Wage Equity Impact on Customer Service in the Indian Hotel Sector


Authors:- Sanchita Tuli

Abstract-In recent times, salary parity has surfaced as a prominent element impacting the dynamics of the Indian hospitality industry, especially concerning customer assistance. This research examines the complex connection between salary fairness and the excellence of customer assistance, considering the current shortage of manpower in the sector. Notwithstanding the escalating figures graduating from hotel academies, the industry persists in grappling with recruitment and retention predicaments. One prominent underlying factor is the current remuneration practices which frequently exhibit notable discrepancies. This disparity not only discourages employees but also indirectly affects the service provided to customers. Possible resolutions involve the reorganisation of remuneration bundles to cultivate a perception of equity and the implementation of periodic educational initiatives to bridge proficiency disparities. By giving precedence to salary parity, the hotel industry can not just improve employee welfare but also greatly elevate the quality of customer assistance, paving the path for enduring expansion and competitiveness in the field.

DOI: 10.61137/ijsret.vol.9.issue6.101

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