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Scholars, researchers and other academic individuals who want to publish their research paper or articles but don’t have any idea what process is required in submitting paper to journal for research publication or what steps they should take so that their work gets published in a research journal. 

This blog will cover all the aspects that help young scholars as well as academic individuals who just begin their research journey and looking for portals for submitting article for publication. 

Submit Paper Now

Firstly cover the things one should know in advance if opting for an international journal for paper publications. Students should check the following before submitting a research article or paper in it.

Paper Publication Charges

Research domain – Check the research domain of the journal. If you are opting for a journal which does not publish in the same domain as yours then eventually submitted paper would get rejected in the first phase of reviewing. So why go with the way that does not lead anywhere instead of checking the archive section of the journal to know the prospective research areas of that journal.

Reviewing process – reviewing plays an important role while publishing research work. An author learns a lot through peer reviewing and works to improve their research work through the suggestions given by reviewers. Journal’s offer different types of peer reviewing single blind, double blind, open peer review etc to ensure the quality of the research papers before publication.

Editorial board – Some research papers  need expertise in related subjects.  One should check the editorial board of that journal whether they have the required expertise in related domains to ensure quality reviewing and relevant paper publication in the journal.  

Citations – citations show an average number or rate of the research papers cited by individuals. It reflects the quality of research work published in the journal.

Process of submitting paper to journal

  • Go to the journal’s website and look for a submit paper portal. It can be named as manuscript submission, submit paper, submit manuscript etc. 
  • Fill the details asked by the journal for paper submission. Like- author name, research domain, department, title of the paper, abstract, corresponding authors (if required), contact details, email, etc.
  • Now upload the research document in the format accepted by the journal then click on the submit button.

You have successfully submitted your research paper to the journal. Now wait for the response from the other side. Generally it would take 10 to 15 days. So wait patiently. 

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