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Journals to Publish Research Papers

In starting phase of Scholars life writing papers is tough task while selection of journals to publish research papers is an more complex decision. So mentor or guide need to filter some of journals for their young researchers. As content or quality of research was not excellent but promotion of those candidates need some publication, this increase there confidence and moral as well. Hence journals to publish research papers for those beginners should have following quality:

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  1. Journal should have good impact factor.
  2. Journal should be at-least three to four year old.
  3. Publish paper in international journal only.
  4. Journal team can assist scholar at various level for final publication.
  5. Communication or response time should be less.
  6. Reviewer comment can increase the quality of paper and knowledge of student for nourishing there writing skills.
  7. Publication fees should be low.
  8. Journal should provide publication digital certificates.


Hence scholar can confirm above points for selection of international journals for paper publication. Once these criteria get conformed than only submit paper in that journal. It was desired that journal can publish paper in 2 to 3 days, but good journals takes 5-7 days for these as review process take time. So patience of this is highly required.

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Publication Fees for Journals

Research journals are categorize into two class paid and unpaid journals while to get fast response from the journals student look for paid journals. Hence publication fees for journals plays an important role when people look for publication. Here it was required that following criteria should be present in these journals.

1. Journal should mention publication cost clearly.
2. Number of authors for different slab of fees.
3. Number of pages in that fee.
4. Certificates are free or not.
5. Review process time.
6. Publication time after acceptance
7. Formatting of document is done by journal or author need to submit paper in format.

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So student/ Author who are looking for publication fees for journals can look for above points before selecting any journal for final submission. It was observed that mentor also have confusion where to publish research paper for there scholars but when above points are clear by Journal team than selection get easy and fast.

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