IJSRET Volume 9 Issue 5, Sept-Oct-2023


Design of Micro-Miniaturized Printed Monopole Antenna for WLAN/WIMAX Operations in Laptop Computers
Authors:- Zubair Nazir Sheikh, Shaveta Bala

Abstract-With an air-filled hole thickness between the receiving wire and the system ground, a one-of-a-kind labyrinth molded printed double band monopole miniature scaled-down receiving wire of 6 x4x1.6 mm3 is proposed. The essential elements of the labyrinth molded transmitting structure are to protract the surface current course on the emanating surface and to work on the transmission capacity across the two groups of interest, which are the Bluetooth fl (2.40-2.48)GHz band and the Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) guidelines’ fu (5.15-5.85GHz high recurrence groups). The proposed receiving wire includes a more straightforward comparable circuit model, and its reproduction is done. The proposed receiving wire likewise has a respectable increase of (2.72-6.62) dBi and an ideal radiation effectiveness of (61 to 91)% over the functioning groups notwithstanding the previously mentioned qualities. The proposed receiving wire structure is viewed as appropriate for WLAN/WiMAX applications in the personal computer (PC) on the receiving wire’s reenactment and estimation discoveries, which are viewed as in great arrangement.

Mechanical Behavior of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Silica Fume and Polypropylene Fibers: An Analytical Approach
Authors:-Research Scholar Kalvala Abhiram, Assistant Professor Dr. G. Prashanth

Abstract-Fibre and PET are now being researched for use in reinforcing reinforced concrete members all over the world.PET bottles are the by-products of storing cold beverages, drinks, or even water. On the other hand, super high strength with high performance is becoming the order of the day in order to construct structures that are durable, environmentally conscious, and even cost effective. These days, composite materials are being developed to meet the needs of the building industry by providing more flexible and durable concrete. The makers and consumers of plastic face a significant issue in disposing of plastics in any form. In today’s scenario, the production of environmentally friendly plastics has not yet reached its pinnacle. This is an attempt to dispose of the same effectively by including it as an effective component in concrete. Because of its improved strength, crushed PET bottles have found their way into concrete as a replacement for fine and coarse materials. PET bottles, fine aggregate, and polypropylene fibre have been used to improve the tensile property of M35 grade concrete in order to make it more effective, light weight, and efficient. In this investigation, the mechanical properties of the concrete were investigated, as well as the performance of the concrete.

Waste Plastic as an Effective Construction Material in Flexible Pavement
Authors:- Research Scholar Kalvala Abhiram, Assistant Professor Dr. G. Prashanth

Abstract– Safeguarding of street foundation requires an orderly methodology for the great presentation of streets remembering the future condition and upkeep situations. Presently a-days asphalts are exposed to different sorts of stacking which influences the asphalt execution condition that causes different troubles. These upset incorporate rutting, weakness breaking, and temperature breaking. Anticipating the natural condition, total prohibition on plastic can’t be made. Hence, utilizing of plastic as an imaginative innovation reinforced the street development as well as increment the street life. This paper incorporates the consequences of the different lab tests directed on bitumen, total and bitumen-total plastic blend.

Effective Use Of Used Tyres In The Repair Work Of Damaged Bituminous Roads
Authors:- Research Scholar Kalvala Abhiram, Assistant Professor Dr. G. Prashanth

Abstract-Pavements are the major part of transportation in the view of highway constructions. Transportation involves within two wheelers to heavy wheelers. In the transportation point of view the pavement condition is very important. If the pavement condition is good, then the transportation will be done with ease. The major problem in pavements damages is due to heavy loading and environmental causes. When the load acting on the pavements heavily, the damage will effect mostly on surface course as well as base course. In environmental point the damages occurs by the heavy rains and earthquakes.

Mechanical Properties of Geo Polymer Concrete
Authors:- Research Scholar Kalvala Abhiram, Asst.Prof. Dr. G. Prashanth

Abstract- Concrete has occupied an important place in the construction industry in the past few decades and it is used widely in all types of constructions ranging from small buildings to large infrastructural dams or reservoirs. Cement is a major ingredient of concrete. The cost of cement is increasing day by day due to its limited availability and large demand. At the same time global warming is increasing day by day. Manufacturing of cement releases carbon dioxide. In the present study an attempt has been made on concrete and an experimental investigation on the concrete by replacing cement with FLYASH and GGBS to decrease the usage of cement as well as emission of carbon dioxide. Experimental studies were performed on plain cement concrete and replacement of cement with Fly ash and GGBS was done. In this study the concrete mix was prepared by using fly ash, GGBS, sodium silicate, sodium hydroxide. A comparative analysis has been carried out for concrete to the Geo polymer concrete in relation to their compressive strength, workability, tests on aggregate. The Geo- polymer concrete is an innovative and eco-friendly in construction. To reduce carbon dioxide emission, we are making geo-polymer concrete. The concrete made with fly ash (50%) and GGBS (50%) performed well in term of compressive strength, shows higher performance at the age of 7,14,28 days than conventional concrete. slump cone, compaction factor test was conducted to find the workability of Geo-polymer concrete and normal concrete. And test conducted on aggregate such as crushing strength, abrasion test, impact test.

Smart Parking Management System
Authors:- Sameep Karia , Tanay Temani, Varun Gajara

Abstract- Smart Parking Management System (SPMS) is a modern system that utilizes Deep Learning and Machine Learning techniques to provide efficient and effective parking solutions. The main goal of SPMS is to optimize the utilization of available parking spaces, reduce traffic congestion, and minimize parking-related problems such as illegal parking and over-parking. In recent years computer vision technologies have been developed which are very accurate and give promising results presented real-time number plate detection system using Artificial Intelligence. Smart Parking Management System is a system that will help to automate the process of parking toll collection and management. The proposed system aims to improve the efficiency of parking toll management, reduce traffic congestion, and enhance the user experience for parking. This will benefit the pay and parking facility owners as their system management will become more efficient. This paper discusses the system architecture, implementation, evaluation and accuracy of the proposed system. The paper concludes by highlighting the potential benefits of the proposed system and discussing future research directions.

Halitosis: The Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of some Commercially Sold Toothpaste on Selected Isolates
Authors:- Umeoduagu, N.D, Chidozie, C.P, Ifemeje E.M. , Anazodo, C.A., Okoli, F.A., Okonkwo, N.N., Uwanta L.I., Agu, K.C., Azuka G.E.

