Paid Journals For Publishing Research Paper


International journals are controlled by a non-government organizations, private agencies, etc. These are a non-funded organizations, hence depend on publication fees or paper processing charges. So scholars who are searching paid journals for publishing research paper doesn’t mean that journal accepts low-quality paper just for money. Scholar / Researcher have to understand that journal has following set of expenses:

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Article Processing Charges

  1. Portal need a technical expert that maintains the server for site update throughout the year.
  2. Plagiarism software is paid with a monthly or yearly subscription.
  3. Some field reviewers take charge to review the paper.
  4. Paper formatting, digital certificates are manual operations, hence a dedicated staff needs to do such work.
  5. Some journal indexing sites provide impact factors on yearly basis with some charges.
  6. Print journals have to publish a proceeding of the published paper and submit to the ISSN organization for each new issue.
  7. Editorial board have members that always look journal paper quality, submit journal in good indexing and follow-up.


The above reasons help mentor to clear though that Paid Journals For Publishing Research Paper is also good, as many high index journals charge money to increase the review process. I suggest scholar to filter journal on the basis of the following points that are genuine and improve paper reach around the globe:

  1. Journal Indexing
  2. Journal age (Starting year minimum 5 years)
  3. Issue per year
  4. Article-processing charges
  5. Review time to get submitted paper status
  6. Publishing country (As transaction with some of the country is not allow from few nations)
  7. Research area journal accepts for paper publishing.
  8. Other scholars published paper quality matching your paper content.

I hope all above points help the young scholars to filer the journal on the basis of valid checkpoints not on the basis of paid or unpaid class. Finally, I conclude this article with a note that to run any organization or publishing house money is only medium to increase its quality, so journal charge in form of publication fees, paper processing fees, paper language improvement fees, paper formatting fees is not an unfair activity.