An Automated Fire Detection and Reporting System Based on AI and IoT Technologies


Authors:- Abubakari Abdul-Rahaman, Peter Awonnatemi Agbedemnab,Jacob Azaare

Abstract- Most of the fires that engulf public facilities and cause more damage to properties usually happen after working hours or when people are asleep, implying that, humans play a central role in fire reporting. In this paper, a Location Based Smart Fire Reporting system capable of eliminating human involvement is proposed. The proposed system employs two technologies, namely, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI looks at the integration of sensors with the Arduino Nano board that works in converting the analogue data into digital data for decision making. The IoT technology communicates the converted digital data to the appropriate authorities or users. The proposed system is made up of a GPS sensor, Arduino Nano micro-controller, two temperature sensors, Gas (MQ4) Sensor, smoke (MQ5) sensor and GSM SIM900 module. A test implementation of the proposed system was conducted and it came to light the system able to detect naked fire, flames, gas leaks and smoke; a Short Message Services (SMS) is also sent to the users/owners with the exact GPS location coordinates of the fire incident. Another functionality of the system is its ability to disconnect power supply to an affected building whenever, fire is detected. There are threshold values set for each sensor, above which triggered the beeper. The system takes averagely 3ms to send and deliver messages in stable cellular network area.

DOI: 10.61137/ijsret.vol.9.issue5.102

Cite: Abubakari Abdul-Rahaman, Peter Awonnatemi Agbedemnab,Jacob Azaare. “An Automated Fire Detection and Reporting System Based on AI and IoT Technologies”. IJSRET volume 9 issue 5, 2023.

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