Abstract- This study aims to investigate the antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of some commercially sold toothpaste on some selected isolates. The isolates used were Escherichia coli, Klebsiella spp, and Streptococcus spp. The commercially sold toothpaste used in this study were CU, PD, and OB. This study was conducted to assess the efficacy of these toothpaste in controlling halitosis. The results of the study showed that all the toothpaste exhibited varying levels of antimicrobial susceptibility against the various isolates tested. CU exhibited the highest level of susceptibility against E. coli and Klebsiella spp while PD showed the highest level of susceptibility against Streptococcus spp. OB had the highest susceptibility against all the isolates. The results of this study suggest that all the toothpaste tested can be used for the control of halitosis.

Development of a Hybrid Embedded Real-Time Operating System for Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors:-Associate Professor P.Murugesan, K.Senthil

Abstract- Real-time operating system plays a key role for embedded system even more for WSN due to resource constraints. So designing an energy efficient operating system dedicated to WSN which meets the requirements of all the real-time applications is still an open problem and a challenge. Due to resource constraints of WSN node and its diverse application domains, the key features of WSN operating systems (WSNOS) should be resource-aware and be configurable to adapt to each situation. Note that most of traditional embedded Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) are resource consuming. On the other hand, the eventdriven operating systems are essentially single task systems. Consequently, they are not met the requirement of complex hard real-time applications, e.g.. Therefore, our objective is to design a configurable realtime dedicated WSNOS, which enables to adapt to an application to minimize resource consuming (memory footprint and power). Arduino based RTOS is used to design the WSN. WSN for agriculture monitoring and control system is proposed. Because of Agriculture is the back bone of India and nearly 70% of people in our country depend on agriculture. The yield of agriculture should be increased rapidly to fulfill the food requirements of population throughout the world. Now days Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) used for solving many real time problems. WSN plays vital role in many field like transport, medical, military, mobile phones, home appliances and so on. Agriculture is one of the important sources for all living things. But nowadays agriculture crops are affected due to many environmental changes. To overcome this WSN takes important role in the field of agriculture. In agriculture WSN used for monitoring, measuring temperature, irrigation system, measuring water supply and so on. WSN helps the farmer to produce the crop with high quantity and reduce the cost of yield. Agriculture gets affected by climatic change, environmental change, and natural disaster.Using WSN the soil and water management can be done. Here wireless sensors are used so the cost of implementation is very low. In this project wireless sensor nodes are used to monitor the crops. The temperature, humidity and some other theft detection can be made using sensors. This helps to increase the productivity of agriculture. The human effort is reduced by automatic process and it encourages the farmer to develop the farm land. Some components like sensor, Zigbee and some other devices are used to make the agriculture as smart. All the information’s are monitored through Personal Computer. Graphical User Interface (GUI) is developed for monitor the environment.

A Survey of the Self-Operative Trust Scheme against MANET Disruptions
Authors:- Assistant Professor Sujeet Gautam

Abstract- A mobile ad hoc network is a group of nodes that lacks an infrastructure, making it simple to set up and deploy right away. All nodes in this type of network perform the role of routers in addition to their normal operations. All nodes are allowed to move at random in a MANET because of the network’s mobility and dynamic nature, which causes frequent changes in topology. The complexity of routing the packets from source to destination is therefore invited. The numerous difficulties and problems relating to the trust value or scheme in the mobile ad hoc network are discussed in this article, and we also offer the survey for the network’s trust scheme.

DOI: 10.61137/ijsret.vol.9.issue5.101

A Selective Channel Estimation And Improvement Of The Performance In Ofdm Signal For 6g Communication
Authors:- Sanjoli Kushwaha, Assistant Prof. Shravan Kumar Namdev

Abstract- The sixth-generation (6G) wireless communication network is projected to incorporate the surface-dwelling, airborne, and naval communications into a strong network which would be more consistent, dissolute, and can provide a enormous number of devices with ultra-low potential requirements. Block chain, NOMA(non-orthogonal multiple access),quantum Machine learning(QML),edge Computing, small cells communication etc., are the highlighted technologies in the situation of beyond 5G(B5G) and 6G communication. Entire health sector will be dominated by 6G communication Technology in the upcoming era. Apart from health sectors diversified sectors are predominately occupy by 6G communication Technology. Perception of human Lifestyle are revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence based 6G communication Technology. In this paper Artificial Intelligent based 6G smart healthcare, haptic communication are briefly discussed. The key resistance of present healthcare system is time and space which is totally exhaust by implementing 6G communication technology interlinked with Internet of Things. Transportation of Patient from remote to Intensive care is facilitated by ambulance which can be serviced by normal vehicle also. Besides the hospitality for elderly peoples are very unsatisfactory most of them are died while transporting without having a proper communication. Real time date of a patient monitoring and accident detection system are lagging in the present scenario which is totally overcome by implementing AI-6G Integrated IoT based smart health care system.

Cost Efficient And Higher Accurate Intelligence Automated Highway System Using Artificial Intelligence
Authors:- Rajnandani, Prof. Shashikant B. Dhobale

Abstract- Automated highway system (AHS) is an intelligent transportation system, which removes human drivers from the operation of vehicles during driving. AHS includes control problems from the vehicle level to the highway network and its challenging opportunities for intelligent mechatronics. This technology requires extreme accuracy in vehicle location within the least times. AHS refers to a set of designed lanes on a limitedaccess roadway where specially equipped vehicles are operated under completely automatic control. It can help reduce fuel consumption and individual vehicle discharge. The AHS designed requires advanced sensors, actuators, and communication technologies. It managed transportation systems for traffic problems in big cities, congestions, accidents, delays. This technique can change the driving & safety scenario of India.

Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna using for 5G Applications
Authors:- Pratibha Sen, Prof. MukeshYadav

Abstract-Conventional materials’ year-round availability in sufficient quantity and quality is a major challenge for construction workers in this age of energy crises and resource depletion. The need for these supplies rises steadily as the demand for shelter and living space rises at an ever- increasing rate. Researchers throughout the world are refocusing their efforts to develop locally accessible, low-cost masonry units in response to the problem. To allow for the use of low- quality materials and low-skilled labor in the mass manufacturing of building blocks, the idea of green material and construction has been properly defined in the study. In this light, there is a rising interest in using earth, as a sustainable material, in contemporary architecture. The proper disposal of trash is one of the most pressing environmental issues in the United States today. There are now millions of cubic meters of discarded plastic in our nation. Suitable accommodation of the trash in some form (as fibres) is one approach to resolving these solid waste management and environmental challenges. Basic research can examine their potential use in the production of fiber-based blocks (plastic fiber–mud blocks). Furthermore, the literature study reveals that with very few exceptions, investigations on natural fibers have concentrated on cellulose based/vegetable fibers generated from sustainable plant resources.

