where can I publish my research paper


Research publish journals is a medium to get worldwide access to your paper. Your paper will be reviewed by several experts throughout the world. So if you are thinking of where can I publish my research paper for free here are some of the answers to it. Choosing the right journal is important and gives a huge impact on your work. Choosing a journal that is not relevant to your work will fail all your months and years of hard work. Before publishing your paper it is better to follow these steps

  • Get your paper to cross-check by some colleague, friend, or professor to eliminate the typo, grammatical, spellings, and punctuation errors
  • After this revise your paper again according to the comments made by your reviewers
  • Prepare a manuscript according to the chosen journal’s needs and requirement
  • Now if you feel everything is done submit your paper
  • You have to be patient and never panic after you have submitted your journal and are waiting for approval

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where can I publish my research paper?

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