IJSRET Volume 6 Issue 2, Mar-Apr-2020


The New Technology of Genetic Engineering-CRISPR
Authors:- UG Student Rohan Alag

Abstract:- In recent times, the research to edit the genome of different organisms has led to marvelous discoveries. In the late 80s, scientists discovered palindromic sequences in the DNA which has since been used as the base for recombinant DNA technology to help create lab synthesized enzymes and medicines which have slingshot the pharmaceutical field into a whole new world, but now with work been done on the new gene-editing technologies like CRISPR. This is a whole new way of looking at the DNA. Something that we could add a piece to can now be edited to such an extent that we can choose what each gene does.


Oil Spills Impact using Image Processing
Authors:- Lavanya P, Priya Dharshini S, Gopinathan B

Abstract:- Marine life may be a huge ecosystem that faces many threats, the most important one being pollution. And one among the main contamination sources are oil spills. Oil spills are often devastating, especially when a large area of the ocean/sea is covered with it. The oil that gets leaked into the ocean pollutes the water and prevents algae from getting sunlight and fish from getting the oxygen trapped in water. The oil also gets trapped within the wings of birds that feed on the fish, making it difficult for them to fly. In short, oil can pose an excellent threat to ocean life if not taken care of. Oil spill incidents occurred outside the Kamarajar Port in Ennore near Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. The spill occurred on 28 January 2017 when an outbound empty tanker BW Maple collided with an inbound loaded oil tanker Dawn Kanchipuram at 04:00 local time.Image processing may be a rapidly growing technology, which has applications in computer vision also as remote sensing. Identifying oil spill impact with Machine Learning Random forest classifier, K-means algorithm and WebGnome tool using Landsat8 dataset. We aim to broaden its range of applications in controlling global pollution.

Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Adaboost
Authors:- B.Nithin, Rohit Ravula, Shaik Gangina Sulthana

Abstract:- Fraud is cheating or wrongful or a culprit activity, its main aim is focus financial or personal sign. In this proposed system we uses two mechanisms namely, (i) fraud prevention and (ii) fraud detection, for avoiding loss from fraud, that detecting details from fraud. In the first fraud prevention mechanism. Is most defensive and proactive strategy, it prevents the misrepresentation from starting. At that point, the second mechanism fraud detection is guessing the fraudster. This component is required for a fake exchange, but it guesses the fraudster, in the time exchange endeavored by fraudster. Credit card fraud is a serious problem in financial services. Billions of dollars are lost due to credit card fraud every year. There is a lack of research studies on analyzing real-world credit card data owing to confidentiality issues. In this project, machine learning algorithm is used to detect credit card fraud. Standard models are first used. Then, hybrid methods which use AdaBoost . To evaluate the model efficiency, a publicly available credit card data set is used. Then, a real-world credit card data set from a financial institution is analyzed. In addition, noise is added to the data samples to further assess the robustness of the algorithms. The experimental results positively indicate that Boosting Algorithms achieves good accuracy rates in detecting fraud cases in credit cards.

Lpg Leakage Detection and Alaraming System
Authors:- Priyanka Raut, Surbhi Bondre, Vrushab Motghare, Aishwarya Kale , Ankita Girde

Abstract:- Home fires have been taken place frequently and the threat to human lives and properties is growing in recent years. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is very inflammable and may burn even at a long way from the source of leakage. Most fire accident are caused due to poor quality rubber tube or the regulator isn’t turned off when not in use. Therefore, developing the gas leakage alert system is extremely essential. Hence, this system presents gas leakage alert system to detect gas leakage and to alarm the people onboard.

A Review of Speed Flow Density Study of Two Different Road Indian Road and Their Comparison
Authors:-M.Tech. Scholar Pranjali Goyal, Asst. Prof. Akshay Gulghane

Abstract:- In this work speed -flow-density study of an Indian road has been conducted. Data has been collected using video camera and later decoded in computer. This data is very essential to estimate capacity of an Indian road. Since the collected data is of a narrow density domain, capacity prediction from this data is not promising. One of the data is collected in mhow pithampur and another data is from indore mhow .Both the data’s were compared statistically. For both the data’s Z-value is calculated and it is compared with Z-critical to define whether both the data’s are same or different.

A Survey on Broad Band Patch Antenna Design by using Different Techniques
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Manohar Kumar, Suresh Gawande

Abstract:- This article presents give an general idea of the microstrip patch antenna design by using different techniques for broad the bandwidth of an antenna. Generally the microstrip patch antenna surface is trace of copper on both sides of the substrate. The one side of the patch antenna is a radiator the other side of the antenna is ground work as a reflector. As per survey the researcher are work on the different feeding technique like wise it may coaxial feeding, microstrip feeding, aperture feeding and proximity feeding. Most of the researcher work on coaxial feeding it is easy to used and complexity is less as compared to other feeding. The microstrip patch antenna is used many researcher due to their low weight , easily available, easy to design any type of design either both sides or one side and easy to fabrication and testing. The main disadvantages of microstrip patch antenna is narrow bandwidth due to this they are unsuitable for wireless communication system. From last few decades the researchers are continuously working on microstrip patch antenna how to improve the bandwidth and different parameter of a microstrip patch antenna. The current work is focus on wearable, reconfiguration, 5G applications. This survey give the introduction of the microstrip patch antenna and give the band width enhancement technique by different researchers.

A Review on CFD Analysis of Tube Receiver for Parabolic Trough Solar Collector with Pin Fin Arrays Towards CSP Technologie
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Sarabjeet Singh, Prof. Kashiram Kadwe

Abstract:- Solar thermal systems are advantageous since it is easier to store heat than electricity on a large scale. Investigation on the heat flux distribution on the absorber tube is critical to get detailed knowledge on how to improve efficiency with the aim to enhance the overall heat transfer performance. In this study Tube receiver with pin fin arrays inserting was introduced as the absorber tube of parabolic trough receiver to increase the overall heat transfer performance of tube receiver for parabolic trough solar collector system. The Monte Carlo ray tracing method (MCRT) coupled with Finite Volume Method (FVM) was adopted to investigate the heat transfer performance and flow characteristics of tube receiver for parabolic trough solar collector system.

Design Analysis and Optimization of (Direct Injection) Diesel Engine
Authors:- Dharamveer Singh, Er. Rohtash Sharma

Abstract:- This paper focuses on the design, Analysis and optimization of piston which is stronger, lighter with minimum cost and with less time. Since the design and weight of the piston influence the engine performance. Study Design: Analysis of the stress distribution in the various parts of the piston to know the stresses due to the gas pressure and thermal variations using with Ansys. The Piston of an engine is designed, analyzed and optimized by using graphics software. The CATIA V5R16, CAD software for performing the design phase and ANSYS 14.0 for analysis and optimization phases are used. Results indicate that the volume of the piston is reduced by 24%, the thickness of barrel is reduced by 31%, width of other ring lands of the piston is reduced by 25%, Von misses stress is increased by 16% and Deflection is increased after optimization. But all the parameters are well with in design consideration.

Investigations on Sliding Contact Characteristic of FRP Composite Bearing using Artificial Neural Networks
Authors:- Shailesh Rajoria, Assistant Professor Shantanu Roy

Abstract:-In rotary machines vibration is an inherent phenomenon which has the tendency to affect required performance. Amongst the different parameters that affect vibration, selection of appropriate bearing is the most critical component. In this work the effect of different types of bearing on vibration in rotary machines is studied and the magnitude of vibration produced by use of different set of bearings under the same condition of loads and rotational speeds were investigated. Bearings considered in this work were ball bearing, tapered roller bearing, thrust bearing and shaft material considered is of mild steel. From experimental result, it was noted that tapered roller bearing gives the highest amplitude of vibration among all the three bearings whereas the ball bearing gives least amplitude under similar operating conditions.

360 Degree Wheel Rotation Vehicle
Authors:- Mohammad Ubaid Ur Rahmaan, Mohd Jaber, Abdul Rahman, Asst.Prof. Attalique Rabbani

Abstract:- Main function of car is to move from one place to another place. We find that every member of the family have their own vehicle. Car provides us lot of benefits like protect us from sun heat in summer and from rain in monsoon. Travelling is inevitable part of person’s life Car is the most common thing in today’s world. Ha ving a car is the status in the society but Having a costly car is a royal status in the society, with increase in number of vehicle people have to face traffic problems like parking, taking reverse etc. So here we have“DESIGNED a 360 DEGREE ROTATING CAR” for these above mentioned purposes. These problems can be efficiently reduce and eliminated by the use of this application we use. It operates in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction A primary objective of the present invention is to provide a simple, stable, easy control, smaller space needed and a more concise movement of car To better understand the present invention, detailed descriptions shall be given with the accompany drawings.

Optimisation of Helical Gear Power Transmission using Genetic and Pid Controller Hybrid Algorithm
Authors:- Manish Parmar, Assistant Professor Shantanu Roy

Abstract:- This Review Paper gives the information about Bending and Contact Stress Analysis of Helical Gear. Thus, this review paper mainly focus on the MATLAB, finite element methods and GA standards for computation of bending and contact stress on a root of helical gear. In this paper the bending stress and contact stress of the gear tooth are examined and are to be one of the main contributors for the failure of the gear in a gear set. Thus, the analysis of stresses has become popular as an area of research on gears to minimize or to reduce the failures and for optimal design of gears. Authors have use various Approaches and means to conclude their main objective of finding out the contact stresses and gear failure causes in static condition using Finite Element Analysis, GA Standards and MATLAB. This review paper contains theoretical, numerical and analytical methods for the helical gear pair analysis.

Enhancement using Adaboost Algorithm in Machine Learning to Predict ASD in Children
Authors:- Mary Stella. J, Dr. Shashi Kumar. D.R

Abstract:- Autism is a neurobehavioral disorder of development which is seen with social behavioral and interactive behavioral impairments in children. The perspective of detecting and predicting the ASD in the children is to diagnose and treat the children in early age which could be a life saving aspect in leading a normal life. Though different techniques have been studied it did not provide any beneficial conclusion in predicting traits on autism in children of small age groups. Different Data mining techniques and prediction model of ML techniques were explored to performance evaluation and accuracy validation. In our study, the required classification method of ASD diagnosis has been used with children of very early age. Our proposed paper compares many algorithms of machine learning along with AdaBoost algorithm. AdaBoost combines the weak classifiers to a strong classifier and achieves more accuracy finally.

Investigating The Potentials of Wood Charcoal, Groundnut Shell Charcoal and used Toner in Microbial Fuel Cell Electrode Power Generation
Authors:- Akuma Oji, Nwanro Godstime Chinkem

Abstract:- This research is on the potentials of wood, groundnut shell and toner charcoals are investigated to ascertain the best material for microbial cell electrodes. To investigate this, wood, groundnut shell and toner charcoal were used to produce electrodes after mixing each of them in cement in the ratio of 1:1. Agar concentration of 20g/500ml was mixed with 3.5g salt for the production of the Proton Exchange membrane. Voltage and current of the cells were measured three times daily using digital multi-meter and the average was recorded. After 20 days of study the result obtained showed that wood charcoal electrode in close circuit has maximum current, voltage, power and current density of 0.17mA, 0.15V, 2.2024mW/m2, and 14.683mA/m2 respectively. For groundnut shell charcoal the following results were obtained for close circuit- maximum current, voltage, power and current density were 0.07mA, 0.13V, 0.7859mW/m2, and 10.3644mA/m2 respectively, for toner charcoal the results are maximum current, voltage,power and current density 0.1mA, 0.11V, 0.7773mW/m2, and 7.7733mA/m2 respectively. For open circuit, maximum values of wood charcoal for current, voltage, power and current density were 0.017mA, 0.15V, 0.216mW/m2, and 1.445mA/m2respectively. Groundnut shell in open circuit gives the following result, 0.007mA, 0.14V, 0.0833mW/m2, and 0.595mA/m2 for maximum current, voltage, power and current density respectively, toner charcoal in open circuit gives 0.011mA, 0.013V, 0.1216mW/m2, and 1.1056mA/m2for maximum current, voltage, power and current density respectively. All result obtained from the experiment shows that wood charcoal base electrode has the highest potential among the tested materials, thus, would produce more power and has more efficiency than the other materials.

Elimination of Lower Order Harmonics in Multilevel Cascaded Inverters with Equal Dc Sources using Pso
Authors:- K.Meghana, K.Bharghavi, K.Nikhitha, Asst. Prof. Mr.Rathnaiah

Abstract:- This paper presents elimination of lower order harmonics in multilevel inverters withequal DC sources using PSO. To eliminate the selected lower order harmonics from the output voltage or current waveform of a cascaded multilevel inverter, appropriate switching angles were calculated and the power switching devices were switched accordingly. The switching angles were calculated from the non-linear equations derived from the Fourier series expansion of the output voltage of the inverter. A PSO algorithm was developed to solve the nonlinear equations. With the proposed approach, the required switching angles are efficiently computed using PSO to eliminate the lower order harmonics from the inverter voltage waveform for different modulation indices (ma).The PSO algorithm was developed in the Matlab environment, and the three phase multilevel cascaded inverter systems have been simulated using the PSIM software. The performance of the proposed method for a nine-level cascaded H-bridge inverter was evaluated based on simulation and experimental studies. Lower order harmonic up to the 11th order are eliminated.

Modeling of Physio chemical Parameterfor Poultry Wastewater Behavior in Dual Cell Microbial Fuel Unit with Biomass Electrode
Authors:- Akuma Oji, Otaraku Ipeghan Jonathan

Abstract:- This experimental research on the modeling of physiochemical parameter in microbial fuel cell involves physiochemical parameter with a multi- parameter water checker. The parameter analyzed were; Conductivity, Turbidity, Total suspended solid (TSS), Total dissolved solid (TDS) and salinity, standard methods. The raw poultry waste solution which serves as an electrolyte has values of COD 2052mg/l, BOD 493mg/l, pH 6.36, Conductivity 16.36 µs/cm, Turbidity 964 NTU, TSS 1100 mg/l, TDS 9260mg/l and salinity 9.6% as anode electrolyte. The result obtained after 28 days of operating the cell shows poultry waste physiochemical parameter reduction and that using R2 as bases, the model of the physiochemical parameters proposed showed polynomial relationship for all the biomasses apart from the electrode from sawdust that are showed Linear relationship for Salinity and same R2 (0.9877) for TSS and also for The best fit, for is for sawdust with exponential correlation with R2 value of 0.9815 for salinity. The research study has shown that Microbial Fuel Cell has a strong polynomial relationship correlation for different electrode produced of different biomass materials with poultry waste solution as electrolyte.

Efficient Multipath Routing with Multichannel in WSN Network
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Raghavendra Kumar, Assistant Professor Devkant Sen

Abstract:- In WSN due to the lack of resources of recharging or replacing of batteries will not be possible. The all nodes working in network is completely depend on the node energy in network by that the energy utilization is major issue in WSN. The efficiency of the network degrades and also responsible for the loss of packets. So routing in the sensor network is one of the important issue and many difficulties are faced during deployment of routing strategies.The dispute in sensor networks is that even if a host does not communicate on its own, it still normally forwards data and routing packets for others, which reduces its battery. Multi-path routing can avoid congestion and improve performance. In this technique the route is selected on the basis of higher energy capacity of nodes ,it means the multiple path are selected on the basis of higher battery capacity and the data ACK is received through the next alternative path that has next higher energy level but lower than the first preferred existing path in Grid WSN. The congestion is controlled by multipath routing. The proposed Enhanced AWMRP load balancing scheme is balance the load in network by selecting the path that has low mobility and higher energy value. The performance of proposed scheme is compare with the normal AWMRP and AWMRP with GECP (Group based Energy Conserving Protocol) routing protocol and provides the better outcome. Grid-based multi-path routing protocol intended to route packets fast, utilize and extend sensor nodes energy in addition to avoiding and handling network congestion when happens in the network.