An Efficient Approach to Predict the User’s Interest Based upon the Current Data
Authors:- M.Tech. Research Scholar Sarabjit Kaur , Professor Gurpreet Singh

Abstract- In the field of Information Technology, finding the right information can be tough. The internet is filled with a massive amount of data, and keeping it organized is crucial but challenging. As the internet keeps growing, we have a chance to understand how people use it by looking at web access logs. To make sense of all this data, we use data mining techniques. However, web data is messy and not easy to work with using standard data mining methods. So, we came up with a way to study how users behave based on weblogs. Our method helps us mine useful information from these logs. We use what we learn about user behaviour to come up with new strategies for similar groups of users. This approach can be useful in areas like social media, online shopping, and figuring out what users are interested in from their web activity. Our experiments have shown that our method works better than older ones. The key to our success is the way we organize the data, making it easy to extract different types of information.

A Review of Anomaly Detection in Credit Card Fraud Using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar,Palak Shukla, HOD Vijay Shankar Mishra

Abstract-Credit card fraud, an escalating challenge in the digital era, poses significant financial implications for businesses and compromises the security of consumers. Traditional rule-based systems, although effective to a degree, often fall short in detecting sophisticated fraud schemes. This review delves into the applicability and advantages of employing machine learning (ML) techniques, specifically anomaly detection, to mitigate the threat of credit card fraud. Anomaly detection, with its ability to identify unusual patterns in large datasets, offers a more proactive and adaptive approach to fraud prevention. As we navigate through the vast array of literature, it becomes evident that innovations in this domain are burgeoning, from the use of autoencoders, hybrid models, to cutting-edge feature selection methodologies. However, challenges persist, especially in addressing the imbalanced nature of fraud data and the dire need for real-time detection mechanisms. This review culminates in emphasizing the transformative potential of ML-driven anomaly detection, suggesting that its continuous evolution could pave the way for a more secure financial transaction environment in the imminent future.

A Review on Finite Element Modeling and Analysis Of Gasket On Circular Bolted Flange Connection
Authors:-M.Tech Scholar Amit Kaushik, Prof.Prakash Pandey

Abstract- Flanged joints with gaskets are very common in pressure vessel and piping systems, and are designed mainly for internal pressure. These joints are also used in special applications such as in nuclear reactors and space vehicles. The connection of a fuel duct to a rocket engine is a typical application of these joints in space vehicles. Prevention of fluid leakage is the prime requirement of flanged joints. Many design variables affect joint performance and it is difficult to predict the behaviour of joints in service. Therefore, in this study, a review has been done.

Machine Learning Based – Data Analytics For Iot-Enabled Healthcare Systems
Authors:- G.Indhuja ,G.Sasireka

Abstract- One of the cutting-edge technologies that is gaining traction throughout the world is the Internet of Things. We can connect at anytime, anywhere, and with any network or service because to the enormous power and capacity of IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing to be a powerhouse for next-generation machines, and its effects may be seen in the present corporate landscape. IoT is assisting businesses or researchers in the development of solutions. By integrating the current internet infrastructure for the efficient use of resources, they communicate with smart devices and smart objects. Additionally, it has the ability to expand services and advantages for intelligent systems. Beyond M2M (machine-to-machine) situations, the interests at stake include serial communication between the network and devices for delivering extreme services. An intelligent hybrid classification algorithm for an unbalanced ECG dataset based on the Internet of Things has been discussed in this study. The AD8232 heart rate sensor, the NodeMCU ESP8266, and an intelligent hybrid classification algorithm for data categorization have been presented for an IoT-based ECG monitoring system.


Re-Examining the External Drivers of Inflation in Nigeria (1986 to 2020)

Authors:-Oscar, Williams Anthony

Abstract- The study is a re-examination of the external drivers of inflation in Nigeria within the period 1986 to 2020 using a Vector Autoregressive Model. The finding of the study revealed that there is a moderate relationship between inflation and its external drivers, given the significant relationship that exist between inflation, exchange rate, oil price, and wheat price. This exposes the level of vulnerability of the domestic prices to the selected variables. Therefore, the study recommended amongst others, that there is need for the government to develop infrastructure and capital that would create domestic production of major import items in the country including oil and wheat.

Impact of Tobacco Cultivation on Rural People In Bangladesh: A Micro Level Study
Authors:-Syeda Naima Zannat, Sabrina Mim

Abstract- The study was conducted in one of the major tobacco growing areas of Bangladesh, which was Nilphamari district to identify the impact of tobacco cultivation on rural people. In total, 100 farmers were randomly selected as sample size for conducting the study. In the study areas, data were collected through semi-structured interview schedule. Tabular, descriptive statistics and profitability models were used to fulfill the objectives. The study found that, others crop (rice and corn) cultivation was highly profitable than tobacco cultivation. The average net return per hectare for tobacco was Tk. 19920 in FY 2020-2021 and Tk.15235 in FY 2021-2022 respectively. The net return for tobacco was highest in the year of 2020-2021. The average net return per hectare was for others crop (rice and corn) was Tk. 18995 in FY 2020-2021 and Tk. 29701 in FY 2021-2022 respectively. The net return for others crop was highest in the year of 2021-2022. Benefit cost ratio, was 1.16 and 1.13 in the year of 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 respectively which was profitable. Besides, we saw farmers faced some health issues. The major health issue were headache faced by 91% farmers. Others health issues were eye imitation, coughing etc. The major constraints were rainfall. Others constrains were no machinery, wholesaler didn’t give the price in time etc.


Determinants of Urban Households Saving in Hawassa City Sidima Regional State Ethiopia
Authors:-Birhan Densisa

Abstract- In developing countries like sub-Saharan African countries has lowest saving rate in developing countries. While figures vary from country to country, grass domestic savings in the region averaged about 18 percent of gross domestic product in (2005) compared with 26 percent in south Asia and nearly 43 percent in East Asia and pacific countries according to (WB) estimates.This study would be analyzing the determinants of household saving in the case of Hawassa city and to easily undertake the research, Tabor, Menaherya and Tula subcity was selected as the study area through using Simple random sampling (lottery) as well as multi- stage probability Sampling technique method because the target population is homogenous and large in area. so that the study incorporate the sample by chance.98 households were selected asa sample size through using the Yamane Taro formulaand in order to include the representative population, lottery method was easily adopted The data would be collected through primary sources and the data analysis would be conducted by using Descriptive and Econometric method of analysis. Descriptive method of analysis would be analyzed through using a simple table, frequency, percentage, charts. Econometric analysis would be also analyzed through diagnostic tests such as of data as well as Binary choice Model (tobit censored regression) estimation from Regression result. In order to conduct this research work the researcher would be applying 10% level of significance. Finally, the study would be recommended In order to encourage household saving Tradition (Improvement) in this study Area the finding result show that income, age and Family size is the Major Variable, which affect positively and significantly. The other variable that is employment condition affects the household saving performance significantly and negatively at 10% level of significance.

