and interfering beam as reference beam. The resulting interference pattern causes an index grating (the hologram) to be written in the material. When hologram is to subsequently illuminate within one of the original reference beams, light is diffracted from the grating in such a way that the signal beam is reproduce. Many holograms can be multiplexed within the same volume of the material by angle, fractal, wavelength, and phase code; multiplexing. Holographic memory can read and write data in parallel allowing for much higher data transfer speeds. Unlike conventional storage media such as magnetic hard disks and CD-ROM’s which can access only 1 bit at a time, each access of a holographic memory yields an entire data page-more than a megabit at a time. Holographic random access memory design leads to the implementation of compact and inexpensive memory modules that can be used to construct large read-write memories.

A Study of Gulbarga(Kalaburagi) City(Karnataka), India
Authors:Mala Ramesh Ramchandra rao, Dr. K.Vijakumar

Abstract:-The maintenance of healthy nature is an integral part of urban planning. Well maintained greenery contributes immensely to various sectors and forms income generating program me, thereby enhances property value. Gulbarga is popularly known as a ‘Cement Kashi & Bowl Of Pulses’. The buildings in the city are architecturally beautiful and are endowed with well-maintained parks, open spaces One of the adverse effects of rapid and relative unplanned growth is heavy encroachment leading to the problem of shrinking green space and City Corporation resources are inadequate to fully meet the basic domestic needs of the city’s green spaces. Gulbarga has a total of 248 parks in addition to a large number of institutional open spaces and avenue plantations. The main objective of cultivation and management of trees is their contribution to the physical, social and economic well being of the urban community. The city has a only one Lake-Sharnabasaveshwar Lake, That Add To The Beauty And Environmental Value Of The City. This Lake Is Popular Picnic Spot and Is Frequented By Nature Lovers. The Sewage Water Increases The Capacity Of Local Lake During Monsoon.

Trends in Nursing Education
Authors: Asst. Prof. Beulah Jasmine Rao

Abstract:-Nursing is dynamic by its own way and this dynamism give rise to various trends. Sound empirical knowledge is the base of nursing as in any other profession. This knowledge is the base for all the innovations which in turn evolve as trends in nursing. The trends in nursing education are the cornerstone for the dynamic nature of nursing profession. The article outlines various trends in nursing education with reference to India. The trends are organized under the areas of Curriculum Innovations, Technology & Nursing, Student Population, Clinical Teaching Learning Process, Evaluation System, Quality Assurance, Knowledge expansion & Modes of Education.

Identity based Data Sharing and Profile Identifying For Healthcare Applications in Cloud Storage
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar D.Param Jyothi, Asst. Prof.T. Venkataramana, Asst. Prof. Karamala Suresh

Abstract:-Online social networks (OSNs) have become popular around the world due to its openness. Although cryptographic techniques can provide privacy protection for users in OSNs. Cloud computing and social networks are change the way of healthcare by providing real-time data sharing in a cost-effective manner. However, data security issue is one of the major goals to the extensive application of mobile healthcare social networks (MHSN), since health information is considered to be extremely sensitive. In this paper, we introduce a secure data sharing and profile matching scheme for MHSN in cloud computing. The patients can outsource their encrypted health records to cloud storage with identity-based broadcast encryption (IBBE) technique, and allocate them with a group of doctors in a secure and efficient manner. We then present an attribute-based conditional data re-encryption construction, which permits the doctors to convert a cipher-text into a new cipher-text of an identity-based encryption scheme for specialist without leaking any sensitive information. Further, we provide a profile matching mechanism in MHSN based on identity-based encryption with equality test, which helps patients to find friends in a privacy-preserving way, and achieve flexible authorization on the encrypted health. Moreover, this mechanism reduces the computation cost on patient side.

On Electric Power Supply Chain Model For Three Different Tariff Customers in South East Nigeria
Authors: Osisiogu, U. A., Okafor, C. N.

Abstract:-The study proposed a new model of electric power supply chain networks in the Nigeria situation for three different tariff category customers. The network allows for multiple power generators, transmission, and distribution, retailing and demand customers. The supply chain network introduces retailing of power from distributors to demand customers. We derived the optimality conditions of the decision- makers and proved that the governing equilibrium conditions satisfy a variation inequality problem. The variation inequality problem for a single power generator, single transmission, single distributor, single retailer and a demand customer was used to illustrate the method. The multi start optimization method was used to solve the inequality using specified start up value obtained from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) for residential customers with single phase supply with single meter with consumption on 50KWH and below (R1) tariff demand customers, the startup value employed were the average daily of power distributors receive from power generators and the unit cost of power by distributors ; for customers with single phase supply with single phase meter with consumption above 50KWH (R2S) tariff demand customers, the startup value employed were the average daily of power distributors receive from power generators and the unit cost of power by distributors ; for customers with three phase supply with three phase meter with consumption below 45KVA (R2T) tariff demand customers, the startup value employed were the average daily of power distributors receive from power generators and the unit cost of power by distributors, The result of the analysis showed that the least cost of power regardless of the category of customer is N 469.15 while the highest cost is N 473.32. It found that the highest shadow price was N 978.93 for R1 customers while the least was N 928.61 for R2T customers.

A Survey on Internet of Things
Authors: Research Scholar Deepika. N, Professor Dr.M. Anand

Abstract:-The study proposed a new model of electric power supply chain networks in the Nigeria situation for three different tariff category customers. The network allows for multiple power generators, transmission, and distribution, retailing and demand customers. The supply chain network introduces retailing of power from distributors to demand customers. We derived the optimality conditions of the decision- makers and proved that the governing equilibrium conditions satisfy a variation inequality problem. The variation inequality problem for a single power generator, single transmission, single distributor, single retailer and a demand customer was used to illustrate the method. The multi start optimization method was used to solve the inequality using specified start up value obtained from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) for residential customers with single phase supply with single meter with consumption on 50KWH and below (R1) tariff demand customers, the startup value employed were the average daily of power distributors receive from power generators and the unit cost of power by distributors ; for customers with single phase supply with single phase meter with consumption above 50KWH (R2S) tariff demand customers, the startup value employed were the average daily of power distributors receive from power generators and the unit cost of power by distributors ; for customers with three phase supply with three phase meter with consumption below 45KVA (R2T) tariff demand customers, the startup value employed were the average daily of power distributors receive from power generators and the unit cost of power by distributors, The result of the analysis showed that the least cost of power regardless of the category of customer is N 469.15 while the highest cost is N 473.32. It found that the highest shadow price was N 978.93 for R1 customers while the least was N 928.61 for R2T customers.

