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Research is never ending process in all field as things are continuously modify and optimized to get more effective results. In order to showcase the research work around the globe research article plays an important role. Publication of article is done by International Journal, hence many of organizations, universities, Colleges, Departments open international journals. So this article help people to learn about how to start a new journal. International journals are not just website where people can post their content but it’s a complete system that has expert team who have deep understanding of specific domain. Many of publishers are looking for support of how to get ISSN number for journal. Some of people try to get but due to lack of guidance and experience they not get the success. So to start a new journal one has to arrange following steps:

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  1. Get a website with specific domain.
  2. Publish few paper in it of selected or desired research topic.
  3. Apply for the ISSN number.
  4. Wait for the response from the ISSN authority to issue a E-ISSN or P-ISSN number.
  5. After getting ISSN apply for indexing.

Website: Above five steps looks easy and straight but ding all takes time as website should have following set of points that need to be crosscheck:

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  1. Author’s guideline page.
  2. Reviewer guideline page.
  3. Paper format.
  4. Copyright form for author to validate and get permission for publication.
  5. Editorial board page.
  6. Valid address of the organization to contact.
  7. Paper submission form and backend portal for managing of the paper, reviews, comments, etc.
  8. Plagiarism checking software.
  9. Provide data Security features.
  10. Call for paper where list of research topics should be maintained to get papers for publication.
  11. If journal charge amount then it should be mentioned clearly and medium of payment.

Editorial Board: Once website cover all these points then a editorial board is required where each board member has fix designation and role. Before placing the name of members publisher need to take permission from the concern member and inform about journal activities. As these board member details are need to be submit at ISSN office. Few of editorial member should be from foreign country. Always gather good set of editorial board having sound knowledge and experience in relevant field.

Publication: It is always better to apply for ISSN once you have a publication of 5 to 10 article in an issue. Do not provide any misleading information on issue like any Fake ISSN, indexing, etc. As this makes a chance of application rejection. Always check the content validity as good content is publish in the issue, do not publish plagued articles.

Starting a new journal takes around 6 to 8 months from collecting document to submission and getting approval from ISSN. But this hard work gives a pleasure of publisher who can publish and verified research content. International journals are good medium to increase the network of relevant people. A journal also organize a international conference for showing its global presence. i hope this article resolve query of how to get ISSN number for journal. Our team is right here for the support for beginners and scholars to promote research activities around the world with positive outcomes.

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