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In most of the journals, Usually, Papers get published for free and some of the journals ask for minimum charges to publish a paper according to journal norms.

 Publishing a paper free of cost actually costs the time and motivation of individuals in a big journal. It costs them more than 3 months to get peer-reviewed. After that if some changes are required then it is delayed from 6 to 8 months; Sometimes it gets rejected as well if they don’t have experts in that field for reviewing. All of this makes them impatient and demoralized to do other research work.

Researchers, scholars, academicians, and other individuals who engulf themselves in the field of research write about their works, outcomes, methods, tools, and processes in the form of research papers or articles in a sophisticated manner.

Many of them don’t have that much money to spend on publishing so they seek the cheapest journal to publish their work in a given time.

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There are many journals that publish research work free of cost or ask for minimum charges to publish academic work. IJSET is one of those journals which provide publication facilities free of cost to its users. It accepts only good quality papers or articles that are free from plagiarism and have authenticity in them. As publications without any charges took at least 3 months to get listed, people usually move to fast publications which cost them more than the research cost so they seek well-reputed journals that charge less. On this platform, one can also choose a fast publication option to publish their work on time.

Apart from that, there is another journal called IJSRET which also publishes research work in the field of scientific research and engineering trends. So if you are from this field you can opt for this journal. This journal also provides a good communication facility so that users can resolve their problems or issues easily.

The present time is full of technologies so everyone can find the solutions of their issues in no time. The information provided here will surely help those who are looking for good-quality journals with low publishing charges. One can also visit other platforms as well to find solutions for them.

Consult your mentor and student of the same domain they also suggest your journals that may fulfill your requirement. Apart from taking suggestions, scholars can make its own list of journals that are good, and professional, and process papers for review in less time.