Mechanical Design of a Novel Low-Pressure Turbo Vapor Compressor
Authors:-Mostafa Shawky Abdel Moez, Amin Mobarak

Abstract- Optimum turbine’s position with respect to the compressor in TVC was selected for minimum work difference between them and maximum efficiency after including all types of losses. The current work objective is to make a complete mechanical design of the TVC system, including the starting system, bearing, blades assembly, shaft, clutch, and assembly of TVC. This occurs by discussing the main output results for three-dimensional simulation for turbo-vapor compressors such as toques, moments, and forces in three coordinates x, y, and z. Modal analysis is conducted for the turbovapor compressor at different bearing stiffness values to estimate the critical rotor speeds to be passed during system run-up. Finally, the static structure tool in Ansys is used to determine the values and the directions of forces at both bearings’ stresses using Von Mises stress analysis and deflection for the turbo-vapor compressor. Figure 3-2 shows the layout for TVC. The TVC design was developed under the supervision of Dr. Antoine Dimitri the lecturer at mechanical design and production department.

Influence of Mass Flow Rate on the Performance of Solar Flat Plate Collector in Forced Convection Mode
Authors:- Research Scholar Vikram Singh, Associate professor Bhupendra Gupta

Abstract- A Solar Water Heater (SWH) is a typical device that converts solar energy into thermal energy to heat a heat transfer fluid such as water, non-freezing liquid or air for domestic usage. Solar energy collectors are special kinds of heat exchangers that transform solar radiation energy intothe internal energy of the transport medium.To increase further the thermal performance of solar collectors the interaction between the radiation and mass flow rate was employed in an experimental study on a solar water heater system to evaluate better results. In this research work, experimental analysis has been carried out at different levels of mass flow rate concerning solar irradiance level. Results indicate that efficiency decreases with a decrease in factor x, but it is maximum at a low value of mass flow rate.

A Review On Cfd-Model Of The Piston Assembly In A Diesel Engine For The Analysis Of Piston Ring Dynamics,Mass Transport And Friction
Authors:-M.Tech. Scholar Amit Yadav, Prof. Prakash Kumar Pandey

Abstract- FEA is frequently used to characterise the stress distribution on an internal combustion engine’s piston. FEA is performed with the help of CAD and CAE software. Its major goals are to explore and analyse the thermal and mechanical stress distribution of the piston throughout the combustion process in such an actual engine. In this paper, a review on CFD-model of the piston assembly in a diesel engine for the analysis of piston ring dynamics, mass transport and friction has been done.

A Review onProperties of Self Compacting Concrete Using Recycled Coarse Aggregate
Authors:- Nishant Patil, Prof. Mahroof Ahmed

Abstract- Recycling of construction and demolition waste is a promising way towards sustainable construction. Coarse recycled concrete aggregates have been widely studied in recent years, and reported as a suitable alternative for natural coarse aggregates. However an extensive study of use of recycled aggregate in a new generation concretes is a relatively scarce field. Hence this study is a step forward which justifies and encourages the use of recycled aggregate in self compacting concrete to create a sustainable solution to warrant the problem of environment protection. In this paper the effect of coarse recycled concrete aggregates on the fresh and mechanical properties of self compacting concrete are investigated.

Intelligent Fraud Detection In Financial System Using Machine Learning Technique
Authors:-PG. Scholar N.Suganthi, Prof..S.P.Audline Beena

Abstract- Fraudulent financial statements (FFS )are the results of man ipulating financialelements by over valuingin comes,assets,sales, and profits while underrating expenses, debts, or losses. To identify such fraudulent statements, traditional methods,including manual auditing and inspections, are costly, imprecise, and time-consuming. Intelligent methods can significantlyhelp auditors in analyzing a large number of financial statements. In this study, we systematically review and synthesize theexisting literature on intelligent fraud detection in corporate financial statements. In particular, the focus of this review is onexploring machine learning and data mining methods, as well as the various datasets that are studied for detecting financialfraud. We adopted the Kitchenham methodology as a well-defined protocol to extract, synthesize, and report the results.Accordingly, 47 articles were selected, synthesized, and analyzed. We present the key issues, gaps, and limitations in the areaof fraud detection in financial statements and suggest areas for future research. Since supervised algorithms were employed more than unsupervised approaches like clustering,the future research should focus on unsupervised,semi-supervised,aswellas bio-inspired and evolutionary heuristic methods for anomaly (fraud) detection. In terms of datasets, it is envisaged that future research making use of textual and audio data.While imposing new challenges,this unstructured data deserves further study as it can show interesting results for intelligent fraud detection.

CFD Analysis of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Ramesh Kumar Badhai, Prof. Ritesh Kumar

Abstract- Heat exchangers are employed in a variety of applications, included power plants, nuclear reactors in energy production, “RAC systems, self-propelled industries, food industries, heat retrieval systems, & chemical handling. The techniques of upgrading can be divided into two categories: active and passive ways.” The active approach necessitates the use of peripheral forces. Discrete surface geometries are required for passive approaches. These strategies are commonly utilized to increase heat exchanger performance. Helical tubes have already been designated as among the passive heat transfer enhancement materials. Due the short construction and high heat transfer coefficient, and they will be widely employed in various industrial applications.

Commercial and Technical Elements Evaluation of Highway Construction with Optimization Its Performance
Authors:- Amrendra Ranjan, Umesh Rathod

Abstract- The highwaynetworks were built to connect the rural people to the town area or to other destination required by the local residents. Normally the highwaywill be developed to connect or increase the socio-economic opportunity in rural area. The green road is one of the key areas that can be look into to create the sustainable concept based on three key aspects namely social, environmental and economic factors. The main focus of the commercial and technical elements evaluation of highway constructionis to increase the profits using more efficient resources, especially materials, improving the quality of life by meeting the national needs of social aspects and protecting the environment from the effects of CO2 emissions and efficient use of natural resources for environmental aspects. Therefore, it is important that stakeholders include sustainability criteria in their projects. The application of a sustainable concept on the road can be assessed by the green road evaluation tool. Therefore, the main aim of this study is to build review of commercial and technical elements to evaluate and declare highway.

