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IJSRET Volume 8 Issue 5, Sep-Oct-2022

Whale Optimization Algorithm for Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch and Voltage Control
Authors:-Reza Azimi

Abstract- The Whale Optimization Algorithm is used in this study to perform multi objective probabilistic optimum reactive power dispatch and voltage control in distribution networks (WOA). To obtain the ideal value of voltage deviation, losses, reactive power flow through the OLTC, and voltage variations, control factors such as on-load tap changer (OLTC) settings at substations and substation and feeder switching capacitors must be determined. As a result, a precise optimization strategy is necessary to address this complex problem. The Whale Optimization Algorithm, one of the unique optimization algorithms inspired by humpback whales, is used in this study to tackle the challenge mentioned above. Because the proposed problem is a multi objective optimization problem with several answers rather than a single answer, we employed the Pareto optimum solution approach to finding all Pareto optimal solutions. In addition, the fuzzy decision technique is used to find the best compromise solution. The suggested approach is tested using the IEEE-33 bus system. The numerical results illustrate the efficacy of the suggested approach.

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