Mechanical Design of a Novel Low-Pressure Turbo Vapor Compressor


Authors:-Mostafa Shawky Abdel Moez, Amin Mobarak

Abstract- Optimum turbine’s position with respect to the compressor in TVC was selected for minimum work difference between them and maximum efficiency after including all types of losses. The current work objective is to make a complete mechanical design of the TVC system, including the starting system, bearing, blades assembly, shaft, clutch, and assembly of TVC. This occurs by discussing the main output results for three-dimensional simulation for turbo-vapor compressors such as toques, moments, and forces in three coordinates x, y, and z. Modal analysis is conducted for the turbovapor compressor at different bearing stiffness values to estimate the critical rotor speeds to be passed during system run-up. Finally, the static structure tool in Ansys is used to determine the values and the directions of forces at both bearings’ stresses using Von Mises stress analysis and deflection for the turbo-vapor compressor. Figure 3-2 shows the layout for TVC. The TVC design was developed under the supervision of Dr. Antoine Dimitri the lecturer at mechanical design and production department.

DOI: 10.61137/ijsret.vol.9.issue5.102

Cite: Mostafa Shawky Abdel Moez, Amin Mobarak. “Mechanical Design of a Novel Low-Pressure Turbo Vapor Compressor”. IJSRET Volume 9 Issue 5, Sep-Oct-2023.

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