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Google Scholar Journals

Know the Process of Selecting Compatible Google Scholar Journals

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Finding the right journal from the Google scholar journal list is not an easy task. Only a genuine and appropriate audience can understand the importance of your research. But many researchers get depressed and finally publish a paper in any journal in lieu to get at least their paper to publish but this is a wrong strategy. Due to their particular act, they lose the impact that their research would lose. IJSRET would like to mention some important parameters that every researcher should check in a journal before he wishes to publish their paper there.

Stay Away from Predators and Advertisements 

These days as the researchers are more and more eager to publish their papers many journals are taking advantage of their condition and taking high charges from them for publishing their work. You have to stay away from them as they would try to contact you or advertise their services on the internet. It is very easy to start a journal and it just needs a domain, a registration and a well-built impressive website to attract the researchers. You should stay away from all such journals and find quality Google Scholar Journals.

Never get confused with Impact Factor of any Journal

Many researchers often get impressed by knowing the impact factor of any journal. By this, they measure the prestige of any journal and wish to publish their paper in such journals. You should also know the fact that the impact of any journal is different for different areas of study. For example, a journal having an excellent impact on electronics research but can have an average or poor impact in the medical domain. So you should check that the journal that you have selected has a high impact factor in that particular area in which your research lies. These were some of the common ways to determine good Google Scholar Journals.

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Journal of Advanced Scientific Research

A Guide to How to Select the best journal of advanced scientific research

It is a difficult task to select a journal of advanced scientific research after a researcher has completed his laborious work. The process is complex because one has to seek such a journal that matches his domain of work. One should also check the expectation level of the journal before submitting also. IJSRET would like to guide such researchers in selecting a suitable journal-

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Tips to Select journal of advanced scientific research

# Make a List of Available journals

It is necessary to develop some knowledge about the journals available as per your requirement or that lies in your research area. You can consult your friends, colleagues, or professor for this or can browse through the internet.

# Know the Journal Impact

The rank of the journal and its readers play an important role in determining the impact of any journal. Submitting your paper in a low-impact journal will degrade the quality of your research and your work will not be visible to the audience that you wished for. Visiting the website of your selected journal will provide you with such information about the journal.

# A Journal Should Match your need

The subject area which the journal covers is also one of the important factors that one should look for. This helps in finding suitable readers who will admire your work. Also, you should check their editorial policies and the practices which the journal follows along with their reviewing process and the time they take for publication. For this, you have to check the instructions that they give to authors and it is present in nearly all the journals on their website.

After you have completely satisfied with any journal of advanced scientific research, you can proceed further with the publication process.

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Journal of Materials Science

Importance of Journal of Material Science 

Scholars working in the field of material science really work hard, as preparing samples is a tough task. Chemical composition of different materials for specific product requirement is a deep study of science.  We would like to share some of the advantages of choosing this field to make the researchers realize this unique and trending field. As the name suggests it is the study of properties of material and knowing its boundaries in different environmental conditions so that one can profitably use such products in day-to-day application.

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Advantages of Choosing Material Science as a Subject

  • It is an interesting area of study and also contains multiple disciplines within it
  • There is a lot of potential in this area as per job and career is concerned
  • Researching in the material science field will lead to better career growth and chances to settle abroad.

Material science is all about knowing the property of the material or creating new material from the current to help in the advancement of science. Industries these days are falling short of researchers of material science and often look for a capable researcher who helps them by providing them with advanced knowledge. There are many sub-branches of material science in which one can proceed with the research. For example materials in electronics where one can proceed to study the behavior of silicon chips, transistors, etc, and manipulate the materials to make their products better. In short, the subject is best in itself and no one can deny this.

 IJSRET is one of the best journals of materials science in which researchers can easily publish their work without any problems as we provide fast and reliable service to our customers.

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Peer Reviewed Journal List

IJSRET is one of the leading journals in peer reviewed journals list in India. It accepts work from several engineering scholars, researchers, lecturers, and subject experts. Journal provides both free and paid publication process on several subjects such as civil, mechanical, electronics, machine learning, etc. Through the journal, authors can maximize the chance to get their work read by the new audience in the entire world.

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Advantages of Publishing in peer reviewed journal:

  • It is a good way to get your work checked by experts so that you will get aware of the validity of your work.
  • It also provides you with feedback reports by which you can learn about the improvement that can be done on the research paper before publication.
  • Sometimes there is a multi-level of peer reviews that give their expert reviews in some of the peer reviewed journals list in India, which is further better to improve the quality of the paper.
  • Majority of researchers voluntary likes to publish their work in such peer reviewed journal to authenticate their work.

Apart from the advantages, there are some disadvantages with such peer-review process such as-

  • It causes a delay in collecting the shreds of evidence related to research to authenticate a paper
  • It is a time-consuming process and causes a delay in the publication of any research paper.
  • It is not 100% effective as several journals have a low standard of the peer review process and they can publish a low-quality paper by mistake.

Many journals often charge more money just for the reason they had a peer review committee.

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