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Websites For Peer Reviewed Articles

The review team of a journal decides whether the submitted article is good enough for publication or not. So the list of such websites that have peer-reviewed teams for scrutiny of a research paper is highly desired. Websites for peer reviewed articles are considered as good international journals that can follow the ethics of publication, as some of the journals accept all sets of articles for publication just for money. Peer revied journals are also of three type:

  1. Single Blind
  2. Double Blind
  3. Collaborative
  4. Open Peer Review

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Paper Publication Charges

Websites having single blind strategy for paper review are considered as journals that share author details to the reviewer but the author is not aware of reviewer information like name, organization, department, etc.

Similarly, in case of double-blind strategy journals hide information of both parties author and reviewer for each other. This kind of work is mostly adopted by big journals, but in review, some of reviewers ask questions by email that opens his identity to the author.

The collaborative peer review process has more than one reviewer to comment on the submitted paper. It is desired by the editor that all of the reviewer suggestions should be positive for publication. This strategy is the time taken to process and review time increases if the reviewer takes a long time to respond the paper.

The Open Peer review method is vice versa of the double blind method. In this author and reviewer details are shared to each other for the paper justification. This process is fast for publication as some time author briefs its work directly and the reviewer asks its queries directly. This kind of direct communication reduces communication cost (time) of review process.

Many good websites openly specify their peer review process to the visitor of the site, as this increases the author’s understanding of how long the paper takes to publish or review period. Sometimes it is ask by the authors to specify the time duration of reviewing a paper, few of journals specify that they publish paper in one day they do not have any team of review paper content. Publishing in such journals is useless. This article helps scholars to filter journals on the following points and decide that journal has a review committee or not.

  1. Check editor details
  2. Check editorial board member details
  3. Does the journal has a similar paper set as per the domain of journal if es then its ok otherwise journal is misleading the publication ethics.
  4. Check contact details of the journal as many of journal hide all such information.

In case of scholar who have very less experience they can consult there mentor about the journal and submit paper as per his / her suggestion only.

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Publish Research Paper Online

Researchers who are looking for International publication for completion of courses like masters, Doctorates degree, etc.  So publish a research paper online in a reputed journal is the first desire of the scholar. In order to achieve this as per guide/ mentor guidance scholar do work in a specific research domain with an objective to resolve an identified issue. As research work performed by the scholar by doing survey of existing techniques/ methods adopted by other researchers, the experiment was done with different varying parameters, analyze the output of work, etc.  So paper writing work is also performed by the scholar.

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Paper Publication Charges

This article helps scholars to refine its paper under the following points before submission to the journal:

  1. Paper Title: Specify Technique Name, Implementing Area.
  2. Abstract: Include problem identified with broad steps of solutions proposed by the paper, specify the experimental setup.
  3. Introduction: Introduce research domain with the requirement of the work to the society. This part should include content as per the current research direction in the research domain.
  4. Survey: Research work done by other scholars of the same research domain using some techniques to resolve same issue is explained in this section of the paper.
  5. Proposed Work: As per the proposed solution steps were detailed in the paper for the understanding of reviewer / readers. Try to include some flow charts, diagrams, graphics to increase the understanding of the work. If work needs some mathematics then specify same by an example.
  6. Experiment: As the proposed model need some more justification hence experimental values give such support for the paper to justify the work. It was found from different papers that researcher include graphs, tables by means of different comparing parameters.
  7. Conclusion: Whole work outcome is summarized in the paragraph with some numeric values that specify the improvement in parameters.


Article having above points have a very high chance to select in the good journal. Lacking paper have low chance to go under review process. This article help scholars to publish research paper online with some tricks that can increase the chance of publication of paper apart from research area and work done. Writing skill of the mentor plays an important role to improve the paper quality and presenting work. I suggest scholars to read more related articles related to research area and increase the knowledge of the work, as this exercise give more set of technical words / terms to express similar sentence with high impact. Submit in a journal that fairly specify publication fees, review process time, publication time. As per research select journal, always consult your mentor to select journal.

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