Collaborative Decision for Wormhole Attack Prevention in WSN
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Rajani Kant Tiwari, Assistant Professor Devkant Sen

Abstract:- The dynamic network called WSN is very popular for short range communication between the mobile devices. This research is very useful in field of security to evaluate the network performance in case of attack and proposed previous security scheme. Due to the absence of centralized administration, security is the main issue in WSN and attackers are very easily modified the actual behavior and performance of network. The wormhole attack is creating the tunnel. In this attack two or more malicious colluding nodes create a higher-level virtual tunnel in the network, which is employed to transport packets between the tunnel endpoints. These tunnels emulate shorter links in the network and so act as benefit to unsuspecting network nodes which by default seek shorter routes. In this paper we proposed a scheme against wormhole attack. Worm hole attack is a type of attack that are work as to established path in between sender and receiver but if the sender has start data transmission then in that case the worm hole attacker has create a direct link, referred to as a wormhole tunnel between them and all the data pass through that tunnel. In this research we proposed Wormhole attack Intrusion Detection as well as prevention (IPS) Security Scheme against wormhole attack. For detection we identified the information of intermediate nodes and get attacker node information like node number, number of attacker and infected packets it means trustful communication among the nodes by that the higher successful data communication process rates may well possible. After that we prevent wormhole attack using broadcasting the particular identification (ID) of attacker by that no node in network replies of that request and secure the mobile ad-hoc network communication.

A Review Article of Higher Efficiency Solar and Thermal Hybrid Power Plant Based on Pi Controller
Authors:- M.Tech. Scholar Ayush Verma, Anil Kumar Kori

Abstract:- Now a day’s electricity is most needed facility for the human being. All the conventional energy resources are depleting day by day. So we have to shift from conventional to non-conventional energy resources. In this the combination of two energy resources is takes place i.e. PTC, wind and thermal energy. This process reviles the sustainable energy resources without damaging the nature. We can give uninterrupted power by using hybrid energy system. Basically this system involves the integration of two energy system that will give continuous power. Solar panels are used for converting solar energy and wind turbines are used for converting wind energy into electricity. This electrical power can utilize for various purpose. Generation of electricity will be takes place at affordable cost. This work deals with the generation of electricity by using two sources combine which leads to generate electricity with affordable cost without damaging the nature balance.

A Review Article of Hvdc Based Power Loss Reduction and Estimation of Power Transmission
Authors:- M.Tech.Scholar Prashant Sharma, Anil Kumar Kori

Abstract:- Line commuted converter user in HVDC transmission systems inject harmonics into their associated AC and DC systems. A conventional approach to filter these harmonics is to use passive filters on both AC and DC sides of the converter. Apart from their technical problems, harmonic filters constitute a considerable part of the volume and cost of present DC terminal stations. Another possible alternative of harmonic suppression is to increase the number of pulses of AC-DC converters by transformer phase-shifting techniques, but the resulting complicated circuitry together with its problems of insulation produce significant technical and economical disadvantages. This Paper presents an overview of classical HVDC transmission system. It also provides a brief historical development of the technology and state of art in the field of HVDC transmission system. Based on outcome of literature survey, broad research goals are identified.

Survey on Location Privacy in Participatory Sensing Applications
Authors:- Vaishnavi K, Vaishnavi D R, Srujana S K, Vaibhav Talreja, Asst.Prof. Nikshepa T, Asst. Prof.Surabhi K R, Asst.Prof. Lavanya D

Abstract:- Location Privacy is a major apprehension in participatory sensing applications. Here user can both give as well as retrieve valuable information. The major drawback in LBSs (Location Based Services) is the leakage of user’s locality. These applications collect detailed sensor data which compromise user privacy. To solve this problem existing solutions bring in trusted third party (Anonymizer) connecting the user and the Location Service Provider (LSP). In some situations the Anonymizer may compromise which leads to leakage of user information. To deal with this issue, in this paper we adopt an enhanced location privacy preserving system for the LBS atmosphere. The main advantages of our method includes: 1) user can raise queries with secured locations, 2) no need of fully trusted third parties.

Review of Image Search using Hybrid Techniques
Authors:- M. Tech. Scholar Sakina Bohra, Assistant Professor Prof. Lokesh Parashar

Abstract:- The big digital image databases are yielded by the widespread of smart devices along with the exponential growth of virtual societies. If not fused with efficient Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) tools, these databases can be counter-productive. The introduction of promising CBIR systems had been witnessed last decade which promoted applications in various fields. In this editorial, ananalysis on state of the art content-based image retrieval which includes theoretical and empirical work, is propounded. This work comprises of publications that cover aspects of research relevant to CBIR area. That is to say, unsupervised and supervised education and combination techniques along with which the low-level image visual descriptors have been reported. Furthermore, challenges and applications that appeared to carry CBIR research have been discussed in this work.

Evolution of Javascript and its Frameworks
Authors:- Narpat Singh Rawat

Abstract:- The increasing popularity of JavaScript has led to a variety of frameworks that aim to help developers to address programming tasks. However, the number of JS Frameworks has risen rapidly to thousands and more [1].There was a period when the development of the web pages was very hectic job for the browsers, it was early 1990’s when the necessity of new browser programming language is feel which is completed by the Mocha language and renamed into LiveScript and finally it’s become JavaScript, although it is not linked to Java but the name enable JavaScript to get popularity in faster term. When the JavaScriptwidely accepted over worldwide the need of compatible code is needed for all the browsers at that is when first ever JavaScript framework comes into existence named DHTML in 2000 after that most widely used JavaScript library known jQuery comes into existence but developers community felt the need for a complete front-end framework to develop the complex web applications and that was fulfilled by the various new JavaScript based frameworks like – Angular JS, React, Vue JS and other backend like Node JS.

Recommendation System for Career Path using Data Mining Approaches
Authors:- Pratik Devidas Dusane, Nikita Vinayak Bhosale,Vaishnavi Avinash Avhad, Pratik Kailas Naikwade

Abstract:- Nowadays, students are often facing a problem to choose a career in their life. There are several factors that influenced the students while choosing their career path such as their personal aptitudes, educational achievement and their environment. After completing secondary and higher secondary education, students are normally starting to find a career path which may suit their skill and potential the best. However, many students made wrong decision on selecting their career due to the lack of experience, help and advice from friends and relatives, parents and lecturers, or career counseling. So, in order to tackle this situation we are developing such system which will help student to select their career path based on their interests.

Harness Design for Four Wheeler Vehicle using ECAD Tool
Authors:- Pranay A. Sonwane, Amar W. Gakhare, Akshay C. Ghube, Prof. Pravin M. Palkar Komal Tawale, Anjali Uikey

Abstract:-In today’s automotive industry, wire harness fields are employed to increase performance and reduce its manufacturing costs, but they are not successful in that field. We have designed inexpensive, less complex and low weight wire harnesses for HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) to increase performance and reduce the cost of wire harnesses. In today’s wire harness are available for HEV but they are more economical and expensive so indirectly cost of HEV is increased.

Experimental Study of Wear Properties on Aluminum Silicon Alloy
Authors:- Pranay A. Sonwane, Amar W. Gakhare, Akshay C. Ghube, Prof. Pravin M. Palkar Komal Tawale, Anjali Uikey

Abstract:-At present there are many properties of Aluminum Silicon alloy which contain light weight less coefficient of thermal expansion and more weight ratio which is suitable for many industries in past decade it is more accepted in automobile industries as it is useful in cost saving and its Si alloy plays an important role in this study the wear behavior of Al-Si is being studied Aluminum of 86% weight with silicon of 14% of weight,Aluminum of 82% of weight with silicon of 18% weight,Aluminum of 78% weight with silicon of 22% weight were synthesized by casting method.the wear behavior was studied by using pin on disc wear testing machine.the mechanical properties of the alloy has increased.

Sign Language Translation to Voice For Dumb People
Authors:- Rosemarry Antony, Stephy Paul, Silji Simon C, Assistant Prof. Scaria Alex

Abstract:-Communication is the only medium by which we can share or convey our thoughts, but for a person with disabil- ity(dumb) faces difficulty in communicating. It is impossible for them to communicate with others until ordinary people learn the sign language for communication. So this system will help the dumb people to intract with other people. Some existing methods are sign language to text conversion and using smart gloves. In the already existing systems signs are identified from images. The normal outputs will be alphabets or numbers and may not handle connective words like is,are etc. It is more comfortable if it is converted to voice rather than text for dumb people. In this system a webcam will capture the hand gesture from video and perform hand feature extraction. Then predict the symbol. Finally we get the result as voice. So that it would be audible to everyone. Here we are identifying signs from live video. It is the main difference from other methods. The output will be collection of words. For handling connectives special languages want to implement. Machine learning is the domain of this system. This is implemented using python. The main objective of this system is to help dumb people in their communication.

Diabetes Disease Prediction using Retina Scan
Authors:- Kanchan Doke, Rizeen Mujawar, Aditi Patil, Juhi Kamath

Abstract:- One of the foremost causes for the increase in mortality among children and adults in recent years is diabetes. Doctors are using classification systems to analyse and diagnose the medical data. In order to classify diseases, Radial basis function neural networks are more dependable. It is especially helpful in diabetes classification, because of it’s non iterative nature. In Radial basis function neural networks, there are four layers. The four layers are input layer, pattern layer, summation layer and the decision layer. They are feed forward neural networks. Along with the training data set size, the size of the pattern layer increases simultaneously. Although various attempts have made to solve this issue by clustering input data using different clustering algorithms like k-means and k- medoids, the main difficulty in determining the optimal number of neurons in the pattern layer remains unsolved. A new model is applied here in order to classify the data gathered from diabetic patients. This model is made mainly on the basis of cluster validity index and radial basis neural network. In order to determine the optimal number of neurons in pattern layer, cluster validity index is used in class by class fashion. It is important to identify the weights between summation layer and pattern layer for processing. Thus, in order to identify the weights between summation layer and pattern layer, a new convex fitness function has been designed for bat inspired optimization algorithm. For testing the model, Pima Indians Diabetes data set and synthetic data sets are being used. Experimental results proved that our approach performs better in terms of accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, classification time, training time, network complexity and computational time compared to conventional radial basis function neural network. On comparing with familiar classifiers namely probabilistic neural network, feed forward neural network, artificial immune system, GINI classifier, etc, our proposed model has proven to perform better.

Characterization of South Indian Ladies Foot And Generation of Last Thereof
Authors:- Efrem Eyasu Chute

Abstract:- Shoe-last design is a highly significant aspect of footwear design. This project aims to develop a shoe last with an accurate fitting system for young females in Tamil Nadu by collaborating the knowledge of reverse engineering and 3D modelling software. The data will be collected using a 3D foot scanner for better exactness of measurements. After analysing collected data, the existing last will be crossly checked with measured value to realize deviation from actual foot size. The new fitting from scanned data will determine possible discomfort.

Traffic Monitoring System for Hair Pin Bends and Blind Sharp Turns using Plc
Authors:- Assistant professor Ikram N, Deepak Kishor L C, Santhosh P, Karthikeyan G

Abstract:- In this method driver alerting system for vehicle at hair pin bends and blind sharp turns to avoid accident and lose of human life. To give safe journey to tourist and local person while travelling at hill station and blind sharp turns in normal road. The paper mainly focused on the control and monitoring system in hilly area at hair pin bends and sharp turns with new invented technology with the help of automated system. The automated system would reduce the accident at hill station by utilizing the programmable logic controller. Passive infrared sensor takes care of heavy vehicle like lorry, Bus with respect to hairpin bends and sharp turns. To move indication vehicle of opposite side with help of traffic signal the vehicle come from the other end. Automated system take place quality and efficiency output .Thus, the proposed automated technology include PLCs and passive infrared sensor to develop driver alerting system and improve safety in the hair pin bends of hilly roads and sharp turns.

V4 Solenoid Engine
Authors:- Khaleel Ahmed, Mujtaba Razi Ahmed, Mohd Aijaz, Assistant Professor & Supervision Attalique Rabbani

Abstract:- The main objective of our project is to overcome the drawbacks of an ordinary IC engine by replacing it with “SOLENOID ENGINE”. The solenoid engine works on the solenoid, It is a cylinder type case on which the copper coil is wrapped into number of turns, when we passes the current through it, it reciprocates the piston inside the cylinder back and forth and works like an ordinary reciprocating engine. In this engine we are using very less movable parts,hence turbulence is low when compared to an IC Engine. Also due to less components and no fuel is used for power generation it is very economical than other engines. In solenoid we are not using any type fuel combustion as total power is generated by current, hence it doesn’t produce harmful gases like IC engines do, which is very harmful for both human and atmosphere, hence it is very Environmental friendly.

Design Analysis and Optimization of (Direct Injection) Diesel Engine
Authors:- Dharamveer Singh, Er. Rohtash Sharma

Abstract:- This paper focuses on the design, Analysis and optimization of piston which is stronger, lighter with minimum cost and with less time. Since the design and weight of the piston influence the engine performance. Study Design: Analysis of the stress distribution in the various parts of the piston to know the stresses due to the gas pressure and thermal variations using with Ansys. The Piston of an engine is designed, analyzed and optimized by using graphics software. The CATIA V5R16, CAD software for performing the design phase and ANSYS 14.0 for analysis and optimization phases are used. Results indicate that the volume of the piston is reduced by 24%, the thickness of barrel is reduced by 31%, width of other ring lands of the piston is reduced by 25%, Von misses stress is increased by 16% and Deflection is increased after optimization. But all the parameters are well with in design consideration.

AQUA Silencer
Authors:- Mohammed Siraj Ali, Mohd Fasi Uddin , Nabi Ahmed Naveed , Associate Professor Attalique Rabbani

Abstract:- Day by day the Air pollution is goes on increasing. The main source of the pollution is Exhaust from automobiles and industries. Hence to reduce these pollutants from Exhaust of Engine a new technology is introduced called Aqua silencer. An Aqua Silencer is used for control of emission and noise in automobile exhaust. By using activated charcoal, perforated tube and outer shell it is constructed. An aqua silencer is connected to the exhaust pipe of engine. The activated charcoal filters the harmful sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides content produced from the engine. Sound produced under lime water is less hearable than it produced in conventional silencer. Because of this property lime water is used in this silencer and hence its name AQUA SILENCER. It is tested in single cylinder 4- stroke petrol engine the noise and smoke level is considerable less than the conventional silencer. The main pollutants contribute by automobiles are Carbon monoxide(CO), Unburnt Hydrocarbon(HC),Oxides of nitrogen( Nox) and Lead etc., other sources such as electric power generating stations, industrial and domestic fuel consumption, refuse burning, industrial processing.

Seesaw Power Generation
Authors:-Mohd Azmath Akhtar,Md Tabrez, Supervision Assistant Professor Attalique Rabbani

Abstract:- Since the issue of electricity in India is increasing day by day, we plan to design a system that utilizes the energy that is going to waste and convert it into useful electrical energy. In playgrounds, we see a lot of energy going to waste. We have designed a see-saw that utilizes the mechanical energy and converts it into useful electrical energy. Every day, a large number of people visit parks and playground. The idea is to modify few of these rides in such a way that when they are used, the mechanical energy spent on these rides is converted into electrical energy. The proposed idea can eventually result in a concept of green energy which will base on natural energy that no one is utilizing and then converting it into useful energy. This idea can be used as an alternate of any other energy production idea that requires a lot more money and require a lot more resources. Hence this idea can save a lot of energy in the future. The energy that is converted must be sufficient enough to power the park, if not produced on a much higher scale. The paper is based on the theory behind the proposed method and how we have managed to create a prototype of what the people could install in their playgrounds

Iot in Oil & Gas: Exploring Technology &Firmware Security Techniques
Authors:-Daniel Ekpah, kamalu .A. Ugochukwu, Prince .O. Asagba

Abstract:- The Oil and Gas industry remains the hope of future energy mix and the engine that drives the clean gas initiative. The output of today’s industry now rest on the geometrical change in the technological advancement such as artificial intelligence and IoT. This paper explored IoT applications and solutions that could be applied in the oil and gas industry in creating new value information generated from integrated sensors and actuators, communication channels and data analytics. Large variety of IoT deployments and protocols raises the IoT security assurance way. In this approach, the paper examines security solutions and cases capable of improving the quality and quantity of oil production.

