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International Journal Publication Fee 100

There have been varieties available in the research journals when in the doubt of finding suitable journal for publishing your manuscript. Targeting the right journal for the publishing purpose with the potential platform is tough task. There have been usually two sorted types of journals that is paid journals and unpaid one, but for the quick and effective process paid are prefers only by students and professionals. Thus, the key factor that remains vital is International Journal Publication Fee 100. So before proceeding the publication process, lets focus an eye on the following criteria and additional features that are beneficial in the progression:

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Paper Publication Charges

  1. Pre-determined and fixed cost of publication process.
  2. Additional charges for extra authors must be mentioned.
  3. Charge per page/extra pages or pages limit must be given.
  4. Certification charges need to be paid or included in publication.
  5. Publication period after approval.
  6. Formatting of manuscript editing.
  7. Paper format or standards.
  8. Journal source that open source or paid platform.

So these are the necessary conditions need to be checked before selecting any journals and the International Journal Publication Fee 100 who has a goal for the research journals. Students and authors generally looking for the affordable journal that match with their standards and provide them some sort of extra features. But there are some points that need to be keep in mind while choosing journal:

  1. Research journal should not be new comer, an ideal journal must be three or more years old.
  2. Journal must not be yearly or quarterly; ideal journal must be monthly or bi-monthly issued.
  3. Journal should not issue extra charges and fees in name of pre acceptance and extra author or extra pages, as ideal journal must be liable to provide no limit to pages, and approval.
  4. Certificates must not be charged separately as it should be included in publication fees.
  5. Also, digital certificates need to provided for remote location or distant students/authors without extra charges.
  6. Response given to students should be on time and without delayed.
  7. The most important feature that journal should be authorised and must have unique 8-digit identity number given after approval by national committee of international journals.


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Open Access Publication Fees

The research journals which are open access (OA) generally has an advantage of not submitting accessing fees, as this is additional feature which is fully depend on the policies of journal. Open access is basically set of ideologies and practices which are spread through research work output free of cost or other access methods. There are varieties of open access journals in which open access publication fees is affects. This are categorized into colour naming system as follows:

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Paper Publication Charges

Gold OA: In this model, the publisher makes available all resources free of cost quickly without delay on the given journal website.

Green OA: This type of access is fully operated by the author that is the self-archiving which are controlled by author and the institute of journal or the host can download the work without paying.

Hybrid OA: as the name suggest it is combination of open and closed access journal. A publisher is funded for subscription and only have an access for individual article for which open access publication fees is paid.

Other than these naming model there also exist the black OA, diamond/platinum OA and bronze OA, but the above mentioned are mostly recognized. Research journals must not be time taking and lengthy legal procedures journals, as authors/students are in the hurry to published their manuscript and has busy scheduled also. So, choosing of ideal journal that helps them in their research publication with the less publishing fees is needed. The following are given some points that should be noted before selection of open access journal:

  • Publication that need to be paid must be clearly mentioned with every procedure that need to be followed that fees paid or not in such cases like pre-acceptance fees, approval fees, extra author fees, extra pages charges, charge per page if there is limit.
  • Open accessibility must be present for the journal which usually should be free or hybrid open access.
  • Journal must be legally authorized that is it has all legal procedure completed and has unique identity code. Along with at-least 3-4 years old.
  • Journal must have peer reviewed facility with no extra charges for the certificates and publishing time delays.
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