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Journals For Publication

Search of a journal for publication is a tough task for the new scholars who have just initiate there research work. As large number of journals are available for the scholars to publish their work in respected area international journal. Hence Journals for Publication are depends on guidance of mentor as well which generally cross check following points:

Research / Survey Paper Submission

Paper Publication Charges

  1. International journal should be at-least four year old.
  2. It should be reviewer team for review of paper.
  3. Publication charges for the publication should be clearly mention.
  4. International journal should have valid impact factor.
  5. Each volume in different year have different issue and paper should be present in each issue.
  6. Response time of the journal for any query should be less, as international journal generally take long time for resolving publication queries.
  7. Authors guideline should be present on website for increasing the chance of paper selection for publication.
  8. Paper template need to be check before submitting the paper in any journal as this might take time and some of journals are strict for their paper submission format.
  9. Type of research area for publication also need to be check as journals do not publish or accept papers from all research area like engineering, pharmaceutical, Biology, Law, commerce, Science, etc. Different branch of research have different publication journals.

Scholars can consult their guide or mentor for the final publication when paper accept by the international journal after publication. Number of authors for publication with respected designation should be clearly mention and correction may be chargeable or time taken process. Hope this article resolve young scholar doubt for research paper or review paper submission in journals for publication. IJSRET journal invites authors to submit there hard work for publication in low cost and less time duration with response in every stage of the publication like submission  mail, reviewer response, paper status acceptance or rejection, publication notification.

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