Determining the Countries Prepared for a Future Pandemic Based on Analysis and Visualization of Novel COVID-19 Virus
Authors:-Praffulla Kumar Dubey, Udbhav Naryani, Medhavi Malik

Abstract:- The COVID-19 has been announced as a pandemic by WHO. At the time of writing this paper more than three lakh people have already got infected from this disease. This virus has shown different statistics around the globe. As the virus spread, some countries were able to handle the adverse conditions and were able to control the spread of virus whereas many other countries were not able to handle the spread. Due to this there is a need to determine which countries need to invest more in health care so that they are prepared for similar adverse conditions in the future. We propose to satisfy this need by analysing the number of total patients, recovered patients and total number of deaths in different countries. Using the above three attributes we perform the analysis

Customer Satisfaction Analysis of McDonald’s
Authors:-Gaurav Singh, Vrushabh Raut, Professor Dr. Meenal Pendse

Abstract:- The study has been conducted in order to obtain a brief knowledge about the behavior of customers towards McDonald’s in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The main objectives of conducting the study are:
1. To understand the customer mentality towards the Fast Food Industry and international brands.
2. To understand the demands of the customers towards the Fast Food Industry which they are willing to achieve.
3. To measure the service quality provided by McDonald’s in Pune to its customers with the help of five dimensions of SERVQUAL model namely tangibles, assurance, reliability, empathy, responsiveness.
4. To come up with various Strategies and alternatives which can be utilized by the McDonald’s in Pune in order to increase its sales and quality of its services to delight the customers

Analysis of Second Sound Convective Heat Transfer & Effect of Temperature Gradient in
Super Fluid Helium-II

Authors:-Research Scholar P.V.N. Saichandu, Registrar, Professor, Dr. G. R. Selokar , (Supervision)

Abstract:- Superfluid helium Transport wonders can be portrayed utilizing the two-fluid Landau-Khalatnikov model and the Gorter-Mellink common grating. We have proceeded with our past work gave to the plan of an arrangement of conditions to depict the heat and mass vehicle in superfluid helium, and its numerical arrangement.
The precision of the estimations is at any rate ±0.5 percent. The outcomes are in great concurrence with the theoretical expectations of both Tisza and Landau yet will in general support the previous’ hypothesis over the latter’s. The way that subsequent sound produced in the superfluid can enlist on a mouthpiece stomach drenched in the fluid is examined.
Blend, portrayal, investigation of physical properties – specifically, dependable to high weights – of the accessible high Tc superconducting mixes and endeavors to unwind the instrument in charge of superconductivity have all been useful in accomplishing materials with ever higher superconducting progress temperatures. This has been the significant inspiration to the work detailed in this proposition which gives a record of the amalgamation and characterization of the new superconducting mixes (Y,RE)Ba2Ca3Sr4Cu50x and (Y,RE)Ba2Ca3Cu40x and of high weight considers on some superconducting mixes.

Convective Heat Transfer & Effect of Temperature Gradient in Super Fluid Helium II
Authors:-Research Scholar P.V.N. Saichandu, Registrar, Professor, Dr. G. R. Selokar , (Supervision)

Abstract:- With a reverberation technique, the speed of the temperature waves (second sound) in fluid helium II has been resolved as an element of temperature from about 1.4°K to the λ-point. The speed is observed to be zero at the λ-point, achieves a limit of 20.46 m/sec. at 1.7°K and diminishes to 19.80 m/sec. at 1.42°K. The precision of the estimations is at any rate ±0.5 percent. The outcomes are in great concurrence with the theoretical expectations of both Tisza and Landau yet will in general support the previous’ hypothesis over the latter’s. The way that subsequent sound produced in the superfluid can enlist on a mouthpiece stomach drenched in the fluid is examined.
Heartbeat strategies are connected to the instance of second sound in fluid helium II. Both transmitter and recipient comprise of thermal components and d-c heartbeats are utilized all through. The upsides of beating are counted for the specific instance of second sound. The undifferentiated from electrical circuit is planned for the geometry included. Information is recorded photographically and models for a few cases displayed. Speed of second sound is given as a component of temperature; both the high-temperature and low-temperature reaches are stretched out past those of past examiners utilizing standing wave strategies. Lessening of these d-c heartbeats is given as an element of temperature. The “sifting in time” innate to the beat strategy allows the examination of a few types of coupling between second sound and standard sound

Mapping of Nanorobots with Neuroscience
Authors:-R.DeepakraJ, N.Abinavan, R.Nandhini, J.V.Jaron

Abstract:- In recent days nanotechnology and neuroscience are the emerging fields. Combining these field together, it is able to develop a product which will be innovative and effective. By combining neuroscience and nanotechnology we can develop a mapping nanorobots with neurotransmitters. It was about of building many number of nanorobots, swarms of tiny robots that can link together in any arrangement imaginable which are mapped with neurotransmitters. Due to this, the nanorobotics themselves to form the object which the user thought in his mind. In April, 2014, Ex-president Obama announced a hugely ambitious science project on neurotechnologies. He also promise of hard cash of $100m in 2014 and up to billion of dollars. The research was made by Dr. Paul Weiss, Dr. Anne Andrews. This can be used in many applications like defence, house hold robots, security purpose etc. The interfacing of nanorobots and brain is done with the concept of Brain-Control Interface, Electro encephalogram and electromagnetic field

Advanced Walking AID for Visually Impaired People using Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino
Authors:-UG Scholar B.Madhan kumar, UG Scholar E. Madubala Pradeep, UG Scholar U.Megha, Asst. Prof. V. Savitha, Prof. T. Kalaikumaran

Abstract:- The internet of things (IoT), is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Some of the IoT applications are Factory Digitalization, Product flow Monitoring, Inventory Management, Safety and Security, Quality Control, Packaging optimization, Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization. And also the significant issue facing by the blind people is the reptiles like snakes and dogs for this we, proposed the walking stick repeller is utilized for outwardly impeded individuals to shield them from snakes and dog . The fundamental is blind individuals to stroll effortlessly and to be cautioned like objects & reptiles by fixing frequency range 25cm to 400cm & >255hz. Obstacle recognizing Distance and occurance of vibration can be monitored in the system . If the blind people loss their usual way means it alerts the guardian through , GPS system that provide the information regarding the location of the blind person using the stick to his family members. SMS system is used by the blind to send SMS message to the saved numbers in the micro controller in case of emergency. The programming of GPS modem, GSM modem, buzzer and vibration motor has been successfully done for this system.This device will be best solution to overcome their difficulties

Catch Action: An IoT Controlling System using Gesture Detection
Authors:-Sulthana Manal,Sruthy KG

Abstract:- Today’s for each and everyone needs the IoT devices and their services. Some of the challenges associated with managing and accessing the services of IOT devices. For controlling IoT devices are nowdays using are voice recognition and others. So, here we uses a method helpful for peoples like childrens, elder peoples and for patients with disabilities. Here we propose an IoT device controlling system using hand gestures. A framework called Catch Action, where user can control an IoT devices by looking at it and doing actions. Object detection, gaze tracking, and hand gesture recognition are the three modules of the system.This paper give u an outline of certain strategies used to execute this framework and furthermore the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Mobile Air Pollution Monitoring System using Fuzzy Logic
Authors:-Sujuda ov

Abstract:- Internet of Things (IoT) is an overall arrangement of “keen gadgets” that can detect and associate with their environment and cooperate with clients and different frameworks. Worldwide air pollution is one of the significant worries of our time. Existing checking frameworks have mediocre exactness, low affectability, and require research facility investigation. Accordingly, improved observing frameworks are required. To beat the issues of existing frameworks, we propose a three-stage air contamination observing framework. An IoT kit was readied utilizing gas sensors, Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and a Wi-Fi module. This pack can be truly put in different urban communities to checking air pollution. The gas sensors accumulate information from air and forward the information to the Arduino IDE using fuzzy logic. The Arduino IDE transmits the information to the cloud by means of the Wi-Fi module. We additionally built up an Android application named IoT-Mobair with the goal that clients.we use Fuzzy Logic is a method of reasoning that ressembles human reasoning .This method similar to how humans perform decision.

Attacks on Internet of Things
Authors:-Rachana Buch, Dhatri Ganda

Abstract:- The Internet of Things (IoT), similarly called the Internet of Everything or the Industrial Internet, is another development perspective envisioned as an overall arrangement of mama chines and devices fit for teaming up with each other. The IoT is seen as one of the most noteworthy districts of future development and is expanding immense thought from a wide extent of adventures. In any case, most of these IoT devices are definitely not hard to hack and deal. Routinely, these IoT devices are confined in register, amassing, and framework limit, and in like manner they are more vulnerable against ambushes than other endpoint contraptions, for instance, PDAs, tablets, or PCs. Advanced ambushes are not new to IoT, anyway as IoT will be significantly participated in our lives and social requests, it is getting essential to step up and focus on computerized opposition. Along these lines, there is an authentic need to ensure about IoT, which has in this manner achieved a need to altogether grasp the risks and attacks on IoT system

Machine Learning Approach to Classify News Articles Based on Location
Authors:-Shrina Sachin, Monika Kar, Swapnali Shewale, Prof. Shweta Barshe

Abstract:- In this hectic lifestyle, we need to classify news as per user requirements. News are important and things are constantly changing around the world. In this paper, we will be classifying the news articles based on cities and providing set of cities specific news. We have developed our own web crawler for content extraction from the HTML pages of news articles. Random Forests, Naive Bayes and SVM classifiers algorithms are used. Machine learning techniques are used to achieve our goal and helps to classy news articles

Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour Study on Friction Stir Processed of Aluminium 6061 Alloy
Authors:-Md. Thamizuddin, Mirza Sohail Baig, Syed Mohammed MehdiRazvi, Supervision, Asst. Prof. Mohammed Parvez

Abstract:- Recently friction stir processing (FSP) has emerged as an effective tool for enhancing sheet metal properties through microstructure modification. Significant grain refinement and homogenization can be achieved in a single FSP pass leading to improved formability, especially at elevated temperatures. FSP is a solid-state process where the material within the processed zone undergoes intense plastic deformation resulting in dynamically recrystallized grain structure. Most of the research conducted on FSP focuses on aluminium alloys. Despite the potential weight reduction that can be achieved using Titanium dioxide (B4C) alloys. In this work, we examine the possibility of using FSP to modify the microstructure and properties of commercial A7075-B4C&AL2O3 alloy particles. The effect of various process parameters on thermal histories, resulting microstructure and properties to be investigated

Grass Cutter Machine
Authors:-Mohammed Afan Ashraf, Muzzammil Hussain, Mohammed Muzaffar Abdullah,Supervision,Asst. Prof. Mohd Attalique Rabbani

Abstract:- In current days, grass cutter machines are operated by fuel and electrical energywhich are costly and requires high maintenance. Hence, in this study, a hand-held operatedmachine for grass cutting was designed and fabricated by using locally available materials.Important aspects such as durability, strength, and light weight were taken into designconsiderations for better performance characteristics. The lawn mower was powered by a12V/1.35A rechargeable battery which drives the DC motor up to a rotational speed of 19,300 RPM. As a result, the generated torque will be transferred to the cutting headmechanism for efficient grass cutting. The entire configuration set up was mounted on a wooden base which attached together with a bicycle frame and a set of wheel arrangement.This portable lawn mower can be used to maintain and trim grass in gardens, home, schools or yards

Optimization of Reliability System using Solar Energy Grid Integration System ”SEGIS”
Authors:-Scholar Roshan Lal, Associate Professor Ritesh Diwan

Abstract:- The inevitable transformation of the electrical grid to a more distributed generation configuration requires solar system capabilities well beyond simple net-metered, grid-connected approaches. Time-of-use and peak-demand rate structures will require more sophisticated systems designs that integrate energy management and/or energy storage into the system architecture. Controlling power flow into and from the utility grid will be required to ensure grid reliability and power quality. Alternative protection strategies will also be required to accommodate large numbers of distributed energy sources.The scope of the SEGIS program includes improving the reliability and increasing the value of PV inverter/controllers while developing interfaces for advanced grid integration. SEGIS products are needed that will increase the value of solar energy systems in today’s “one-way” distribution infrastructure and/or will increase the value of systems in tomorrow’s two-way” grid or micro-grid. The heart of the SEGIS hardware, the inverter/controller, will manage generation and dispatch of solar energy to maximize value, reliability, and safety. The inverter/controllers will interact with building energy management systems and/or smart loads, with energy storage, and with the electric utility to allow the integration of relatively large amounts of PV energy while maintaining or increasing grid reliability

A Review of Power Factor Compensation in UPQC System
Authors:-M.Tech. Scholar Sourabh sahu ,Assistant Professor Tikeshwar gajpal

Abstract:- The extensive application of power electronic devices induces harmonics in the utility system which generates problems related to the quality of power delivered. Good Power Quality is immensely important for both industrial and domestic sectors. Researchers have tried and implemented much useful technology for removing all the voltage and current related harmonic occurrence problems which in turn improves the quality of power delivered to the customers. In general, these devices are classified as custom power devices UPQC is one such device which is capable of improving power quality by eliminating source as well as load harmonics. This paper presents a review on power quality improvement by employing Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Dustbin Collection & Monitoring System via IOT
Authors:- G.Pavithra, S.Shobana, S.Sushma, S.Thanapriya, R.Saravanan

Abstract:- The uncollected waste material when the waste bin is full is a common problem nowadays. Thus, an efficient waste management for the waste material is essential in ensuring a clean and green surrounding environment. This paper presents an Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Waste Collection Monitoring and Alert System to monitor the waste material at the selected site of garbage collection area. The system is implemented using an ultrasonic sensor which is connected to PIC IC16F887aas to monitor waste bin garbage level. In this system, waste bin depth level will be sent via Arduino Ethernet Shield with an Internet connection to the Ubidots IoT Cloud. The Ubidots store the collected waste bin level data into IoT database and display the waste bin depth level on online dashboard for real-time visualization. The Ubidots Event manager invoke a notification alert to garbage collector mobile phone via a SMS when the waste bin is nearly filled for immediate waste collection. Therefore, the waste collection became more effective and systematic.

Online Bus Pass System
Authors:- Lecturer Vikas Burgute,Shamrao Ghodake,Priyanka Koradkar,Sonali Dhaware

Abstract:- The project name as “Online Bus Pass System” is useful for passengers who are facing problems with the current manual work of bus pass system and renewal. His/her renewal or registration can be done through online payment. In the existing system the user has to go on particular date and time if they fail then the renewal done. Online bus pass system application will help the user to save their time and renewal bus pass without standing in a line for hours near counters. There are uses need to register with the application by submitting their details through online. The admin will verify the candidate details and if they are satisfied they will approve bus pass. The user can login with their username and password and renewal is performed. The renewal process is carried by paying the money using online payment. The user can give their valuable feedback for further enhancement of this project.