Need Ride Friend Carpooling and Chat Using Android System
Authors: I. Piranavanath, Mathula. T

Abstract:-One in every five people in the world has a Smartphone. Use of Smartphone is increasing day by day. The aim of this system is to user using carpooling with messaging android app in the smart phone. This project is about creating a social media application to explore the uses of augmented reality which can be used to improve the user experience in social media. Through the application the users will be able to rate live locations like restaurants, supermarkets, Shopping malls, Arcades and also free places and save live memories in a virtual world created by the augmented reality application. This is going to be very interesting because this social media has these enormous features. The user will feel more lively. They can do useful things through this social media. This will be an android platform. Assume a user wants to go to a place. User can search that place through our social media. Then user will get the list of ratings which were given by his friends. Also when user reaches a place, user can switch on the camera and by our augmented reality application the user can see the friends lively in that specific area. The project will use cloud storage to have a database of the users. It will use Google maps Application program interface (API) in order to get the users locations to the exact point. This application also can understand when the user is entering as well as exiting the place. So while exiting the place the user will get a feedback form to be filled. So that, it will help the user to rate the driver ride.

Structural Properties of Pr1-xSrxFeO3 materials
For Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Authors: Padigela Srinivas Reddy, V. Prashanth Kumar, Suresh Sripada

Abstract:-Pr1-xSrxFeO3 (0≤x≤0.6) is a cathode material, which are set up by sol-gel method. In the example the powders are framed in the scope of 6000C – 7000C. The Sol-Gel is unit for the examples; these described as single stage GdFeO3 kind of perovskite structure utilizing powder XRD. For the example the Orthorhombic distortion diminishes with expanding x esteem. The decrease of pseudo cubic cross section steady is down to earth with Sr content. The crystallite measure for undoped test is in the range 25nm to 30nm and 55nm to 60nm as-incorporated and burn powders individually. The weight reduction is 3% to 26% and in augmentation of x esteem the weight reduction is diminished for as-synthesized powders.

IOT Based Secured Smart Home Automation System Using Raspberry Pie
Authors: Ansari Huzaifa, Ansari Affan, Shaikh Mohammed Ahmed, Shaikh Adeen Shaikh, Mohammed Ashfaque

Abstract:-This documentation presents a home automation system implemented using the Raspberry pi. This paper is a proof of project for a home that can be controlled remotely through the use of device. A controlled home like this can make life more convenient and also safer. The device monitoring aspect of this project demonstrates the ability of being able to know what is going on with different systems at home which can be used for control and safety. For example, the state of some sensors for intruder detection and the state of different devices like fans or lights at home. It is also demonstrated using a few motors, how one can control different systems at home using the Internet. So, a virtual “switch” available in the cloud UI can be toggled to turn on/off a fan at home. This project has a large scope and can be accommodate with many other systems like smart electronic appliances at home. This documentation describes the project implementing the basic framework to achieve such a connected home. It gives a combination of use of hardware and software in the current implementation of the project, future improvements and scope. This project also adds a CCTV camera at the door for intruder detection.

Review of Prediction of Product Recommendation Using Clustering Technique and Voting Scheme
Authors:M. Tech. Scholar Versha Patel, Asst. Prof. Pritesh Jain

Abstract:- On the Internet, the place the number about Decisions might overpower, there will be need will channel, organize Also adequately pass on vital information so as on alleviate those issue of larger part of the information over-burden, which require made a plausibility issue will enormous numbers Internet client. Recommenders methods work out this issue by glancing through enormous volume for quickly made lion’s share of the information on outfit client with redo substance and administrations. This paper examines the different angles and possibilities for particular expectation procedures secured close by suggestion methods set up with serve concerning delineation a compass to Scrutinize and act in the field of proposal strategies.

Review of Study of Stock Market Prediction
Authors:M.Tech.Scholar Sachine Kumawat, Asst. Prof. Pritesh Jain

Abstract:- OSecurities trade conjecture incorporates predicting future estimation of association stock or other cash related instrument traded on an exchange. Distinctive sorts of trading ought to be conceivable in securities trade. It could be at this very moment trading or even whole deal trading anyway if someone can envision the regard or class of that component, it can yield incredible return for the endeavor done. Going before improvement of automated world, markers continued using paper work procedures like essential and particular examination. Distinctive important particular markers like SMA, EMA, and MACD saw to be uncommonly valuable yet with the happening to PC headways and computations, estimate moved into mechanical area. Specialists started fabricating desire structure using Neural Network, Support Vector Machine, Decision Trees, and Hidden Markov Model. Figure precision really improved using algorithmic methodology. This overview covers diverse traditional as well as developmental data burrowing systems used for securities trade desire.

Identity-based Data Auditing and Hiding for Secure Cloud Storage
Authors:M.Tech. Scholar R. Haritha, Asst.Prof. M. Reddi Durga Sree, Asst.Prof. Karamala Suresh

Abstract:- Cloud computing is one of the significant developments that utilizes progressive computational power and upgrades data distribution and data storing facilities. With cloud storage services, users can remotely store their data to the cloud and realize the data sharing with others. Remote data integrity auditing is proposed to guarantee the integrity of the data stored in the cloud. In some common cloud storage systems such as the electronic health records system, the cloud file might contain some sensitive information. The sensitive information should not be exposed to others when the cloud file is shared. Encrypting the whole shared file can realize the sensitive information hiding, but will make this shared file unable to be used by others. How to realize data sharing with sensitive information hiding in remote data integrity auditing still has not been explored up to now. In order to address this problem, we propose a remote data integrity auditing scheme that realizes data sharing with sensitive information hiding in this paper. In this scheme, a sanitizer is used to sanitize the data blocks corresponding to the sensitive information of the file and transforms these data blocks’ signatures into valid ones for the sanitized file. These signatures are used to verify the integrity of the sanitized file in the phase of integrity auditing. As a result, our scheme makes the file stored in the cloud able to be shared and used by others on the condition that the sensitive information is hidden, while the remote data integrity auditing is still able to be efficiently executed. Meanwhile, the proposed scheme is based on identity-based cryptography, which simplifies the complicated certificate management. The security analysis and the performance evaluation show that the proposed scheme is secure and efficient.

Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus Using Data Mining Techniques A Review
Authors: M.Tech.Scholar Varsha Rathour, Asst.Prof. Pritesh Jain

Abstract:- Data mining strategies are utilized to discover intriguing examples for restorative finding and treatment. Diabetes is a gathering of metabolic illness in which there are high glucose levels over a delayed period. This paper focuses on the general writing review identified with different information digging strategies for foreseeing diabetes. This would assist the specialists with knowing different information digging calculation and technique for the expectation of diabetes mellitus.

Review Paper of Corresponding job on Multi-core Processors
Authors:-M.Tech.Scholar Anil Malviya, Assistant Professor Mr.Pritesh Jain

Abstract:- Multi-focus processor advancement has been enhanced awesomely and it is sensibly extraordinary in execution than single focus processors in this way having the ability to engage estimation concentrated nonstop applications with correct arranging confinements. By and large standard multiprocessor nonstop arranging is stick to Sequential models which slight intra-undertaking parallelism while Parallel models, for instance, Open MP have the ability to parallelize specific areas of assignments, thusly provoking shorter response times when possible. In this paper diverse research papers have been assessed and are named Sequential Real-Time Task based Research and Parallel Real-Time Task based Research. Furthermore unique strategies, for instance, attempted part frameworks, arranging methodologies and systems used are considered for differentiating progressing errand booking in multi-focus processors.

Secure VANET Using Trust Management System
Authors:-M.Tech. Scholar Rakesh Mukati, Asst. Prof. Mr. Pritesh Jain

Abstract:-Sooner rather than later we realize that vehicles will speak with one another to make Vehicular specially appointed system and gives the idea of wise transportation framework. In this paper we displayed the survey of security in VANET. Thusly, a few specialists spoke to the attacks and arrangements in vehicular correspondence we investigated a portion of the security issues and proposed answers for defeated it. We talked about the requirement for hearty Vehicular Ad hoc organizes, which is unequivocally subject to their security and protection highlights. This paper will audit the current attacks in VANET in the point of view approach of security. We likewise gave the arrangements to the specific attack in VANET.

Control of Statcom to Enhance Stable Power System Operation
Authors:-M.Tech.Scholar S. Reddiah Raju, Asst. Prof. P., Asst.Prof. V.Sunil Kumar Reddy

Abstract:-In this paper, two control methods namely adaptive voltage control method and d-q axis control method are proposed to ensure proper operation of static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) to provide an efficient and effective means of controlling power system stability. In the aforesaid control methods PI controller has been used to regulate the constant DC link voltage in the DC link capacitor as well reactive power, grid voltage and current. The simulations are conducted in MATLAB/SIMULINK platform. The performance of the STATCOM is investigated both for normal state and disturbances of the power system network. The obtained results ensure that the STATCOM with the mentioned controller has performed well to maintain power system stability by controlling both bus voltages and reactive power in the power system network.

A Survey of Load Balancing in Cloud Computing
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Komal Malakar, Assistant Professor Pritesh Jain

Abstract:-Load Balancing is basic for productive activities in circulated situations. As Cloud Computing is developing quickly and customers are requesting more administrations and better results, stack adjusting for the Cloud has turned into an extremely fascinating and vital research zone. Numerous calculations were recommended to give proficient components and calculations to doling out the customer’s solicitations to accessible Cloud hubs. These approaches intend to upgrade the general execution of the Cloud what’s more, give the client all the more fulfilling and effective administrations. In this paper, we explore the diverse calculations proposed to resolve the issue of load adjusting and undertaking planning for Cloud Processing. We talk about and contrast these calculations with give a review of the most recent methodologies in the field.

A Comparative Study of Delay-Tolerant Network And It’s Various Methods
Authors:- Rohit Hirvey, Ranjan Thakur

Abstract:-Currently the applications along with the research work on the domain of delay-tolerant network has now become very famous these days. Within the delay-tolerant-network there are few storage space is available in each node. Therefore in the absence of the links on the nodes the packets may be stored within the storage space. Delay-tolerant-network is capable to enable the services for communication within the unreachable and mostly in unfriendly areas. Actually the delay-tolerant-network forwarding-algorithms may route the traffic towards the specific nodes to increase the delivery rate and reduces the delays, whereas the traffic required raising these nodes that are now become not useful. In this paper, represent the review on the architecture of the delay-tolerant-network which is discovered at with the some features of the Delay-Tolerant-Mobile-Network routing=protocol within the delay-tolerant-network’s problems.

Analysing of Impact of Code Refactoring on Software Quality Attributes
Authors:-Himanshi Vashisht, Asst. Prof. Sanjay Bharadwaj, Sushma Sharma

Abstract:-Code refactoring is a “Process of restructuring an existing source code.”. It also helps in improving the internal structure of the code without really affecting its external behavior”. It changes a source code in such a way that it does not alter the external behavior yet still it improves its internal structure. It is a way to clean up code that minimizes the chances of introducing bugs. Refactoring is a change made to the internal structure of a software component to make it easier to understand and cheaper to modify, without changing the observable behavior of that software component. Bad smells indicate that there is something wrong in the code that have to refactor. There are different tools that are available to identify and remove these bad smells. Software has two types of quality attributes- Internal and external. In this paper we will study the effect of clone refactoring on software quality attributes.

Review of Image Retrieval System Using Three Level Searching
Authors:-M. Tech. Scholar Saloni Verma, Asst. Prof. Sachine Mahajan

Abstract:-The enormous advanced picture databases are yielded by the across the board of shrewd gadgets alongside the exponential development of virtual social orders. If not combined with effective Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) apparatuses, these databases can be counter-profitable. The presentation of promising CBIR frameworks had been seen a decade ago which advanced applications in different fields. In this publication, an investigation on best in class content-based picture recovery which incorporates hypothetical and observational work is propounded. This work contains distributions that cover parts of research significant to CBIR territory. In other words, unsupervised and administered instruction and mix strategies alongside which the low-level picture visual descriptors have been accounted for. Moreover, difficulties and applications that seemed to convey CBIR explore have been examined in this work.

Survey Paper of Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:-M.Tech. Scholar Akshay Gupta, Asst. Prof. Megha Singh

Abstract:-In recent years there is a quick advancement in the field of Wireless sensor network. This paper gives brief introduction of Wireless sensor associate with its applications in the field of condition, structure checking, keen home watching, Industrial application, prosperity, military, vehicle recognizable proof, blockage control and RFID tag. With movement in WSN, little and simplicity sensor centers end up available, which have limits of Wireless correspondence, recognizing diverse sorts of biological conditions and data getting ready. There are different sorts of coordinating traditions depending on application and framework designing. Guiding traditions give route in the framework and capable multi-skip correspondence. WSNs can be found in various applications like normal native and military by and large which get a handle on enemy interference area, challenge following, calm watching, living space checking, fire acknowledgment and cutting edge.

Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer
Authors:-Viral R Avalani, Kishan V Dave

Abstract:-The Dissolved Gas Analysis has been widely used by utilities throughout the world as the primarily diagnostic tool for transformer maintenance. The gas generated in mineral oil of power transformer can be monitored by all conventional methods, online DGA system and by application of various Artificial Intelligence practices. Assessment techniques for judging power transformer conditions and lifespan has been eye-catching. Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) has proved to be useful tool for diagnostic of incipient and potential faults in power transformers. This paper discusses pros and cons of the various DGA methods in practice and also deals with an experimental investigation carried out to study relation between gas generation and partial discharge. In the second part, a fuzzy logic based interpretation method (FLI), which is based on fuzzy set theory is described and implemented as an improved DGA interpretation method that provides higher reliability and precision of the fault diagnostics.

Iot Based Healthcare Environment System
Authors:- Assistant Professor D.Thilagavathi

Abstract:-The Internet of Things (IOT) evolved in various application areas that include medical care or health care. This technology helps for the patients and doctors to forecast the a variety of diseases exactly and diagnose these diseases according to result, to development of Internet of Things (IoT) more sensors, actuators and mobile campaign have been deployed in to our daily life. The IoT of things has numerous applications in healthcare, from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration. It has prospective to not only keep patients safe and healthy, but to get better how physician distribute care as well. IoT data generated by multi-modal sensors or devices show great differences in formats, domains and types. The full application of this paradigm in healthcare area is a shared hope because it allows medical centers to function more knowledgeably and patients to obtain better treatment, data semantization in IoT, generous out flows, extensive techniques, including its backgrounds, existing challenges and open issues.

Cycle Time Optimization in Injection Moulding
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Munendra Koli

Abstract:-Injection moldings is plastics equivalent of metal die casting. This is the most widely used method of mass producing to close tolerance three dimensional articles over a wide range of sizes and variety of shapes. The parameters are evaluated against the problem of optimizing the cycle time for each part. The Experimental data were collected on IIM Milacron following the designed experiment procedures, and a statistical analysis was performed to give a basis for process improvement recommendations. The results of the experiment showed a way to achieve the goal of optimizing the cycle time in injection molding in a sensible and cost efficient way. In this paper we studied that how to minimize cycle time, how many possible ways are there to optimize the cycle time, what factors influences the cycle time.Any manufacturing activity would like to have optimized productivity and quality. In injection moldings of plastics, if quality is taken care of by part design, mold design and mold precision, then is also ensured on account of zero defect moldings without rejection and optimized cycle time.

Analysis about Classification Techniques on Categorical Data in Data Mining
Authors:- Assistant Professor P. Meena

Abstract:-In recent years, huge amount of data is stored in database which is increasing at a tremendous speed. This requires need for some new techniques and tool to intelligently analyze large dataset to acquire useful information. This growing need demands for a new research field called Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD) or data mining. The main objective of the data mining process is to extract information from a large data set and transform it in to some meaning full form for future use. Classification is the one of data mining techniques which is used to classify categorical data item in a set of data in to one of predefined set of classes or groups, in this paper, the goal is to provide a comprehensive analysis of different classification techniques in data mining that incudes decision tree, Bayesian networks, k-nearest neighbor classifier & artificial neural network.

A Study of Fraud Identification in Online Payment Instruments Using Data Mining Techniques
Authors:- Assistant Professor R. Ramya

Abstract:-The aim of the present work is to survey and analyze the use of electronic payment instruments and fraud detection on banks across the country using statistics and information retrieved from the Central Bank and the data mining techniques. For this purpose, initially, according to the volume of the transactions carried out and using the K-Means algorithm, a label was dedicated to any record. Viewing profile data mining solution that valuable but hidden in mass volume of online transactions, gives valuable information related to this criminal process loses. We analyze some of the recent approaches and architectures where data mining has been applied in the fields of e payment systems. In this study we limit our discussions to data mining in the Context of e-payment systems.

A Study on Image Mining Tools Techniques and Framework
Authors:- Assistant Professor C. Rukmani

Abstract:-Image mining is a vital method which is used to mine knowledge from image. Image segmentation is the primary phase in image mining. Image mining handles with lot of unknown information extraction, image data association and additional patterns which are not clearly accumulated in the images. Image data represents a keystone of many research areas including medicine, forensic criminology, robotics and industrial automation, meteorology and topography as well as education. Therefore, obtaining specific information from image databases has become of great importance. Images as a special kind of data differ from text data as in terms of their nature so in terms of storing and retrieving. Image mining as a research field is an interdisciplinary area combining methodologies and knowledge of many branches including data mining, computer vision, image processing, image retrieval, statistics, recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. This paper aims at reviewing the current state of the IM as well as at describing challenges and identifying directions of the future research in the field.

Product Development Process Using Tendering and Bidding
Authors:- Akash Borasi, Prof. Ravi Nagaich

Abstract:- The development process model is very important to integrated product development. In this paper, the integrated product development architecture was established based on the detail analysis of customer relations between product model and its corresponding process model, where the product data management system was viewed as the exchanging interface and operating platform of information. The integrated development mode by the coupling of product model main line and process model main line was presented. In this mode, both product model and process model are modified synchronously, and this modification is dynamic and mutual. The coupling mechanism between product model and its corresponding process model was established, and the algorithm was also given to evaluate the model coupling effect.

An Enhancement Synchronous Reference Frame (SRF) based of SAF Transmission system
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Shivani Patel, Astt. Prof. Gaurav Katare

Abstract:- The advantage of parallel ac-dc power transmission for the improvement of transient and dynamic stability and damp out oscillations have been established. Present paper proposes a simultaneous ac-dc power flow scheme through the same transmission line to get the advantages of parallel ac-dc transmission to improve stability and damping oscillations as well as to control the voltage profile of the line by controlling the total reactive power flow. Only the basic idea is proposed along with the feasibility study using elementary laboratory model. The main object is to emphasize the possibility of simultaneous ac-dc transmission with its inherent advantage of power flow control. Control methods based on selective harmonic elimination pulse-width modulation (PWM) techniques with fuel cell system offer the lowest possible number of switching transitions and improve the voltage level in SAF transmission system. This feature also results in the lowest possible level of converter switching losses. For this reason, they are very attractive techniques for the voltage-source- converter-(VSC) based high-voltage dc (HVDC) power transmission systems.

