Journal Publication Fees Rs 500


Targeting an international journal is a tough to process with demanding low-cost publishing charges. While international journal publication fees rs 500 is difficult to find as most of them have high paid charges. The journal having the low publishing charges is in very demand due to students who can’t afford to pay high charges or due to a lack of resources available of funds in India. As the more technology colleges are having funds more research work inns being carried out by the budding authors. Thus, increases the scope of the international journal and more research international journal are establishing.

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Article Processing Charges

International journal fee 500 has found all the features in every ideal journal like high impact factor, one-time cost, low publishing charges etc. now students expect to publish their research work in the specific branch-wise journal so that the journal can be reviewed more precisely. While below mentioned some of the points to find the suitable journal:

  • The authorisation of any journal is very necessary and it must have the unique identification number given by the international authority of the national institutes.
  • The journal must has a high impact factor and the potential too.
  • Select the journal as per the standards of the research work so as to not reject the work and not low potential also that work would be underrated.
  • They should not demand extra expenses fees and fees must be one-time pay method.
  • The journals must be monthly and bi-monthly issuing volume, so as to save the students time in the publication process.
  • The journal should not issue the copywriting and editing expenses.

The journal must provide online certificates to remote students without any delay.