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International journals for paper publication

International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends (IJSRET) is not restricted to research done in the field of science and engineering but it will also accept papers which come under sub category of science and engineering. It is very important for a researcher and scholar to read the authors guidelines carefully in any International journals for paper publication. The research area should only be related to scientific and engineering topics. The content to the paper should be relevant and accurate.

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Some of the research topic we accept related to science and engineering are as under-

  1. Computer science
  2. Electronic
  3. Electrical
  4. Mechanical
  5. Civil engineering
  6. Mathematics
  7. Basic science
  8. Nano technology

Apart from the above fields if your research is done in any field related to science and engineering then you can submit your research paper to us. International journals for paper publication are a journal that gives you the benefit of publishing your paper internationally with low publication charges. Along with that there are some more benefits which you will get on our journal. They are as under:

  1. Direct link submission: You will get the benefit to submit your paper with just one click. You just need to fill few important details like-
  • Author’s name
  • Author’s contact number
  • Email address
  • Paper title
  • Author’s address
  • Keyword
  • Attach your manuscript

After filling the entire mandatory field your paper will be successfully submitted by the website. Before submitting read the note carefully which is written below on the submission form.

  1. Global access facility- Global access facility for each client will be there. You can access our site and check the volume anytime and from anywhere across the globe.
  2. Online submission: The main benefit of online submission is that even if you want to submit your paper in the midnight it will be successfully submitted. Though we will check your manuscript afterwards but at that time it will be successfully submitted to us.
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International scientific journal

IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends) is a peer reviewed international scientific journal. IJSRET is a best deal for fresher who are looking for a journal to publish their research paper in the field of scientific research, engineering and technology. We have qualified and professional staffs who are experts in science and engineering field. Students who are pursuing masters and PhD in the scientific field need to publish their research paper. To select a scientific journal will become a very tough task for them. Sometimes they got confused because there are many journals out there and think which journal is better to publish their research paper. Before selecting any journal to publish their research paper one must check whether the journal is genuine and safe or not.

What makes us safe and secure?

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Below given points will give you the surety that our journal is safe and secure to publish your research paper internationally-

    1. Valid payment gateway: Payment gateway used while transferring money should be safe and secure. In some journals no valid payment methods is used that is why will not be able to transfer money easily to the other person account. Sometimes the money hot stuck while transfer so; it has become very important to use a valid payment gateway.
    2. Trusted team: We have a highly professional and qualified team working in our journal. Our team never discloses any information which is related to any of our client to any outsider. Our team is seriously committed to the tasks given to them they believe in the policy of honesty and loyalty.

ISSN approved: This is the first and the foremost thing that should come in the list of safety and security while choosing a journal to publish your research paper. If you are choosing any journal to publish research internationally paper make sure that is should be an ISSN approved journal. IJSRET is an ISSN approved international scientific journal.

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Fast Publishing Journals

Scholars and researchers who are pursuing PhD and Masters degree always want to publish their paper in a Fast publishing journals to save their precious time. It has become a very tough task for them to choose a journal to publish their research paper, review paper and survey paper internationally. Sometimes they also got confused that on what basis they can identify a journal as a good journal to publish their research paper. IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends) has taken out some important point on the basis of which author and researchers can choose a best journal for their paper publishing.

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The following are the points to identify a good journal to publish your research paper. They are as under-

  • Check impact factor– Impact factor of any journal is very important in deciding its value. To know the ranking of any journal in the current year check its impact factor. The journal will be highly ranked if its impact factor is high. You can check the impact factor of any of the journal from its website; one must check the impact factor of the journal before publishing their paper.
  • Digital certificate– If a journal is providing you digital certificate for the publishing of your paper then it would be great for you. Always go through the ethics and rights of the author shown in the journal. It is very important to know about the rights of the authors before publishing the paper.
  • Responsive team– Proper support and response for publishing the paper is very important. There are many questions and thoughts which arise before publishing the paper in any of the journal. Researchers and scholars must check that the journal has responsive team or not. Every journal should hire a great expert team to solve client’s queries and issues.
  • Index– There is a separate section is given in every journal to show there indexing format. Authors must check which indexing format the journal is following. Proper indexing plays a very important role in the publishing of the paper.

Above we have mentioned some important point which author must check before publishing their paper in any fast publishing journals. If a journal has high impact factor, responsive team, providing you digital certificate and follow a proper indexing format then it will be a great platform to publish your paper to that journal.

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International journal publication

International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends (IJSRET) is an ISSN approved journal with impact factor more then 3. IJSRET will provide you international journal publication in a very low publication charges. Research in the field of science and engineering will be accepted here. Our journal has a very strict terms and conditions towards the publishing of the research paper internationally. Though we provide a fast publication service to our researchers and scholars but our reviewing process is very firm.


Before submitting the paper there are many questions that arises in the researchers and scholars mind. Especially fresher who are publishing their paper for the first time there are many questions which will arise in his mind. So, for them we have made a publishing process very easy and safe for them. We have a very easy submission process with a secure payment method. In the case of payment it is hard to trust anyone especially online. Our journal has a valid payment gateway that is very safe and secure. To submit your paper with us just follow the below steps-

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  1. Submit manuscript: Submitting manuscript to us is very easy and simple process. We have designed each and every step here simple and smooth for you. To submit your research paper to us just click on the paper submission from the top most section on our website. Two options will be given there to submit your paper first submit directly by filling the form or else email your paper to any of the email address.
  2. Received by us: Once you submission process is completed your paper will be received by us. We will send you an acknowledgement mail that your paper is successfully received by us and we will ask you to wait 2-3 days for the reviewing process.
  3. Reviewing process: When your paper is under reviewing process it will be deeply analyzed and studied by our professional team. This is a very crucial part where the decision is taken that your paper will be accepted or rejected. Whatever will be the final decision that will only be taken by our reviewers. They will check that your research paper is up to mark or not. After that we will email you with the final information.
  4. Payment process: Payment process in IJSRET is safe and secure. If your paper is accepted by our reviewers then our team will send you an acceptance mail and will ask you pay some particular amount. Here how much you have to pay that will also be decided by our team, we reduce the amount as per our reviewers comment up to Rs. 500 for Indian authors.
  5. Publishing process: Once your payment is received by us then your paper will be published within 2-3 days. After that our team will mail you that your paper is published successfully. IJSRET is providing you fast and easy international journal publication service in a very low publication charges.
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 International journal of electrical engineering

IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends) is an International journal of electrical engineering or any of the engineering related fields. There are mainly six major branches of engineering:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Chemical engineering
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Management engineering
  6. Geotechnical engineering

The above mention fields are the main branches of engineering but many subcategories of these branches are there. Research paper on any of the subcategory of electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering and so on will be accepted here.

How to get your paper published fast with IJSRET:

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  1. Carefully fill the form: When authors and researchers fill the form to submit their manuscript it is very important to read all field carefully and fill the correct details. Sometimes when researchers fill the details incorrectly their paper will be rejected.
  2. Spelling check: Researchers must avoid the silly mistakes while filling the form. Small mistakes like incorrect spelling, incorrect details, incomplete information, and invalid topic will not let their paper accepted. If you want us to accept your paper fast then researcher should avoid small mistakes like I have mentioned above.
  3. Wrong sequence: Wrong sequence used in the article can also become a cause for research paper rejection or revision. If you have used a wrong sequence in the figure, table and paragraph then it might become a cause for paper rejection and revision.

IJSRET is a fast International journal of electrical engineering and for other branches in engineering. If you want your paper to get published fast in IJSRET then kindly follow the above instruction.

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Publish Paper in International Journal

Before finding an International journal to publish your research paper, researchers and authors should study the proper way to publish a research paper. Sometimes when scholars and researcher doesn’t follow the proper steps and process then their paper will get automatically rejected by the reviewers. How can you Publish paper in international journal is thee common question which arise in every authors mind before publishing. IJSRET is showing you the correct and accurate way to get your paper published in international journal.

Steps to publish research paper in IJSRET:

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  1. Detect a research issue: The primary task you need to do is to detect a research problem in an article. Research problem can be detected by going through to some recent reports and articles of your field.


  1. Survey: Do not think that finding a solution of your detected problem in an article will be easy. Authors and researchers need to do a survey and investigation to find a better solution of the detected problem. After a deep analysis and study the solution of a detected problem will be found.


  1. Advantages and limitations: After finding a better solution of the detected problem authors and researchers need to find the advantages and limitations of that solution.


  1. Application of the solution: It is a very important stage where researchers need to apply their investigated solution for a problem and try to solve a problem in their own way and find out their advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Make a comparison: You need to make a comparison between your investigated solution and existing solution. You need to also proof here why your presented solution of the problem is better.


  1. Find a journal: Now what a last thing you need to do is to find an international journal to publish your research paper. Finding a right international journal to publish your research paper, review paper and survey paper will be a very tough task for you. IJSRET is giving you a platform to Publish paper in international journal in a very easy way. If you do your research according to the above described steps then your research paper will be easily publish in any of the international journal.
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