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International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends (IJSRET) is an ISSN approved journal with impact factor more then 3. IJSRET will provide you international journal publication in a very low publication charges. Research in the field of science and engineering will be accepted here. Our journal has a very strict terms and conditions towards the publishing of the research paper internationally. Though we provide a fast publication service to our researchers and scholars but our reviewing process is very firm.


Before submitting the paper there are many questions that arises in the researchers and scholars mind. Especially fresher who are publishing their paper for the first time there are many questions which will arise in his mind. So, for them we have made a publishing process very easy and safe for them. We have a very easy submission process with a secure payment method. In the case of payment it is hard to trust anyone especially online. Our journal has a valid payment gateway that is very safe and secure. To submit your paper with us just follow the below steps-

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  1. Submit manuscript: Submitting manuscript to us is very easy and simple process. We have designed each and every step here simple and smooth for you. To submit your research paper to us just click on the paper submission from the top most section on our website. Two options will be given there to submit your paper first submit directly by filling the form or else email your paper to any of the email address.
  2. Received by us: Once you submission process is completed your paper will be received by us. We will send you an acknowledgement mail that your paper is successfully received by us and we will ask you to wait 2-3 days for the reviewing process.
  3. Reviewing process: When your paper is under reviewing process it will be deeply analyzed and studied by our professional team. This is a very crucial part where the decision is taken that your paper will be accepted or rejected. Whatever will be the final decision that will only be taken by our reviewers. They will check that your research paper is up to mark or not. After that we will email you with the final information.
  4. Payment process: Payment process in IJSRET is safe and secure. If your paper is accepted by our reviewers then our team will send you an acceptance mail and will ask you pay some particular amount. Here how much you have to pay that will also be decided by our team, we reduce the amount as per our reviewers comment up to Rs. 500 for Indian authors.
  5. Publishing process: Once your payment is received by us then your paper will be published within 2-3 days. After that our team will mail you that your paper is published successfully. IJSRET is providing you fast and easy international journal publication service in a very low publication charges.

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