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Latest Research Topic for computer science are:


Data Mining include analysis of large amount of unorganized data in form of text files, image, tabular data, etc. Here further classification of this is done by working in specific area of research such as

  • Web Mining:

    Here website related information like page content optimization can be done by using its features of web log, web content, web structure.

    Web Page Prediction: This comes under web mining where web log is use for understanding the user behavior on the website, in this step page content was also used. Some algorithm like Ant colony,  markov modal, etc are use for the same.

    Web Page Ranking: In this work website various pages are analyzed for ranking the pages of the site by using methods of google rank, linear rank, page rank etc.

  • Text Mining:

    Here documents are either arrange, summarized, fetch, etc by using pattern or Term feature.

    Content Retrieval / Document Retrieval / Information Retrieval: In this work text files are either arrange in specific order OR fetch list of files based on the query of user.

  • Temporal Mining:

    Here analysis done on the basis of time stamp where various information are summarized as per there happening and there causes.

    Event Activity Happening: In this work events are proposed with there probability where chance of data going was done.

    Nature Prediction: Large amount of information gather from the satellite images for predicting the glacier movements, galaxy analysis.

Published by:

IJSRET Volume 3 Issue 4, July-2017


Efficient and Scalable Multiple Class Classification: A Review[76-79]

Author: Tarun Yadav

An Approach to Detect Malicious URL through Selective Classification[80-84]

Author: Ghanshyam Sen, Himanshu Yadav, Anurag Jain

Use of LC-Filters to Protect Equipment from Electromagnetic Pulse: Is it Real Necessity or “Bisiness as Usual”?[85-89]

Author: Vladimir Gurevich

Pilot Tone based Winner Filtering Approach for Carrier Channel Offset Estimation in OFDM Systems[90-95]

Author: Shweta Sharma, Minal Saxena

Node Replacement and Alternate Path based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for MANET[96-101]

Author: Nehalastami, Hansa Acharya

Published by:

IJSRET Volume 3 Issue 3, May-2017


An Effective Attack Analysis and Defense in Web Traffic Using Only Timing Information [50-53]


An Novel Approach for Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation in OFDM Systems [54-58]

Author: Neelam Kushwaha, Dharmendra Kumar Singh

Encrypted and Unencrypted Computation for Abstract Machine [59-62]

Author: Thripthi.P.Balakrishnan, Mr. S.Vijayanand, Dr. T. Senthil Prakash

Software Defined Visibility using REST API [63-66]

Author: Sindhu T, Shilpa Biradar

Battery Power Aware LAR Protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network [67-69]

Author: Tarun Yadav

LAR Protocol over Mobile Ad-Hoc Network: Survey [70-75]

Author: Jasmeen Akhter, Akhilesh Shukla

Published by:

IJSRET Volume 3 Issue 2, March-2017


Comparative Study on Pilot Tone based Approach for Channel Offset Estimation in OFDM Systems [25-28]

Author: Raghvendra Sharma, Saurabh Pandey, Anubhav Sharma

Community Detection on Social Media: A Review [29-33]

Author: Sweta Rai, Shubha Chaturvedi, Anurag Jain

Survey on Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks[34-38]

Author: Krishna Kant Sharma, Prof. Shivendra Dubey, Prof. Mukesh Dixit

Efficient and Scalable Multiple Class Classification using Bee Colony based Probabilistic Approach[39-44]

Author: Tarun Yadav

Real-Time Transferring of Optimized Levels with Carbon and Nitrogen Gases[45-49]

Author: K. Susitra, K. Vijayalakshmi, P.N Jeipratha

Published by: