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As number of facilities and funding given to the young research scientists, there has been plenty of researchers found and thus the publishing journals. Government are taking primary steps to motivate the young talent and the budding authors to complete their research. Due to this every aspirant published their paper work in the selected journal, thus there is wide list of publishing journals. There are varieties of journals found as per the candidate desired. The long list of publishing journals found easily on any website or online platform, so candidate must fix their criteria for the selection of the journal.

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The budding authors has the various options to choose the journal for the publication work. As majorly defined types are paid or unpaid journal, specific branch wise journal, accessibility depend, according to impact factor. Hence based on qualities journal has, candidate scroll the list of publication journal and match the below conditions. The perspective of selecting the research journal for printing the manuscript is different of every author. Due to the increase in demand and number of students doing research increases, the availability of research publication gets extent. Thus, due to competition prices of most of journals dropped.

  • The journal must have strong peer reviewed team and experienced too.
  • The publication must be authorized one.
  • The journal must have the open access resources or at-least hybrid one.
  • The journal targeted must be experienced in publishing manuscript and have the potential for it.
  • The journal must have the issuing bi-monthly or monthly.

On the based of above points choose the suitable that can perfectly match with the research work. But the Important point is any research journal selected must not include extra charges that are not mentioned in the curriculum. Check the fee structure of that journal which matches with the expectations and funds, before registering in any website. Otherwise registration fees get wasted or funds issued must be face.

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