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This article covers the following points to help young scholars for getting Good journals for Publishing.

  • How to get a good journal for publication
  • Benefits of a good journal
  • Things should keep in mind while selecting a journal
  • Some good journals
  • Conclusion

Many students, scholars, and researchers do research under their mentors. After conducting each research they have to write it down in the research paper or article so that everyone related to that field can learn and understand the work done by them. For that, they seek help from their mentors and others who can suggest to them some good journals that accept papers or articles in that particular field to publish their work.

How to find a good journal or get a good journal for publication

At present, almost all journals get digitized and are available online. One can search for them on the internet easily. There are more than 30000 journals in the world that publish lakhs of papers and articles every year. Finding a good journal from the sea of journals is quite a work..

But as you know if there is a problem, so the solution is. There are several good journals out there, IJSET is one of them that is focused on promoting quality research work and providing its facility in the publishing industry from last decade.

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As a mentor one can guide their fellow students and researchers in finding good journals for publishing their work. One should go for

Benefits of A Good Journal

  • Get more citations for research papers or articles.
  • Get connected to a wider audience.
  • Get academic work indexed on good platforms.
  • Get global recognition.
  • Get your work reviewed by experts.

There are some things that one should consider before applying for submitting the paper or article in a selected journal for publishing. They are as follows :

Check ISSN No. – before submitting the paper or article check the ISSN no of that journal. It is an eight-digit code that conceals information about that journal’s validity.

Check impact factor – a journal’s credibility depends on its impact factor. If a journal has more than 3 markings in impact factor then it is considered good by academicians.

Check indexing – indexing plays a major role in reaching to the target audience and increasing one’s reach so check if the journal is indexed in some good indexing platforms i.e. ABCD INDEX, google scholar, academia Edu, cite factor etc.

Volumes – if a journal is existing for more than 6 years in the particular field you are looking for, then the reliability and credibility of that journal is considered more in comparison to new journals.


There is no system to distinguish good or bad journals in the research field but one can utilize a basic code of conduct to identify them and also use suggestions given in the blog to find good journals for them. The world is full of information, good suggestions, and advice; so one can freely rely on other sources to find the best for oneself.

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