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IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends) is a peer reviewed international scientific journal. IJSRET is a best deal for fresher who are looking for a journal to publish their research paper in the field of scientific research, engineering and technology. We have qualified and professional staffs who are experts in science and engineering field. Students who are pursuing masters and PhD in the scientific field need to publish their research paper. To select a scientific journal will become a very tough task for them. Sometimes they got confused because there are many journals out there and think which journal is better to publish their research paper. Before selecting any journal to publish their research paper one must check whether the journal is genuine and safe or not.

What makes us safe and secure?

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Below given points will give you the surety that our journal is safe and secure to publish your research paper internationally-

    1. Valid payment gateway: Payment gateway used while transferring money should be safe and secure. In some journals no valid payment methods is used that is why will not be able to transfer money easily to the other person account. Sometimes the money hot stuck while transfer so; it has become very important to use a valid payment gateway.
    2. Trusted team: We have a highly professional and qualified team working in our journal. Our team never discloses any information which is related to any of our client to any outsider. Our team is seriously committed to the tasks given to them they believe in the policy of honesty and loyalty.

ISSN approved: This is the first and the foremost thing that should come in the list of safety and security while choosing a journal to publish your research paper. If you are choosing any journal to publish research internationally paper make sure that is should be an ISSN approved journal. IJSRET is an ISSN approved international scientific journal.

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