Review of TVET Education in Afghanistan
Authors:- Fatema Haidari, Mortaza Kazemi

Abstract- Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is crucially vital in competitive, knowledge driven economy and rapidly changing job markets. Gap and mismatch of job requirements and what the education and training are providing leads to skills gaps, unemployment and less developed and broken economy. From global prospective, knowledge driven economy made the TVET significantly important for economic prosperity and sustainable development of each country. Hence, the primary objective of this study is to review the history, ups-and-downs, challenges, and future prospective of TVET in Afghanistan. Present study has been reviewed the TVET education based on three standpoints such as accessibility, quality and efficacy. The result shown that in spite of recent development in TVET education in Afghanistan, there is a lot needs to be done to make the system based on employers need and job market requirements. The high rate of unemployment and the practice of traditional methods in many industries demonstrate the mismatch of education system, particularly TVET with the job markets. Moreover, the study will help the TVET practitioners, teachers and students to have a clear vision about TVET in Afghanistan.

Analysis Of Health And Safety Agents Influence On Health And Safety Performance In The Indian Construction Industry
Authors:- Prof. Dr.K.Velusamy, Asst.Prof. R.Kabilan , Yuvan Aravind S

Abstract-Health and safety issues have always been a major problem in construction. industry. In previous record construction industry is found one of the most dangerous field in most developing countries, India is the one of them. In Indian construction industry worker do not have enough knowledge in health and safety on construction sites, they do not know welfare facility, health and safety plan and policy, health and safety management system and there are no health and safety compliance on site, if it given on construction site worker do not use this facility. they don’t know how much impact of health and safety knowledge and compliance on project performance. Building construction workers health and safety knowledge and compliance is poor. Fatalities, injuries, and illnesses continue to occur in the construction industry (CI), despite efforts made by clients, designers, and contractors. The lack of collaboration between these project actors and construction health and safety agents (CHSA) remains a challenge for both construction professionals and academics. Given the urgent need for CHSA to collaborate with other construction project members, this project proposes a model for improving CHSA collaboration and its influence on health and safety (H&S) performance.

Develop A Simulation Model And Signal Timing Improvements To Study Traffic Patterns And Identify Areas Where Congestion Occurs
Authors:- Raghuveer Badal, Dr. Sunil Sungandhi

Abstract- In recent years, traffic congestion prediction has led to a growing research area, especially of machine learning of artificial intelligence (AI). With the introduction of big data by stationary sensors or probe vehicle data and the development of new AI models in the last few decades, this research area has expanded extensively. Traffic congestion prediction, especially short-term traffic congestion prediction is made by evaluating different traffic parameters. Most of the researches focus on historical data in forecasting traffic congestion. However, a few articles made real-time traffic congestion prediction. This paper systematically summarises the existing research conducted by applying the various methodologies of AI, notably different machine learning models. The paper accumulates the models under respective branches of AI, and the strength and weaknesses of the models are summarised.

A Critical Analysis of Machine and Deep Learning Techniques for Gender Identification
Authors:- Yodhant Singh

Abstract- Gender classification has become a topic of growing interest, primarily because it can provide valuable insights into the distinct social activities and behaviors associated with males and females. Particularly, when it comes to visual representations, gender classification, especially in facial recognition, presents a unique set of challenges. This process involves determining an individual’s gender based on their physical appearance, and it has gained prominence due to the wealth of information gender can offer about societal behaviors. In recent years, the applications of automatic gender classification have expanded across various domains. For instance, in conservative societies, such a classification system finds utility in secure environments, where accurately identifying an individual’s gender becomes crucial, particularly in sensitive areas, to prevent unauthorized access and maintain safety. Additionally, this technology is employed in scenarios involving gender segregation, such as in female railway compartments, gender-specific marketing strategies, and within certain cultural or religious contexts like temples. The evolving capabilities of gender classification systems hold the promise of facilitating a wide range of applications, with potential future developments aimed at enhancing accuracy and inclusivity while addressing privacy and ethical concerns.

An Automated Fire Detection and Reporting System Based on AI and IoT Technologies
Authors:- Abubakari Abdul-Rahaman, Peter Awonnatemi Agbedemnab,Jacob Azaare

Abstract- Most of the fires that engulf public facilities and cause more damage to properties usually happen after working hours or when people are asleep, implying that, humans play a central role in fire reporting. In this paper, a Location Based Smart Fire Reporting system capable of eliminating human involvement is proposed. The proposed system employs two technologies, namely, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI looks at the integration of sensors with the Arduino Nano board that works in converting the analogue data into digital data for decision making. The IoT technology communicates the converted digital data to the appropriate authorities or users. The proposed system is made up of a GPS sensor, Arduino Nano micro-controller, two temperature sensors, Gas (MQ4) Sensor, smoke (MQ5) sensor and GSM SIM900 module. A test implementation of the proposed system was conducted and it came to light the system able to detect naked fire, flames, gas leaks and smoke; a Short Message Services (SMS) is also sent to the users/owners with the exact GPS location coordinates of the fire incident. Another functionality of the system is its ability to disconnect power supply to an affected building whenever, fire is detected. There are threshold values set for each sensor, above which triggered the beeper. The system takes averagely 3ms to send and deliver messages in stable cellular network area.

DOI: 10.61137/ijsret.vol.9.issue5.102

A Comparative Study Of Gain And Phase Margin To Analyze Stability Of A System From Its Corrosponding Transfer Functions And The Plot Of Power Spectral Density Curve By Using Neumerical Results Obtained Fromcircular And Linear Convolutions And Fast Fourier Transformof Real And Complex Sets Of Neumerical Data Sequences
Authors:- Abir Chakraborty Senior Research Fellow

Abstract- This work is an application where we have tried to combine the basic concept of control system engineering with digital signal processing engineering. Actually there are so many application available regarding digital signal processing, out of all the applications we have selected only one basic terminology that is “CONVOLUTION” and “FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM”. That’s why we have used two very common convolution and transformation techniques Linear and Circular convolutions. The results of these two convolutions that we have generated have been used in control system engineering purpose. For our convenience we have used both real and complex data’s for both types of LINEAR and CIRCULAR convolutions as well as fast Fourier transformation then the outcomes that we have got after convolutions have been used as inputs for generating transfer functions. Then only from that transfer functions we have calculated the GAIN and PHASE margin related parameters and pole-zero values. In this way we have coupled one concept of digital signal processing with control system to show which data sets(REAL DATAS or COMPLEX DATAS)generate a stable transfer function. So our main aim is to judge the stability of a systemby using POLES and RELATIVE STABILITY [3] ANALYSIS. Side by side we have plotted the power spectral density of convoluted datas obtained after circular and linear convolutions.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment And Control Measures As An Iron Ore Pelletizing Industry
Authors:- Prof. Dr.K.Velusam, Assistant Prof. R.Ravishankar, Abdul Rasheed P

Abstract- With the growing numbers of iron ore pelletization industries in India, various impacts on environment and health in relation to the workplace will rise. Therefore, understanding the hazardous process is crucial in the development of effective control measures. Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Control measures (HIRAC) acts as an effective tool of Occupational Health Assessment. Objective: The aim of the study was to identify all the possible hazards at different workplaces of an iron ore pelletizing industry, to conduct an occupational health risk assessment, to calculate the risk rating based on the risk matrix, and to compare the risk rating before and after the control measures. From the data sources analysis make a an average, risk reduction was about 6.33 points lower after taking control measures. The hazards having high-risk rating and above were reduced to a level considered As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) when the control measures were applied, thereby reducing the occurrence of injury or disease in the workplace.

