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Finding the right journal from the Google scholar journal list is not an easy task. Only a genuine and appropriate audience can understand the importance of your research. But many researchers get depressed and finally publish a paper in any journal in lieu to get at least their paper to publish but this is a wrong strategy. Due to their particular act, they lose the impact that their research would lose. IJSRET would like to mention some important parameters that every researcher should check in a journal before he wishes to publish their paper there.

Stay Away from Predators and Advertisements 

These days as the researchers are more and more eager to publish their papers many journals are taking advantage of their condition and taking high charges from them for publishing their work. You have to stay away from them as they would try to contact you or advertise their services on the internet. It is very easy to start a journal and it just needs a domain, a registration and a well-built impressive website to attract the researchers. You should stay away from all such journals and find quality Google Scholar Journals.

Never get confused with Impact Factor of any Journal

Many researchers often get impressed by knowing the impact factor of any journal. By this, they measure the prestige of any journal and wish to publish their paper in such journals. You should also know the fact that the impact of any journal is different for different areas of study. For example, a journal having an excellent impact on electronics research but can have an average or poor impact in the medical domain. So you should check that the journal that you have selected has a high impact factor in that particular area in which your research lies. These were some of the common ways to determine good Google Scholar Journals.