Guardian-Faculty Member Android Application (GFM)
Authors:- Lecturer Salma Shaikh,Siddhi More,Poornima Edke,Shanti Gambhire

Abstract:- This is aimed at developing an Android Application for parent-faculty interaction, which is very important in any educational institution. This system will be useful for both parents and faculty members for effective communication. Faculty members can upload information like maintaining records, attendance, daily activities. Earlier, managing details, a schedule was entirely based on manual effort and it is a time-consuming process. This application has been proposed to overcome such problems. This application has a record of daily activity planning that lists criteria for a piece of work. This application saves a considerable amount of time when instructors creates and manages activities. Overall, this application helps faculty in their work and improve their daily activity planning system.

Analysis of Coaxialdouble Gate Schottky Barrier Carbon Nano-Tube Field Effect Transistors
Authors:- Asst. Prof. Dr. Diwakar Nath Jha

Abstract:- Carbon nanotubes have emerged as promising candidates for nanoscale field effect transistors The contact between metal and CNT may be of Ohmic or Schottky type. Schottky contact CNTFETs operate by modulating the transmission coefficient of the Schottky barrier at the contact between the metal and CNT,but the ambipolar behavior Schottky barrier CNTFETs limits the performance of those devices.we show by employing a double gate structure the ambipolar behavior of those devices may be suppressed.

IOT Based Smart Surveillance using Voice Recognition
Authors:- V.Saravanan, G.Maheswari, G.Aswini, S.Mariya Epsiba

Abstract:- Surveillance has used in lot of applications like home nursing , taking care of elderly people etc. Smart surveillance using voice recognition system is capable of enhancing situational awareness across multiple scales of space and time. It describes IOT based remote control and surveillance architecture using Raspberry Pi. This project make use of sounds around the environment and detect the intrusion using voice recognition technique and using sound sensor detector module we can identify the intrusion using decibel level. Once the recognition is done and the intrusion is found, it sends the alert notification from the server to remote administrator over android application. Then admin can take an appropriate action and alert local security. In this project we use Raspberry Pi as a main source which is the best and efficient platform for IOT. Sound sensor detector module is connected in the raspberry pi board. The data are continuously stored in the cloud. We can able to retrieve the data whenever and wherever we need from the cloud service using internet connection. We use mics to recognize and compare the sounds around the environment.

Livestock Health Monitoring and Tracking
Authors:- Chinmaya.S, Naveen Kumar.K, Nivetha.R, Rakesh.R, Dr. T. Kalaikumaran

Abstract:- Health Monitoring of dairy cattle plays a vital role of increasing the dairy products supply worldwide. Nowadays farmers are showing less interest in dairy sector as animals are suffering from various ailing health issues, unpredictable killing disease, and advance breeding cost. The main objective of this project is to develop an automatic veterinary system for monitoring the cow. The IOT based cattle health and environment monitoring system monitors various cattle health parameters such as body temperature, heartbeat, location of animals and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity. These all are connected devices to monitors animal’s health, environment of shed and these edge devices communicate with the shed controller through mobile application. Monitoring the activities and health of the cattle continuously and taking corrective measures help in increasing the milk productivity. This helps in preventing the cattle from diseases at early stage and also increases the milk yield.

Automatic Vehicle Speed Control with Wireless in Road Sign Delivery System
Authors:- Bindu Shree A N, Chaithra, Bhargavi B R

Abstract:- Nowadays accidents are occurring frequently, causing demise of many people by making modest mistakes while driving (in school zone, hills area, and highways). But sometimes it may not be possible to view the signboards placed by the Highway Department to alert the drivers in such kind of places and there is a chance for accident. The advancement in the processor technology and microcontrollers has opened a new system designed to prevent the accidents caused due to negligence of drivers in seeing traffic signals alongside the road and other anomalies on the roads. So to intimate the driver about the zones and to automatically maintain the speed is accomplished by means RF technology. The main objective is to design a Electronic Display controller meant for vehicle’s speed control and monitors the zones, which runs on an embedded system and can be custom designed to fit into a vehicle’s dashboard to display information on the vehicle, the vehicle’s Electronic Display Controller Unit warns the driver, to reduce the speed according to the zone, it waits for driver’s response and reduces the speed of vehicle automatically.

A Study of YouTube’s Service Quality
Authors:- Mihir Kulkarni, Mohammed Dilawar

Abstract:- YouTube is the most trending and most widely used video streaming platform in today’s date. Their users are spread across the world. With such a broad user base, it becomes important to survey the quality of service provided by them at global level. In the following paper the researchers attempt to study the relevant literature on the topic and explain their methodology of assessing the quality of service provided by YouTube. They also attempt to state the gaps and shortcomings in the services provided by the streaming platform effectively and come up with relevant suggestions.

An Automated System of Brain Hemorrhage Detection using Deep Learning
Authors:- A. Shalini, P. Veera Vijayashree, S. Vishal, Shiju C Chacko

Abstract:- In our human body, brain is one of the most complex organs that works with billions of cells. A brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke that is caused due to bleeding which occurs due to the result of ruptured artery Medical imaging is used to create a visual representation of the organs and tissues in the body. Either MRI or CT scans for the purpose of diagnosis are suggested by medical experts. The proposed system will employ CT images as they pass X-ray beams in an arc and this enables to take several pictures. The proposed system classifies the CT image of brain is affected or not image using Deep Convolutional Neural Network.

Cranium Armour 2.0
Authors:- Arbaaz Memon, Prathamesh Matte, Monish Shingnapurkar, Sachin Bojewar

Abstract:- The project aims to increase the percentage of riders wearing a helmet in turn ensuring safety of people. The project will make use of microcontrollers such as Arduino nano, Bluetooth module, etc. India has one of the highest number of two wheelers. Yet, a large majority of riders avoid wearing helmets. Reasons for not wearing a helmet are many, some of which are silly, but in the end the price a rider pays for not wearing the protective gear can be life threatening.

Temperature Dependence and Survivorship of COVID 19: “Myth or Fact”
Authors:- Achal Thool , Assistant Professor Ashwini Mankar, Assistant Professor Vijay Harode

Abstract:- A novel Coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, has been identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness that originated in Wuhan, China, and which has spread to several other countries around the world. Assessment of the risks posed by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus (SARS-CoV) on surfaces requires data on survival of this virus on environmental surfaces and on how survival is affected by environmental variables ph, temperature, relative humidity etc. Scientists are racing to identify the source of the Coronavirus that is causing havoc around the world. Three weeks ago, Chinese scientists suggested, on the basis of genetic analyses, that the scaly, ant-eating pangolin was the prime suspect. In this review we will summarize the current knowledge on whether the virus is really temperature dependent and whether the virus needs an intermediate host as a living or non living particle to survive before it gets transmitted to the one and only susceptible host i.e Human.

Design Concepts of Green and Sustainable Industrial Park
Authors:- Asst. Prof. Tintu Shine A L, Jaison James, Dona Elizebeth Dolly, Mathews Mathew

Abstract:- A sustainable and green industrial park is an area allotted for industries with initiatives to reduce waste, pollution, share resources (such as materials, water, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources), and help achieve sustainable development, with the intention of improving environmental quality. Our study aims at a design process with a flexible and adaptable layout of the park to maximize use of renewable energy and minimize carbon emissions. The work includes impact studies, waste treatment, sustainable processes like carbon capturing, renewable energy sources, eco-friendly construction materials, rain water harvesting, permeable pavements etc. Here we transform a normal area of land into an efficient and eco-friendly industrial zone. The study can be considered as a general design as the technologies adopted here can be applied irrespective of locality.

Finding Smallest Number in a Set Quantum Circuit
Authors:- P.k.Vijay

Abstract:- Finding smallest number in a set which is a simple process which can be performed in a classical computer. Then what is the reason of this paper?
The main motive of this paper is not finding the smallest number using the iterative method i.e. using classical computer but rather using the most power computer ever built i.e. “Quantum computer”. But what is the use of quantum computer for this purpose which can be performed using a normal laptop? So in order to explain this question lets create a situation that you have to find out the hospital which is at the shortest distance in one shot (emergency situation) and you are given with a classical computer and quantum computer. Let’s say you selected a classical computer for this job you don’t succeed because basically normal computers which actually works by iterative method
i.e. going one by one. But if you selected Quantum computer you can find the solution in one shot. Where this power comes from? Basically from two concepts “superposition” and “entanglement”. So this paper explains how to find the smallest number in a set using a quantum circuit.

Semantic Video Mining for Anomaly and Mishap Scrutinizer
Authors:- Rohith G, Vishnu Narayan V, Twinkle Roy, Shery Shaju, Asst. Prof. Ann Rija Paul

Abstract:- Video surveillance is necessary to pull out more interesting and useful information from video data set. From various applications of video surveillance the system works for accident detection from abnormal behavior of multiple vehicles on highways and notifying for the same. it is one of the most active research topics in computer vision. In this work, rapid traffic video surveillance and monitoring system are presented along with dynamic traffic signal control and accident detection mechanism. It works with the objective of producing the complete automatic intelligent system to overcome the delay expected by the human efforts in detecting accidents. To fulfill the objective moving objects are detected using background subtraction. These objects are classified to separate out the desired objects which are positive samples tracked to analyze the behavior and gen- erating the required events. The system detects accident using the vehicles stopped motion, which can be due to accident or vehicle stopped at the roadside. The accident situation can be detected by using the classifier. Thus accidents are classified automatically into major and minor accident classes and the information is sent immediately to the concerned people. For major accidents the message is sent to ambulance, police and relatives, and for minor accidents message is sent to relatives alone. The proposed intelligent traffic video surveillance system renders rapid dynamic control of traffic signals and it raises the identification of accidents correctly.

Modified Effective Materials for Flexible Pavement Pothole Repair: A Review
Authors:- UG Student Swati B. Chavan, UG Student Kshitija M. Shirke, UG Student Rushikesh A. Ghorpade, Asst. Prof. K.H. Ghorpade

Abstract:- One of the most important infrastructure in a progressing country are the communication routes. Since roads indirectly contribute the economic growth. Potholes are the biggest enemy for road users. Government is looking at all options to keep our roads in the best conditions but it is temporary solution for pothole repair. Due to this potholes claimed 30 lives every day in India. Therefore, this preference study need states that to fulfil the need of sustainable repair pothole structure by developing enhanced modified bitumen. There are different kinds of waste materials which satisfy all analysis and strength for pavement performance, significantly it improves asphalt mixture strength when mixed with modified material with bitumen. It contributes to reduce, reuse of waste materials to achieve, economy and develop environment friendly solution to improve pavement strength performance.

Automatic Road Sign Recognition and Alerting on High Way
Authors:- Assistant Professor Rohith M.N, Assistant Professor Shilpa R V

Abstract:- This paper purposed a Road Sign Recognition system which can automatically detect and classified the traffic signs in traffic scene images acquired from a moving car and also alerting based on the recorded voice. It provides an additional level of driver assistance, leading to improved safety for passengers and vehicles. By alerting about the presence of road signs would reduce risks in situations of driving distraction, fatigue, poor sight and weather conditions. First it uses color based segmentation and then further refines the segments using two shape detection based techniques. A color description technique is used to extract the sign information from the segmented part which then finally classified by Neural network– which classify the detected patterns to known traffic signs using standard database the extracted shape and content features are utilized to train a Support Vector Machine polynomial Kernel which is later classified with the input candidate road sign shapes and contents respectively. An automatic voice alert system is also proposed such that a caution is given to the driven about the mandatory road signs that need to be followed and the new vehicle performance has been continuously improved and the study results relating to the safety of vehicle driving have also been continuously reported and demonstrated are also been discussed here.

A Study of Finite Element Analysis on Single Tube Fin Arrangement in Radiator
Authors:- D.Suresh, V. Vigneshwaran, K.Venkatachalam, R. Ashok Kumar, V.Raveendran

Abstract:- Automobiles mostly uses aluminum as a material for radiators fins as it is most economical, but copper has more thermal conductivity with higher performance rate. Hence our main objective in this project is to improve the heat transfer rate in fins by introducing a composite material based on aluminium with copper for the radiators. Finite element model thermal analysis is used for the purpose of studying. Varying shapes of the fins like straight, chamfer and round edges are used and are 3D modeled in CATIA Software and FEA analysis is done on ANSYS WORKBENCH software R15.0.

A Review on Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things, and Their Challenges
Authors:- P.G. Scholar Narendra Kumar, Asst. Prof. Sriram Yadav, Hod. Avinash Sharma

Abstract:- Programmed framework and computerization is the prerequisite of the present innovation. So pushing toward computerization for quite a while. It is one of the tending subjects. Therefore in this research work an automatic electronic appliance on/off using PIR sensor will be provided. In this work, a design is proposed using PIR sensor for automation of lights and fans using Arduino with Internet of Things for smart homes. Now a days there are automation of every little electrical device in homes. Internet of Things is the physical thing embedded with sensors, software etc.., without human interaction and computer interaction transaction of data over a network; however, it scales up to include smart cities with connected sensors. Using PIR sensors, the lights will consequently turn on and off as indicated by the power of light.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is designed for the purpose of multi-hop transmission, collision- free transmission, and high energy efficiency in automated environments by the use of sensor nodes. Today the world deals with major problem in agriculture. The ongoing changes in atmosphere have expanded the significance of agriculture observing, making it a topical and very dynamic research region. This field depends on remote detecting and on remote sensor systems for social occasion information about the farming and post to client through IoT. This information can be refresh often to the cloud and client can screen soil dampness, Temperature, air parameter sensor like humidity. The correspondence of two agribusiness grounds can be imparted utilizing RF handset with 8 channels, 2Ghz specification. In this paper, we briefly study about wireless sensor network and internet of things and its protocols. The detail description of wireless sensor network includes its architecture, applications, etc. The internet of things has been defined architecture and protocols with its related applications. With the help of internet, the sensor can pass its collected information to the users.

Use of Blockchain for Secure E-voting
Authors:- Er. Zainab Mirza,Aalia Shaikh,Sameena Shaikh,Nagama Khalifa,Yasirammar Khan

Abstract:- Implementing a most secured technology based E-voting system which provides the high-level security and privacy to the voting system while still having the best features of current voting systems. In this paper, the technology suggested to be used for offering security is Blockchain. Blockchain is the driving force of the security and it will be used as a service to secure the and implement distributed E-voting systems. The paper addresses and talks about some of the limitations and drawbacks of current not-highly secured and easily tamperable voting systems. Like the case where pressing a button could sometimes send the vote to another unintentional party. The blockchain will help us improve security because of its immutable nature. Some of the various popular blockchain frameworks could be used like Etherium, Hyperledger, etc. In general, we use the blockchain to its full potential to maintain the integrity of the people rights and their votes and also thereby reducing the budget of conducting a voting nationwide.

Review Paper on Pumice for Removal of Turbidity and Total Dissolved Solids from Water
Authors:- UG Student Omkar A. Magar,UG Student Tushar A. Kale,UG Student Manadr S. Baporikar,UG Student Sujata A. Manale,Asst. Prof. Abhishek C. Shirle

Abstract:- Pumice stone is used in construction industries & biomedicine also. Pumice stone is scouring, scrubbing & polishing material available in powder form as well as pumice stone. From recent studies, it is conclude that pumice stone is used in water & wastewater treatment process. As per literature review it is seen that by using the adsorption property pumice stone we can remove Cadmium (Cd), dye & color many other pollutant like heavy metal (Co+2, Cu+2, Fe+2, Cd+2) and earth cations like (Na, K, Ca+2 Mg+2) .In other hand pumice stone has been used as filter media and biological treatment.