An Implimentation of Safety Management Practices And Hazard & Operability Study In Multinational Api Bulk Drugs Company
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Abhishek Rawal, Astt. Prof.Vivek Shukla

Abstract:-Hazard and Operability Analysis is a structured and systematic technique for system examination and risk management. In particular, HAZOP is often used as a technique for identifying potential hazards in a system and identifying operability problems likely to lead to nonconforming products. HAZOP is based on a theory that assumes risk events are caused by deviations from design or operating intentions. Identification of such deviations is facilitated by using sets of “guide words” as a systematic list of deviation perspectives. This approach is a unique feature of the HAZOP methodology that helps stimulate the imagination of team members when exploring potential deviations.

Model for the Creation of Electricity within a Piezoelectric Material under Strain
Authors:- Ramasombohitra NivonjyNomenAhy, Rastefano Elisée

Abstract:-This paper introduces the basis about piezoelectric effect. The reason why electricity is created in piezoelectric material under an external constrain is discussed in detail. The investigation is based on the basic structure of a molecule that composes piezoelectric crystals.

Evolution of Cryptography Based Sheltered Messaging System
Authors:- Assistant Professor L. Gandhi

Abstract:-This paper introduces the basis about piezoelectric effect. The reason why electricity is created in piezoelectric material under an external constrain is discussed in detail. The investigation is based on the basic structure of a molecule that composes piezoelectric crystals.

Load Balancing Using Time Complexity of Proposed Algorithm on Cloud Computing
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Smriti Verma, Asst. Prof. Ashish Tiwari

Abstract:-Cloud Computing is a developing field and lean toward by numerous one at current yet it’s rage is part more rely upon its execution which thusly is excessively rely upon the powerful booking algorithm and load adjusting . In this paper we address this issue and propose a algorithm for private cloud which has high throughput and for open cloud which address the issue of condition awareness likewise with execution. To enhance the throughput in private cloud SJF is utilized for planning and to conquer shape the issue of starvation we utilize limited pausing. For stack adjusting we screen the heap and dispatch the activity to the minimum stacked VM. To acquire advantage and to have open door for future upgrade out in the open cloud condition cognizance is the key factor and for better execution and load adjusting likewise wanted. While stack adjusting enhances the execution, the earth awareness increment the benefit of cloud suppliers.

Dark Channel and Laplace Based Under Water Image Restoration
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Sonam Shrivastav, Asst. Prof. Priya Jha

Abstract:-As the digital world is increasing day by day so number of digital image processing issues are cover by different researchers. Out of those this work focus on under water noise removal which is also known as visibility restoration refers to different methods that aim to reduce or remove the degradation that have occurred while the digital image was being obtained. This paper has utilized the Laplace base distortion detection with dark channel technique for image restoration. Combination of both these techniques helps in identifying the actual color values present in the original image scene. Experiment is done on many images of different environment or category. Results shows that LEDCR (Laplace Edge Based Dark channel Restoration) is better as compare to CBF CBF in [8].

Customer Relation Management an Impact in Tirupur Garment Industries
Authors:- K. Prabha Kumari, S.Tamilvanan

Abstract:-Customers are the most important stake holders in running the business efficiently in the market. In order to retain the customers the CRM act as a tool for managing and servicing the customers. CRM is the step by step process where the manufacturing organizations are following to sustain their customers. In Tirupur most of the Textile manufacturers are using Customer Relation Management as a strategy to retain the customers. In this analysis the researcher taken the impact of CRM and how the CRM act as a tool for efficient increase in turnover of the business. The manufacturers using CRM Software to enable the smooth vendor relationship with internal sales activities, automatic workflow rules, better data organization and enhanced communication to the customers. CRM is the significant component in the business to perceive by prospects of the customers. In this study the impact of CRM was analysed and number of suggestions are given to the manufacturers to develop the customer relationship management in the Tirupur city.

Comparision of High Performence Exclusive or Gate Using 130nm Fet Technology

Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Pankaj Kumar Sikdar, Asst. Prof. Rajesh Kumar Paul

Abstract:- An adder is a switch based digital circuit that performs addition of numbers. In many computers and other kinds of processors adders are used in the arithmetic logic units. They are also utilized in other parts of the processor, where they are used to calculate addresses, table indices, increment and decrement operators, and similar operations. Full Adder/Half Adder is one of the smallest elements used in the complex data processing unit to perform fast arithmetic/logical operations which is designed by EX-OR/EX-NOR gate. The main aim of this paper is a design of existing systematic cell design methodology (SCDM) based three input EX-OR gate and compare it with older one. Intension behind a novel SCDM based design is to improve propagation delay and reduce Energy/power dissipation. Traditional dynamic N-channel FET, dynamic P-channel FET and new hybrid type systematic cell design methodology (SCDM) is designed and compare with proposed on the basis of following parameter like propagation time delay, average dynamic power consumption, energy consumption, and Area on SoC. It is observed that the SCDM based design has least delay, power dissipation, energy consumption and occupies minimum no. of transistor.

Static and Materialistic Analysis of Crankshaft
Authors:- PG. Scholar Surabhi Sharma , Dr. P.K. Sharma

Abstract:- Crankshaft is one of the large components with a complex geometry in internal combustion engine which converts the reciprocating displacement of the piston into a rotary motion. the main reason of failure was determined as lower surface hardness followed by rapid wear due to the contact of crankpin and bearing surface. The contact was resulted due to absence of oil and improper lubrication The modeling of the single cylinder petrol engine crankshaft is created using Auto-Cad Software. Finite element analysis (FEA) is performed to obtain the variation of stress at critical locations of the crank shaft using the ANSYS software. The material of the crankshaft EN-19 has been changed to ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) and then the properties were compared with previous material.

A Survey on Outsourced Data Privacy Preserving Techniques Association Rule
Authors:- Phd. Scholar Ravindra Tiwari, Associate Prof. Priti Maheshwary

Abstract:- Protecting user personal knowledge is a crucial concern for society. The daily use of the word privacy concerning secure data sharing and analysis is commonly imprecise and should be dishonest. To protect privacy of individual, many strategies will be applied on knowledge before or on the method of mining. The branch of study that embody these privacy considerations are referred as Privacy Preserving Data Mining (PPDM). So this paper focuses on this problem of increasing the robustness of the data. Here various approaches adopt by researchers are detailed with their field of security. Some of issue related to the papers are also discussed. Various approaches of association rule mining are explained for finding the or hiding the hidden information as well.

