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Researchers, academicians, professors, lecturers, scholars, and other individuals do research in the field of science, mathematics, physics, medicine, chemistry, bio-technology, aerospace, arts, humanities, social sciences, computer science, engineering, machine learning, AI and various other branches and subjects of their interest. After that, they write research papers or articles to arrange their findings in a sophisticated manner so that people will learn and understand the process and outcomes easily. The aim of writing research papers is to make them available to other people to read, review, suggest, learn and understand their work all over the globe.

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Digitization opens up more opportunities and possibilities in front of people like researchers, scholars, academicians etc. their research or findings can be easily available to the other side of people. They can now discuss, criticise, suggest, and comment on the things publicized in front of them; which is quite good for academics and helps to improve in no time.

As it mentioned above the aim is to reach a wider audience so they find platforms that provide them with global reach and make their work readable by a larger audience around the world.

Most of the journals publish academic work, research papers or articles from specific fields. Some journals publish research papers and articles from a variety of fields as well.

In this blog, we are going to let you know about top paper publishing journals. As there is no journal that can be stated as a top journal because every journal has its own specialty and above all its own discipline to publish quality work with open access to everyone so that transportation of knowledge becomes easy and one can make their finding available to the audience worldwide.

In the field of journals, it is not necessary that the journal tops in one field also tops in other as well. It also depends on the reviewing panel if a journal has reviewers from different fields then it may accept papers from that field as well. But in most cases, they accept only from their domain. Quality matters all above so they take time in reviewing. If reviewing goes well then it proceeds further.

Here in this section we are going to provide the list of the journals which tops in their respective fields. We remind you once again there is no top journal but each has their own significance in their areas.

  • Check the publication count in the regular issue of the journal.
  • Check foreign author publication in each few issue, this help to understand the popularity of journal.
  • Check the certificate, number of pages, and charges before submission of the paper.

Consult with the mentor as well before final submission of paper.

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