Engineering journals with high impact factor


Scholars and other individuals who want to pursue a career in academic and research fields require research publication in high impact factor journals in education. In the field of engineering academics have to publish at least one or two research papers, review papers or articles to complete their PG courses/ diploma. Their degrees won’t count without journal publications. So they search engineering journals with high impact factor to facilitate their research work among like minded people across continents. This blog will help scholars as well as academicians working in an engineering field.

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Why do academics publish in an international journal?

Instant visibility – papers published in an online international journal can be accessible just after publication. Authors don’t have to wait for months to get their research work updated or visible to others working in the same research field.

Citations –
publication in an international journal helps authors or academic individuals in getting more citations for their published work. As these kinds of platforms have a wide audience in a particular domain which makes smooth reach to the relevant audience.

Open access – open access facilitates free access of research articles and papers to everyone whether they are working in that field or not. It’s a good source for knowledge seekers. Open accessibility of published content circulates research to the core people without restrictions.

Improve Credibility – almost all the international journals are peer reviewed. In an academic research community publication in a peer reviewed journal having a high impact factor is considered good and admired by many. It improves the credibility of the author at the same time.

Indexing – scholars publishing in an international journal get their research articles indexed easily on various platforms. So that their research can be accessible throughout the internet.

Engineering journals with high impact factor

International journal for scientific research and engineering trends is one of the leading engineering journals with a high impact factor. One can submit their research papers or articles for free. There are no charges for submission and review of the articles. Only when the manuscript is accepted authors are required to submit nominal article processing charges.

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