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Journals On Machine Learning

Computer Science scholars are working in various field of research such as machine learning, cloud computing, networking, communication, etc. Out of those hot topic machine learning is very famous and innovative field of research for young scholars. Hence publication of research work done by budding researcher need Journals on Machine Learning where most of papers are published in this field. As number of international journals are available for publication which accept paper from filed of engineering, so filtration of specific machine learning journal is done under following points:

Research / Survey Paper Submission

Paper Publication Charges

  1. Reviewer Team Work and there field of Education
  2. Paper Publication Title Specify Machine learning title
  3. Submission form Field of Acceptance

Hence above points help authors to filter international journal before submission of there hard research work. Some of machine learning field of work is accept by this journal IJSRET which include:

  1. Neural Network (Feed Forward, Error Back Propagation, Convolution, Spiking, etc)
  2. Regression (Logistic, Linear, Binary, etc.)
  3. Decision Tree (Random Forest, Spanning, Frequent Pattern Tree)
  4. Support Vector Machine (Linear, Non-Linear)
  5. Naïve Bayes Classifier
  6. Reinforcement Learning

This journal provide publication or accept paper from all above field of research, it is suggested to all scholars who are looking for publication that always consult your guide or mentor before submission of paper in any international Journals on machine learning. Submission of paper is done by preparing the paper having important points which include Abstract, Introduction, Related Work, Methodology, Experimental Setup, Results Section, Conclusion, References. So paper having all points of interest are more liable to get publish. Authors should take advice of the reviewer as well where points are mention to improve quality of work with more details. Scholars who have just start there work in machine learning need to publish their paper in low publication cost journals as hitting the high quality journal for young researcher is tough and frustrating. This small publication improve confidence and validity of researcher as well.

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