Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs Related to International Journal for paper Publication

  • How to submit a paper in International Journal?

  • Journal provides two options (1) author can directly send paper at: (2) Online Submission form, For online submission visit. Submission through online medium is fast and easy for scholars.
  • How many days do the reviewers take to respond for paper acceptance or rejection?

  • Review time depends on the reviewer but normally it takes 2 to 5 days. As per paper content time vary, but for some fast review, the scholar can request at after paper submission.
  • What is the paper submission format (pdf, doc)?

  • Journal accepts paper in all pdf and doc files. But it’s better if scholars provide doc file.
  • What are publication charges?

  • Publication fees is categorize into two types. (1) Indian author charges are 1000 Rs, we reduce this fees upto 600Rs as per paper quality (good quality paper less price). (2) Non-Indian ublication charge is 32USD.
  • Does the author get digital certificates after publication?

  • Yes, all authors in a research paper get separate digital certificates.
  • Do authors get digital or hard copies of paper and certificates?

  • This is an online journal so only soft or digital copies of paper and certificates were provided.
  • Paper publication link?

  • Scholar check volume issue of publication mention in certificate and visit on Archives page of the portal. Select specific volume and issue link after this you can search on-page by author, paper title, and click on the download button to view your published paper.
  • How to complete the copyright form?

  • In copyright write detail of first / corresponding author,
  • How to submit publication fees?

  • Indian authors can pay by Netbanking, UPI options available at: . Non-Indian authors can pay by Paypal
  • Journal Indexing on other sites?

  • We have list all our indexing at
  • Maximum limit for number of author and pages ? Journal charge extra amount after any specific number of authors/pages?

  • No extra charges for increase in number of pages or authors in page. Minimum one author and minimum 3 pages is lower limit for publication. No maximum limit set for the autho and page count.

For other queries, scholars can chat with our staff and resolve their doubts. We are ready to help you.