Extraction of Crop Cycle Parameter from Multi-Temporal Data
Authors:- Asst.Prof. Poonkodi. P,UG Scholar Keerthana. S,UG Scholar Monisha. S,UG Scholar Ramanan. N,Professor kalaikumaran.T

Abstract:- This work aims to point the simplest way to manage heterogeneous information and data coming from real datasets that collect physical, biological, and sensory values. As productive companies—public or private, large or small—need increasing profitability with costs reduction, discovering appropriate ways to require advantage of information that are continuously recorded and made available are often the proper choice to achieve these goals. The agricultural field is barely apparently refractory to the digital technology and also the “smart farm” model is increasingly widespread by exploiting the online of Things (IoT) paradigm applied to environmental and historical information through time-series. the most target of this study is that the look and deployment of practical tasks, ranging from crop harvest forecasting to missing or wrong sensors data reconstruction, exploiting and comparing various machine learning techniques to suggest toward which direction to use efforts and investments. The results show how there are ample margins for innovation while supporting requests and desires coming from companies that wish to use a sustainable and optimized agriculture industrial business, investing not only in technology, but also within the knowledge and in skilled workforce required to want the only out of it.

A Review Article of Round about Analysis at Bangalore (Bannerghatta Nice Road Junction) City
Authors:- M.Tech Scholar Ankur Bhatt, Assistant Professor Akshay Gulghane

Abstract:- The traffic clogs are the serious issue in any creating city. Bangalore (bannerghatta nice road junction) city being a creating city having traffic issue in a few crossing points that is the reason, Traffic Rotary at street convergences is unique type of level difference in paths to channelize development of vehicles a single way around a focal traffic island. With quick development of traffic it is encountered that enlarging of streets and giving flyovers have gotten basic to conquer significant clashes at crossing points, for example, impact among through and right turn developments. Along these lines, significant clashes are changed over into milder clashes like combining and wandering. The vehicles entering the turning are delicately compelled to move a clockwise way. They at that point weave out of the revolving to the ideal course.

Design and Deflection Analysis of Deck Slab using Staad Pro Software
Authors:- Rajendra Soni, Associate Professor Komal Bedi

Abstract:- Bridges are the lifelines and supporters for the improvisation of the road network. Not only do the bridges help in traffic flow without any interference but also maintain the safety of roads. Due to this reason the bridges design has gained much importance. This paper is basically concerned about the analysis and design of Deck Slab Bridge by STAAD Pro using IRC Loading. Which contains a span of 100m X 16m and has a 4-girder system? The objective is to check the result for particular input design, properties and parameters and the approach has been taken from IS standard design. We also compared of two different materials like as EPS and Steel in deck slab design. The output contains analysis results such as moments, axial forces, shear forces, deformations, Deflection and design results such as reinforcement detailing of bridge structure. From the research it can concluded that the analysis can be done for any span of bridge, grade of concrete and grade of rebar. Hence, this article may help the structural engineer to analyze and design EPS simple span bridges.

Public Opinion Poll Generation using Twitter and Machine Learning Algorithms
Authors:- Chelikani Satya Sankeerth,Sairam Sadu,Assistant Professor Choudari Lakshmi

Abstract:- Today we live in an information age where a lot of data is being generated each minute. Because of quick increment in the measure of client created information via web-based networking media platforms like Twitter, several opportunities and new open doors have been prompted for associations that try hard to keep a track on data. Twitter is an immensely fast emanant micro-blogging social networking platform for clients to communicate their perspectives about various aspects like governmental issues,products,movies,sports etc. Because of the vast opinion rich web asset such as twitter a lot analysis is focusing on the area of sentiment analysis. Individuals are attempting to build a system that can identify and classify opinion or sentiment as given as an electronic text. Sentiment Analysis can be seen as a field of text mining and natural language processing.Sentiment analysis is a process of consequently recognizing whether a client created content communicates positive or negative opinion about an element.A right strategy to predict sentiments could be utilized to separate sentiments from the web and predict online client’s preferences which may prove valuable for economic,market research and also for the government in different ways like keeping a track on customer reviews, government can get the public opinion on their policies easily and efficiently, it can also be used in election analysis and election prediction. Consequently, tweets can be utilized as a significant hotspot for mining public’s sentiment.

Emergency Response Application [ERA]
Authors:- Abhinav Tarhekar, Pratik Jadhao, Prashant Kumar, Pratigya Pal, Megha Kadam

Abstract:- In today’s world, people using smart phones have increased rapidly and hence, a smart phone can be used efficiently for personal security or various other protection purposes. The increasing of incident now-a-days have waken us to go for the safety issues and so a host of new apps have been developed to provide security systems to women and men via their phones. This paper presents Pola, an Android Application for the Safety of People and this app can be activated by a single click, whenever need arises. A single click on this app identifies the location of place through GPS and sends a message comprising this location to the nearby Police Station in that specified area where crime is being taking place. The unique feature of this application is to send the notification to the Police Station which are located in that same area and the notification don’t go away till it has been seen and open in the Pola. Continuous location tracking and will get updated in the app automatically till the location of the victim is found and can be rescued safely.

Real Time Protection for Power Line using OTP
Authors:- UG Student P.Priyadharshini,UG Student P.Swetha,UG Student S.Yageshwaran,Asst. Prof. B.Dhinesh

Abstract:- Safety is one of the primary objective of every humanlife. In order to enhance the safety measure of the line man this project i.e, Real time Protection for Power line using OTP provide solution. It save the life of line man who is working on the power line during repair. Real-time power line protection uses finger print verification and OTP based password generation. In normal, the power line is turned ON/OFF by using the lever, the updated version of this project is password based system. The password can be misused by some unauthorized person knowingly or unknowingly. In order to verify the accessing person, the fingerprint of that person is scanned using fingerprint scanner which provides the solution.

Camera based Home Automation System using OpenCV
Authors:- Arun Gaddam,Pranoti Solat,Revti Zade, Ritesh Kubde,Sakshi Tinkhede

Abstract:- In this project a design and implementation concept for a real-time good smart home automation system based on supported live streaming with digital or IP Webcam camera and OpenCV primarily based human detection algorithm using HOG by Arduino microcontroller board has been presented. The proposed automation system consists of three main hardware components: smart mobile phone which IP Webcam is installed in, laptop or PC to observe and detect the presence of human through IP Webcam and Arduino microcontroller board. The house appliances like light, fan, temperature system, etc. can be monitored, controlled and accessed mechanically or wirelessly by Arduino in response to any signals came from OpenCV algorithm. The human detection formula has been developed using python language with the library of OPenCV package of python. The algorithm used is based on Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) algorithm. The proposed system is shown to be simple, cost effective, sensors free and flexible that produces smart home future.

Authors:- Parvathy Mohanakrishnan, Reshma P.G, Shabana Asmi K S, Assistant Professor Aswathy Wilson

Abstract:- The recent survey on the issues faced by the visually impaired suggested self-reliant movement in urban areas as challenge. It also becomes difficult for them to stay a track of their routine environments. So, we proposed a completely unique way of assisting the visually impaired to acknowledge e various objects and to detect obstacles. The system detects obstacle before of the person and also recognize them to assist aid a visually impaired person. This paper proposes an efficient system for both obstacle detection and beholding. We employ image-based recognition supported the visual information obtained from a pi-cam to detect objects. Ultrasonic sensors are accustomed aid the obstacle detection. Ultrasonic waves are emitted by the ultrasonic sensors to detect the presence of an obstacle and therefore the distance thereto. Raspberry pi is common medium for obstacle detection and beholding. Raspberry is connected to ultrasonic sensor via a breadboard and pi-cam is direct connected to Raspberry pi. Raspberry Pi is employed to implement artificial vision using python language on the OpenCV platform, presence of third-party modules, open source, extensive support libraries like characteristics of python adds advantages to the processing part. This paper proposed a modified YOLO algorithm in OpenCV using Python language and COCO dataset which has an additional module for obstacle detection. The camera captures the image of the item and extract the item alone by clearing off the encompassing. The image is them compared with the predefined dataset to spot the item particularly. The output information regarding the item are provided via a headset or ear-bone. Experimental analyses also are provided to match various methods and draw some meaningful conclusions. In obstacle detection, the presence of an obstacle is known via buzzer sound. The system is especially introduced by keeping in mind the most aspects and therefore the difficulties faced by the visually impaired in their day-to-day life.

Empathetic Technology in Workplace Environment
Authors:- Monica Gullapalli, Yadnyesh Mahadeshwar, Mitali Rathod,Ajay Sharma,Amol Dapkekar

Abstract:- Empathy and Technology going hand in hand is an unpredictable combination. We might think that we are capable of hiding our emotions, our internal conflicts, our constant battles but maybe we don’t and this technology is at its best foot forward to help us understand how our bodies react to situations either knowingly or unknowingly. People spend most of their lifetime in office cubicles and cabins thus falling prey to work pressure. Empathetic technology can help in reducing mental stress on employees thus increasing their productivity and efficiency that would in return help the progress of the company and the country in the long run.

Distribution of Microplastics in Estuarine Sediments along Tamilnadu Coast, Bay of Bengal, India
Authors:- A. H. Nabisa Begum, S. Sathish Kumar, K. Gopala Krishnan , M. Srinivasan

Abstract:- The occurrence and distribution of large plastic debris in the marine environment are well documented but up to now, only five studies including the Gulf of Cambay, India on the occurrence of plastic fragments have included true microplastics. In the east coast of India, there was no data for the occurrence and distribution of microplastics. Information on the distribution of microplastics in the Tamilnadu coastal environment is necessary to determine the extent of microplastic pollution input into the sea. This study aims to investigate the occurrence and distribution of microplastics in Tamilnadu coastal sediments collected from three estuarine regions.

Car Park Access Control System
Authors:- Vishva Methaniya, Jishnu Nair, Parth Patel, Ananthanarayanan R, Asst. Prof. Riddhi Mehta

Abstract:- This paper has demonstrated the idea of a programmed vehicle parking framework. Everything in the cutting-edge world is going programmed, we have fabricated a system which can consequently detect the vacant parking spaces through the entryway and after that show the number of vehicles in the parking lot. This computerized vehicle parking system lessens the time taken to check the space for vehicles by showing the accessible spaces for parking on an LCD display at the entry and exit. Using OpenCV we can detect the empty slot for parking. OCR reader is used for user registration by scanning the Smart ID verified and approved by the Govt. A QR code will be generated from this Smart ID and will be sent to the user for verification when he/she re-visit the parking lot.

Speed Detection Violation Deterrent
Authors:- keval Patel, Yash Patel, Hardik Patel, Prudhvi Krishna, Guide Janvi Patel

Abstract:- Road accidents have been very common in the present world with the prime cause being the careless driving. The necessity to check this has been very essential and different methods have been used so far. However, with the advancement in the technology, different governing bodies are demanding some sort of computerized technology to control this problem of over speed driving. At this scenario, we are proposing a system to detect the vehicle which are being driven above the given maximum speed limit that the respective roads limits. A complete violation detection system using python and TensorFlow.

Partial Replacement of Soil by Plastic Waste for Manufacturing of Bricks
Authors:- UG Student Rahil Rafiq Karbhari,UG Student Nilesh Ramlal Choudary,UG Student Saif Ali Yusuf Khan,UG Student Akshay Shantilal Palesha,Prof . Abhishek C Shirle

Abstract:- This paper outlines the use of plastic waste (PW) in construction industries. Utilizing PW as construction materials especially in production of bricks is one of a promising step towards a sustainable resources and waste management. Since the massive demand has been placed on artifact industry especially within the last decade due to the increasing population which causes a chronic shortage of building materials, the civil engineers are challenged to convert waste to useful building and construction material. Recycling of such waste as staple alternatives may contribute within the exhaustion of the natural resources; the conservation of non renewable resources; improvement of the population health and security preoccupation with environmental matters and reduction in waste disposal costs. This reviewed approach on brick making from waste is beneficial to supply potential and sustainable solutions.

A Review of Toll Plaza Density Optimization and Pollution Reduction in ITS
Authors:- M.Tech. Student Abhishek Ankushrao Chavan,M.Tech. Student Pratik kalidas Walke,Professor Dr. B. V. Khode

Abstract:- Interest in the intelligent transportation system comes from problems caused by traffic congestion and a synergy of new information technology for simulation real time and communications networks. Traffic congestion has been increasing worldwide as a result or increased motorization, urbanization, population growth and changes in population density. Congestion reduces efficiency or transportation infrastructure and increases travel time, air pollution and fuel consumption. Now a day’s development of roads has created a new havoc which lead to the increase in the accident cases all across the world, in order to over-come from such a problem, Intelligent Transport System holds a good point. Intelligent Transport System is designed for the urban/state/private road transport organization. The system consists of a backend and a hardware component to provide an integrated solution for the driver console unit, electronic ticking machine passenger information system amid vehicle tracking system. Intelligent Transport System provides a single solution for transport companies to schedule and monitor buses with the help of advance technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi and GPRS. Intelligent Transport System facilitates better public transport services by considering the bus earning, public safety and security. This paper basically discusses the impact and the various application fields or Intelligent Transport System for road transportation. Also, this paper put forward the implementation or various transportation technologies that will be vital for homeland security, vehicular surveillance along with technologies that can make our ride more safe and economical.

A Review on Efficiency of Geo Grid in Road Pavement Construction
Authors:- M.Tech. Student Pratik Kalidas Walke,M.Tech. Student Abhishek Ankushrao Chavan,Professor Dr. B. V. Khode

Abstract:- Geosynthetics have grown in the civil industry in the past twenty years becoming key materials in the design of new roads and in maintenance programed. Geosynthetics are now widely used for strengthening of in situ soil, mechanical improvement of pavement layers from the subbase up to the asphalt wearing course using different type of geosynthetics, from geotextile to geogrids and geocomposite. Management of stormwater can be achieved using geocomposite for drainage instead of traditional gravel drainage. The paper will discuss the geosynthetic functions in pavements and their use in a pavement structure, highlighting advantages and disadvantages gained from literature and experience.

A Novel idea for monitoring the Performance of Data Extension Control Board for Textile Industry using Embedded Technology
Authors:- A.Gokulapriya, L.Moniga, K.Gokulnath, Associate Professor S.Kalpanadevi M.E.,( Ph.D.)

Abstract:- Textile Industry is one of the most complicated manufacturing industries due to its fragmented and heterogeneous nature mostly dominated by small and medium enterprises. Mostly in textile industry power looms are used which is having electronic jacquard for design printing. In electronic jacquard lot of electronic boards are used such as design inserting board, data extension control board, magnetic module etc…In the proposed idea performance of data extension control board is taken for analysis. Generally the purpose of data extension control board is to split the master data into 16 set of 8 bit serial data. In manufacturing phase, there exists an complication during the testing of data extension control board. During the testing period, the output of this board have the problems like absence of clock, data mismatching, bit storage problem and voltage level variation. Nowadays in the industry testing is done manually. Due to manual testing lot of quality issues araises from the consumer side. To overcome this problem a methodology is proposed to automate the testing of this board which also rectifies the problemof low efficiency and high error rate in manual testing.

Two Module Approach for Surveillance Robots for Better Reusability
Authors:- Vishal Khemnar, Ishan Pandita, Rahul Bhandari, Prof. Amol Dumbare

Abstract:- In the modern world, human life is considered very precious in almost all parts of the world. Pre-modernization this was not a common scenario. People had to risk their lives for menial tasks which are now handled by robots. Robots have replaced humans in many fields which can be either good or bad. Bad – people consider machines have made them jobless by replacing them. Good – machines can work in dangerous situations instead of humans so many lives are saved from being endangered.
Surveillance is one such scenario where many spies had to endanger their lives to get Intel on enemy forces. This task is handled mostly by a country’s intelligence agency and it is considered as one of the most important functions for that agency. Moving robots with a camera can be always better than stationery cameras which are easy to find and disable. Also, if the robot is streaming the live to the source, then even if the robot is found by enemies, the footage is safe at the receiver’s side. If the video is streamed over a wireless network then it is independent on internet availability. This project uses a Raspberry Pi Camera to capture the video and an Arduino UNO to control the motors to move the robot using a L293D H-bridge motor driver.

