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Students who are in the final years of their studies, academicians, scholars, and fellow researchers, write papers about the research or survey they have done. After that, they seek a platform from where they can reach the target audience easily. As you know, doing research and then concluding it in a research paper or article is not an easy task. Apart from that, making it available to the target audience is another thing to accomplish.

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Everything needs financial assistance in different parts of their execution or level whether it is conducting research, survey, other accessories, tools, or writing processes.  Due to all of this they seek journals that publish papers free of cost or charge little; so that they can publish their papers or articles without extra financial burden on themselves.

Here in this article, we are going to give you a direction of journals that either publish free or charge a minimum cost for accepting papers and articles. But before that, it is suggested to know the things that will help in selecting a quality journal.

We are going to discuss some of the things that one should know or consider while looking for a journal to publish research papers or articles. They are in the following points given below :

Scope of the journal – The scope of the journal means the area of expertise in which that journal accepts papers and articles. It is important to know the domain in which journals mainly work so that you can have an idea if the journal would be able to accept your work or not.

Previously published work – there are many journals which are publishing works in different fields so one should know the

Indexing – indexing shows the credibility of the journals. If a journal is indexed in some good indexing sites or platforms then It is considered good and get acceptance among the researchers.

Citation – demand, and acceptance of any paper depend on its quality and citation. So if a journal has good citations for its former published work then it will surely help you in getting a good citations for your papers or articles and recognition as well.

Validity – there are more than 0.25 million journals that are publishing work at the present time but finding a valid journal is tricky, so one should check the ISSN no of the journal to avoid any fraudulence.

Most journals provide free access to their portal. In other words, they won’t charge a penny from scholars for publishing their work on their platforms. But for kind information free publishing took time. Sometimes it delays more than 6 months to publish the paper because they have a lot of pending work to review. If one wants to publish their work on time they can move to paid publication. There are several good journals that provide this facility along with free publications. IJSET is one of those platforms which provide the fast publication with low charges along with a formatting facility; as researchers don’t have that much time to arrange data in a particular format.