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The major advantage of publishing in open access journal is that author didn’t have to pay the accessing fees or charges. This will minimize the overall cost of publication process. Open accessibility is basically set of ideologies and practices which are blowout through research work productivity free of cost or other access approaches. Publishing in open access journal make the journal to refer easily and gone through these journals without the accessing fees.

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These accessing types are divided into the colour coding group; they are explained as below:

The first one is the gold open accessibility which makes the user to access the journals without any delay and without charges. After that there arrives the green open access which helps the author to access any resources. That system and resources is under the fully by author and monitored by the publications, they can self-archive the resources without paying the fees. The next type is the hybrid accessibility which is combination of the open and closed accessibility. This makes user to access the only individual article by paying the charges and one at a time. There are other types in publishing in open access journal that is the diamond, bronze, black open access, but these are not as much popular types. only the above mentioned are used mostly.

So, choosing of ideal journal that helps them in their publication in publishing open access journal. The following are given some points that should be noted before selection of journal:

  • Journal must clear all the fee structure with every procedure that need to be followed.
  • The journal must be open access and with that free accessible or hybrid accessibility present.
  • Journal must be legally authorized and has proof of legal procedure completed and potential also with high impact factor.
  • Journal must have peer reviewed facility for the evaluation.

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