Optimal design of Renewable Energy, Water and sewage Pumping System for a community, Case Study New El-Farafra Oasis, Egypt
Authors:- M. Osama abed el-Raouf, Adel. Mallawany, Mahmoud A. Al-Ahmar, Fahmy M El Bendary

Abstract:- The design and evaluation of a stand-alone hybrid renewable energy system for pumping underground water for a newly proposed community in EL-Farafra-Egypt are presented. Solar radiation, wind speed and environmental conditions for the proposed location are given. Moreover the loads are calculated carefully according to Egyptian codes, the optimal size of the system components are obtained using the simulation tools HOMER based on economic optimization criteria represented in the net present cost and the cost of energy. The compared water pumping systems are; PV only, Wind turbine only, PV/wind turbine. The study was illustrated for climatic conditions of an isolated area in El-new Farafra oasis, Egypt. Water pumping system is simulated for drinking purposes in the proposed site. The results show the NPC and COE are lower in the case of PV only and increased by using a wind turbine system due to the lower wind speed rates in the specified location. The COE was0. 215 $/kWh for PV only and 0.835$/kWh for Wind only.

Enhancing Colour Development of Photo chromic Prints on Textile
Authors:- Asst. Prof. D. Anita Rachel, T.S. Thirumalaivasan

Abstract:- Textile UV-radiation sensors has lately been introduced to the field of smart textiles. Inkjet printing has been used as means of application due to the effective and resource efficient process. UV-LED radiation curing has been used in combination with inkjet printing in favour of low energy requirements, solvent free solution and reduced risk of clogging in the print heads. The problems arising when exposing photo chromic prints to UV-radiations are that oxygen inhibition during the curing and photo-oxidation in the print reduces the prints ability to develop colour. It is the oxygen in the air in combination with UV-radiation that gives the photo-oxi dating behavior. The aim of the study is to with the aid of physical protection reduce the effect of oxygen inhibition and photo-oxidation in the prints. Three types of physical treatments were used, wax coating, protein based impregnation and starch based impregnation. Treatments were applied before curing as well as after curing and the colour development after activation during 1 min of UV-radiation was measured with a spectrophotometer. Multiple activations were also tested to see how the treatments affected the fatigue behaviour of the prints over time. The aim was to have as high colour development as possible reflecting reduced oxygen inhibition and photo-oxidation. Results showed significantly higher colour development for samples treated with wax and whey powder before curing, but reduced colour development for amylase impregnation. Over time whey powder before curing showed highest colour development due to highest initial colour development. Lowest fatigue was seen for washed samples containing the chemical stabilizer HALS, showing an increased colour development. In reference to earlier studies the protective properties of wax and whey powder is due to their oxygen barrier properties protecting the print. The tested treatments have shown that it is possible to reduce the effect of photo-oxidation during curing leading to prints giving higher colour development. This gives a great stand point when improving existing and future application of photo chromic prints on textiles.

Design of Cost Aware Secure Routing (CASER) Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar G. Vamsiviraj, Asst. Prof. A. Uday Kishore

Abstract:- Remote sensor system of all inclusive circulated self-ruling sensors to screen physical or ecological conditions, for example, temperature, commotion, weight and so on and to helpfully go their information through the system to a primary area. CASER convention is utilized to build the lifetime of the system. Vitality utilization and security are the two clashing issues in WSN. In this paper, first propose a novel secure and proficient Cost-Aware Secure Routing (CASER) custom to address these two clashing issues through two compact parameters: vitality equity control (EBC) and probabilistic-based abstract strolling, at that point affirm that the noteworthiness use is really disproportional to the uniform essentialness plan for the given system topology, which fantastically reduces the lifetime of the sensor structures. To manage this issue, we propose proficient non-uniform vitality affiliation logic to move the lifetime and message development degree under a similar importance asset and security fundamental. Correspondingly give a quantitative security examination on the proposed controlling convention. For the non-uniform centrality plan, our examination displays that we can expand the lifetime and the aggregate number of messages that can be passed on under a similar Speculation. Also propose rest prepared state means complete a high message transport degree while anticipating organizing blocking strikes.

Socioeconomic Impacts of Tertiary Institution Cultism on Nigeria Youths History and Overviews
Authors:- Agha Romanus Urom, Okpani Otunta ESQ, Farouk Agha Uche, Emmanuel Ogbonnaya Egwu

Abstract:- Cultism is one of the significant indecencies standing up to the Nigerian instructive area today. The exercises of these gatherings have caused the passing of many. Mystery Cult bunches are widespread in higher foundations in the Country and have turned into a smear on the correct improvement of the Nigerian youth. The fundamental conditions for continued scholarly culture have been disintegrated in tertiary establishment. Also, it has been a negative effect in tertiary establishment which little consideration has been given to the outcome. Here and there understudies are assaulted, killing with acids, charms, cleavers, Knives, firearms, sunlight and pack rapping, death toll, property and badgering of female understudies. There is no harmony in grounds, arrangement of examination negligence, murdering of teachers. Advertising as critical thinking correspondence are relied upon to make methodologies to illuminate the understudies and make them mindful of what is required of in a scholastic.In order to tackle this problem successfully this paper recommends that both the students and general public and the government should take the challenges upon themselves. It focuses on the relevance measures in which public relations and any external body could adopt to solve social phenomenon in tertiary institution in Nigeria. Therefore this paper tries to portray the relationship and effect on socioeconomic wellbeing of youths in Nigeria tertiary institutions.

A Review on Smart Grid and its Application
Authors:- PG. Scholar Kiruthiga Devi V, Prof. Venkatesan T, Asst.Prof. Sri Vidhya D

Abstract:- Electricity is most versatile and widely used form of energy. The growing worldwide population is dynamic and will create more increase of electricity. Providing stable and sustainable electricity supply is a heavy stress on today’s grid. The power grids must be modernized to meet the needs of 21st century society and economy, which increasingly rely on digital and electronic technologies. The Conventional energy sources like coal are also depleting day by day. The Smart Grid pays way to deliver the Growing demand for power and to minimize the increased complexity of power grids. Smart Grid integrates modern technologies and renewable energy resources in to future power grid in order to supply more efficient and reliable electric power. This paper gives overview about the role of fault current limiter, phase measurement unit in smart grid, the demand side management, voltage stability problems in smart grid and application of smart grid in hybrid vehicle.