Spatial Distribution of Fire Service Stations and Service Area Coverage Analysis for Kaduna Metroplois
Authors:- Lugga M.S,Emakoji M.A

Abstract:- Fire is one of the most disturbing problems in urban areas, in Kaduna very large amount of property and lives are unfortunately destroyed by fire annually. GIS technology is a valuable tool in managing fire disaster. This research described the spatial distribution and service area coverage of fire service stations within Kaduna metropolis using GIS. Bing Satellite imagery of 5 meters resolution of the study area was processed and digitized. Handheld GPS was used to obtain locations of the fire service stations. Since response time to a fire incident from fire service station is crucial in managing fire disaster, the service area coverage analysis was used to determine the coverage area of each facility in 3, 5 and 10 minutes. The study shows the spatial distribution and attributes of the fire service stations within the metropolis and concluded by revealing the need for additional fire service stations since there are areas that cannot be accessed in 3 or 5 minutes from the fire service station, this will be able to service the entire metropolis in a maximum of five minutes drive time.

Smart Bin Using IOT for Smart Cities
Authors:- N. Ranjitha,C. Suruthipriya,S. Triveni,R. Deivanai

Abstract:- In past few decades there is a rapid growth in the rate of urbanization and thus there is a need of sustainable urban development plans. Now using new age technology and strategic approach, the concept of smart cities is coming up all around the world. A smart city is incomplete without a smart waste management system. This paper describes the application of our model of “Smart Bin” in managing the waste collection system of an entire city. The network of sensors enabled smart bins connected through the cellular network generates a large amount of data, which is further analyzed and visualized at real time to gain insights about the status of waste around the city. This paper also aims at encouraging further research in the topic of waste management.

Overview of Digital Marketing Services
Authors:- Happy Yadav, Hansraj Yadav, Nivedita Kumari

Abstract:- Understanding the concept of digital marketing and objective of the Internship are to understand the requirements of the client and developing the strategies according to the requirements to achieve the client’s objectives.

Importance of Industrial Training for Technical Student
Authors:- U.G. Student Bhushan, Hod. Dharampal Kataria, Yoginder Kumar Yadav

Abstract:- We all know that in engineering, there is a 4-month or 6-month industrial training program for engineering students. In this paper, we will talk about the importance of training and its benefits. The training program improves the trainee’s (students) ability of performance. They should also know about the new concept and technology. They should also prepare for new projects and learn to deal with critical situations at the industry level. Through this, they can also become a good leader in new projects in industries. In this paper we will share some experiences of trainees and their mentors, we will also see the difference between practical work in industry level and theory classes.

Review of Power System Stability Enhancement using Fact Controller
Authors:- Vidya Sagar Verma, Associate Professor Ritesh Diwan

Abstract:- The machine dynamics response to any impact in the system is oscillatory. In past, the size of power system is smaller; therefor the period of oscillation was not much greater than one second. Today large capacity of generator and system interconnected with the greater system inertias and relatively weaker ties results in longer period of oscillation followed by perturbation. These are the situations in which dynamic stability is concern. The enhancement of dynamic stability becomes very important for reliability and continuity of power system. Now power electronic based FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission system) devices are established to enhance the power transmitting capacity and also mitigation of oscillatory period of system at the time of fault. The case study of two area system is taken for analysis. Fault is created for observation of different parameter of machine and transmission system like rotor angle waveform, settling time, voltage of machine, active power of machine and transmission voltage. The different fault analysis says that FACTS controllers help to improve dynamic stability. Among all FACTS devices, UPFC(Unified Power Flow Controller) seen more suitable for enhancement of dynamic stability of two area and multi area system. MATLAB simulation is used to do analysis for different system.

Review Paper on Study on Process Parameters Influencing the V-Bending to Reduce the Spring Back Effect on Sheet Metal
Authors:- Aswath Kumar.U, Gowtham Ram.V, Hari Prasanth.S, Harshavardhana Murugavhel.M

Abstract:- This study, for the first time, experimentally investigates the factors affecting the spring back resulting from the bending of sheet metal materials in V-bending dies. The formability during the V-bending method was experimentally investigated by using sheet metal of thickness 3mm. The process parameters in the experimental studies were determined to be: holding time (0, 5 and 10 s), bending angle (\(15^{\circ } 60^{\circ }, and \(90^{\circ })\),die radius(5,8and 12.5 mm),and punch radius(5,8 and 12.5 mm). The experimental studies are made and the notes for the process parameters of the v bending are tabled.

Architecture of 8086 Microprocessor
Authors:- Akash Singh, Kishan Singh, Aniket Singh, Rahul Yadav

Abstract:- The commercial design engineers primarily studied the 4004, 8008 and 8080 microprocessors for the needs of building control circuits and consumer products until 1971 to 1975. The introduction of the superior 8-bit 8085 microprocessor in 1976 drew the eye of the academicians who were charmed at the architecture and functionality of this chip and that they shortly included it as a course within the curriculum. As a result, the necessity for 8085 microprocessor Learning/Training System was a real demand and Intel released the SDK-85 Learning Kit without detailed design documentation. In 1978, Intel introduced the 16-bit 8086 microprocessor, which also found its place as a typical course at the tutorial institutions. Intel introduced the SDK-86 Kit for 8086 but once again without any detailed design information. The SDKs helped people learning the 8085/8086 architecture and programming but not knowing the planning methodology of a microprocessor learning system. The planning techniques remained within the realm of business companies. What’s most astonishing thing about the massive success of the 8086, though, is how little people expected of it when it absolutely was first conceived. The history of this revolutionary processor could be a classic tale of what quantity a tiny low team of bright engineers can accomplish when they’re given the liberty to try and do their jobs in innovative ways.

Management of Wastewater in Sugarcane Industry
Authors:- Shrikrushna V. Wadodkar,Arun H. Shelke, Samadhan A. Waghmare,Rushikesh S. Ramteke,Gauri L. Patil

Abstract:- Wastewater from sugar industries is one that has complex characteristics and is considered a challenge for environmental engineers in terms of treatment as well as utilization. Before treatment and recycling, determination of physicochemical parameters is an important mechanism. The main aim of this study is to determine the physicochemical characteristics of sugar industry waste water by the standard method and minimize the fresh water consumption in sugar industry by new method/technique. The consumption of large volume of water and generation of organic compound is liquid effluent are major environmental problems in sugarcane processing industry.

The Space E-wastage Satellites are Rebuilt Process in Earth
Authors:- G.Pavithra, S.Shobana, S.Sushma, S.Thanapriya, Asst. Prof. R. Saravanan

Abstract:- The report aims at providing patentbased evidence on the available technologies and the patenting trends in the area ofelectronic waste (e-waste) recycling and material recovery waste, while it is intended to providebackground and supporting information to the Partnership for Action on Equipment under the Basel Convention and computing complement .a large number of satellites and spacecraft will be lifted and sent into orbital this year, and this will enhance our understanding of space and other phenomena on process in the earth that impacts us, including climate change, natural disasters, and agricultural patterns.
With increasing levels of autonomy, there will be a need for remote communication networks to enable communication between spacecraft. Future space missions are envisioned to become more complex and operate farther from Earth which will need to support autonomous operationsimplementing, Inter-satellite communications based on the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model.

Experimental Study on Bio Brick using Bacillus Pasteurii
Authors:- Asst. Prof. K.Priyanka,UG student S.Mohamed Uvais,UG student A.Salman Khan,UG student CK. Ali Murthaza,UG student S.Muhamed Ashir

Abstract:- This article mainly is focus on manufacturing of eco-friendly bricks using bacteria without undergoing natural process such as heating. It is necessary to induce calcium precipitate to convert clay into solid bricks .The bacteria that have been used in this process is a bacillus type of bacteria (Bacillus Pasteurii). Moreover, it supports the idea in this technology can lead to self-healing materials. Hence there was an increase in 4.29% of the bricks made of with cement and bacteria compared to the bricks made by using without cement and bacteria.

A Review Paper on Comparison of Cooling Pads for Evaporating Cooling Heat Exchanger
Authors:- Assistant Professor Naveen Prabhu,UG Scholar A. Dinesh,UG Scholar K. Gowtham,UG Scholar P. Harish Gowtham,UG Scholar V. Jayaprakash

Abstract:- This paper investigates the performance study of the different types of cooling pads made from agricultural waste. The usage of air conditioners and heaters in the buildings and working spaces should control the sensible heat to make comfort condition. Evaporative cooling is one of the energy efficient and eco-friendly air conditioning technologies. There are many advantages in evaporative cooling when compared to other cooling process due to their non- polluting nature. It is one of the suitable ways to cool a workplace or living place, because it uses fresh air to replaces the air time to time to maintain room temperature. Due to this process, air and some allergens are expelled out. It is based on the natural process of air cooling using normal water. However, evaporative cooling requires abundant water and is more efficient only when the relative humidity is low. Experimental and theoretical research works on feasibility studies; performance test and optimization are considered and then reviewed in detail.

Fire Suppression Systems for Vertical Structures and Cost-Effective Solutions
Authors:- Suhasini Pyarasani, P.E

Abstract:- The present study offers a detailed discussion on active fire protection solutions for storage buildings. These storages are to house only storage items while other building service such as water (except for fire suppression use), fuel, gas etc. are not permitted inside these storage facilities. These storages are usually connecting to other storage facilities.
A case study of such storage facility in Connecticut, USA is carried out. The technical and commercial aspects of different possible fire protection solutions are discussed. This paper presents different configurations such as tree systems, grid systems and loop systems, different pipe sizes and different pipe materials are evaluated to provide cost effective solutions for construction costs of fire suppression systems.

Voice Prescription using Augmented Reality
Authors:- UG Scholar Karthikeyan R,UG Scholar Pavithra S,UG Scholar Rajanandhini R,Asst. Prof. Renuga Devi G,Professor Kalaikumaran T

Abstract:- For patients, correct drug information is important. However, patients always do not possess or comprehend professional drug facts. Many drug recognition systems offer keyword searches based on drug names, which may vary from product to product. A more robust form of search would enable users to describe the features of drugs based on their appearance. In this paper we propose a medicine voice prescriber based on Augmented Reality. This is able to reduce drug identification errors as well provide more accurate drug information .It is also able to retrieve the similar drugs, enabling theuser to identify the specific one.

Smart Mirror using Raspberry PI
Authors:- Prachi.R.Handa,Shailesh kumar,A.Kamble,Suvarna.L.Pawar,Neha.A.Salunkhe

Abstract:- The project has a very broad scope covering some current popular topics in the IT sector such as the Internet of Things, Maker culture and home automation. The main idea of this project is to make a smart table which can display our schedule, events, mails, holidays, etc. Smart Mirror Table is one of the applications of Raspberry Pi. A computer screen embedded in mirror looks very futuristic. While looking at mirror you can look at various notifications from social sites as well news, weather forecast and more things. Such mirrors can be programmed to work as AI and control home appliances by voice input or touchscreen.

Experimental Studies of Silica Fume and Sisal Fibre on Performance of Concrete
Authors:- Asst. Prof. M.Sabarinathan,Asst. Prof. S.Mohanraj,Associate Professor V.Murugesh

Abstract:- The main objective of this project is to investigate effect of silica fume & fiber orientation of sisal fiber on performance of concrete ,which ultimately solve the problems of waste disposal & reduces global warming and increase the strength of concrete .India is a developing country, therefore Infrastructure development is necessary for our country and concrete plays a vital role in it. Concrete is the world’s largest consuming material in the construction field. The emission of carbon-dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere from the operation and maintenance of structures as well as production of building materials can be reduced by using renewable resources and construction materials .Conventional concrete is relatively strong in compression but weak in tension, in order to overcome the weakness the use of a sufficient volume of certain fibers such as sisal fiber is used in this experiment, which is easily available, renewable and economical and enhance many of the mechanical characteristics of the basic materials such as fracture toughness, flexural strength and resistance to fatigue, impact, thermal shock and spalling .The study focuses on the compressive strength, split tensile strength, in 7, 14, and 28 days of curing containing different percentage of sisal fiber and silica as a partial replacement of OPC. The cement in concrete is replaced accordingly with the percentage of 0%, 10 %, and 20% by volume and 0%,1% , 1.5% and 2% of sisal fiber is added by weight of cement. Finally, the strength performance of silica blended fiber reinforced concrete is compared with the performance of conventional concrete.

Smart Crop Irrigation System using IOT and Detection of Leaf Diseases
Authors:- Asst. Prof. Vinoth G, Vignesh K, Vijay P, Lingesh Kumar C

Abstract:- Agriculture plays an vital role within the development of agricultural country like India, China. That can issues the concerning agriculture are always hindering the event of the country like India. The solution of this problem is sensible agriculture by modernizing the present the traditional methods of agriculture using IoT. Hence the proposed ideas to creating the agriculture smart using automation and IoT to detect the plant leaf diseases using various mobile applications. Internet of Things (IoT) enables the various applications like crop monitoring and selection of irrigation time, irrigation decision support and also uses the fertilizer, analysis and update the data in certain report in thinkspeak ad also detect the leaf diseases etc. A Raspberry Pi is predicated to use the automatic irrigation of IoT system is proposed to modernization and improves production of the crop and growth, which main aim of this proposed crop development on low quantity of water consumption, so we can focus the water available to the plants at the specified time for concern level, to avoid the most of the farmers time within their fields. The management of water should be developed, therefore the system complexity be reduced. The proposed system developed the report which sent from the sensors and estimate the water level needed for the soil to concern on the time. The main target of this work is to implement image analysis & classification techniques for detection of leaf diseases. The two sensors are get the info of the humidity and temperature of the soil, duration the sunshine. The systems support the values and calculate the water quantity for irrigation is required for the crop. The main advantage of the system is implementing of Precision Agriculture (PA) with an cloud computing on thinkspeak, which optimize the water scarcity on during summer. The Raspberry-Pi 3 B model and cloud based IoT system obtain the data from crop field. The system mainly focuses the moisture various correlate with temperature changes data by using smart sensors and controls irrigation systems on the field.

Application Development for Stock Maintenance and Billing System
Authors:- Atusha Nahatkar,Ashutosh Parate,Harshal Chauke,Piyush Shirsat,Vaishnavi

Abstract:- This paper presents an Inventory Management System designed in Python language. Managing stock is very difficult in supply chain management, that’s why companies should have inventories to maintain the stock. It helps to avoid overstocks, counts the quantity of inventories, finds out the demand. As it becomes really difficult to search the products manually from warehouses because for detailed searching it requires a lot of efforts. To avoid all these problems inventory management is very important because it maintains the stocks and goods and finds out which product is available.Meanwhile, it makes the billing system easier as well. Inventory management system is playing a very significant key role in the supply chain management.

Cyber-Security for Digital Well-Being
Authors:- Assistant Professor Kumkum Saxena, Manav Vikas Bahl (S.E, I.T, Student)

Abstract:- With the advancement in technology, there has been an increasing urgency and need for security with the rising practices taking place unethically. The technology works as a boon only when users are up-to-date with the updates and the people who lack this quality are often a target to various attacks in the cyber world leading to misuse of data and financial scams. Cyber-security takes the limelight in such cases to avoid these unfortunate events which lead to damage over individuals, business and the world at large. This review paper addresses the various cyber-attacks that exist and go unnoticed to a daily user. It also throws light over the procedures of execution of such malpractices and conveys precautionary and effective ways to avoid these cyber attacks.

