Top journals in machine learning


Speed of growing world is control by machines, hence most of researchers are doing work in this field for the machine learning models. Each research need reach to relevant audience hence publication is the only medium to do that, people always looks for the Top Journals in Machine Learning for publication. But most of publishers are just making content online after this no work was done from the journal side to work. Journal who are really working in the field of machine learning try to index themself in more renowned platforms. Getting such journal is not tough these days. Some of simple step to judge a journal is find the latest content publish by the journal, volume, issue of current year/ month. Its content help to find that journal I doing publication. Further if journal is doing less number of publication then be aware as those are not doing this work seriously. People need to check the content from global reach as publication needs global audience to read/write about the matter. If journal provide open access to the published content then it is easy for the reader to come to know more about your work.

Submit Your Paper  / Check Publication Charges

Some of key points that publisher should learn or check before paper submission are:

1.Check relevancy of content with your machine learning topic if content present then do submit paper as chance of publication is high. Further check journal has variety of author from more than one nation. As each of those author attract its own reader that may increase the chance that your paper may be read or cite by that random person.
2.Publication of journal is costly process with paid journals hence always check all set of publication charges either hidden or known. In case pocket now allow then do not submit content in that journal as it may waste your time in review/correction process.
3.Some of the authors should consult with mentor, batch mates about the journal and its reach. This help to learn about the journal. People who are looking for the fast publication should be more aware of publisher promises as people do mention page of journal but reality is differ.

Journal who do not mention scope of research publication, indexing, publication fees, contact number, etc. is alarming hence those not good sites to publish content. Getting Top journal in Machine Learning of any other are research area list is not possible hence its author own understanding learning that helps to learn about it.

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