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Selection of international journal for publication of research work in field of computer science engineering is depends on number of parameters as many of publishers publish every field of engineering. So Journals of Computer Science should have good reviewer team where most of reviewers are from computer background means there qualification degree should be in field of computer engineering.

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Paper Publication Charges

One more important point for the filtration of International journals depends on type of publication provides means most of publications are from computer background, some of computer topics papers are (Data Mining, Computer Network, Image Processing, Computer architecture, Embedding Circuit, Load Balancing, Artificial Intelligence, Dimension Reduction, Prediction / Forecasting, Data Packet Routing). Hence paper has publication issue with computer topics are consider as journal of computer science. Authors are suggest to consult their mentor or guide for the selection of International journal for the final submission of papers. As journals takes time for the review which directly increase the life of pursuing course. It was also observed that some of journals takes money for the publication but there web portal do provide direct information of those charges to the scholars during submission. So filtration of those journals before the final submission of paper is done by writing a direct mail to the concern journal editor which is generally provide in contact us page of that web portal. It is suggested to the scholars to submit paper as per author guideline provide by the international journal, this reduce review process of the work as well. Publication process of the journal mostly depends on the authors content as well, so plagiarism of the submitted process should be check by the mentor as rejection of paper. Computer field engineering paper are depend on research platforms for the implementation, training, testing, etc. Finally I suggest authors to submit their research work in reputed and fair journals who not only publish paper but also help author to increase work quality as well.

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