List Of Journals Without Publication Fee


Generally, research journals are available in two categories paid journals and unpaid journals. The research journal selected by budding authors mainly by checking the publication fees, so there is wide list of journals without publication fee. But the problem with these types of journals is they are time taking. There is delay in the process of publication work. This causes problem to authors or students, as time gets wasted in the waiting. Targeting a research journal without the publishing charges is difficult and list of journals without the publication fees is more tough than that. But below some points are mentioned that help in choosing the other points of the research journal:

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Check Publication Charges

  • Checking the authorisation of the research journal, identifying the unique identity number.
  • The year of the publication started by the journal publishing the papers, must be at-least five years back.
  • The volume of issue of the journal must be monthly or bi-monthly releasing, as yearly or half yearly release takes too much time of students.
  • The journal should not issue extra expenses other than the publication charges or access fees.
  • The journal must have the peer reviewed team for the paper evaluation.

There is easily obtained of the list of journals without publication fees, as due to the heavy demand of the research journals specially the journals having the high impact factor. The research journals which is specific about the particular field, have the greater demand, as to avoid publishing in general journal publication.the research journal that is targeted should not demand the other types of fees like extra pages, extra authors charge, accessibility charge, editing or copywriting fees, registration fees, acceptance fees of paper etc. the journal should minimize all this charges with the publishing fee too.