International Journals with Free Publication Charges


Students, academicians and researchers write research papers and articles related to their research. They have to publish their research work to get more opportunities in the field. 

Publishing not only helps authors to present their work in front of larger audiences but also helps in solving many untold questions of the researchers and readers who are aspiring to do the research to get answers they are looking for.

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Paper Publication Charges

Why do people look for journals with free publication charges?

individuals look for International journals with free publication charges to publish their research papers due to various reasons. In the research and academic field the journals that provide free publications are considered better compared to the paid ones. So scholars and researchers most of the time look for International journals with free publication charges to publish their research work.

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Benefits of publishing research papers in an International Journal

  • International journals provide an international identity for the research papers or articles.
  • Get more citations – one can acquire more citations of their work after publishing research papers and articles in an international journal.
  • Increase the outreach of the papers – international journals simultaneously increase the outreach of the papers through its community and various media partners. 
  • Peer reviewed by high professionals – Individuals get their work reviewed by the professionals in the field ang get some valuable suggestions to improve it. 
  • To get published the research papers and articles in a journal for free took a minimum of 6 months. 

Although it is considered great if the research work gets published in a journal for free but processing period is quite lengthy so individuals whose career advancement depends on the number of research papers seek journals that provide fast publications.

Generally fast publications providing journals are paid. But the issue isn’t resolved because there are so many journals that provide fast publication so finding the one that has good indexing along with its quality of research papers is not an easy task.

Here in this blog we would like to suggest a journal that has good indexing publication and the quality of research papers are also good.

International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends (IJSRET) is one of the journals that provide fast publication in the field of science and technology, mathematics, electrical, electronics, civil engineering, mechanical, computer science, nanotechnology etc.

It is an open access platform. Individuals can find all the science and engineering research related databases here. The number of issues is 6 per annum which shows this journal prefers quality over quantity and publishes only authentic research papers and articles. To start research journey submit paper and learn steps of publication review process, etc. At last always consult with your mentor or guide before paper submission and publication.