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Researcher who are close to complete degree need for the fastest journal to publish research content. Hence getting such journals is not easy as many of scholars are approaching to search engines but due default listing reach to such publishers is not easy. Some of publishers are not valid and do publication which may result in fake publication. This article help scholars to understand that journal selection for fast publication depends on many factors:

Submit Your Paper  / Check Publication Charges

  • Check the publication fees as many of journal do fast publication of one week but they charge in more than 100 dollars. So that may turns to withdraw paper even after acceptance. Don’t get attract of Free words as they migh charge you after acceptance in the name of formatting, grammar error removal.
  • Journal doing fast publication do have proper contact details hence leads to mislead the author and wait for the reply is the only option for the researcher. So it always be better that contact details like email, phone/mobile or even chat should be present.
  • Publication in fast journal should be relevant to your field is also an important factor as irrelevant publication lead to data loss.
  • Finally always cross check that publication in the journal is has 1 or 2 month of issue, continue as many of publisher doing even free publication but the journal has not doing it regularly.
  • Check that publisher has valid ISSN with indexing information of the journal in other sites as both are international platforms hence data should be present on sites.
  • Consult with your colleague and guide/supervisor as well. As publisher also work for the publication after paper submission.

fastest journal to publish research

In order to further reduce the publication time try to submit paper in journal format as this reduces the manpower requirement of formatting. Always in touch with publication customer care team for all set of stages. In case of digital certificates ask publisher in prior about it with charges if they are applying. Some of journals do not mention charges of number of authors, number page, number color pages charges, so do cross checks all before paper submission. Many of journals are doing fast and good work even they are maintain the quality as they have good reviewer team. Publication fees is not negative as publication house is private body and hence no financial support from any agencies, so they are bound to charge as they have to serve journal.

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