Link Utilization for IOT Quality of Service using Hybrid swarm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors:- Ubaid Yaseen Wani, Abhinay Singh

Abstract:- The wireless sensor networks (WSN) that find its use in various applications of internet of things(IOT) have been regarded as the norm of today’s world. The wireless sensor networks (WSN) as its name suggests have nodes or sensory nodes that have limited energy for operation, because of their limited battery life and their use in certain unreachable places and hence they have been termed as energy-constrained devices.In order to overcome such restrictions it is need of hour to develop such approach whose focus must be on power optimization by using cross-layer coding and also in turn maintaining the quality of service in data trafficking. The data communication with a high level of accuracy in a wireless sensor network has been required, in order to achieve it, it is a necessary condition to have optimal coding which helps us in achieving a maximum level of intelligence with minimum computation. In order to achieve this we have developed a technique based on particle swarm optimization (PSO),which helps in bettering the link parameters that consists of bit error rate (BER), loss, energy and signal to noise ratio (SNR) and side by side restrains, the utilization of energy by wireless nodes. The infrastructure which has been obtained by this, will consist of a low number of sensors, have low cost, can be deployed fastly, having long lifetime, along with low maintenance, and also have high quality of service (QOS). The method used by us has been tested on two channels like additive white gaussian noise channel (AWGN) and rayleigh channel, that shows better quality of service and hence also improves the utilization of link up to a great extent.

Placement Prediction System using Machine Learning
Authors:- Aaliya Perveen Ansar Javeed Akhter

Abstract:- Every student wants a perfect job and every student has their own dream company. But practically it is not possible for everyone to get into their dream company. The reason behind is that students lack knowledge regarding company placement criteria. To solve this issue this paper represents a placement prediction system with the help of Machine learning, in which we have used a support vector algorithm. We will generate one Google form which contains all students performance like there higher secondary marks diploma score communication skills, area of interest and most imp there dream job on that basis we will provide them necessary guidance to achieve their goal we will track there result each year , also their technical interest and will inform them how much efforts they need to take to achieve their dream job. Even if they miss their dream job due to company criteria our proposed algorithm will develop new data where we can suggest another alternation to students according to their achievements , their skills and also give guidelines at every phase.. Hence the future scope and relevance of the system will be discussed.

Design and Development of Fuzzy Based Inverter Controller for Solar/Battery Hybrid Power System
Authors:-Professor Dr.P.Rajendran, Associate Professor S.Kalpanadevi, UG Student K.Radha

Abstract:- In this paper fuzzy PWM based inverter controller is developed for solar-battery hybrid system. Here fuzzy logic controller is developed for the optimum selection of switching angles for harmonic mitigation in proposed cascaded multi level inverter. These inverters are highly recommended for high power application in the past few years. In order to reduce the harmonic distortion and to improve the RMS value in the inverter output voltage the proposed method is recommended. Here the fuzzy PWM control circuit is used for cascaded multi level inverters which generate the triggering control pulses for switches using sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM). Input variables of FLC are error in voltage and output variable as amplitude of reference sine wave. Rule base generated for FLC control the amplitude of PWM Sine wave with respect to error voltage. Here super capacitors are used for charging and discharging applications instead of battery. The inverter output voltage generated in this proposed method reveals fuzzy PWM controller provides output with minimum distortion and better RMS output. The proposed method is simulated using MATLAB / SIMULINK.

E-Smart Health Prediction System using Datamining Tools
Authors:-Professor Dr. Bindu Garg, Aamir Hafiez, Shalini, Mayank Kumar

Abstract:- This project focuses on medicinal field, educational field, research field and various aspects of human’s physical and mental well-being. Due to the advancement of technology all over the world, availability of computers and digital data is in abundance. This data can be used for various purposes to deal with the modern medical problems because such data is not just collected from a single individual rather by a huge data set of individuals. But there is no need to deal with such a huge amount of data at a single time rather only a part of data is actually required for a certain use. Hence the main objective is to use data mining tools to predict an accurate result that can help to improve various aspects of Clinical Predictions which in turn will help society and doctors to get an automated tool to easily predict the disease. The major objective of this paper is to evaluate data mining tools and techniques in medical field to develop an accurate disease predicting application. Data mining is a totally new and advanced field of Computer Science and Engineering which focuses on large data to extract only useful data sets. It is a process of discovering patterns in large data sets involving techniques of Database systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics. Its overall goal is to extract information with intelligent methods. Thus with the help of data mining an intelligent software can be developed which will be helpful for all the society members.

Analysis of Generic Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Authors:-Research Scholar Yedulla Anil Reddy, Registrar & Professor Dr. G. R. Selokar (Supervision)

Abstract:- A regular Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) has been considered under Planning Design and Control (PDC) methodologies. The central target is to test the effect of structure technique (steering adaptability) on system execution under arranging methodology (interchange system burden condition) with control methodologies (sequencing and dispatching rules).
A PC reenactment model is created to assess the impacts of previously mentioned procedures eager for advancement range time, which is taken as the system execution measure. Most limited Processing Time (SPT), Maximum Balance Processing Time (MBPT)are the sequencing rules for choosing the part from the info support while for machine determination the dispatching guidelines are Minimum Number of parts in the Queue (MINQ), and Minimum line with
Minimum Waiting Time of all parts in the Queue (MQMWT).

Evaluation of Generic Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Authors:-Research Scholar Yedulla Anil Reddy, Registrar & Professor Dr. G. R. Selokar (Supervision)

Abstract:- A regular Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) has been considered under Planning Design and Control (PDC) methodologies. The central target is to test the effect of structure technique (steering adaptability) on system execution under arranging methodology (interchange system burden condition) with control methodologies (sequencing and dispatching rules). A PC reenactment model is created to assess the impacts of previously mentioned procedures eager for advancement range time, which is taken as the system execution measure. Most limited Processing Time (SPT).
These heap conditions are Full Balanced Load (FBL), Balanced Machine Load and Unbalanced Processing Time (BMLUPT), Unbalanced Machine Load and Balanced Processing Time (UMLBPT) and Unbalanced Load (UBL) concerning machine burden and handling time. The aftereffect of the reproduction demonstrates that there is ceaseless decrease in make-range with increment in steering adaptability when both machine burden and handling times are unequal i.e., under UBL system condition.

E-Furnishing using Augmented Reality
Authors:-Er. Swati Ganar, Adnan Dahodwala , Mansoor Bagwala, Tahir Kadiwala

Abstract:- Our Approach seeks to support interaction with real-world so, to ensure the best place position, model and colour for an object into a real-world. By contrast, Augmentation is conventionally in real- time and in semantic context with environmental elements The disadvantage of the existing system was to use markers closer to users in order to generate good results otherwise the system suffers performance degradation. Therefore, the proposed system will try to achieve an Augmented Reality with an instant marker, which will eventually reduce the burden of carrying the marker each and every time closer to objects.

Production of Biosweetner from Stevia Rebaudiana and Feasibility of Incorporating it in Fruit Juice
Authors:-Assistant Professor Gowthami S, Professor Baskar R

Abstract:- Biosweetner, a sugar substitute was extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia leaves naturally contain a complex mixture of eight sweet diterpene glycosides including stevioside, steviolbioside, rebaudioside (A, B, C, D, E) and dulcoside. The main constituents present were glycosides such as stevioside, steviol and rebaudioside A and B. Fresh Stevia leaves contain a large amount of water 85%. Stevia leaves and steams having several nutritional components such as vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids, anthocyanin and other phenolic compounds. Stevia is a flavor enhancer and it is 300 times sweeter than sucrose. Stevia is non calorie sweetener. It is stable on low pH. Stevioside can be used as medicine for treating diabetes patients, fighting obesity, preventing tooth decay, preventing throat cancer. Stevia attract to people on carbohydrate-controlled diets. Stevia leaves are dried and powdered by mills. Powdered stevia leaves extracted with different techniques and water as using solvent because it not produce harmful effect to products. Ultrasound assisted extraction condition: temperature 30 to 50 ̊C, time 10 to 30 mins. Microwave assisted extraction condition: power 240 W, time 2 mins. Stevia extract collected and analysis for nutritional values. Glycosides level analysis by HPLC method in hydrophilic column. Crystals of Stevia extract were obtained using evaporative cooling technique. The stevia extract or crystals can be incorporated into the food products like cake, biscuits, soft drinks, and Milk products. In this study stevia extract incorporate in fruit juice.

IOT Based Smart Parking using Fastag
Authors:-Asst. Prof. Kirubhakaran T, Sabarish K, Nishanth K S, Nithish Kumar S

Abstract:- In fast growing world the trends and technologies had been improved a lot. In that population also plays a important role, in this India is the second growing population in the world ranking status. In India one family requires two vehicles that had become a paramount of their life, here traffic congestion became major issue and so parking space are low and that has less requirement for the emptors. For this we consent an IoT that every work today had been done through internet. So that only solution is the smart parking based IoT. Smart parking is a good idea of how the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will be pervasively deployed in our daily living environments to different users, hence the proposed idea is to make the parking easier by detecting and monitoring, security, locate and reserve parking lot using IoT then display the result. An Arduino Mega is based on the automatic control of parking system by using codes. The main aim is to reduce the traffic congestion and to make the parking easier with low and efficient technology. In order to focus on the parking by reducing traffic congestion with less time requirement. The proposal of the smart parking system is that gain information of parking area and book the parking lot and tag by using webpage. In that particular parking area, the sensor detects the vehicles the information given to the main gate of the parking lot and then display in the LCD and tag is read byRFID Tag reader. So that particular car is checked and parked in the particular lot. The Node MCU is used for the purpose to build an IoT product and allows the simple and powerful program in WIFI module with the Arduino IDE software. The main advantage is that reduces time for parking the vehicle, cost efficient and security control.

Fire Detection System using Video Surveillence Based on Facenet
Authors:-Dr. V. Subedha, G.Akash, N.Lokesh,P.Sasikumar

Abstract:- An accidental fire is a mishap that could be either man-made or natural. Accidental fire occurs frequently and can be controlled but may at times result in severe loss of life and property. Fire detection using hand-crafted features is a tedious and time-consuming method. The accuracy of the existing system using Alex net is 78% to 92%.The Project main idea is to detect the fire as soon as possible .The main concept used in the project is facenet pertained model. It is recognition technique to detect the fire on the surroundings. It uses smaller convolutional kernels and contains no dense, fully connected layers, which helps keep the computational requirements to a minimum. Despite its low computational needs, the experimental results demonstrate that our proposed solution accuracies that are comparable to other, more complex models, mainly due to its increased depth. The embedded processing capabilities of smart cameras have given rise to intelligent CCTV surveillance systems. Fire is the most dangerous abnormal event, as failing to control it at an early stage can result in huge disasters, leading to human, ecological and economic losses. Inspired by the great potential of CNNs, propose a lightweight CNN based on the SqueezeNet architecture for fire detection in CCTV surveillance networks. A Project approach can both localize fire and identify the object under surveillance. The accuracy of the system using Facenet is 98%.

Comparative Analysis of Session Features in Session Hijacking and Performance Improvement using OTC
Authors:-Niki Modi

Abstract:- Many web applications are vulnerable to session hijacking attacks due to the insecure use of cookies for session management. The most recommended defense against this threat is to completely replace HTTP with HTTPS. However, this approach presents several challenges (e.g., performance and compatibility concerns) and therefore, has not been widely adopted. In this paper, we propose “One-Time Cookies” (OTC), an HTTP session authentication protocol for improving session hijacking features, easy to deploy and resistant to session hijacking. OTC’s security relies on the use of disposable credentials based on a modified hash chain construction. Our experiments demonstrate the ability to maintain session integrity with a throughput improvement over HTTPS and a performance approximately similar to a cookie-based approach. In so doing, we demonstrate that one-time cookies can significantly improve the security of web sessions with minimal changes to current infrastructure.

Water Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm for Trust-based MANET Secure
Routing in IoT

Authors:-Sunita Nandgave-Usturge,Dr. T Pavankumar

Abstract:- In Mobile Ad-hoc Network all nodes are moving continuously. Due to dynamic topology routing in MANET is challenging. Nodes are resource constraint so difficult to employ security solutions. Proposed security scheme has two phases, first phase is bi-filtering and other phase is routing. In bi-filtering phase different parameters are used such as direct trust, indirect trust, and historical trust etc. in identifying a secured node. Thus in bi-filtering phase important nodes are filter out for communication. The trust of the nodes evaluated and only the nodes with high trust factor involved in the secure communication using optimization, after identification of secure nodes in next phase routing is done by proposed hybrid optimization algorithm namely, Water Spider Monkey Optimization (WSMO). WSMO, which again finds the better path based on the trust and other factors, like distance, delay, and the overhead parameters so that the security will be further enhanced. This paper addresses a new optimization will be developed based on the WWO and SMO so that the routing in MANET shall be done for which the fitness will be the security factors of the nodes in the network.

Development and Evaluation of Spinach Extarct OAT Flakes
Authors:-Asst.Prof. Neethu C.S ,Sneha Vasudevan Nair,Arundhathy Shabu,K.S Gokul Raj,Shinaz Mehaboob,Meljo Paul,Aiswarya Pani

Abstract:- Oat is well famed for being abundantly nutritious and possessing a wide range of health benefits including decrease in cholesterol levels, improvement of blood sugar control and significant weight reduction. This is primarily because of high concentration of soluble fibers present in oats, mostly a fiber called beta – glucan as well as insoluble fibers such as lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose. One such product that can be developed is oat flakes which can be made from powdered oat with appropriate proportion of spinach extract, subsequent baking and shaping into flakes. Consumption of spinach enhances eye health, reduce oxidative stress, restores energy, and lower blood pressure levels. The Phytochemicals present in spinach is responsible for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. A breakfast cereal meal comprising oat and spinach extract will be an exceptional wholesome food duo for people of all ages and with addition of various flavoring compounds like cocoa to the flakes, it can be made appealing to the adults as well as the children. In this study sensory, nutritional analysis and microbiological property of developed products was investigated. We have emphasized the utmost utilization of nutritive potential of oats and spinach in this developed product.

A Review Article of Partial Discharge Analysis of HV Transformer
Authors:-Neha Sahu (M.E.), Associate Professor Arun Pachori

Abstract:- Electrical networks of power transmission practically deals in the bulk transfer of electrical energy, from generating stations situated many kilometers away from the main consumption centers or the cities. For this reason the long distance transmission cables are of utmost necessity for effective power transfer, which in-evidently results in huge losses across the system. The Reliable electrical network is one that transports the energy with minimal power losses, losses partial discharge effect represent one of causes that hinder reaching this performance in HV lines are either permanent mode or in the transient mode. In this Works we present the phenomenon of partial discharge and its behavior in different climatic and atmospheric conditions such as rain, humidity, the dust, the sand, dry weather of the one part and over-voltages induced by strokes lightning. We deal in this paper, the influence of the partial discharge under these different conditions on the power losses in the power lines and the proposal of a new model of three-phase line with transient partial discharge.

Solar Operated Triple Discharge pump using Epicyclic Gear Train
Authors:-Lecturer Ashish Kamble,Hod Vijay kale Ritik Rahangdale,Omprakash Jha,Vishal Rode,Bhushan Choudhary

Abstract:- In many industrial applications it is required to drive the actuators, hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motors at variable speed this is only possible by variable discharge from One method employed is to use a pump of higher discharge capacity, but higher capacity means higher cost and higher power consumption hence there is need of special pump system at low cost so that the requirement of variable discharge is met easily with out much cost and setup. This project deals with the design of such pump systems and its calculations. Providing clean, environmentally safe livestock in sufficient Quantities continues to be a major concern for industries. A solar powered Oil pumping system designed for actuators, hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motors was operated to determine the performance and reliability of the system and components. The system began pumping oil when the solar radiation intensity exceeded. Flow increased linearly with radiation intensity and reached a maximum flow of intensity. Maximum flow was dependent on using the correct controller adjustment as well as the radiation intensity. Solar oil pumping system operates on direct current. The output of solar Power system varies through out the day and with changes in weather conditions. Photovoltaic module, the power source for solar pumping, have no moving parts ,requires no maintenance and last for decades. A properly designed solar pumping system will be efficient, simple and reliable. Solar powered pumping systems are used principally for three applications in industry, water supply, live stock watering and irrigation.

