Publish Paper in a Journal


If you are a student or fellow researcher, scholar or academician who has completed their research and has written a research paper recently for the first time; and now wants to publish it but has no idea how it’s done then you are in the right place to find out how to publish a paper in a journal.

In the following article, we are going to help you in publishing your paper in a journal. Further information can be useful for beginners and intermediate researchers who want to publish their research work in a journal to letting their work or findings known by other scholars or individuals who have an interest or doing research in that field.

Before knowing how to publish a paper in a journal let us make sure by following points if the paper is written in the right order so that chances of getting published will be high. They are as follows :

Things to be considered before submitting the paper in a journal

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  1. Check if a paper is written in an ideal format.
  2. The paper should be plagiarism free.
  3. All formatting is done correctly.
  4. Check headings and spelling mistakes if any.

How to publish a paper in a journal

The following points given below describe the process of the paper getting selected to be published in the journal. it may differ from the one you have learned from others. Here in this segment, the most common approach is explained so that one can have an overview of the process. It is as follows :

  1. Go to the journal site selected by you and apply for journal submission.
  2. Fill the necessary details asked by the journal like the title of the paper, area of research, type of manuscript, email, contact no. etc.
  3. Upload the manuscript in the format asked by the journal.
  4. Fill correct email address or other contact information because all the upcoming information regarding the paper will be notified by email.
  5. After that one would be notified by the journal if the paper got accepted for review.
  6. Reviewing takes time so wait patiently for their feedback.
  7. It is possible the reviewer may ask you some questions regarding your research or recommend suggestions to improve the quality so don’t demoralize and accept them as a compliment.
  8. Try to improve things as suggested by the reviewer or answer them accordingly.

If your paper has good quality and the board thinks it should be published then it proceeds further and get published on that platform.