IJSRET Volume 1 Issue 1, January-2015


ALARC Approach for Litho Friendly Standard Cell Layout Design [1-4]

Author: Praveen Chadhokar

Effect of Inhibitors on the Corrosion Behaviour of Cold-Rolled Mild Steel [5-8]

Author: Okonji, P. O.; Okonji, R.E. and Odo J. U.

Effect of Welding Current and Filler Metal Types on Macrostructure and Tensile Strength of Gtaw Welded Stainless Steel Joints [9-12]

Author: Okonji, P. O.; Nnuka, E. E. and Odo J. U.

PV Parameters Estimation using a Developed Iterative Method [13-17]

Author: Tarek M. El-Sayed, Abd El-Shafy A. Nafeh, Faten H. Fahmy, Hosam K. M. Yousef

Description of the Natural Properties, Geomorphologic Aspects and Human Activity in Matammah Area–Northern Sudan (Application of GIS) [18-20]

Author: Muhammed Ali Hassan Dahab,Dafalla Siddig Dafalla Wadi

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