Techniques for Fully Integrated Intra/Inter Chip Optical Communication
Authors:- Mrs. K.P. Joshi

Abstract:- Inter/ Intra chip optical communication eliminates all data and control pads generally present in conventional chip. It replaces them with a new type of ultra-compact, low power optical interconnect communication technique. It enables entirely optical through-chip buses that could service hundreds of thinned stacked dies. Even in tight power budgets, very high throughputs and communication density could be achieved. The core of the optical interconnect is a CMOS single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) operating in pulse position modulation. CMOS compatible optical interconnect techniques based on miniaturized optical channels. By using optical communication technique one can achieve high throughputs i. e. several gigabits per second at very low cost in terms of area and power dissipation, so as to represent a real alternative to conventional systems. In this seminar communication between inter/intra chip will be discussed using optical communication technique.

Highly Confidential Security System Using Otp
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Alka Porwal, Asst. Prof. Ajit Saxena

Abstract:- In today’s crazy busy life style it is not very uncommon for us all to be forgetful. We often fail to remember our passwords, mail ids, pan card numbers, passport details, study certificate numbers etc. this kind of data is confidential and at present we store them manually (i.e mobiles, sticky notes) which is very easy to lose or even hacked. The “Highly Confidential Security System” Aims at developing a web application through which user can store his confidential data in a very secured way.

Image Stenography Using Reversible Texture Synthesis
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Sheshank Porwal, Asst. Prof. Ajit Saxena

Abstract:- Steganography is the art of covered or hidden writing. The purpose of steganography is covert communication-to hide the existence of a message from a third party. This paper is intended as a high-level technical introduction to stegano graphy for those unfamiliar with the field. It is directed at forensic computer examiners who need a practical understanding of stegano graphy without delving into the mathematics, although references are provided to some of the ongoing research for the person who needs or wants additional detail. Although this paper provides a historical context for steganography, the emphasis is on digital applications, focusing on hiding information in online image or audio files. Examples of software tools that employ steganography to hide data inside of other files as well as software to detect such hidden files will also be presented.

Image Processing Based Optical Character Recognition
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Bhawna Singh, Asst. Prof. Ajit Saxena

Abstract:- Handwritten Character Recognition by using Template Matching is a system which is useful to recognize the character or alphabets in the given text by comparing two images of the alphabet. The objectives of this system prototype are to develop a program for the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system by using the Template Matching algorithm . This system has its own scopes which are using Template Matching as the algorithm that applied to recognize the characters, which are in both in capitals and in small and the numbers used with courier new font type, using bitmap image format with 240 x 240 image size and recognizing the alphabet by comparing between images which are already stored in our database is already . The purpose of this system prototype is to solve the problems of blind peoples who are not able to read , in recognizing the character which is before that it is difficult to recognize the character without using any techniques and Template Matching is as one of the solution to overcome the problem.

Supervised learning in data mining using Transformation Regression Technique
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Karan Bahal

Abstract:- The presented paper focuses on supervised learning in data mining and machine learning areas for small data sets. In the paper, the precision of data mining regression model is increased by special transformation technique, which transforms the original regression task into a new regression task, equivalent with the original. In the paper, transformation was successfully applied on synthetic and real data sets with positive results.

Impact of Bromocresol Purple in Organic and Inorganic Matrix on Optical Properties
Authors:- Mohd Nasha’ain Nordin, Nik Mohd Aziz Nik Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Aswad Mahaidin

Abstract:- Sol-gel matrix derived from from organic and inorganic moieties offer interesting features such as chemical and mechanical stability. Mixture of organic vinyltriethoxysilane (VTES) and inorganic tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) produce sol-gel matrices with improvement in density, flexibility and optical properties. Bromocresol purple and 18-crown-6-ether are added into the sol-gel mixture with 75:25 of VTES to TEOS ratio. The effect of incorporated bromocresol purple and 18-crown-6-ether to the sol-gel matrices is study using SEM, TGA, FTIR and UV-Vis. It is found that sol-gel matrices incorporated with bromocresol purple and 18-crown-6-ether improves response sensitivity and has the prospect to be developed as a new sensing materials.After a while a pH-sensitive indicator bromocresol purple (BCP) and surfactant were incorporate into the sol-gel mixture. The percentage of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) which act as surfactant were varied to observe the effect of improving host material’s nanostructure as well as the interaction between BCP and sol-gel matrices. The absorption peak of the BCP dye changed significantly in the presence of surfactant compared to pure VTES: TEOS mixture (control) in the range of 400 to 450nm.

Distribution of Electric Field InElectro Osmotic Consolidation of Soil
Authors:- Yaju Sayami

Abstract:- In earlier times, Electro-osmosis of soil was used to extract minerals like gold, iron etc from the soil but in recent days, electro-osmosis has been used for consolidation of soil. Electro-osmosis of soil has been a great boon in the field of geotechnical engineering. Many improvements have been brought to this field like replacing electrodes as Electro-Kinetic Geosynthetics(EKG), which has greatly reduced electric consumption. However, it still has many problems like the soil around the electrodes are found to be more consolidated and dry. In this paper, we will be discussing the different causes and solutions on how to eliminate or reduce this problem by studying the distribution of the electric field in the soil. This is a simulation-based experiment, two models with different dimension and positioning of EKG will be compared, in which distribution of the electric field will be obtained as results. By analyzing the results, the effective positioning of EKG is determined.

A Review Paper for Face Emotion Reconization
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Bhawana Choubey, Asst.Prof. Shiv Bhatnagar

Abstract:- Those biometric might be an examination of humanity’s lead method Furthermore Characteristics. Face recognition will be a strategy from asserting biometric. Distinctive philosophies require help used for it. A survey for realize these frameworks is in this paper for dismembering Different computations Also strategies. Face recognition will create expansion from guaranteeing biometric for security as no stands up to might make vanquished Likewise a security approach. Thus, how we could see a face for that help for workstations is accommodated in this paper.

