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Prevention of URL Attacks by Analyzing Browser Extension

Prevention of URL Attacks by Analyzing Browser Extension
Authors:-Amit Choudhary, Anusha. M. R, Devika. L.R, Manushree M, A.M. Prasad

Abstract- Rapid growth of internet usage has led to cyber-attacks. Malicious cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities in a browser to initiate cyber-attacks which affects user data, privacy and system integrity. Nowadays many technical solutions on URL attacks were developed, but these approaches were either unsuccessful or unable to identify URL attacks and detect malicious code efficiently. One of the draw-back is due to poor detection strategy and less adaptability to new URL attacks. This work outlines research initiative focused on the prevention of URL attacks through the analyses of browser extension. Thus, the main objective of our project is to design and develop a python-based web browser extension that focuses on identifying URL attacks by extracting features from URL and integrating with various anti-virus tools. The extension combines rule-based analyses of feature extraction technique with external anti-virus services and tools to enhance the accuracy of URL attacks identification.

DOI: 10.61137/ijsret.vol.9.issue6.123

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