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Science Journal Articles

Scientific Journals are multidimensional Open Access gateways for the examination of scientific inventions, detections and new research in the engineering and other Scientific field. Scientific Journal articles in our journal signify the collaborative efforts of various scientists and scholars from diverse disciplines. Before publishing an article to any science journal articles platform to publish your article you must take an overview on the journal privacy policies. It is very important to know for any researcher and scholar that if you are submitting your paper to any journal that journal should not disclose yours article data to anyone else. To know about the privacy policy of our journal just read the below points-

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  • Confidentiality: The editor and any editorial staff must not disclose any information about a submitted manuscript by the authors to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial advisers, and the publisher, as appropriate. Any information of our client will never be disclosed to anyone other than the concerned department. We have created a team on the foundation of trust and honesty which makes us more strong and reliable.
  • Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest: The unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted manuscript are not used by our editor’s for their own research without the express written consent of the author and writers. Privileged information or ideas taken through peer review are kept confidential and not used for individual personal advantage or any personal activity.
  • Involvement and cooperation in investigations: Our reviewers and editorial team highly cooperate with the author’s who are facing any issue in submitting the paper. First they detect the mistake and try to correct and sometimes our reviewers ask our authors to do the necessary correction by providing a complete guidance. Our team cooperation and involvement with the clients will help in boosting the confidence of our clients.


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Highest Impact Factor Journal

Researchers and scholars always look for highest impact factor journal to publish their research paper review paper and survey paper. Scientific paper publication services with low publication fees this process is only possible in IJSRET (International Journal of Scientific Research & Engineering Trends). Our journal is considered to be a highest impact factor journal with low publication charges. Our low publication fee doesn’t lessen our services. We provide services only with the view of satisfying our customer even it is not affordable for them. We have created a platform where our client will get a full satisfaction with a fast response.

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After a continuous efforts of past years we have reached at a point where a customer can easily trust us if he/she is concerned about the fast publication. The process of fast publication include the following steps-

The publication process can be classified into four types by the reviewers-

  • Accepted: Once you submit the paper it will send to the editorial team no editorial team after checking your project title will send to the concerned reviewers department. There are different reviewers department for the different paper title. In this process reviewer will check whether your paper is matching the author’s guidelines or not. Is your paper is up to marks then it will be accepted by the reviewers and acceptance mail will be send to you by our team.
  • Accepted with changes: If your reviewers detect some small mistakes like spelling mistakes or numbering mistakes or even formatting mistake then your paper will be corrected by us.
  • Rejected for revision/re-submission: In this step reviewers will reject your paper to do a revision or correction after the necessary correction in the paper author can resubmit their paper to us.
  • Rejected: In this step your paper is directly rejected by the reviewers. Our team will not ask you for any correction they will directly reject it especially in the case of plagiarism.
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