A Literature Survey on Zigbee
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Bhawana Choubey, Asst.Prof. Shiv Bhatnagar

Abstract:- This hypothetical tells about a Wireless Technological Device which is notable for to an extraordinary degree Low Power, and Low Bit Rate Wireless PAN Technology called ZigBee. ZigBee is proposed for remote Automation and other lower data endeavors’, for instance, splendid home motorization and remote checking. ZigBee is an insignificant exertion, low-control, remote work sorting out standard. The insignificant exertion empowers the advancement to be for the most part passed on in remote control and watching applications, the low power use permits longer presence with smaller batteries, and the work sorting out gives high steadfastness and bigger expands. Due to the negligible exertion and low power utilize this remote development is commonly used in Home Automation, Smart Energy, Telecommunication Applications, Personal Home, and Hospital Care. ZigBee enables new open entryways for remote sensors and control frameworks. ZigBee is standard based, negligible exertion, can be used all around, strong and self-repairing, supports tremendous number of center points, easy to pass on ,long battery life and secure.

Analysis of Secant Algorithm for Optimal Path Length of Point-To-Point Microwave Link
Authors:- Ezenugu, A. Isaac, Onwuzuruike, V. Kelechi

Abstract:- In this study, Secant algorithm was developed for computing the optimal path length of a point-to-point microwave. Also, the impact of various parameters on the convergence of the algorithm is also presented. Mathlab program was developed and used to carry out sample numerical computations of optimal path length and other performance parameters for a given microwave link. The results showed that convergence cycle of 5 is achieved for a microwave link operating at the frequency of 12 GHz and in rain zone N, with percentage availability of 99.99% . Also, the results showed that the secant algorithm , as presented in this study is suitable for the occasion when rain fading dominates. In that case, the convergence cycle of the secant algorithm is quite stable, maintaining values between 5 and 6 even in the face of variations in frequency, percentage availability and rain rate. In any case, the secant method can still be improved to yield low convergence cycle in the face of multipath fading. Furthermore, the iterative secant method may not be needed when the multipath fading dominate since it is possible to develop close form mathematical solution to determine the optimal path length when the multipath fading dominates.

Development of Empirical Model for Estimation of the Vertical Profile of Radio Refractivity
Authors:- Onwuzuruike, V. Kelechi, Ezenugu, A. Isaac

Abstract:- Values of meteorological parameters vary with altitude. As such, models that can be used to estimate the parameters need to include altitude as one of the variables. In this paper, empirical model is developed for estimating the vertical profile of radio refractivity based on available meteorological data and the altitude at which parameters were obtained. The study was based on Cross River state meteorological data obtained from Radio sounde measurement carried out by Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET). The empirical model estimates radio refractivity as a function of altitude. The model has maximum absolute percentage error of 0.0176%. The model was validated with meteorological data for Akure in the South Western of Nigeria and the model gave maximum absolute percentage error of 0.0849%. The empirical model provides simpler way to determine the vertical profile of radio refractivity from the basic atmospheric parameters, namely, temperature, pressure and relative humidity.

A Survey Diabetes Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Arvind Aada, Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract:- Diabetes is a one of the main source of visual impairment, kidney disappointment, removals, heart disappointment and stroke. When we eat, our body transforms sustenance into sugars, or glucose. By then, our pancreas should discharge insulin. Insulin fills in as a “key” to open our cells, to enable the glucose to enter – and enable us to utilize the glucose for vitality. In any case, with diabetes, this framework does not work. A few noteworthy things can turn out badly – causing the beginning of diabetes. Type 1 and sort 2 diabetes are the most widely recognized types of the malady, yet there are additionally different sorts, for example, gestational diabetes, which happens amid pregnancy, just as different structures. This paper centers on ongoing advancements in AI which have had noteworthy effects in the recognition and analysis of diabetes.

Zigbee on Wireless Sensor Network
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Amol Ramdas Kasar, Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract:- A wireless sensor network (WSN) comprises of sensors which are thickly conveyed to screen physical or ecological conditions, for example, temperature, sound, weight, and so on. The sensor information is transmitted to organize organizer which is heart of the remote individual zone arrange. In the cutting edge situation remote systems contains sensors just as actuators. ZigBee is recently created innovation that chips away at IEEE standard 802.15.4, which can be utilized in the wireless sensor network (WSN). The low information rates, low power utilization, minimal effort are fundamental highlights of ZigBee. WSN is made out of ZigBee organizer (arrange facilitator), ZigBee switch and ZigBee end gadget. The sensor hubs data in the system will be sent to the organizer, the facilitator gathers sensor information, stores the information in memory, process the information, and course the information to proper hub.

Security on Android Devices
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Ronak Jain, Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract:- This paper contains profundity depiction of security models of current portable working framework like Android, iOS and Windows Phone. These security models are foundations of security on current stages. Regardless of various methodologies of security they share a great deal of for all intents and purpose. This paper additionally contains the most examined security issue of these days, Malware. Depiction of pernicious programming is from Application-based view. Be that as it may, present day working framework has solid assurance against infections and different kinds of disease through its security display, the weakest purpose of cell phones are still clients. These clients for the most part introduce extra programming into their gadgets. This paper centers on Android malware contamination and gives a couple of assurance strategies against this sort security risk.

Rumors detection in Social networking on twitter
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Garvesh Joshi , Prof. Sakshi Tiwari

Abstract:- Online internet based life sites like Twitter has turned out to be a standout amongst the most mainstream stages for individuals to get or spread data. Notwithstanding, without any balance and utilization of publicly supporting, there is no certification that the data shared is valid or not. This makes online web based life profoundly vulnerable to the spread of bits of gossip. As a major aspect of our work, we research all things considered a dataset on which talk identification was done in the past in 2009 and perform AI calculations like k-closest neighbor and gullible bayes classifier to recognize tweets spreading bits of gossip. We present the after-effects of our review investigation and extraction of client properties. A calculation for pre-processing on tweet content is proposed to hold key data to be passed on to learning calculation to acquire improved outcomes to the extent gossip discovery precision is concerned.

Identification of Vulgar Comments on social Media using data mining
Authors:- Jash Parekh, Harshad Shewale, Aman Mahajan

Abstract:- Data Mining is the process of finding anomalies, pattern and co- relations within large data sets to predict outcomes. These outcomes can then be manipulated to get our desired results and then work accordingly. Social media has greatly enriched people’s lives, allowing them to share or post their feelings through posting various comments or pictures. Some friends or people comments are such vulgar that usually the person sharing the post deletes the post. Our approach is to detect such vulgar comments and delete them immediately, as soon as they are posted by someone and even after deleting such comments the user on who’s post the comment was posted, gets to know the name of the person and comment which was posted. We are using Quick Sort algorithm for sorting comment. Through this project we aspire to remove negative comments and thus keep posts clean.

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