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IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends) is an International journal of electrical engineering or any of the engineering related fields. There are mainly six major branches of engineering:

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Chemical engineering
  3. Civil engineering
  4. Electrical engineering
  5. Management engineering
  6. Geotechnical engineering

The above mention fields are the main branches of engineering but many subcategories of these branches are there. Research paper on any of the subcategory of electrical engineering. Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, geotechnical engineering and so on will be accepted here.

How to get your paper published fast with IJSRET:

Submit Your Paper 

Check Publication Charges


  1. Carefully fill the form: When authors and researchers fill the form to submit their manuscript it is very important to read all field carefully and fill the correct details. Sometimes when researchers fill the details incorrectly their paper will be rejected.
  2. Spelling check: Researchers must avoid the silly mistakes while filling the form. Small mistakes like incorrect spelling, incorrect details, incomplete information, and invalid topic will not let their paper accepted. If you want us to accept your paper fast then researcher should avoid small mistakes like I have mentioned above.
  3. Wrong sequence: Wrong sequence used in the article can also become a cause for research paper rejection or revision. If you have used a wrong sequence in the figure, table and paragraph then it might become a cause for paper rejection and revision.

IJSRET is a fast International journal of electrical engineering and for other branches in engineering. If you want your paper to get published fast in IJSRET then kindly follow the above instruction.

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