Journal with DOI


Academic and research individuals often look for journals in their related fields to publish research papers or articles, to find databases for ongoing or upcoming research, gain knowledge, etc. As we know research is a continuous process which requires both time and money at same time. 

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Why choose journal with doi

DOI or digital object identifier provides a process to identify the online published documents, articles, research  papers and other work.  An international Journal with doi provides many advantages to scholars and researchers who published a research paper or article in it. Journals offers DOI for the research paper helps authors in getting global identity through their research work.

Paper Publication Charges

Most of the time when we explore journal’s websites it is found that some of them state one thing and do others. They write and show the logo of doi on their website but in reality they did not provide any. In this case the one who suffers loses is the author.  So it would be better to ensure whether the journal stating is correct or not. Because getting a DOI number is not that easy for everyone. One has to fulfill all the requirements along with paying a good amount for getting a DOI number for their published work. 

If a journal is published for free then the amount of DOI most of the time bear by the journal itself. In the case of a paid journal it is the author.

How to find out the DOI is authentic or fake:

To check whether the DOI provided by the journal is real or fake just go to DOI official website and put the reference doi number of the journal into the search box presented at the website. Then click on the search button. If the doi is correct then it will show the journal’s name or profile on the window. In other cases it would show none.



There are many advantages one can have by associating journals with doi. They are discussed in the following points:

Separate URL – DOI provides a separate URL for each online published content. It gives a Unique identification number which reflects the source of the content and provides a global identity to the research paper individually.

Validity – DOI of a research paper increases the validity of that research paper or article. One can look for it source anytime which can not be possible if  if a research paper had a DOI then it 

Increase number of citations – a doi no provides a unique identity to research paper or article and helps scholars in locating the content they are looking for from the original sources. By using DOI one can easily use or arrange citations and references in their research papers / articles. 

Authenticity of the articles – Before DOI there was no platform available that helps in authenticating the citation and references. DOI helps in finding the original sources of the published content and indirectly controls the issue of plagiarism.