How to Publish A Review Paper


Budding engineers of the nation or worldwide researchers need the journal that can evaluate their hard work of research and manuscript specifically based on their field. As a research starts from the survey so scholar wants to know how to publish a review paper in a good journal. As the point clarifies that, each for the judging and checking the research direction their evaluator. International journal of science and engineering that can select those review articles for publication need to be filtered as per college requirement. Review paper journal selection is a tough task as a variety of journals are found but the specific journal having all the qualities of high impact factor, low publication cost, open access publication, low article processing charges are hard to find.

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While selecting the article review journal for the publishing of the manuscript specially, the paper must be checked by the reviewer team. As the team must be constituted of experts, master or doctorates in the relevant domain f science and engineering with sufficient experience of the evaluation. With all these, there are few more points one should check to know resolve question regarding how to publish a review paper

  • Authorization: the first is to check whether the journal is authorized or not, for this, there must have a unique identification number present to that journal as every specific journal has. Also, this must be old enough to have an identity.
  • Fees: the journal should not charge extra fees for the processes after the registration, that is the publishing fees, accessing fees, certificates cost, extra pages, and extra authors charge.
  • Facilities: the journal must provide the facility of the open-access publication and the printing of the article or in case editing.
  • Certificates: the journal must provide certificates to each author or online certificates to the distant authors.

Releasing: the issuing of the journal must not be quarterly or yearly or half yearly, as the author had to wait too long.