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Research Paper Publication Sites

Websites having valid ISSN number can publish papers on there portal. So scholars who are looking for research paper publication sites can cross check for valid publication house by the presence of eight digit number. Each of publication media has its own format for presenting there content to the globe with signature of its site like name, logo, ISSN number, etc. Sites for publishing research papers should be at-least three year old have papers in each volume and issue. It should be attentive for young researcher as well. Junior researchers who are new in this field of publication can read following point to filter good publication media.

  1. Valid E-ISSN number
  2. Good impact factor from reputed organizations.
  3. Global indexing
  4. Highly responsive for author in there paper submitting, publishing.
  5. Reviewer team for fast response

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Research paper publishing sites providing all above services are good journals. Scholars who are initializing their work can consult with mentor for the same for selection of international journal. One should cross check relevant content other paper on the site as this increase the journal relevance with the publishing site.

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International Journal of Scientific Research Impact Factor

Impact factor is a parameter to judge a journal site means journal having high impact factor is good while lower is not so. International Journal of scientific research impact factor are good sites to publish there research paper. Here number of agencies provide impact factor to journals base on the paper content, readers, downloads, etc. Each have its own set of rules. Some of agencies provide this value between 0-10, 0-100, etc. All International journal have various set of indexing and impact factor which confuse a lot for the young researcher, so journals having following points are considered as better journals.

a. Atleast Four year old International Journal
b. Each volume and Issue should have papers
c. Good set of reviewer team
d. Provide Digital certificates after publication
e. Paper should visible with complete content on site
f. Journal validation like ISSN number should be clearly mention.

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So scholars who are searching international journal of scientific research impact factor can read this article and remain updated from sties showing high impact factor with very less number of volumes. Research should confirm publication charges as well before submitting paper as some of journal do not mention those which result in waste of time.

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