Reducing Co2 Emissions with Optimized Logistics in Super Express Way Transportation
Authors:- Ashutosh Dwivedi, Shashikant Dhoble

Abstract- Carbon emissions from the logistics industry have been rising year after year. Correct handling of the relationship between economic development and environmental protection is of great significance to the implementation of green logistics, which is an important component of China’s strategy for strong transportation. This paper focuses on the evaluation of the carbon emissions efficiency of logistics industry from a new strong transportation strategy perspective. A super-efficiency slack-based measurement (Super-SBM) model and Malmquist index are combined to evaluate the static and dynamic carbon emissions efficiency of the logistics industry.

Enhancing Teacher Education Quality for Sustainable Educational Development
Authors:- Asst.Prof. Parama Kundu, Prof. (Dr.) Shauli Mukherjee, Asst.Prof.Pranay Pandey

Abstract- The quality of teachers is undeniably the cornerstone of any successful education system. This assertion is based on the premise that the effectiveness of teaching and learning processes hinges on the competence, skills, and dedication of educators. Teachers serve as the invaluable assets of an education system, playing a pivotal role not only in shaping the individual development of students but also in adapting to and driving societal changes. This paper explores the vital significance of teachers in the holistic development of society and the establishment and maintenance of higher education standards. Teaching is a dynamic, interactive, and intentional process. Teachers occupy the unique interface through which knowledge, skills, and values are transmitted to the next generation. Given this central role, teacher education emerges as a linchpin in the reform and fortification of any country’s education system. The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) assumes a pivotal responsibility in initiating measures to render teacher education at various levels adaptable to ongoing societal developments while addressing concerns about educational quality. To enrich educational quality at all levels, the Government of India has been steadfastly directing its focus toward the pursuit of excellence in higher education and teacher preparation. Numerous endeavors have been undertaken to elevate the status of teacher education in India. The central intent of this paper is to underscore the contemporary challenges in teacher education, offering insight into the pressing issues of the present era. Moreover, it suggests feasible measures aimed at enhancing the quality of teacher education in India. In doing so, it is expected that this paper will contribute to the collective endeavor of nurturing a cadre of educators who can effectively shape the future of the nation by providing students with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in a rapidly changing world.

Forecasting S&P 500 Index Closing Price using LSTM and fin BERT
Authors:- Jibin Rajan Varghese, Divya Susan Thomas

Abstract- Stock market prediction is a complex task that is invaluable to economic activity across the globe. We are currently at the end of a decade-long bull run where the stock market experienced a relatively steady rise and lower volatility. As we enter an era with more stock price fluctuations, a good price predictive model is important, especially for participants in inverse and leveraged Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to reduce risks and make gains in the market. Since there was no study that used LSTM trained on both structured and unstructured data to predict the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, this study focused on training single and multi-layer LSTM models to predict the Standard & Poor’s 500 index closing price utilizing historical, macroeconomic and technical data as well as using sentiment analysis of financial news obtained using FinBERT. The goal of this study was to find the architecture of the LSTM model with the highest accuracy in forecasting tomorrow’s closing price of the Standard & Poor’s 500 index and investigate if the performance of the LSTM model could be improved by adding unstructured textual information such as sentiment extracted from financial news using FinBERT, which is a pre-trained NLP model that has been shown to outperform all current state-of-the-art models in analysing sentiment of financial text.

Review on the Design and Fatigue Analysis of a Wing Spar
Authors:- Assistant Prof. Mansha Kumari, Happiness Felix Kosamu, Ajay Kumar Mandal, Grace John Kisunge, Misagomaureen Peter Baligira

Abstract- An aircraft’s structure is quite complex and involves many intricate interactions between its parts. One of the reasons for its complexity is due to the fact that these said parts are liable to several loads. Among such loads are aerodynamic loads, fatigue loads, torsion loads and many others. An extremely important part of an aircraft which is subject to some of these loads is the wing structure, which is subject to loads like fatigue loads. In this review paper, we will be delving deeper into a wing spar, and analysing its design and how it is affected by the fatigue load acting on it. A wing spar is of great importance in a wing as it is where majority of the loads acting on the wing act on. So, finding an optimum design of the spar with high fatigue life is crucial. A fatigue failure in a structure can led to the deformation of the structure which can in turn jeopardize the entire structure thus the importance of fatigue analysis.

Parking Management System Using Cloud Computing
Authors:- Priyanka H. Kathar , Abhilasha Mishra, Rashmita Srinivasan , Amit Rawate

Abstract- This application is a special system for smart parking reservation and security maintenance commercial car parking area in an urban environment. Now a day’s congestion of traffic increases rapidly with the increasing growth of population. With respect to the number of population’s usage of cars also increased. Due to more usage of car the traffic congestion occurred on the road. The parking lot has experienced congestion in addition to the road. Because it takes longer to find a parking spot that is free to part the vehicle. Hence, we loss certain amount of time period and also made more than 80percent of fuel wastage of in the empty parking lot in parking area. To solve this problem, we need especial system in the parking area to measure empty space, which can able to deliver services and show the information to the users who are looking for the empty space for Parking lot with less time spend. Reservations are made solely by the user. Thus, the user discovers a vacant parking lot and makes a reservation using an Android application with the driver’s own knowledge of the parking lot. With the removal of the Standalone Parking Lot Application for the Enterprise, information or reports will be available everywhere with an Internet connection with only a single click.

Data Mining Techniques: A Review of Literature
Authors:- Prof. S. B. Bele, Vaishnavi G. Shinde, Yash S. Kalaskar, Dipali V. Mendhe

Abstract- Data mining is very important and useful. It involves using various algorithms to extract valuable knowledge and insights. It allows us to obtain diverse information from datasets and use it to perform various tasks.

Low Cost Industrial Automation in Education Sector
Authors:- Ashwaghosh Ramteke

Abstract- The current challenges in industrial automation education revolve around the constraints of traditional PLC programming instruction. The existing methods often fail to provide students with practical experiences due to limitations in budget, accessibility to hardware, and an emphasis on theoretical knowledge. Bridging the gap between theory and application is crucial for students to grasp complex concepts effectively. Moreover, the demands of Industry 4.0 require the integration of IoT components, calling for innovative solutions that adapt to the evolving industrial landscape. Accessible and hands-on training methodologies are key to preparing students for the practical demands of the industry, necessitating cost-effective and interactive educational approaches that combine theoretical knowledge with real-world application.

