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Every budding author has the different objective and look for tagging any research journal as the best Indian journal. But the common perspective every author desired is the research journal which is best Indian journal has the highest impact factor. Impact factor of any journal is the index that replicates the yearly middling number of documents that articles issued in the last two years in each journal. Thus, every candidate demands for the high impact factor and thus to prove the potential of that journal selected for the publishing manuscript of the research work.

Any research journal which has highest rating will consider because of impact factor usually. But some of the students tagged the best Indian journal on checking the peer team, cost of publication, accessing fees and many other points. There are variety of the publication journals available, but only few of them matched the criteria. As some of the highest potential journal has the high expectation from the paper, due to this average student go for the normal weighing impact journal. As because every student can’t afford the high publishing charges generally good journals have and they didn’t get the funds for the research.

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Here some of the points that should be checked before targeting any journal for the research work publication:

  • The journal must have the unique identity number given by the national council for the international journal.
  • The journal must be authorised one with all the legal authorities of publishing.
  • The journal targeted must be at-least five years and above age and have the relevant experience in the publication work.
  • The research journal must have the high impact factor and must be matched with the standards of the research work.
  • The journal should not bear extra expenses in name of the publication and registration process.
  • The journal must be bi-monthly or monthly as waiting for the other release should be wasting of time.
  • The journal must not take the charges of the accessibility that is it should be open access.
  • The journal should not demand copywriting or editing fees.
  • The journal must have the strong peer valued team for the evaluation.
  • The journal must be compulsorily distributed certificates to authors as soon as publication is over and to remote students also without charges.

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