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This journal accept review articles, research papers, survey papers, letters, etc. for publishing. This journal is a rapid publishing journals with impact factor more than three. Fast track publication International journals with low publication charges is key value. So authors having good paper but less time for publishing are helped. Here reviewer make proper comments to the paper which are immediately, inform to the author for required correction. This reduces lot of communication time.
Following are the point which author should follow for reducing the publication cost:
1. Paper content should be good.
2. Paper table and figure should have proper heading / title with sequence number.
3. All references in the submit manuscript / paper should be used.
4. Content present in the paper have high originality percentage.
5. If possible than submit paper / manuscript  as per journal format, this reduces the processing time and labor for the publisher.


  1. Rajesh solanki

    It’s an nice journal, as it give suggestions if an author make mistake while writing a paper.

    Response of dedicated team is also good.

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