Review of DRA Based Micro Strip Antenna Design and its Performance Parameters Evaluation
Authors:- Niranjan Gujrati, Ashish Suryawanshi

Abstract- Present scenario of communication, all wired ones becoming wireless. So, to achieve efficient and affordable communication in wireless technology, compact and efficient radiators required. One of the efficient radiators is dielectric resonator antenna (DRA). Almost all the applied power will be lost in the radiated fields only, with this attractive feature DRAs become much popular in wireless communication field at microwave frequencies. In this project, new type of compact DRAs is designed for popular wireless applications of L, S, C and higher band application. This project covers the design of DRA which including all parametric studies of the return loss, radiation patterns, gain and directivity for specific wireless application. DRAs became very popular in the core sectors of a country like defense, military, radar and especially for millimeter wave applications.

Concept Note for Skills Based University Course Structure
Authors:-Dr. Lalit Narayan

Abstract- Indian education system is undergoing various revolutionary reforms for adopting value based and skill based higher education to contribute effectively in the demand supply of economic and social development. In the light of various guidelines and policies notified by higher and skill education regulators and government authorities, in which National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, National Credit Framework (NCrF), and National Skill Qualification Framework has provided key inputs to shape and plan the implementing direction for skill based higher education. In the present paper it is is attempted to address the need of how to design the course structure of a particularly skills University or any skill based university in the light of NEP 2020, NCrF & NSQF guidelines.

Stop the Israel Palestine War and Russia Ukraine War Its Time to Ban Atom Bomb and Hydrogen Bomb by World Countries or by United Nation Organization
Authors:-Asst. Prof. Dr. P. Deivanayagam, Dean Dr. Selvaraj,Vice Principal Rajarajan

Abstract- Over the past one year and six months Russia Ukraine war has been taking place. More number of people died, and migrated from their place to other place war is becoming danger and danger to the people more number of people died. By the help of jews America sent the battleship to Israel, china send the battle ship to Palestine.More number of people died in Palestine save the muslims, from 2023 its time to ban atom bomb and hydrogen bomb by world countries, save the muslims. In this article we discuss about to stop the war.

Inventory Control- Supply Chain Solution: Case Study
Authors:- Dr. S. Vasantha, Dr.M.Thaiyalnayaki, A.Yalini

Abstract- Supply chain management is a fundamental cornerstone of business operations, and effective inventory control plays a pivotal role in ensuring its success. This article presents a comparative analysis that sheds light on the critical role inventory management plays in enhancing supply chain efficiency. By analyzing the inventory control practices of TVS Supply Chain Solutions alongside industry giants like Amazon, Walmart, and FLIPKART, it becomes evident that precise demand forecasting, real-time inventory visibility essential in addressing the evolving needs of customers. These case studies collectively emphasize how investment in inventory control analysis and supply chain optimization can empower organizations to swiftly respond to changing market dynamics, trim operational costs, and, most notably, bolster profitability and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Control- Supply Chain Solution: Case Study
Authors:- Miss. Shivani D Gajjar

Abstract- There are approximately 315 million students in the world. Puzzles help them for brain development. But in the world full of stress, they might get frustrated if unable to solve the cube. This frustration increases as size of the cube increases. Apart from students there are many people who have dreams to become an expert in cube solving to set the records in live shows. My research aim is, to give shoulders to them dealing with their puzzle challenges more easily and efficiently. The product of current system which provides fix sized cube along with optimum solution to reach the solved state from the current one. The product an online system which provides user defined sized cube along with optimum solution to reach the solved state from the current one. Our system will be composed of three functions user can run successively. First function will allow user to play with cube rotating layers. Second function will be scanning the cube through camera. Third function will be to receive the solution in optimum steps. There will be no data processing on the middle device, rather it will be used for transmitting the data to the web server for each functions with the help of machine learning and optimum path finding.

Authors:- Dr. S. Vasantha, Dr.M.Thaiyalnayaki, A.Yalini

Abstract- Supply chain management is a fundamental cornerstone of business operations, and effective inventory control plays a pivotal role in ensuring its success. This article presents a comparative analysis that sheds light on the critical role inventory management plays in enhancing supply chain efficiency. By analyzing the inventory control practices of TVS Supply Chain Solutions alongside industry giants like Amazon, Walmart, and FLIPKART, it becomes evident that precise demand forecasting, real-time inventory visibility essential in addressing the evolving needs of customers. These case studies collectively emphasize how investment in inventory control analysis and supply chain optimization can empower organizations to swiftly respond to changing market dynamics, trim operational costs, and, most notably, bolster profitability and customer satisfaction.

A Critical Study of Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicles: A Review
Authors:- Nuzhat Jahan, Dr. Mayank Mathur Professor

Abstract- The fields of magnetism and resonance are crucial to the operation of Electric Vehicle Wireless Communication (EVWC) devices. A magnetic field is produced when electricity flows through a coil of wire, just as it is in a transformer. For Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) to work, it’s necessary to position two coils in such a way that one’s magnetic field induces a current in the other. Unless the coils are very close to one another and aligned in a straight line, inductive power transfer is inefficient. In this paper work related to wireless charging system proposed by various researchers is explored. Concept of Static and dynamic charging, Inductive power transmission, wireless power transmission techniques including inductive and capacitive coupling, far field techniques like Radio, microwave and laser techniques are also presented.

Efficient Wireless Power Transfer Techniques for Electric Vehicle Charging
Authors:-Nuzhat Jahan, Dr Mayank Mathur Professor

Abstract- The increased availability of charging stations has made EVs more accessible. However, as technology progresses, the demand problem on the electrical infrastructure becomes more pressing. One of the cutting-edge methods being explored to deal with the issue of rising power usage is vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. With the development of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, electric vehicles may one day be able to sell any excess energy back to the grid, recouping some of the cost of their charging infrastructure. The use of renewable energy as a direct replacement for fossil fuels in transportation has become feasible because to advancements in V2G vehicle-to-grid technology. Recent developments in automation have made it possible to wirelessly charge electric automobiles. Electric vehicles’ ability to connect to the grid is dependent on wireless networking due to transmission losses, misalignment, and security issues associated with electric power. In this paper a look can be taken at the pros and cons of several different wireless power transmission techniques.