A Review on Suspicious Attack Detection
Authors:-Ranu Dilware, Asst.Prof. Dr Dev Kumar Rai, Dr. Akhilesh Upadhyay

Abstract:- Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is a drifting innovation inside the present time and contains a major choice of utilizations, for example, front line observation, traffic reconnaissance, woodland fire recognition, flood location and so forth. A few scientists have led very surprising location strategies and calculations to proposed contrasting sorts of discovery plans. Wireless sensor end up being such a lot of common in numerous fields in view of its handiness in military, current region and so on. The blackhole nodes will dispatch blackhole attack to save its asset or to perform attack that decrease the system. Right now, the current arrangements and talk about the best in class steering strategies. This paper audits the current condition of workmanship strategies to identify the blackhole attack in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Non-Linear Performance of Multi-Storey Flat Slab System with Structural Wall and Perimeter Frames
Authors:-PG Student Shanmugapriya C, Asst. Professor Nithyambigai G

Abstract:- Flat slab system is the most desirable system in the construction of concrete structures due to its added advantages like faster construction, cost effective, clear floor to floor height, larger utilization space by nourishing architectural and MEP intent. Even though the Flat slab system is a proven gravity floor system, it was a most susceptible floor system owing to the nonappearance of lateral load resisting moment frames. Flat slab system in combination with structural wall and perimeter frames offers a stable structural system showing greater response to seismic ground motion. The structural walls often commonly referred as shear wall will possess greater lateral stiffness due to its large in-plane stiffness and strength. In this study a 10 storey commercial building located in Seismic zone – III, comprises of flat slab with a structural wall and perimeter frames are considered for linear analysis and non-linear analysis using FEA software known as ETABS. The model was subjected initially with linear static and dynamic analysis based on the latest provisions practiced by IS 1893:2016 and the structural response like natural time period, base shear, displacement, Lateral drift, storey-drift and slab-column shear capacity will be studied and designed based on Indian codal recommendations. Later the Non-Linear static analysis (NLSA) is performed with respect to the maximum displacement and Non-linear Time-history analysis is performed with Fast Non-Linear Analysis (FNA) method. Corresponding building performance point, structural performance level and the failure behavior of the structural component is observed. From the observation the ultimate performance of the flat-slab structural system is endorsed with respect to the Indian codal provisions.

Devolopement of Geopolyer Concrete by using Different Ingredient at Ambient Temprature
Authors:-Lecturer Shveta A. Bandabe , Omkar P.Patil , Koustubh B. Waingankar, Yash S. Patne, Prof. S.S.Patil

Abstract:- Concrete is the most important aspect in present scenario. All the construction is being done with the help of this binding material. Use of cement is rising on the peak from the last few decades due to enormous demand of construction of mega structures. In addition to that cement is the only material whose demand is increasing day by day in order to meet the needs of mankind. Subsequently the price of cement is also increasing as its demand is increasing profoundly and also it available limited only. Manufacturing of cement results in emission of CO2 and other gases which contribute in global warming and which further contribute in climate change and thus it is one of the most complicated material. Its use cannot stopped but can be limited by using various materials. Compressive strength and water absorption tests were carried out after consequent 7, 28 days respectively.

Digital Voting System using Blockchain Technology
Authors:-S.Kayalvili, P.Keerthana, P.Manickam, G.Archana

Abstract:- Traditional voting systems should be computerized to cut back the vote counting time, to supply evidence that a vote is being correctly accounted, to cut back fraud, remove errors in filling out ballots, to enhance system usability for people with special needs. E-voting increasingly replacing traditional paper based systems. This raises several security issues, providing democratic principles depend upon the electoral process’s integrity. An electronic voting system must make sure the voter’s authenticity, anonymity. It must also ensure audit ability in an exceedingly software or hardware environment that would malfunction. During this System the fingerprints of all voters and details are stored before the election. The voters must register their fingerprints on the day of election through online. This can be compared with the already stored prints. If both matches their votes are be taken in to the account and if not their vote will be discarded. So, nobody one can vote for others this can reduce the illegal votes. User can view all the nominees in their district with their corresponding party symbols. They can also view what percentage votes are registered before they are visiting register their votes, this might be useful to understand the leading result.

Study on Flowable Concrete from Marsh Cone Test
Authors:-Asst. Prof. R.Vinodhkumar, Asst. Prof. P.Vinodhkumar, Asst. Prof. E.Senthil Kumar

Abstract:- In order to satisfy various performance requirements of concrete, admixtures are being used in concrete. The active constituent of concrete is cement paste and largely it determines the performance of concrete. Thus the compatibility of superplasticizer on both Portland Pozzolana Cement and Ordinary Portland cement is studied by performing Marsh Cone Test. Thus the optimum dosage of the superplasticizer is found. The water cement ratio was varied from 0.6 to 0.35 and the amount of admixtures i.e. the super-plasticizers are varied from 0 to 2%, to make a comparative analysis on the effect of admixture.

Multi-Model Attribute Generator (MAG). A Deep Learning Method for Attribute Label Generation for Images
Authors:-Matthew Charles Millar

Abstract:- This paper looks to create a system that will allow for accurate automatic generation of labels for image data of people designed explicitly for ReID problems. There is a lack of research on attribute data generation for images, especially in ReID datasets. Most attribute data are hand-generated and not created from a network. This approach is labor-intensive and prone to errors as well as costly and time-consuming. This paper utilizes a unique method of multiple models to generated separate portions of the attributes for each image. The combination of multiple models allows for a highly accurate method for labels for attributes to be generated. The MAG system has shown to be accurate for particular attribute generation. Gender, Upper-body clothing type, and Object detection are incredibly accurate. While, the other attribute each has outstanding accuracy, just not to the same level as the top three models.

Footstep Electricity Generation by Using Piezoelectric Sensor

Authors:-Aditya Chauhan, Abhishek Vashishtha, Adil Rayees Ansari, Akshat Joshi, Ankit Meena

Abstract:- Human civilizations have been using electricity since last 18th century according to the pace of invention of equipment and later industrialization gave the boom to extent of its use. The aim of this paper is to present a suitable method which can employ the waste energy i.e. energy which is being lost due to human locomotion to produce electricity using piezoelectric sensor (PES). While observing the large energy demands in highly populated countries like INDIA,CHINA,AMERICA energy generation through the non-conventional source is of prime concern .Piezoelectric sensor are used so that the human locomotion energy is concentrated and confined to use according to the demand. The energy stored can easily be used for domestic application.
This framework being used at public places such as platforms, footpath, temples, ticket counter can proved to be of great significance for the mankind and also the mother nature as this method of electricity does not required any fossil fuel .
Our innovation can be made industrially relevant particularly in remote area where it is uneconomical to transmit electricity by traditional means.

Smart Charging Station
Authors:-Asst. Prof. G.Vinoth, Asst. Prof. S. Mohammed Harris, UG Scholar M.K.Reshmashree, UG Scholar G.Thamarai selvi, UG Scholar N.Jeevitha

Abstract:- Solar energy refers to capturing the energy from the sun and subsequently converting it into electricity. We can use that electricity to light up the street, homes and business and power our machines as well. Solar energy is today used in number of ways; as heat for making hot water, cooking and generate the electricity with solar cells or heat engines and to take salt away from the sea water. Electric vehicle is one which is operated by electric energy, instead of internal combustion engines or gases for power. Electric vehicle is used in order to avoid the ozone depletion, global warming, and depletion of fuel and mainly to avoid pollution. PV (Photovoltaic) systems are one of the abundant renewable energy to produce electricity, green, pure and source of energy where power is generated from sunlight converting into electricity by the use of PV solar cell. Here we are developing a solar based coin charging station for electrical vehicles and overcome the disadvantage like charging method and cost. This type of system can use at public places like Bus station, Railway station and also rural areas. This station primarily used for charging the EV and secondarily for charging the electronic devices like phone, laptop, batteries.,etc.

Nigeria Construction Industry Leadership Style and Adaptability Effectiveness: A Case of Civil Engineers
Authors:-Idiata, D.J ,Ehigiamusoe, B.U , Osagie, E.K

Abstract:- The construction industry is an industry that affords various professionals to work together is delivering a project on time, within cost and at the best quality, in other to achieve this leadership plays a critical role in the overall success. This study focuses on the use of Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model which are telling, selling, participating and delegating styles to assess the type and style of leadership predominant among civil engineers in the Nigerian construction industry. From the study it is observed that among civil engineers the most popular leadership style is the selling type with 72 percent and the next is the telling style with 20 per cent and the most unpopular of the styles is delegating with no one subscribing to this type. The selling leadership style is when the leader directs and closely supervises task accomplishment, but also explains decisions, solicits suggestions and supports progress. This style of leadership tends to promote interaction and communication between the leader and the led fostering team work and understanding.

Under Water and Underexposed Image Enhancement via Image Reduce Hazing Algorithm
Authors:-Dr. V. Subedha, M. Purushothaman, R.Tinakar, S.Sunaichandran

Abstract:- Underwater and Underexposed image processing is an intelligence research field that has great potential to help developers better explores the underwater environment. Underwater image processing has been used in a good kind of fields, like underwater microscopic detection, terrain scanning, mine detection, telecommunication cables, and autonomous underwater vehicles. However, underwater imagery suffers from strong absorption, scattering, color distortion, and noise from the artificial light sources, causing image blur, haziness, and a bluish or greenish tone. The large quantities of suspended particles in atmosphere cause scattering of light before it reaches the camera which corrupts the outdoor image quality. It is an annoying problem to photographers as it changes the colors and reduces the contrast of daily photos. Therefore, the proposed system removes the haze and enhances the input image. The enhancement can be divided into 2 methods, underwater image de-hazing and underexposed image color restoration. This Project presents the reason for underexposed image degradation, surveys the state of the art intelligence algorithms like image reduce hazing algorithm. The proposed algorithm uses two different de-hazing Dark Channel Prior (DCP) methods, Simple DCP and Approx DCP to reduce haze in an image. The de-hazing algorithms in imreduce-haze estimates the atmospheric light using a dark channel prior, Estimates the transmission map, Refine the estimated map, Restore the image and Performs optimal contrast.

Innovations in the Sphere of Ventilators—Arsenal to Fight COVID-19
Authors:-Soniya Gupta

Abstract:- The predicament arising with the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged fragile healthcare systems across the globe. A sudden surge in medical equipment presents many issues, including a shortage of PPE and trained staff, but one issue that is particularly relevant for battling the current situation is the lack of ventilators to properly care for a patient. This acute shortage of ventilators and respiratory equipment has unleashed a wave of innovations at the product, process and organization level. The report aims to present the phenomenal acceleration in innovation across the manufacturing and healthcare sector for the development and well as use of ventilators post coronavirus crisis. This concise review presents an analysis for the innovational developments and past impediments to these technological advancements.

Automatic Letter Writing Machine
Authors:-Dean of academic, Prof. Dr. Ir Asokrajkumar.m, Ranganathan.C, Sathiyaraj.R, Siva. A , Srinivasan.R

Abstract:- In this project “AUTOMATIC LETTER WRITING MACHINE” for accurate building drawing. The main components are Arduino controller, pen writer, Stepper motors, Servo motor, motor drivers and Transformer. This whole system is working based on source codes. Drawing perfect sketch by hand can now be done by machines too. Here we propose an automated image sketching machine that sketches drawings similar to a copy of art /letter but with a lot more accuracy. The proposed system makes use of an Arduino based circuitry that is interfaced with motors and belt- based setup that is used to provide the mechanism needed by a pen to draw the sketch. The Arduino based circuit is interfaced with 2 stepper motors and one servo motor in order to transmit the movement commands as per the image fed to it. It then controls the sketching process through a well-controlled mechanism in order to achieve this task. The pen only touches the paper where a line is to be placed is raised above the paper by the motor where not needed. This motion coupled with the x and y axis movement of the motors allows for a 2D sketching mechanism on the paper free theory the Grammy letter and entire art .

A Review of Bandwith Utilization
Authors:-Minakshi Dilware, Assistant Professor Dr. Shivangini Morya,Prof. & Dean Academics Dr. Sudhir Agrawal

Abstract:- Remote correspondence has multiplied because of the monster growth of PDAs, cell phones, tablets and workstations and so on. Sight and sound applications, for example, live recordings, sounds, despite everything pictures, vivified designs and live interchanges all requires backups of nature of administration just as solid start to finish move of information. Data about the accessibility of assets in divert is should so as to improve the QoS. QoS can be resolved regarding limit of channel, accessible data transmission, and mass exchange limit . Data transfer capacity accessibility is a key check for improving the QoS in a system. The exhibition of an interactive media application is straightforwardly influenced by the transfer speed accessibility. One of the most significant QoS trademark is ABW at a remote course and it very well may be divided as least unused limit of connections initiating a system course. Since now there have been numerous data transfer capacity estimation procedures are accessible in the writing to expand the system execution. Transmission capacity estimation procedures have been organized into three driving arrangements: I) Active examining data transfer capacity estimation strategies, ii) Passive transmission capacity estimation method and iii) Model based data transfer capacity estimation procedures. Every one of these methods are quickly examined in this paper.

Door Unlocking System using Fingerprint Sensor for Home Automation
Authors:-Ganesh Sahithi Murru, Chetan Kakollu, Ashok Kumar Kenguva, P. Surya Chandra

Abstract:- Security is a major issue faced by everyone when we are away from our house. Smart use of various control systems for operating purposes plays a prominent role in providing the security needed. A particular door or a locker can be accessed by a person in many ways. In such a situation, a system that checks for authorization is needed to provide security for the door or the locker. In the modern era we are having many evolving technologies that provide security mechanisms. One of such mechanisms is based on the fingerprint recognition that involves abstraction of the image from the user and grant permission for accessing the door. This mechanism prevents unauthorized users from accessing the door. A validating mechanism that checks the data from a fingerprint sensor and sends an alert message to the admin user in case of continuous mismatch. The major components used to design such a security system include Arduino Uno Board, Solenoid lock, 12V Adapter, R307 Fingerprint Sensor, Tip 122 Transistor.

Impact of Peer Learning and Learning through Networking Sites on the Achievement of Undergraduate Students
Authors:-Research Scholar Amitabh Saxena, Prof. Dr. Sitesh Kumar Sinha

Abstract:- The present paper reports the study conducted to gauge the impact of peer learning and learning through networking sites on the achievement of undergraduate students. The objectives of the study are a) to study the level of achievement of undergraduate students; b) to study the level of achievement of students from peer learning group and social networking group; c) to study the effect of treatment, gender and their interaction on the achievement by taking intelligence as covariate; and d) to study the effect of treatment, type of institution and their interaction on the achievement by taking intelligence as covariate. The present study is an experimental study where Posttest-Only Random Group Design is utilised. The sample consisted of 183 undergraduates from government and private institutions of Bhopal which were randomly assigned to peer learning group and social networking group. The peer learning group had face to face interaction while the social networking group collaborated on social media platforms on selected topics. The results revealed that students belonging to the social networking group were found to have significantly better achievement than those of peer learning group when Intelligence was taken as covariate. Female undergraduate students were found to have significantly higher achievement than the male undergraduate students when intelligence was taken as covariate. Private undergraduate students were found to have significantly better achievement than government undergraduate students when intelligence was taken as covariate.

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