Review of TVET Education in Afghanistan
Authors:-Fatema Haidari, Mortaza Kazemi

Abstract- Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is crucially vital in competitive, knowledge driven economy and rapidly changing job markets. Gap and mismatch of job requirements and what the education and training are providing leads to skills gaps, unemployment and less developed and broken economy. From global prospective, knowledge driven economy made the TVET significantly important for economic prosperity and sustainable development of each country. Hence, the primary objective of this study is to review the history, ups-and-downs, challenges, and future prospective of TVET in Afghanistan. Present study has been reviewed the TVET education based on three standpoints such as accessibility, quality and efficacy. The result shown that in spite of recent development in TVET education in Afghanistan, there is a lot needs to be done to make the system based on employers need and job market requirements. The high rate of unemployment and the practice of traditional methods in many industries demonstrate the mismatch of education system, particularly TVET with the job markets. Moreover, the study will help the TVET practitioners, teachers and students to have a clear vision about TVET in Afghanistan.

A Study on Hybrid Offices and Workforce
Authors:-Muskan Singh

Abstract- In the IT industry, the hybrid office and workforce model, which mixes remote work and in-office employment, has gained popularity. The following are some of the key effects this model may have on the industry, Employees have more freedom to balance their personal and work lives thanks to the hybrid approach. When necessary, they can work from home, which can cut down on travel time and boost output. Employers now have access to a wider talent pool because proximity to one another is no longer a barrier to employment. As a result, teams will likely be more diverse and may be better able to solve problems. Because employees may feel under pressure to be available and productive all the time, the hybrid approach can potentially increase the risk of burnout. Employers must be conscious of this risk and take precautions against burnout, such as fostering work-life balance and offering mental health support. In recent years, the IT industry has witnessed substantial changes relating to hybrid work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in a significant increase in remote work, many IT organizations have had to quickly adapt to hybrid work patterns.
The hybrid office is becoming more and more popular than ever. A hybrid office comprises of some employees who work in the office and others who work from home, giving workers more freedom over where and when work is done. The hybrid office is a flexible work setting where some employees must remain there to accomplish their jobs, some employees prefer to work there, and some employees may still need to stop by sometimes.
The development of a flexible workplace paradigm known as a hybrid workspace or hybrid office is necessary to serve a distributed workforce that includes both in-office and remote workers. The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly raised the need for hybrid workplaces. Businesses are taking their time to establish a more rigorous workplace even though other nations have reduced the nationwide lockdown. Many people already use the blended approach, while some people only work remotely. The main factors that affect work performance at the organizational and individual levels are covered in the study. Employees may opt to work in the office, remotely (most frequently from home), or in a hybrid workplace, depending on where they are most productive.
Our flexibility and support are the most important components of a hybrid workplace, in addition to a combination of in-office and remote workers. This study aims to provide light on workplace flexibility’s effects on productivity as well as its broader consequences on people and enterprises. A hybrid work paradigm for a particular employee is a timetable that combines in-office and remote work. deciding on a time to leave for work. Sometimes an employee will elect to work from home. There is no hybrid model that works everywhere. Based on the requirements of the company and the person, each organization creates a hybrid model. Employees can utilize the “hybrid work model,” a work style that combines working from home while traveling, and in the office. An effective hybrid work structure encourages independence, adaptability, high performance, collaboration, wholesome interpersonal interactions, and beneficial work practices.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, businesses have had to adapt to stay in business. Most of this change involved going remote. When lockdown orders were issued, businesses were compelled to implement a WFH model, or at the very least, a largely WFH structure. However, many workers are returning to work now that restrictions have been eased. Nevertheless, some staff work in the office while others continue to work remotely due to capacity and location limits. Even though the concept is not new and was utilized by numerous companies before COVID, the hybrid office is quickly becoming the “Next Normal.” According to a Xerox poll, more than 50% of businesses intend to change their WFH policy in the future year.
The study’s objectives are to investigate:
• To determine how much hybrid employees believe that adopting a hybrid working pattern impacts their subjective health.
• To understand the effects of mixed remote work arrangements—both good and bad—on workers’ well-being.
• To understand the aid by the organization for the health of hybrid employees and the efficacy of these strategies.


Blind Signature Scheme Based on MGES
Authors:-Demba Sow

Abstract- This paper presents a Modified Generalized ElGamal Signature Scheme (briefly called MGES) and introduces a new Blind Signature Scheme based on the MGES scheme. The security of our modified and blind schemes is based on the discrete logarithm problem (DLP). We also show that our new blind signature scheme verifies all the properties of blind signature.


DOI: 10.61137/ijsret.vol.9.issue5.103

Car Accident Alert System via GPS Assistance
Authors:- Vaishnavi Desai, Shravani Dhamale, Divya Hinge , Prof. Shilpa Dhanorkar

Abstract- In this review paper, we explore a technology that helps improve road safety and accident response by using GPS and sensors. Imagine a system that can automatically alert emergency services when a car is involved in an accident. That’s what we are looking at. The idea of detecting car accidents is not new, and the automotive industry has made significant advancements in this technology. This paper aims to contribute to this field of technology. Here, we attempt to identify accidents using an Accelerometer, a device that helps us determine the vehicle’s orientation. If the values of the x, y, and z parameters exceed predefined thresholds, it triggers an alert. When this happens, our code is executed to send notifications and SMS alerts. This system makes it easy to detect the location of an accident. If the system detects a significant impact, it sends the accident’s location via GPS to emergency services for assistance.It promises to redefine road safety, offering a robust, automated, and efficient solution to save lives and reduce accident severity.

Automated Controlled Timetable Using Cloud & Gesture Recognition
Authors:- Pratik Bharambe, Asst.Prof. Neha Gaurav , Nivrutti Damdhar , Prof. Varsha Kshirsagar ,Dr. Nandini Dhole

Abstract- The digital notice board is an innovative solution that utilizes the latest technologies to facilitate paperless information transfer. This is a modern interactive gesture controlled digital notice board with a timetable management system. A timetable management system that can send reminders to faculty, reschedule lectures, update the notice board, and send notifications via Gmail and WhatsApp. This project includes a website that utilizes cloud storage and databases to manage all of these operations. The timetable management system was also accessed via the website, and a gesture-controlled mouse tracking system was developed on the admin side for easy access.

Enhancing Urban Mobility through Intelligent Parking Space Occupancy Management
Authors:- Palak Suhane, Shivam Tripathi, Shushank Gautam, Swastik Pandey, Yash Bisen, Assit. Prof. Shahida Khan

Abstract- This paper explores the use of machine learning techniques to analyze and predict parking space occupancy. The research involves collecting real-time data from urban parking lots and applying various machine learning algorithms to model historical occupancy patterns and forecast future availability. The study aims to address urban parking congestion, reduce search times for parking, and contribute to traffic management and environmental sustainability. The findings have the potential to revolutionize urban parking management and improve urban living.

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